Friday/Saturday Program Schedule

from 7 am Friday until Saturday midnight for

Friday Daytime Program Schedule
7 am - 6 pm
Starting ShowFeaturing
7 amMorning Mix Some bright and lively music to start your day
9 amDemocracy Now! War and Peace Report with Amy Goodman & Juan González
10 amWider Horizons Freethought Radio
11 amShe Still Sings Mostly women vocalists
12 noonStory Classics at Noon Stories in the public domain read by LibriVox volunteers
nextIndy Afternoon Alternative mix music
3 pmAfter School Hour Younger mix music
4 pmScience and the Sea Marine science topics from the University of Texas Marine Science Institute
4:02 pmBattleground Wisconsin Podcast by Citizen Action of Wisconsin
5 pmWider Horizons Freethought Radio (repeat)

Friday 6 pm
Rationally Skeptical
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1/6/17Edzard Ernst: On Homeopathy The Undiluted Facts8:1012/25/16a
1/13/17Chris Blattman on "Do sweatshops reduce poverty?"57:381/8/17b
1/20/17Britt Hermes Diary59:561/3/17c
1/27/17Jason Brennan on "Against democracy"51:321/22/17b
2/3/17David Woodmansey, Ben Lewis, Matt Parker: The Skeptic Zone #431 - 22.Jan.201746:491/22/17d
2/10/17Fiona O'Leary: The Skeptic Zone #433 - 5.Feb.201759:122/5/17d
2/17/17Gary Taubes: The Bittersweet Truth about the Dangers of Sugar34:392/13/17e
2/24/17Tim Urban on "Trying to live well, as semi-rational animals"50:162/20/17b
3/3/17On How Safe are Herbal Medicines - Interview With Dr Garth Maker9:002/24/17a
3/10/17Heidi Robertson: The Skeptic Zone #437 - 5.March.201755:063/5/17d
3/17/17Son of a Buffett1:10:043/14/17c
3/24/17Mile-High Violence: Judith Matloff on Mountain Conflict38:253/20/17e
3/31/17The Skeptic Zone #439 - 19.March.201753:413/19/17d
4/7/17William MacAskill on "Moral Uncertainty"54:164/2/17b
4/14/17Mandy-Lee Noble: The Skeptic Zone #442 - 9.April.201747:504/9/17d
4/21/17Mike Williams: The Skeptic Zone #443 - 16.April.201747:224/16/17d
4/28/17March For Science - Perth, WA13:104/22/17a
5/5/17Dr Karl, Eran Segev, Jessica Singer, Tim Mendham, Prof. Mike Archer, Alethea Dean, Julie McCrossin, Lara Benham, Celestia Ward, Dr Angie Mattke: The Skeptic Zone #444 - 23.April.2017 - Sydney March for Science, Washington DC March for Science1:09:074/23/17d
5/12/17Bob Loomis: Houdini's Final Incredible Secret1:04:475/9/17c
5/19/17Claire Klingenberg: The Skeptic Zone #447 - 14.May.201754:015/14/17d
5/26/17Matt Parker: The Skeptic Zone #431 - 22.Jan.201746:491/22/17d
6/2/17Casey Harrigan: The Skeptic Zone #449 - 28.May.201757:175/28/17d
6/9/17Carl Pope on Trump, Paris, and the Climate: We're Going to Be Okay30:086/2/17e
6/16/17Tania Lombrozo on "Why we evolved the urge to explain"1:08:336/11/17b
6/23/17Dylan O'Donnell, Lara Benham, Trish Hann, Alethea Dean: The Skeptic Zone #451 - 11.June.201749:436/11/17d
6/30/17Dr Paul Doherty, Dr Eugenie Scott: The Skeptic Zone #453 -25.June.20171:02:116/25/17d
7/7/17Dr Karl Kruszelnicki, Dr Eugenie Scott, Tim Mendham: The Skeptic Zone #454 -2.July.20171:05:197/2/17d
7/14/17James Randi, Beth Luscombe: The Skeptic Zone #455 -9.July.201748:337/9/17d
7/28/17Claire Klingenberg, Ann Reid: The Skeptic Zone #457 - 23.July.201755:047/23/17d
8/4/17Dr Harriet Hall, Craig Egan, John Carver: The Skeptic Zone #456 - 16.July.201753:597/16/17d
8/11/17Mandy-Lee Noble, Prof. Stefan Sojka, Ann Reid: The Skeptic Zone #459 - 6.Aug.201759:298/6/17d
8/18/17Michael Marshall, Bob Novella, Ann Reid: The Skeptic Zone #458 - 30.July.20171:02:207/30/17d
