Friday/Saturday Program Schedule

from 7 am Friday until Saturday midnight for

Friday Daytime Program Schedule
7 am - 6 pm
Starting ShowFeaturing
7 amMorning Mix Some bright and lively music to start your day
9 amDemocracy Now! War and Peace Report with Amy Goodman & Juan González
10 amWider Horizons Freethought Radio
11 amShe Still Sings Mostly women vocalists
12 noonStory Classics at Noon Stories in the public domain read by LibriVox volunteers
nextIndy Afternoon Alternative mix music
3 pmAfter School Hour Younger mix music
4 pmSilver Lining Weekly commentaries from Mike McCabe
4:02 pmBattleground Wisconsin Podcast by Citizen Action of Wisconsin
5 pmWider Horizons Freethought Radio (repeat)
5:45 pmSkeptoid Critical analysis of pop phenomena by Brian Dunning

Friday 6 pm
Rational Skepticism/Sound Science
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1/3/20ECSO President, Claire Klingenberg On The State Of Skepticism - hosted by Kavin Senapathy48:4110/31/19a
1/10/20Playwright and Actor Ian Ruskin on Thomas Paine - hosted by Jim Underdown1:11:001/9/20a
1/17/20Kavin Senapathy: A Science Mom's Path From Reason, to Oz, and Back Again36:2610/20/18b
1/24/20Joseph Uscinski: Conspiracy Theories are for Losers26:2910/20/18b
1/31/20Sharon Buccino: Is this Trump's Biggest Environmental Rollback? - hosted by Reid Frazier18:401/22/20c
2/7/20Massimo Polidoro: Secrets of Leonardo Da Vinci's Genius Mind24:1510/20/18b
2/14/20Jimmy Tobias: Manipulating Data to Exploit a Disaster - hosted by Julie Grant13:502/5/20c
2/21/20Brad Bortner: Trump Rule Would End Penalties for Bird Deaths - hosted by Julie Grant17:382/19/20c
2/28/20Abby Hafer: Sex, Evolution, And How The Patriarchy Gets It Wrong36:0010/20/18b
3/6/20Massimo Pigliucci: The Variety of Scientisms & the Limits of Science32:5910/20/18b
3/13/20Matthieu Auzanneau: A Dark History - hosted by Reid Frazier24:243/5/20c
3/20/20Stephen Fry and Richard Dawkins in Conversation55:1010/20/18b
3/27/20Bertha Vazquez: Tying up Creationism in the Classroom21:4110/20/18b
4/3/20Rachel Frazin: EPA to Polluters: Monitor Yourselves - hosted by Julie Grant19:173/27/20c
4/10/20David Michaels: Dark Money and the Mistrust of Science - hosted by Kara Holsopple17:454/1/20c
4/17/20Emily Atkin: Coronavirus is Climate Change on Steroids - hosted by Reid Frazier30:004/9/20c
4/24/20Joseph Goffman, John Walke: If it Ain't Broke, What Are We Fixing, Exactly? - hosted by Reid Frazier30:004/23/20c
5/1/20Dr. Jean Creighton: The Scale Of The Universe - hosted by Brian Standing9:091/13/20d
5/8/20Jacob Bunge: Trump's Executive Order to Keep Meat Plants Open Could Be Risky. Here's Why.
- hosted by Julie Grant
5/15/20Ian Harris On Comedy, Skeptical Audiences, and Atheism - hosted by Leighann Lord38:105/7/20a
5/22/20Marianne Levelle, Lily Gardner: Can Joe Biden Convince Climate Voters He Is One of Them?
