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1/4/13Mark Ames: Gun Control in America 54:2812/20/12aa
1/11/13David Bacon: Illegal People 55:021/2/13a
1/18/13Cynthia Kaufman: Getting Past Capitalism 55:231/4/13a
1/25/13Tracy Baim & Patrick Farabaugh: Gay Press, Gay Power 57:241/7/13a
2/1/13Saul Cornell: A Well-Regulated Militia 53:421/23/13a
2/8/13Sam Pizzigati: The Rich Don't Always Win 54:032/1/13a
2/22/13Melvin Goodman: National Insecurity: The Cost of American Militarism 54:512/8/13a
3/1/13Erik O. Wright: How Progressives Should Approach Dilemmas of 21st Century Politics 59:293/10/12b
3/15/13Elora Chowdhury: Violence Against Women and Gender Equality in South Asia 52:532/12/13a
3/22/13Martha Long: Ma, He Sold Me for a Few Cigarettes 41:172/26/13a
3/29/13Noam Chomsky and Bill Fletcher on Progressive Politics 35:133/1/13a
4/5/13Rep. Sondy Pope, Marj Passman, Ellen Lindgren: Public Schools Under Attack: Voucher, Charter and Virtual 59:312/16/13b
4/12/13Hyun Lee, Christine Hong: Tensions Build on the Korean Peninsula 51:184/9/13a
4/19/13Susan Osborne and Boulder's Clean Energy Takeover 23:303/22/13c
4/26/13Anthony Prince, Karen Andrews, Heidi Weglietner: Housing is a Human Right 53:574/23/13a
5/3/13David Suzuki with Clayton Thomas-Müller part 1 55:4311/7/12d
5/10/13David Suzuki with Clayton Thomas-Müller part 2 37:1411/7/12d
5/17/13Joanie Juster: Alaska Far Away - hosted by John Quinlan 49:145/7/13a
5/24/13Omar Barghouti with Amy Goodman part 1 56:202/1/13d
5/31/13Proud Theater youth: Theater in Our Community - hosted by John Quinlan 54:295/27/13a
6/7/13Omar Barghouti with Amy Goodman part 2 34:562/1/13d
6/14/13Rinku Sen: Drop the "I" Word - hosted by Karma Chavez 52:125/8/13a
6/21/13Christopher Toensing: Legacy of U.S. Involvement in the Middle East - hosted by Allen Ruff 53:135/9/13a
6/28/13Susan Tive and Cami Ostman: Beyond Belief: The Secret Lives of Women in Extreme Religions - hosted by Esty Dinur 51:015/10/13a
7/5/13Gabi Helfert, Joey Johannsen, Franck Meunier, Rachel Tiven: Immigration LGBT Equality - hosted by John Quinlan 54:365/13/13a
7/12/13Leila Pine, Geoffrey Boyce: No More Deaths - hosted by Karma Chavez 51:337/8/13a
7/19/13Paul DeMain, Allie Raven, Joseph Skulan, Kelly Westland: Anti-Mining Activism - hosted by Rebecca Kemble 55:167/12/13a
7/26/13David Riemer, Heidi Wegleitner: Poverty Equals A Game of Musical Chairs - hosted by John Quinlan 50:227/22/13a
8/2/13Mark Harrison, Nora Szech: Money Matters1:00:006/14/13e
8/9/13Michael Renner: "Vital Signs: Volume 20" Inspires Sustainability - hosted by Esty Dinur 54:037/26/13a
8/16/13Brian Willson, Scott Olsen: Veterans from the National Veterans for Peace Conference - hosted by Andrés Thomas Conteris 52:588/9/13a
8/23/13Beverly Bell: Haiti and Food Sovereignty - hosted by John Quinlan 51:118/19/13a
8/30/13Stand With Wisconsin Women rally 41:128/26/13f
9/6/13Robert Parry, Jennifer Loewenstein: A Looming Attack on Syria - hosted by Allen Ruff 51:108/29/13a
9/13/13Joe Elder: Precedents for Addressing International Criminal Activities: Applications to Syria 1:00:329/10/13g
9/20/13Stanley Kutler: Newly-Released Nixon Tapes - hosted by John Quinlan 51:009/9/13a
9/27/13Walker walks away from 250,000 job promise 45:268/29/13h
10/4/13The Real ObamaCare 37:158/22/13h
10/11/13Damon and CJ Terrell, Costas Panayotakis: Politics Close to Home and in Greece - hosted by Esty Dinur 54:0810/4/13a
10/18/13Terry Tempest Williams with Christopher Merrill 1:20:255/30/07d
10/25/13Tim DeChristopher with Terry Tempest Williams 1:32:049/25/13d
11/1/13Michael Gordin: Let's talk about Pseudoscience - hosted by Tim Hansel 53:5710/30/13a
11/8/13Jeremy Scahill with Tom Engelhardt 1:36:1610/30/13d
11/15/13Frank Emspak, Norm Stockwell: Fighting For Our Voice - The Need For A Strategic Approach To Media part 256:056/15/13i
11/29/13Lisa Graves: The State Policy Network - hosted by Allen Ruff 50:2211/21/13a
12/6/13Lester Pines, Tamara Packard: Constitutionality of Act 10 - hosted by Carousel Bayrd 52:3811/19/13a
12/13/13Shedd Farley, Sen. Tammy Baldwin, Joe and Joann Elder, Omie Baldwin, Chad Farley, Janet Parker, Mark Miller, John Frey: Celebrating the Lives of Gene and Linda Farley - hosted by John Quinlan 51:2912/2/13a
12/20/13Mike Wiggins Jr., Jason Louise Huberty: An Update on the Gogebic Taconite - hosted by Esty Dinur 53:4312/6/13a
12/27/13Greg Gordon, Daithi Wolfe, Bernie Schlafke: Festivus at the Wisconsin Capitol - hosted by Brian Standing 11:4712/23/13j

aa From Health Writers on the Air, WORT-FM.
a From A Public Affair on WORT-FM.
b Talk sponsored by The Madison Institute.
c Local Energy Rules Podcast of the Institute for Local Self-Reliance.
d Podcast from the Lannan Foundation, Santa Fe, New Mexico.
e Skeptically Speaking from CJSR, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
f Recorded by WIDE-LP at Capitol Square State St. steps.
g Recorded by WIDE-LP at Anderson Auditorium, Predolin Hall, Edgewood College.
h Battleground Wisconsin Podcast from Citizen Action of Wisconsin.
i Recorded at Fighting Forward 2013 at Madison College by WORT-FM.
j From the 8 O'Clock Buzz, WORT-FM.
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