8/25/17Evan Bernstein, Dr Jodi Rowley, Dr Joanne Ocock, Dr Rebecca Swanson: The Skeptic Zone #461- 20.Aug.201759:298/20/17d
9/1/17Eugenie Scott: Decrypting Pseudoscience (repeated from 10/16/15)37:428/24/15e
9/8/17Cara Santa Maria, Prof. Paul Willis: The Skeptic Zone #463- 3.Sept.20171:04:479/3/17d
9/15/17Ask An Atheist: A Second Look at Religion29:397/19/17f
9/22/17Kurt Andersen: The Skeptic Zone #465- 17.Sept.20171:06:009/17/17d
9/29/17Yoav Landsman: The Skeptic Zone #466- 24.Sept.201753:219/24/17d
10/6/17Robert Wright on "Why Buddhism is True"50:3210/1/17b
10/13/17Ask an Atheist: 40th Convention Highlights30:289/21/17f
10/27/17Ben Radford, Leo Igwe: The Skeptic Zone #469 - 15.Oct.201756:4610/15/17d
11/3/17Britt Marie Hermes, Eugenie C. Scott, Rob Palmer, Brian Dunning: The Skeptic Zone #471 from CSICon 2017, Las Vegas55:0810/29/17d
11/10/17Joe Nickell, Sophie Vanthournout: The Skeptic Zone #472 - 5.Nov.2017 from CSICon 2017, Las Vegas55:0511/5/17d
11/17/17Ross Blocher, Jessica Schab, Elisabeth Feytit: The Skeptic Zone #473 - 12.Nov.2017 CSIcon 2017 Part #3 53:0211/12/17d
11/24/17Stefan Sojka: The Skeptic Zone #474 - 19.Nov.20171:00:4911/19/17d

a Token Skeptic from Fremantle, Australia.
b Rationally Speaking podcast from New York City Skeptics.
c Skepticality podcast.
d The Skeptic Zone from Sydney, Australia.
e Point of Inquiry from the Center for Inquiry.
f Facebook Live Ask an Atheist event from FFRF.
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Friday 7 pm
Friday Forum
Click below to listen online.
1/6/17The Year In Review With Rebecca Kemble And Will Williams - hosted by Allen Ruff 53:311/5/17a
1/13/17Thomas Hemeleski, Josh Klemons, Angie Holecko: Women's March On Madison - hosted by Carousel Bayrd 52:491/10/17a
1/20/17Michael Moore at anti-Trump rally
What (If Anything) Will Replace Obamacare Under Trump? - hosted by Jan Miyasaki
1/27/17Alfred McCoy: The Decline of U.S. Global Power 57:0010/3/16d
2/3/17Larry Dupuis, Amanda Weatherspoon, Nadya Tannous, Brandi Grayson:
No Child Behind Bars Tour Comes to Madison
- hosted by Esty Dinur
2/10/17Shabnam Lotfi, Deborah Mulligan, Reese Erlich: Responding To Trump's Executive Orders
- hosted by Esty Dinur
2/17/17Peter Skopec: Trump Acts To Gut Consumer Protection Laws; Sister Maureen McDonald, Mary Bell: Justice For Workers!; Lecia Brooks: Hate Crimes On The Rise - Who Knew? - hosted by Jan Miyasaki 6:15; 13:57; 18:342/8/17c
2/24/17Tim Muth, Rep. Jonathan Brostoff: Wisconsin Youth Prison Accused of Inmate Abuse
- hosted by Carousel Bayrd
3/3/17 Keith McQuirter: The U.S. Most Incarcerated Neighborhood Is In Milwaukee - hosted by Jan Miyasaki14:593/1/17c
3/10/17Elizabeth Goitein: Goitlein - Yep, It's Still A Muslim Ban - hosted by Jan Miyasaki 19:303/8/17c
3/17/17Kristen Hansen: ACLU Is Active In Wisconsin!; Dr. Adam Gaffney: Should Health Insurance Cover More People, Or Fewer? - hosted by Jan Miyasaki 21:06; 15:313/15/17c
3/24/17Vicky Selkowe, Dee Hall: Addressing Concerns On The State And Federal Budgets - hosted by Carousel Bayrd 53:133/21/17a
3/31/17Sally Kane: Proposed Budget Cuts Put Public Media On The Chopping Block - hosted by Molly Stentz 52:483/28/17a
4/7/17Jenni Dye, Brandi Grayson, Anna Mueller Moffit: Split Show: Constitutional Convention/Education Resource Officers In Schools - hosted by Carousel Bayrd 52:494/4/17a
4/14/17Dena Eackles, Paulette Moore, Rebecca Kemble: Update On Standing Rock: What Happens Now?