- hosted by Reid Frazier
5/29/20The Skeptics' Guide To The Universe And Science-Based Medicine's Steven Novella - hosted by Leighann Lord40:445/21/20a
6/5/20Mustafa Santiago Ali: Can the environmental movement address American racism? - hosted by Reid Frazier25:226/4/20c
6/12/20Rob Boston, Dan Phelps, Monica Long Ross: Monuments To Misinformation | The Ark Experience & Creation Museum - hosted by Jim Underdown59:566/9/20a
6/19/20Hana Vizcarra: Tracking Trump's Environmental Rollbacks - hosted by Julie Grant20:446/12/20c
6/26/20Kurt Andersen: Fantasyland: The History of America's Irrationality49:4910/17/19e
7/3/20Janyce L. Boynton: Facilitated Communication and Autism: What We Need To Know30:2110/18/19e
7/10/20Bill McKibben on the Divestment Movement - hosted by Steve Curwood23:597/2/20c
7/17/20Jeff Hawkins: How The Brain Learns And Why Sometimes It's Wrong30:2510/18/19e
7/24/20Troy Campbell: Beyond The "Issues": The Personal Skeptical Existence31:0410/18/19e
7/31/20Ellen Gilmer, Nick Tilsen: Major defeats for pipelines ... and Trump - hosted by Reid Frazier42:427/22/20c
8/7/20Marianne Levelle, Justin Worland: 2020: The last chance to save our planet? - hosted by Reid Frazier29:108/5/20c
8/21/20Darryl Fears: @Interior: Victories and Defeats for the Oil Industry - hosted by Julie Grant23:278/19/20c
8/28/20David Mikkelson: Junk News As Science26:4610/18/19e
9/4/20Tim Puko: Why the Trump Administration is Rolling Back a Climate Rule that Big Oil Actually Likes
- hosted by Reid Frazier
9/11/20Jann Bellamy: Legislative Alchemy: Pseudoscience In The Law27:1610/18/19e
9/18/20Jason Walsh: Labor Unions and Environmentalists Join Forces to Defeat Trump - hosted by Julie Grant22:149/16/20c
9/25/20Rev. Barry W. Lynn on The Supreme Court, Retirement, and His Upcoming Book - hosted by Leighann Lord54:159/24/20a
10/2/20Pam King, Jeremy Jacobs, Ellen Gilmer: Losing RBG - hosted by Reid Frazier33:369/24/20c
10/9/20Ann Carlson, Michael Gerrard: Trump Keeps Losing in Court - hosted by Julie Grant28:1110/8/20c
10/16/20Richard Dawkins: Taking Courage from Darwin38:2610/18/19e
10/23/20Dr. Jen Gunter: Modern Wellness, Women, and the Religion of Pseudoscience28:3610/18/19e
10/30/20Nathaniel Stinnet: Will 2020 be the Year of the Climate Voter? - hosted by Julie Grant37:1010/22/20c
11/6/20Alex Harris, Susan Phillips, Lester Graham: How is the Environment Playing in Swing States?
- hosted by Julie Grant
11/13/20Jody Freeman: It's Over - hosted by Reid Frazier19:2111/11/20c
11/20/20Becky Garrison: The Puritan Roger Williams, Church State Separation, and the Impact On Today
- hosted by Jim Underdown
11/27/20Frank J. Sinatra: Revisiting The Life Of Frank Sinatra - Living A Life Of Homelessness
- hosted by Jim Underdown
12/4/20Tegan Hanlon: Trump's Last Act: Drilling in the Arctic Refuge - hosted by Reid Frazier17:5212/3/20c
12/11/20Kavin Senapathy: The Overblown Breast Is Best Mantra For Breastfeeding31:1610/18/19e
12/18/20Joe Schwarz: Getting the Chemistry Right31:3110/19/19e
12/25/20Chris Zarba: Sound science is not leading the decisions made by this nation - hosted by Reid Frazier29:5012/23/20c

a Point of Inquiry from the Center for Inquiry.
b Talk at CSICon 2018 from the Center for Inquiry.
c Trump on Earth podcast from The Allegheny Front.
d From the 8 O'Clock Buzz on WORT-FM.
e Talk at CSICon 2019 from the Center for Inquiry.
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Friday 7 pm
Friday Forum
Click below to listen online.
