Perpetual Notion Machine
4:30 pm Saturdays

~30 min. programs from the Science Collective of WORT
on contemporary scientific issues and discoveries for non-scientists
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Luke Tonachel: Rolling Back The Clean Vehicle Fuel Economy Standards Will Cost Wisconsin Drivers Billions
- Over $1,000 Per Household
1/19/19 2018 science in review1/10/19
1/26/19 Matthew Blackburn, Josh Mitchell: Academic research and the shutdown - hosted by Kelly Schwartz1/17/19
2/2/19 Jack Williams: Climate Change - Then And Now - hosted by Dennis Shaffer1/24/19
2/9/19 Marian Farrior, Judy Kingsbury, Stephanie Petersen: The UW Arboretum1/31/19
2/16/19 Alex Harris, Kathleen, Andy Diamond, Nathan: Oregon school going net zero energy2/7/19
2/23/19 Marc Chevrette: Finding Bacteria on Insects for New Antibiotics2/14/19
3/2/19 History's Worst Plagues and the Heroes Who Fought Them: A Conversation with Author and Historian Jennifer Wright2/21/19
3/9/19 Scientific discovery2/28/19
3/16/19 David Abel, Katya Spear: 100% In-State Energy Production3/7/19
3/23/19 Natasha Paris: The Wisconsin Idea and Agriculture Education3/14/19
3/30/19 Chris Kucharik: Climate Change and the State of Agriculture3/21/19
4/6/19 Mark Edwards: Drinking Water Crisis in Flint3/28/19
4/13/19 Stacie Reece, Denise DeMarb, Teresa Radermacher: Five cities adopt renewable energy goals4/4/19
4/20/19 Alexander DeHaven, Hannah White: Open science publications4/11/19
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