Friday/Saturday Program Schedule

from 7 am Friday until Saturday midnight for

Friday Daytime Program Schedule
7 am - 6 pm
Starting ShowFeaturing
7 amMorning Mix Some bright and lively music to start your day
9 amWider Horizons Science for the People
10 amDemocracy Now! War and Peace Report with Amy Goodman & Juan González
11 amShe Still Sings Mostly women vocalists
12 noonStory Classics at Noon Stories in the public domain read by LibriVox volunteers
nextIndy Afternoon Alternative mix music
3 pmAfter School Hour Younger mix music
4 pmScience and the Sea Marine science topics from the University of Texas Marine Science Institute
4:02 pmBattleground Wisconsin Podcast by Citizen Action of Wisconsin
5 pmWider Horizons Science for the People (repeat)

Friday 6 pm
Rationally Skeptical
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1/1/16Julie Leask, András Gábor Pintér: On No Jab No Pay and The European Skeptics Podcast35:4711/29/15a
1/8/16Chris Matheson: Based on The Bible1:18:0511/17/15b
1/15/16Elizabeth Loftus on "The malleability of human memory"47:351/10/16c
1/22/16Will Kinney: "A Universe Just For Us," Part 152:014/15/15d
1/29/16, 2/5/16Will Kinney: "A Universe Just For Us," Part II37:014/15/15d
2/12/16Maria Konnikova on "Why everyone falls for con artists"49:261/24/16c
2/19/16On The ConspiraSea Cruise - Interview With Colin McRoberts31:052/10/16a
2/26/16Zack Wienersmith: Breakfast Cereal Skepticism54:311/19/16b
3/11/16The Skeptic Zone #383 - 21.Feb.201641:122/21/16e
3/18/16The Skeptic Zone #386 - 13.March.201642:443/13/16e
3/25/16Dr Dean Burnett, Dr Brian Greene: On The Idiot Brain And The Elegant Universe26:493/18/16a
4/1/16Lauren Becker: The Trouble with Robert Ingersoll: Guilt by Association in a Revolutionary World57:418/16/14d
4/8/16Trent and Melinda Burton: On The Quest For Wonder11:143/31/16a
4/15/16The Skeptic Zone #390 - 10.April.201646:384/10/16e
4/22/16Dr. Herculano-Houzel on "What made the human brain special?"51:404/17/16c
4/29/16The Skeptic Zone #392 - 24.April.201646:514/24/16e
5/6/16Dr. George Ainslie on "Negotiating with your future selves"47:225/1/16c
5/13/16The Skeptic Zone #393 - 1.May.201637:245/1/16e
5/20/16The Skeptic Zone #394 - 8.May.201658:345/8/16e
5/27/16Dr. Michael Shermer: Viewing the World with a Rational Eye41:245/17/16b
6/3/16David Wootton: The Invention of Science1:10:025/31/16b
6/10/16Live at NECSS -- Jacob Appel on "Tackling bioethical dilemmas"1:07:065/29/16c
6/17/16Martin Maiden, Charlene Rodrigues, Kanny Diallo, Nicholas Little, Christie Wilcox: Meningitis59:595/27/16f
7/1/16Jonathan Tweet: A Fishy Evolution Update29:386/14/16b
7/8/16The Skeptic Zone #402 - 3.July.201638:597/3/16e
7/15/16The Skeptic Zone #401 - 26.June.201655:306/26/16e
7/22/16On The Separation Between Scientific Truth And Belief - Interview With Dr Pamela Gay22:406/29/10a
7/29/16James Evans on "Using meta-knowledge to learn how science works"50:287/24/16c
8/5/16The Skeptic Zone #406 - 31.July.201652:547/31/16e
8/12/16Robert Frank on "Success and Luck"56:128/7/16c
8/19/16The Skeptic Zone #408 - 14.August.2016 (cupping therapy, more)59:268/14/16e
8/26/16Eric Schwitzgebel on "Why you should expect the truth to be crazy"53:368/21/16c
9/2/16Exodus: Interview: David Person and Chuck Miller (shortened version repeated from 8/4/16)1:11:097/19/16b
9/9/16In the Weeds with Emily Willingham on Medical Cannabis26:199/7/15g
9/16/16Michael Kruse: The Skeptic Zone #412 - 11.September.201657:119/11/16e
9/23/16Rachel Ignotofsky: Illustrating Women in Science1:03:189/20/16b
9/30/16Steve Cannane: On Fair Game: The Incredible Untold Story of Scientology in Australia10:308/22/16a
10/7/16Owen Cotton-Barratt on "Thinking About Humanity's Far Future"49:3610/2/16c
10/14/16 Rob Brink: Overcoming Confirmation Bias: Advice from an Ex-Pastor (repeated from 10/14/15) 31:279/6/15h
10/21/16Will Wilkinson on "Social justice and political philosophy"50:2710/16/16c
10/28/16John Fugelsang: Dream On1:13:3210/25/16b
11/4/16Dr Paul Willis: On No Alternative To Cancer15:3410/28/16a
11/11/16Michael Marshall, Robyn Willims, Signe Dean: The Skeptic Zone #417 - 16.October.201655:2510/16/16e
11/18/16Evan Bernstein: The Skeptic Zone #421 - 13.November.201656:5711/13/16e
11/25/16Token Skeptic Special Episode - Cosmic Shambles Live16:4911/19/16a
12/2/16Michael Marshall, Kelly Wong: The Skeptic Zone #424 - 1.December.201658:5212/1/16e
12/9/16Michael Berube: The Value and the Virtue of Raising a Child with Down Syndrome33:3612/5/16g
12/16/16John Ioannidis on "What happened to Evidence-based medicine?"45:5512/11/15c
12/23/16Britt Hermes, Susan Gerbic, Casey Harrigan: The Skeptic Zone #426 - 18.December.201643:5912/18/16e
12/30/16Should Atheists Celebrate Christmas? Tom Flynn Debates Lindsay Beyerstein28:2012/27/16g