1/3/20A year-in-review with investigative journalist Dee Hall - hosted by Patty Peltekos53:1412/30/19a
1/10/20Carol Phelps, Brian Lavendel: Reporting Back from the UN Climate Change Conference in Madrid
- hosted by Patty Peltekos
1/17/20Defense Analyst Pierre Sprey Voices Opposition To The F-35s - hosted by Allen Ruff52:521/16/20a
1/24/20Rev. Graylan Hagler on MLK, Voting Rights, Poverty, More... - hosted by Jan Miyasaki23:381/22/20b
1/31/20Jerome Dillard, Sean Wilson, Emilio DeTorre: WI ACLU Opposes Proposed "Tough On Crime" Legislation
- hosted by Jan Miyasaki
2/7/20David Liners, Ramiah Whiteside: WISDOM: Criminial Justice Reform and More... - hosted by Jerome Dillard49:482/5/20b
2/14/20Thomas Ferguson: Economist Ferguson on Campaign Money - hosted by Jan Miyasaki20:042/12/20b
2/21/20Thom Hartmann: How To Handle Trump1:07:137/20/19c
2/28/20PFAS and Water Contamination with Pat Elder - hosted by Allen Ruff52:562/27/20a
3/6/20Coronavirus (COVID-19) Myths & Misinfo, Plus a Virus Lesson from Doctor Dan1:19:082/14/20d
3/13/20Reuschlein on How Military Spending Undermines Economic Growth - hosted by Jan Miyasaki11:323/11/20b
3/20/20Travis Wright: Talking to Your Kids About Coronavirus - hosted by Carousel Bayrd52:473/17/20a
3/27/20James K. Galbraith: The Political Economy of the Pandemic - hosted by Allen Ruff49:203/26/20a
4/3/20Richard Eskow: Federal Bailout Helps Failing Corporations - Again - hosted by Jan Miyasaki12:264/1/20b
4/10/20Matt Rothschild: Wisconsin's Election and the Assault on Democracy - hosted by Allen Ruff48:374/9/20a
4/17/20Kate Walton, Joe Schirmer: On the Frontlines: Healthcare Workers on COVID-19 - hosted by Patty Peltekos52:144/13/20a
4/24/20Peter Skopec: Amid COVID Publicity, EPA Works to Weaken Mercury Standards - hosted by Jan Miyasaki14:084/22/20b
5/1/20Chip Berlet: The State of Right-Wing Populism in America - hosted by Allen Ruff51:584/30/20a
5/8/20Paige, Holly, Demi, Wali, Tom: On the Frontlines: Grocery Workers on COVID-19 - hosted by Ali Muldrow53:115/6/20a
5/15/20Joseph E. Uscinski, Adam M. Enders: When Conspiracy Theories Go Viral - Misinformation During the Pandemic
- hosted by Carousel Bayrd
5/22/20Rebecca Newman: Unpacking the HEROES Act - hosted by Brian Standing13:445/18/20b
5/29/20Scott Shackelford: Who Owns Outer Space? - hosted by Brian Standing17:545/25/20b
6/5/20Racial Justice Roundtable with M. Adams, Sabrina Madison, and Damita Brown - hosted by Ali Muldrow52:526/3/20a
6/12/20Policing in Madison Roundtable with Everett Mitchell and David Couper - hosted by Ali Muldrow53:176/10/20a
6/19/20Dr. Ricardo Salvador: Agriculture Worker Exploitation in the U.S. - Slavery To Current - hosted by Jan Miyasaki18:156/17/20b
6/26/20Adam Hochschild: Statue Destruction as a Political Statement - hosted by Jan Miyasaki19:546/24/20b
7/3/20Karl Locher, Lorrie Hurckes Dwyer, Ryan Eykholt, Araceli Esparza: Democratic Socialists and Police Free Schools - hosted by Damita Brown40:396/30/20b
7/10/20Rob Lee: Opposition to Proposed Enbridge Line 5 Updates - hosted by Patty Peltekos27:267/6/20a
7/17/20Cilena, Sodia, Gordon, Ana: Meet the Youth Activists of Madison's "No Cops in Schools" Movement
- hosted by Esty Dinur
7/24/20Lisa Graves: Wait a Minute, Mr. Koch-Man: The Plot to Kill the Public's Postal Service - hosted by Jan Miyasaki18:237/22/20b
7/31/20Greg Palast: The Hunt for America's Vanished Voters - hosted by Esty Dinur53:167/24/20a
8/7/20Stacy Bannerman, Michael Leverette: Police Violence at Home and in Portland - hosted by Esty Dinur54:497/31/20a
8/14/20Nancy Altman: Trump's assaults on Social Security continue - hosted by Jan Miyasaki12:248/12/20b
