Perpetual Notion Machine
4:30 pm Saturdays

~30 min. programs from the Science Collective of WORT
on contemporary scientific issues and discoveries for non-scientists
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1/7/23 Stephanie Diem: Fusion Coming Together with Reality 1/5/23
1/14/23 Greg Galbraith: Organic Dairy Farming 1/12/23
1/21/23 Jessica Dunn, Cynthia DeRocco, Colleen MacDonald: Electric Vehicle Battery Reuse and Recycling1/3/23
1/28/23 Lisa Johnson: Tree Care 1/26/23
2/4/23 Lake Michigan's Saugatuck Dunes 2/2/23
2/11/23 Fungal infections 2/9/23
2/18/23 Ryan Brady: Saving migration for Wisconsin's long distance migratory birds - hosted by Catherine Garvens2/16/23
2/25/23 Matt Wilson: Ask and Agroforester - hosted by Jacob Grace 2/23/23
3/4/23 Doug Edwards: Warming Up to Heat Pumps 3/2/23
3/11/23 The Future of Water 3/9/23
3/18/23 Gender Bias in the Lab 3/14/23
3/25/23 Suzie Sheehy: The Matter of Everything 3/23/23
4/1/23 Rachel Claussen: Limnology Research 3/30/23
4/8/23 How Dr. Jane Goodall Inspires Hope - hosted by Taylor Woelfel 4/6/23
4/15/23 Dr. Eugenia Bragina: Saving the White-naped and Red-crowned Cranes4/13/23
4/22/23 Xinyuan Shi: Agroforestry Research 4/20/23
4/29/23 Caitlin Williamson: Saving Wisconsin's Birds 4/27/23
5/6/23 Ying Lee: Bioelectronic monitoring 5/4/23
5/13/23 Morgan Finke: Tick Season in Full Swing in Dane County (9 min.) - Nate Wegehaupt reporting5/11/23a
5/20/23 Suzie Sheehy: The Matter of Everything pt 2 5/18/23
5/27/23 Claudia Wallis: How to Talk Science and the Dangers of Anti-Science 5/25/23
6/3/23 Lori Harrison: Mushrooms 6/1/23
6/10/23 Jason Stein: The Past and Future of Conservation Funding in Wisconsin - hosted by Catherine Garvens6/8/23
6/17/23Ep. 3: Keller Alpine Meadows Park (8 min.) - Reid Kamhi reporting6/13/23a
6/24/23 The Universe in a Box with Dr. Andrew Pontzen 6/22/23
7/1/23 Daniel J. Phaneuf: Pricing Pollution (and other environmental conditions)6/29/23
7/8/23 Hannah Malicky, Ben Goldfarb: Environmental Group Bringing Potential Lawsuit Over State Beaver Management Plan
(7 min.) - Nate Wegehaupt reporting
7/15/23 Wisconsin Frog and Toad Survey - hosted by Catherine Garvens 7/13/23
7/22/23 The Necessity of Diverse Teams in Health Design, with Dr. Catherine Klapperich - hosted by Lauren Hicks7/20/23
7/29/23 Paul Dietmann, Stefan Mirsky: Fearless Farm Finances - hosted by Jacob Grace6/12/23
8/5/23 Science Communication in a Crisis with Christopher M Reddy - hosted by Peter Voller8/3/23
8/12/23Anne Pringle: The Death Cap Mushroom and Other Invasive Fungi8/10/23
8/19/23 The digital future of medicine with Jag Singh 8/17/23
8/26/23 Reuben Frey: Damming Effects - hosted by Patrick Sajbel (repeated from 6/12/21)6/10/21
9/2/23 Kevin Wolz: Black Currants: A Once-Forbidden Fruit - hosted by Jacob Grace8/31/23
9/9/23 Dr. Daniel Swain: Wet Hot American Summer 9/5/23b
9/16/23 JD Swerzenski, Rebecca Silberman: Seeing Isn't Believing 9/15/23c
9/23/23 Quinone-Mediated Hydrogen with Shannon Stahl - hosted by Peter Voller9/21/23

a From WORT News Dept. (in place of a Perpetual Notion Machine rebroadcast)
b This is Science with Jess Phoenix, podcast from the Union of Concerned Scientists (in the absence of a locally produced Perpetual Notion Machine show).
c From With Good Reason.
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