- hosted by Esty Dinur
4/21/17Dee Hall, Coburn Dukehart: Wisconsin Watch Reveals Reality Of Solitary Confinement
- hosted by Mike Wagner
4/28/17Alex Gillis: May Day Immigrant Workers Rally; Madeline Uraneck: Open Doors For Refugees Helps Resettlement - hosted by Jan Miyasaki 15:45; 11:464/26/17c
5/5/17Donna Friedsam, Abigail Tessmann, Anna Mueller Moffit: Changes To ACA And Medicare: What You Need To Know - hosted by Carousel Bayrd 53:205/2/17a
5/12/17Donald Downs, Lecia Brooks: Free Speech Vs. Hate Speech - hosted by Carousel Bayrd 52:555/9/17a
5/19/17Bob Park, Elizabeth Delaquess: Madison UUs and Low Power Radio 1:05:325/13/17e
5/26/17Robert Jacobs, Andrew Cockburn: Split Show: Hanford Nuclear Reservation/Trumpgate
- hosted by Esty Dinur
6/2/17Rob Severson: Gemini Comics Launches in Madison - interview by Bob Park 43:095/22/17f
6/9/17Split Show: Rep. Mark Pocan And Journalist John Pilger - hosted by Esty Dinur 55:286/2/17a
6/16/17Liz Purchia Gannon, Emily Holden: Deconstructing the EPA 24:133/8/17g
6/23/17Paul Kanika Martin: Congress Approves Weapons Sale To Saudi Arabia - hosted by Jan Miyasaki 14:216/21/17c
6/30/17Ken Robinson, Cathy Myers: Split Show: Health Care Update/Cathy Myers Announces Congressional Run - hosted by Patty Peltekos 52:286/26/17a
7/7/17Diane Ravitch: Ravitch: Charter Schools Have Not Met Goals In 25 Years - hosted by Jan Miyasaki 26:027/5/17c
7/14/17Gretchen King: History of Struggle: The Global Story of Community Broadcasting Practices, or a Brief History of Community Radio 15:238/19/16h
7/21/17Raj Shukla, Satya Rhodes-Conway, Tyler Huebner: Working Towards Clean Energy In Madison - hosted by Denise Demarb 53:007/18/17a
7/28/17Jonathan Garber, Oona Mackesey Green: Can Bigotry Be Unlearned? - hosted by Jan Miyasaki 13:047/26/17c
8/11/17Bill Davis, Brian Merchant, Alder Rebecca Kemble: Foxconn Bill Limits Environmental Regulations
- hosted by Esty Dinur
8/18/17Lecia Brooks: The Rise Of Hate Groups In The U.S. - hosted by Jan Miyasaki 16:068/16/17c
8/25/17Bruce Cumings On The Heightening Tensions With North Korea - hosted by Allen Ruff 52:408/24/17a
9/1/17Bob Inglis: Breaking Rank With Denial 31:367/25/17g
9/8/17Robert Buzzanco: Lack Of Regulation Big Issue With The Houston Flooding - hosted by Jan Miyasaki 23:419/6/17c
9/15/17Ashley Post: Pick The Right Hurricane Relief Organization - hosted by Brian Standing14:089/11/17a
9/22/17Musa Zwana interviewed by Aaron Pednotti on 2017 Grassroots Radio Conference 19:279/18/17i
9/29/17Gary Rivlin: The Connection Between Trump And Goldman-Sachs - hosted by Esty Dinur 54:159/22/17a
10/6/17Pedro Cabezas, Leigh Hardy: What We Can Learn From Salvadoran Community Organizing
- hosted by Allen Ruff
10/13/17Pride Rally 18:208/20/17j
10/20/17A Chat With David Barsamian - hosted by Tony Castañeda 18:1210/19/17c
10/27/17Mary Bottari: Recent Reporting from the Center for Media and Democracy - hosted by Bert Zipperer
and Gil Halsted
11/3/17Ricardo Gonzalez, Barb Olson: Madison's Sister Cities - hosted by Bert Zipperer 52:5110/24/17a
11/10/17Daniel Kreeger: Roads, Bridges and the Future of Civilization 21:4911/1/17g
11/17/17Dee Hall: WisconsinWatch.Org: Hate Crimes, Whistleblower Ban & Bad Hair Evidence - hosted by Brian Standing 17:0211/13/17c
11/24/17Chip Gibbons, Kevin Ripp and Shawn Convey: Defending Journalists' Rights / Among Wolves - hosted by Esty Dinur 52:5411/17/17a

a From A Public Affair on WORT-FM.