8/21/20Sarah Anderson: documents Trump appointee attack on USPS - hosted by Jan Miyasaki18:368/19/20b
8/28/20Dr. Roslyn Fuller, Lawrence Lessig, Alex Kovner, Brett Hennig: Democracy In Crisis, Part 1: What's Wrong With Elections? - hosted by Brian Standing1:16:028/27/20b
9/4/20Linn Davis, Dr. Jane Suiter, Dr. Lyn Carson, Dr. Hans-Liudger Dienel, Adam Cronkright: Democracy In Crisis Part 2: Mini-publics, Citizens' Assemblies and Juries - hosted by Brian Standing1:10:358/28/20b
9/11/20Dr. Paul Cartledge, Hélène Landemore, Terry Bouricius, Dr. Madeline McCaren: Democracy In Crisis Part 3: Alternatives to Elections - hosted by Brian Standing1:02:308/28/20b
9/18/20Dave McWethy, Kristen Taylor, Rebecca Meier-Rao: Split Show: Wildfires on the West Coast and Worker Justice Wisconsin - hosted by Patty Peltekos54:079/14/20a
9/25/20Huwaida Arraf: A peace deal where there was no conflict provides a show for Nobel - hosted by Jan Miyasaki23:009/23/20b
10/2/20Bob McChesney: Media and Democracy in 2020 - hosted by Allen Ruff51:2610/1/20a
10/9/20Jennie C. Stephens: "Energy Democracy" Bringing energy locally to empower the people
- hosted by Jan Miyasaki
10/16/20Mike Rothschild, Vasily Gatov: A Trip Down the QAnon Rabbit Hole - hosted by Yuri Rashkin53:4310/12/20a
10/23/20Voter Intimidation with Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul - hosted by Jonathan Zarov10:2310/23/20b
10/30/20Anna Law, Mary Ziegler, Renee Knake Jefferson: Amy Coney Barrett and the Future of the Supreme Court - hosted by Jan Miyasaki52:5010/27/20b
11/6/20Josh Dzieza, Lawrence Tabak: The Latest on Foxconn in Wisconsin - hosted by Allen Ruff51:5810/29/20a
11/20/20Barry Burden, James Young: How to Run a Successful Election - hosted by Carousel Bayrd54:1511/17/20a
11/27/20Economics Not Culture Wars Drove Most Trump Voters - Thomas Ferguson - hosted by Paul Jay44:2711/25/20e
12/4/20Omar Ocampo: Pandemic has played into the hands of the Wealthy - hosted by Jan Miyasaki12:5212/2/20b
12/11/20Terry Lodge: Bill for new nuclear reactor farm in Ohio opposed - hosted by Jan Miyasaki14:0112/9/20b
12/18/20Rev. Graylan Hagler: Hagler: Jericho March a Theology of White Supremacy - hosted by Jan Miyasaki23:0212/16/20b
12/25/20Lieutenant Governor Barnes On Climate Change - hosted by Brian Standing17:3612/14/20b

a From A Public Affair on WORT-FM.
b From the 8 O'Clock Buzz on WORT-FM.
c The Ralph Nader Radio Hour.
d Squaring the Strange podcast.
e From
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Friday pm/Saturday am Shows
8 pm - 10 am
Starting ShowFeaturingNotes
8 pmMischa's Evening Contributor music
9 pmWandering Minstrels Folk music in a variety of stylesa
10 pm2020 Talks 3 min. of election news
10:06 pmHumor Me Comedy and satire, musical or otherwiseb
11 pmUncommon Instruments Music featuring glass harmonica, theremin, musical saw, handpans, whales, etc.
midnightSoft Comes the Night Music that's soothing to the earsc
7 amMusic for all ages Music both kids and parents can enjoyd
8 amThe Beatles An hour of the "Fab Four"
9 amCounterSpin A critical examination of the week's major news stories from FAIR
9:30 amSkeptoid Critical analysis of pop phenomena by Brian Dunning (repeat)

a Bob Dylan, Gordon Lightfoot, Joan Baez, Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen, Peter Paul & Mary, Townes Van Zandt, Woody Guthrie, etc.
b Victor Borge, Monty Python, PDQ Bach, the Reduced Shakespeare Co., the Smothers Brothers, Tom Lehrer, David Sedaris, etc.
c Ballads, folk, soft rock, new age, etc. - softer pieces by many different artists.
d Sara Hickman, Sweet Honey In The Rock, Peter, Paul & Mary, Pete Seeger, etc.

Saturday 10 am
The Best of Talk
Click below to listen online.