a Token Skeptic from Fremantle, Australia.
b Skepticality podcast.
c Rationally Speaking podcast from New York City Skeptics.
d Center Stage from the Center for Inquiry.
e The Skeptic Zone from Sydney, Australia.
f Science for the People from Edmonton Alberta.
g Point of Inquiry from the Center for Inquiry.
h Talk at Prairie Unitarian Universalist Society.
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Friday 7 pm
Friday Forum
Click below to listen online.
1/1/16Gerald Horne: Confronting Black Jacobins - hosted by Allen Ruff 51:5212/24/15a
1/8/16Lisa Graves: Media: The Year In Review - hosted by Patty Peltekos 53:131/4/16a
1/15/16Matt Rothschild addressing 55 Alive! at Frist Congregational UCC 56:381/6/16b
1/22/16Ali Treviño-Murphy, Eugenia Highland, Orion Wells: The Philosophies Of Restorative Justice
- hosted by Carousel Bayrd
1/29/16Avoiding the TRAP: Defending Legal Abortion, with David A. Grimes, M.D. 30:071/19/16c
2/5/16Abigail F. Cantor, Kim Wright: Wisconsin Lawmakers' New Proposal Aims
To Privatize Water Utilities Across The State
- hosted by Molly Stentz
2/12/16Bill Franks, Evette Gardner, Will P. Jones: NAACP Black Workers' Forum Panel Discussion - hosted by Bert Zipperer 52:252/8/16a
2/19/16Dante Viscarra, Jorge Ceballos, Nancy Flores, Dr. Armando Ibarra: "Day without Latinos and Immigrants" protest to take place on Thursday at state Capitol - hosted by Karma Chavez 52:432/17/16a
2/26/16Can't Help Helping: Larissa MacFarquhar on Attitudes Toward Altruism 30:452/23/16c
3/4/16Vincent Lloyd And The "Race, Property And Debt Symposium" - hosted by Karma Chavez 37:373/2/16a
3/11/16Political Cartooning with Ted Rall - hosted by Brian Standing 13:263/6/16d
3/25/16Tom Bauman: Wisconsin CAFOs And The Demand For Groundwater Quality - hosted by Patty Peltekos 53:023/14/16a
4/1/16Marybeth Elliot, Kermit Hovey: Enbridge Pipeline Expansion - hosted by Patty Peltekos 52:523/21/16a
4/8/16Samir Hill: Cassandra Dixon On Her Work With Operation Dove In The West Bank - hosted by Allen Ruff 54:063/31/16a
4/15/16Jon Lee Anderson on Cuba After Obama Left - interview by Norm Stockwell 34:594/10/16e
4/22/16Earth Day Conference Speakers Kimberly Blaeser And Carolyn Finney - hosted by Patty Peltekos 52:574/18/16a
4/29/16Juan Cole with Phyllis Bennis pt 1 55:334/6/16f
5/6/16Juan Cole with Phyllis Bennis pt 2 26:394/6/16f
5/13/16Forgiveness by Dr. Robert Enright 1:04:474/18/16g
5/20/16Veteran Jason Miller discusses PTSD - hosted by Patty Peltekos 52:445/16/16a
5/27/16Karma Chavez, Holly Hassel: What's The Real Cost Of Budget Cuts In The UW System? - hosted by Patty Peltekos 53:215/23/16a
6/3/16Lisa Graves: The Center For Media And Democracy: Just Searching For Truth - hosted by Jan Miyasaki 23:216/1/16d
6/10/16, 7/8/16Chris Taylor, Melissa Sargent, Mike Koval, Paul Soglin: National Gun Violence Awareness Day Madison rally 20:386/2/16h
6/17/16Karma Honors Operations Coordinator Norm Stockwell - hosted by Karma Chavez 39:146/8/16a
7/1/16Craig Williams, Laura Olah: The Pentagon Disposes Of Tons And Tons Of Chemicals - hosted by Jan Miyasaki 25:156/22/16d
7/15/16Frieda Werden: Community Radio empowers women worldwide - hosted by Jan Miyasaki & Norm Stockwell 18:096/8/16d