b Democracy Now!
c From the 8 O'Clock Buzz on WORT-FM.
d Alternative Radio.
e Recorded by WIDE-LP at a Prairie UU Society retreat breakout session at Bethel Horizons.
f Recorded by WIDE-LP at 5610 Hammersley Rd.
g Trump on Earth podcast from The Allegheny Front.
h Recorded at the World Forum of Free Media 2016 at McGill University.
i Interview recorded by WOOC, Troy NY
j Recorded by WIDE-LP where State St. meets the Square.
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Friday pm/Saturday am Shows
8 pm - 10 am
Starting ShowFeaturingNotes
8 pmMischa's Evening Contributor music
9 pmFriday Folk Folk music in a variety of stylesa
10 pmPublic News Service Daily Newscast 6 min. of national news
10:06 pmStage & Screen Broadway musicals and movie musicals and soundtracksb
11 pmHumor Me Comedy and satire, musical or otherwisec
midnightSoft Comes the Night Music that's soothing to the earsd
7 amMusic for all ages Music both kids and parents can enjoye
8 amThe Beatles An hour of the "Fab Four"
9 amCounterSpin A critical examination of the week's major news stories from FAIR
9:30 amSkeptoid Critical analysis of pop phenomena by Brian Dunning

a Bob Dylan, Gordon Lightfoot, Joan Baez, Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen, Peter Paul & Mary, Townes Van Zandt, Woody Guthrie, etc.
b Annie, Anything Goes, Avenue Q, Babel, The Book of Mormon, Camelot, Carousel, Cats, Fiddler On The Roof, Finian's Rainbow,
Hair, Gypsy, Into The Woods, Little Shop Of Horrors, Miss Saigon, Oliver, South Pacific, West Side Story, etc.

c David Sedaris, Monty Python, PDQ Bach, the Reduced Shakespeare Co., the Smothers Brothers, Tom Lehrer, etc.
d Ballads, folk, soft rock, new age, etc. - softer pieces by many different artists.
e Sara Hickman, Sweet Honey In The Rock, Peter, Paul & Mary, Pete Seeger, etc.

Saturday 10 am
The Best of Talk
Click below to listen online.