First WIDE
1/4/20Ralph Nader on Canadian vs US health insurance23:0311/16/1912/28/19a
1/11/20Media, Money, and the Radical Right with Anne Nelson - hosted by Esty Dinur53:3611/27/191/8/20b
1/18/20 The Fight for Fair Maps in Wisconsin with Rep. Dianne Hesselbein - hosted by Carousel Bayrd52:491/7/201/11/20b
1/25/20 Ian Bushfield, Dr Andy Bannister: Is Christianity or Secular Humanism a better foundation for human rights?: A conversation Between a Christian and a Secular Humanist1:02:592/28/181/20/20c
2/1/20Noam Chomsky: Threats to Peace & the Planet (part 1)57:0011/4/191/27/20d
2/8/20Noam Chomsky: Threats to Peace & the Planet (part 2)57:0011/4/192/3/20d
2/15/20 Growing Edge of Parker Palmer & Carrie Newcomer55:002/1/202/4/20e
2/22/20The History of America's Forgotten Black Pioneers with Anna-Lisa Cox - hosted by Richelle Wilson52:5110/1/192/5/20b
2/29/20Thom Hartmann: How To Handle Trump1:07:137/20/192/21/20a
3/7/20 Monique El-Faizy: All the President's Women: Donald Trump and the Making of a Predator 1:01:212/22/202/27/20a
3/14/20Arundhati Roy: Modi's India57:0011/15/193/9/20d
3/21/20 Robert Greenwald, Shelli Stockton: Voter Suppression 1:08:223/7/203/12/20a
3/28/20 History's Worst Plagues and the Heroes Who Fought Them: A Conversation with Author and Historian Jennifer Wright26:422/21/193/2/19f
4/4/20 James Zirin, Dr. Michael Carome: Trump's Lawsuits/Coronavirus Update 1:02:313/21/203/26/20a
4/11/20 Andrew H. Warren, Harper Jean Tobin, Rev. Marian Edmonds-Allen: Antisocial Distancing52:444/4/204/9/20g
4/18/20 Tom Mueller: Whistleblowing in an Age of Fraud 1:13:1011/2/194/8/20a
4/25/20 The Muckraker: Jared Yates Sexton 29:004/14/204/18/20h
5/2/20Joshua Mezrich: Notes From a Transplant Surgeon1:20:394/26/204/29/20i
5/9/20 Jim Hightower: It's Up To You 57:002/17/205/4/20d
5/16/20Supreme Chaos43:595/14/205/15/20j
5/23/20Nancy K. Bristow: Remembering the 1970 Jackson State Shootings - hosted by Allen Ruff54:155/14/205/20/20b
5/30/20Elle & Doug Harris: Elle The Humanist36:294/22/205/25/20k
6/6/20Sylvester Turner, George Floyd, Patrick "P.T." Ngwolo, Corey Paul: Remembering "Big Floyd":
Houston Friends of George Floyd Describe Him as a "Man of Peace"
6/13/20 Peniel Joseph: The Revolutionary Lives of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr.53:585/28/196/10/19b
6/20/20Mandisa Thomas: #BlackLivesMatter42:496/3/206/13/20k
6/27/20Taking Children: A History of American Terror with Laura Briggs54:046/12/206/17/20b
7/4/20Jennifer Cobbina: Hands Up Don't Shoot: How Black Lives Matter Changed America
- hosted by Brian Standing
7/11/20Angela Davis on Abolition, Calls to Defund Police, Toppled Racist Statues & Voting in 2020 Election
- hosted by Amy Goodman
7/18/20Rev. Karen Hutt: Have You Ever Said White Trash?44:497/12/207/16/20n
7/25/20Uncontrolled Contagion45:487/24/20nowj
8/1/20Bill McKibben on the Divestment Movement - hosted by Steve Curwood23:597/2/207/10/20o
8/8/20 John Lewis, Dr. Keith Jennings, Joan Mooney: To Us Passes This Torch1:07:057/25/207/30/20g
8/15/20Martin Sherwin: Sherwin: bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki wasn't necessary for peace
- hosted by Jan Miyasaki
8/22/20Sarah Anderson: documents Trump appointee attack on USPS - hosted by Jan Miyasaki18:368/19/208/21/20m
8/29/20Larry Tye: Demagogues: From McCarthy to Trump - interview by Paul Jay46:208/22/208/22/20p
9/5/20 William Kristol, Greg Lebel: Christian Nationalism at the RNC48:328/29/209/3/20g
9/12/20 David Cay Johnston, Barbara Freese: Trump Crimes/Industrial Strength Denial1:33:169/5/209/10/20a
9/19/20Hidden History of Monopolies - Thom Hartmann55:009/12/209/16/20e
9/26/20 Jim Hightower, Art Cullen: How the Right is Shredding the Vote1:00:329/19/209/24/20a
