Perpetual Notion Machine
4:30 pm Saturdays

~30 min. programs from the Science Collective of WORT
on contemporary scientific issues and discoveries for non-scientists
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1/6/18 Barbara Bendlin, Kari Paterson: Memories: Alzheimer's Disease 12/28/17
1/13/18 Tyler Hueber, Abby Ross Hopper: Renewable Energy Policy Summit1/4/18
1/20/18 Matt Reetz: Snowy Owls In Wisconsin1/11/18
1/27/18 Tony Goldberg: The Virus Hunter1/18/18
2/3/18 Mack Gapinski: Solar Panel Tariffs and Advanced Energy Jobs in Wisconsin2/1/18
2/10/18 Kelly Schwartz: Techno-orientalism2/8/18
2/17/18 Philip Townsend: Biodiversity2/15/18
2/24/18 Kimberly Thompson, Jonathan Pauli: Phenology of Snow and the Subnivium2/22/18
3/3/18 Rooftop Solar at West High and UW's Resource Energy Demand Analysis Masters Program - Wisconsin Energy Broadcast3/1/18
3/10/18 The Big Picture; An Interview With Professor Sean Carroll (repeated from 9/3/16) 8/25/16
3/17/18 Jared Martin: The Physical Impact Of A Smile3/15/18
Maayan Kreitzman: Agroforestry: Does It Meet The Hype?3/22/18
4/7/18 Social media data harvesting3/29/18
4/14/18 Wisconsin Energy Broadcast - electricity grid in a box4/5/18
4/21/18 Thomas Horton: Mycorrhizal networks4/12/18
4/28/18 Elise Hopman, Maryellen MacDonald: Language Learning And Memory4/19/18
5/5/18 Vanessa Tutos: Wisconsin Energy Broadcast - the Quilt Block Wind Farm5/3/18
5/12/18 Anna Pidgeon: The Birds Of Spring5/10/18
5/19/18 Brad Singer: All Things Volcanoes5/17/18
Michael Wilson: On The Origins Of Human Language5/24/18
6/9/18 City Of Madison Solar Jobs Trainee Program - Wisconsin Energy Broadcast6/7/18
6/16/18 Foraging, Wild Edibles, And The Arboretum5/31/18
6/23/18 The Night Sky With Jim Lattis6/14/18
7/14/18 Erika Kluetmeier, Tony Hartmann: City Of Fitchburg Shows Leadership On Solar Installations - Wisconsin Energy Broadcast7/5/18
7/21/18 Alden Dirks, Greg Richardson: What Makes Soil Healthy6/28/18
7/28/18 Joseph Knoedler, Noga Yaniv: Academic Failure: Falling Off The Shoulders Of Giants7/12/18
8/4/18 Charles Raison: A Look At Meditation7/19/18
8/11/18 Gavin Jones: Spotted Owls7/26/18
8/18/18 The Cephalopods8/9/18
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