First WIDE
1/7/17Mike McCabe, Sarah Lloyd, Katherine Cramer: Bridging the Rural-Urban Divide breakout session 1:02:099/17/1612/31/16a
1/14/17 Andrew Kramer: Exxon CEO - Secretary of State? 29:0312/29/161/12/17b
1/21/17 Bill Moyers in Conversation: Eddie Glaude Jr. on America's Racial 'Value Gap' 39:074/28/161/16/17c
1/28/17 Dale McGowan on Parenting Beyond Belief 51:201/4/171/23/17d
2/4/17 Bill Moyers: Scott Pruitt Will Make America Great Again - For Polluters 8:001/31/17nowe
2/11/17 Murder, Chaos, & Cover-Ups After Hurricane Katrina, with Ronnie Greene 30:491/30/172/1/17f
2/18/17 Bill Moyers, Khalil Gibran Muhammad, Christopher Lebron, Philip Klinkner:
Lest We Forget: the Birther Lie
2/25/17 Gleb Tsipursky on the Rational Politics Project 51:262/15/172/20/17d
3/4/17Bob McChesney And Matt Rothschild On The Government And Media - hosted by Allen Ruff 40:192/16/172/26/17g
3/11/17Sen. Baldwin's fight for healthcare for all 44:073/3/173/3/17h
3/18/17Timothy Tyson, Author Of "The Blood Of Emmett Till" - hosted by Allen Ruff 52:483/9/173/15/17g
3/25/17 Ellen Schrecker on McCarthyism Then and Now 29:003/14/173/14/17i
4/1/17Marilyn Townsend, Jill Karofsky: Candidates Forum for Dane County Circuit Court Judge
- hosted by East Side Progressives
4/8/17 Conscience and Dissent: Values in Media 29:103/29/174/2/17k
4/15/17 Allan Nairn: Civilian Deaths Are Spiking in Syria & Iraq as U.S. Launches Unrestrained Bombing Raids 49:354/12/174/12/17l
4/22/17Dr. Katherine Cramer: Politics of Resentment 13:313/25/174/8/17m
4/29/17 James Henry: "A Land Grab by the Ruling Elites": Trump's Tax Plan Derided for Benefiting the Rich 12:534/27/174/27/17l
5/6/17Tia Nelson; Bassam Shakhashiri; Pamela King; Richard Davidson 7:49; 7:24; 5:48; 4:084/22/174/29/17n
5/13/17 John Washington: We Need a Whistle-Blower in U.S. Customs and Border Protection 29:005/2/175/2/17o
5/20/17Kimball Taylor: A Celebration Of Bicycles - hosted by Patty Peltekos 52:415/15/175/17/17g
5/27/17Robert Jacobs, Andrew Cockburn: Split Show: Hanford Nuclear Reservation/Trumpgate
- hosted by Esty Dinur
6/3/17 Gordon Lafer: How Corporations are Remaking America 55:005/21/175/23/17p
6/10/17 Charlotte Dennett on Origins of U.S. Obsession with Middle East 29:005/29/175/30/17i
6/17/17Split Show: Rep. Mark Pocan And Journalist John Pilger - hosted by Esty Dinur 55:286/2/176/9/17g
6/24/17Sen. Bernie Sanders: The Political Revolution Now (starting at 1:02:20 in the video) 1:14:546/10/176/17/17q
7/1/17 David Korten: Toward an Ecological Civilization 57:001/30/176/26/17r
7/8/17 Medea Benjamin: The Saudi-U.S. Sinister Alliance 57:0011/30/163/13/17r
7/15/17 Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Gender Equality 57:009/19/125/15/17r
7/22/17Helen Zia: Chinese Exclusion Act And Vincent Chin To Black Lives Matter And Islamophobia - hosted by Bert Zipperer 54:547/7/177/12/17g
7/29/17 Greg Barnes: Blazing the Peace & Justice Trail: 100 Years of the AFSC 55:007/16/177/25/17p
8/5/17 Kali Akuno: Activism: Lessons from Mississippi 57:002/21/177/31/17r
8/12/17Elisabeth Rosenthal: The Big Business of the American Healthcare System
- hosted by Patty Peltekos
8/19/17White Supremacists Kill 1, Injure Dozens, During Ku Klux Klan Rally in Charlottesville, VA58:548/14/17, 8/16/178/14/17, 8/16/17l
8/26/17 Alicia Garza: On Historical Amnesia, and Fighting White Supremacy 29:088/16/178/20/17k
9/2/17Bruce Cumings On The Heightening Tensions With North Korea - hosted by Allen Ruff 52:408/24/178/25/17g
9/9/17 Naomi Klein: The Radical Leap 57:003/3/168/5/17r
9/16/17 Chris Hedges: Stopping Fascism 57:005/26/179/11/17r
9/23/17Naomi Klein on Sept. 18 Democracy Now!59:029/18/179/18/17l
9/30/17 Noam Chomsky: Neoliberalism: An Accounting 57:004/13/179/9/17r
10/7/17 Nina Turner closing the Fighting Bob Fest 2017 kickoff in Madison 31:419/15/179/16/17s
10/14/17 Tammy Baldwin and Mark Pocan opening the Fighting Bob Fest 2017 kickoff in Madison 34:469/15/1710/7/17t
10/21/17World-Renowned Artist Ai Weiwei on His Childhood in a Labor Camp, Art, Activism, Prison & Freedom27:0110/9/1710/9/17l
10/28/17Joseph E. Schwartzberg, Ronald Glossop: Transforming the United Nations 1:20:548/3/1710/15/17u
11/4/17 Maryam Namazie: Henry H. Zumach Freedom From Religious Fundamentalism Award44:419/15/1710/28/17v
11/11/17 Nancy MacLean: Democracy in Chains: The Deep History of the Radical Right's Stealth Plan for America pt 1 53:2810/5/1710/28/17w
11/18/17 I Am Not Your Negro 28:5911/8/1711/12/17k
11/25/17 Doug La Follette addresses our looming water crisis 30:3411/16/1711/18/17x

a Recorded at Fighting Bob Fest 2016 at Breese Stevens Field in Madison by WIDE-LP.