10/3/20Dr. Abdul El-Sayed, Dr. Monica Gandhi, Naomi Klein, John Nichols: Trump Tests Positive for COVID-19 After Months of Downplaying Virus & Mocking Biden for Wearing Mask38:5010/2/2010/2/20l
10/10/20Matthew N. Lyons: Understanding the Multifaceted Far-Right Movement - hosted by Allen Ruff53:119/17/209/23/20b
10/17/20 Helio Fred Garcia, Rev. Deborah Lee, Peter Montgomery: Words And Consequences59:4710/10/2010/15/20g
10/24/20Thom Hartmann on Monopolies and Getting Rid of Them29:009/28/20nowq
10/31/20 The Humanism of Albert Camus, feat. Jamie Lombardi1:09:039/20/2010/26/20r
11/7/20 Greg M. Epstein: Staying Human58:1210/28/2011/2/20s
11/14/20Jody Freeman: It's Over - hosted by Reid Frazier19:2111/11/2011/13/20o
11/21/20 Chris Hedges: Trump & the Christian Right 57:002/24/2011/16/20d
11/28/20Alexander Keyssar: Why Do We Still Have the Electoral College? - hosted by Nada Elmikashfi 50:1311/3/2011/18/20b
12/5/20Masha Gessen with Anand Giridharadas - Surviving Autocracy 1:20:1110/20/2011/25/20t
12/12/20Tegan Hanlon: Trump's Last Act: Drilling in the Arctic Refuge - hosted by Reid Frazier17:5212/3/2012/4/20o
12/19/20Kimberlé Crenshaw: Trump's Equity Gag Order27:5212/11/2012/12/20u
12/26/20Lawyer Joe Creitz on Wisconsin Supreme Court 4-3 rejection of Trump's Election Lawsuit
- hosted by Jonathan Zarov

a The Ralph Nader Radio Hour.
b From A Public Affair on WORT-FM.
c BC Humanists Podcast from the British Columbia Humanist Association, Vancouver.
d Alternative Radio, Boulder, Colorado.
e Spirit In Action from Northern Spirit Radio, Eau Claire WI.
f From the Perpetual Notion Machine.
g Podcast from State of Belief.
h From Sea Change Radio.
i Weekly program from Science for the People, Edmonton Alberta.
j Battleground Wisconsin Podcast from Citizen Action of Wisconsin.
k Facebook Live Ask an Atheist event from FFRF.
l From Democracy Now!.
m From the 8 O'Clock Buzz on WORT-FM.
n From Prairie Unitarian Universalist Society online Zoom service.
o Trump on Earth podcast from The Allegheny Front.
p From
q Talk Nation Radio.
r Ryan Bell's Life After God podcast.
s The Staying Human Podcast.
t Podcast from the Lannan Foundation, Santa Fe, New Mexico.
u CounterSpin from Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting.
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Saturday Program Schedule
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Starting ShowFeaturing
11 amAlmost All A Cappella A cappella groups
12 noonNeighborhood News at NoonWhen available
12 noonMeadowood Life Stories Original short stories from the Meadowood Life Story Writer's Group
nextOrganize Your Ears Music featuring rock organ
1 pmOld Coot's Hoot Tunes from a few decades back by Simon & Garfunkel, The Mamas & the Papas,
Peter Paul & Mary, etc.
1:30 pmZydeco Zap Distinctive music rooted in Creole folk music from southwest Louisiana
2 pmIsland Vibes Music from the Hawaiian islands
2:30 pmNonstop Doo Wop The Ravens, The Platters, Dion & The Belmonts, The Shirelles, The Drifters, etc.
3:00 pmYounger mix More of the music featured in the weekday After School Hour
4 pmSea Change Radio Covering the shift to social, environmental, and economic sustainability
4:30 pmPerpetual Notion Machine Science show from the Madison Science Collective
5 pmFreethinkers Hour Speakers at Madison's annual Freethought Festival and elsewhere
6 pmProgressive Voices Progressive activists speak out at Fighting Bob Fest and elsewhere
7 pmWisconsin Democracy Report Talks at rallies and public meetings and radio interviews
8 pmBefore You Were Born Music from the 1930s and earlier
9 pmSaturday Soul Last genre hour of the week
10 pmStage & Screen Broadway musicals and movie musicals and soundtracks
11 pmAlien Echoes Our week's weirdest music
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