b From Radio Curious, Ukiah, California.
c From Bill Moyers in Conversation.
d The Humanist Hour from the American Humanist Association.
e For the Record with Bill Moyers.
f Point of Inquiry from the Center for Inquiry.
g From A Public Affair on WORT-FM.
h Battleground Wisconsin Podcast from Citizen Action of Wisconsin.
i Talk Nation Radio.
j Recorded at Lake Edge Lutheran Church by WIDE-LP.
k From Making Contact.
l Democracy Now!.
m Recorded at the Ninth Annual Wisconsin Grassroots Festival at Wisconsin Heights High School by WIDE-LP.
n Recorded at the March for Science rally, UW Library Mall, by WIDE-LP.
o Talk Nation Radio.
p Spirit In Action from Northern Spirit Radio, Eau Claire WI.
q Audio from Uphill Media Youtube video from the People's Summit in Chicago.
r Alternative Radio.
s Streamed by WisconsinEye from the Barrymore Theatre in Madison at the kickoff of Fighting Bob Fest 2017.
t From audio recorded by WisconsinEye at the Barrymore Theatre in Madison at the kickoff of Fighting Bob Fest 2017.
u Recorded at Democracy Convention 2017 at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis by WIDE-LP.
v FFRF 2017 National Convention in Madison.
w Audio from Havens Center Visiting Scholars Program video.
x Recorded by WIDE-LP at a meeting organized by Gray Panthers Madison at the Sequoya Library.
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Saturday Program Schedule
11 am - 12 midnight
Starting ShowFeaturing
11 amAlmost All A Cappella A cappella groups
12 noonNeighborhood News at NoonWhen available
12 noonOrganize Your Ears Music featuring rock organ
1 pmOld Coot's Hoot Tunes from a few decades back by Simon & Garfunkel, The Mamas & the Papas,
Peter Paul & Mary, etc.
1:30 pmZydeco Zap Distinctive music rooted in Creole folk music from southwest Louisiana
2 pmIsland Vibes Music from the Hawaiian islands
2:30 pmNonstop Doo Wop The Ravens, The Platters, Dion & The Belmonts, The Shirelles, The Drifters, etc.
3:00 pmYounger mix More of the music featured in the weekday After School Hour
4 pmSea Change Radio Covering the shift to social, environmental, and economic sustainability
4:30 pmPerpetual Notion Machine Science show from the Madison Science Collective
5 pmFreethinkers Hour Speakers at Madison's annual Freethought Festival and elsewhere
6 pmProgressive Voices Progressive activists speak out at Fighting Bob Fest and elsewhere
7 pmWisconsin Democracy Report Talks at rallies and public meetings and radio interviews
8 pmBefore You Were Born Music from the 1930s and earlier
9 pmSaturday Soul Last genre hour of the week
10 pmPublic News Service Daily Newscast 6 min. of national news
10:06 pmUncommon Instruments Music featuring glass harmonica, theremin, musical saw, handpans, balalaika, whales, etc.
11 pmAlien Echoes Our week's weirdest music
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