7/22/16Van Gosse Gives A Historical Analysis Of Trump Politics - hosted by Allen Ruff 54:056/30/16a
7/29/16Understanding Election Factors With Barry Burden - hosted by Mike Wagner 53:127/13/16a
8/5/16Jennifer Loewenstein Breaks Down Coup Attempt In Turkey - hosted by Esty Dinur 51:577/22/16a
8/12/16Stacy Harbaugh: Gov. Scott Walker Has Made It A Priority To Reform The DNR - hosted by Brian Standing;
Norm Stockwell Reports From The World Social Forum - hosted by Jan Miyasaki
8/19/16Donald Trump's Dirty Laundry, with David Cay Johnston 30:398/2/16c
8/26/16Dr. Steffie Woolhandler: Time To Move To Single-Payer Health Insurance? - hosted by Jan Miyasaki 31:408/24/16d
9/2/16Scott Dye, Mary Dougherty: Clean Water And The Factory Farm Summit - hosted by Patty Peltekos 52:598/29/16a
9/9/16Lisa Graves: The Dark Money Behind The Political Process - hosted by Allen Ruff 50:419/1/16a
9/16/16APA Labor Day Edition With WEAC President Ron Martin - hosted by Patty Peltekos 52:139/5/16a
9/23/16Jeremy Scahill and The Assassination Complex - hosted by Patty Peltekos 53:219/19/16a
9/30/16Arundhati Roy, Reading, 18 September 2002 45:079/18/02f
10/7/16Arundhati Roy with Howard Zinn, Conversation, 18 September 2002 40:549/18/02f
10/14/16Getting personal and political with Rachel Maddow 47:5210/1/16i
10/21/16Chris Hedges and "Unspeakable" topics - hosted by Allen Ruff 53:0310/13/16a
10/28/16Toyoki Sato: Tom Hayden - More Than An Anti-War Protester - hosted by Jan Miyasaki 12:2710/26/16d
11/4/16Tara Houska, Kandi Mossett, Reyna Crow: Standing Rock Update - hosted by Esty Dinur and Rebecca Kemble 53:0910/28/16a
11/11/16Joy First, Buddy Bell, Malachy Killbride: We Need Activism More Than Ever - hosted by Allen Ruff 52:5011/10/16a
11/18/16Kevin Gundlach: Where Does Labor Go From Here? - hosted by Brian Standing 18:5611/14/16d
11/25/16Z Haukeness, Ali Ann Brook: Racial Justice Organizing To Combat Hate - hosted by Anjali Misra 53:0611/18/16a
12/2/16Michael Li: Courts Challenge Republican-Driven Redistricting; Diane Ravitch: Trump Appointee No Friend To Public Schools; David W. Moore: Are The Polls Right, Or The Voting Machines? - hosted by Jan Miyasaki 9:58; 10:30; 16:1511/30/16d
12/9/16Professor Rudy Koshar: The Rise Of The Nazi Party And Parallels Today - hosted by Carousel Bayrd 53:0512/6/16a
12/16/16Kyle Bailey: Ranked-Choice Voting Passes In Maine; Dee Hall: Latest From Wisconsin Center For Investigative Journalism - hosted by Brian Standing 12:33; 17:2412/12/16d
12/23/16Olivia LaVecchia: The Price Of Online Shopping With Amazon - hosted by Patty Peltekos 53:433/14/16a
12/30/16David Ost on the Rise of the Right in Eastern Europe - hosted by Allen Ruff 52:5512/22/16a

a From A Public Affair on WORT-FM.
b John Quinlan's Forward Forum.
c Point of Inquiry from the Center for Inquiry.
d From the 8 O'Clock Buzz on WORT-FM.
e From Third World View on WORT-FM.
f Podcast from the Lannan Foundation, Santa Fe, New Mexico.
g From Supporting Active Independent Lives (SAIL).
h Recorded by WIDE-LP at Madison's Central Park.
i Podcast from State of Belief.
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Friday pm/Saturday am Shows
8 pm - 9 am
Starting ShowFeaturingNotes
8 pmMischa's Evening Contributor music
9 pmFriday Folk Folk music in a variety of stylesa
10 pmPublic News Service Daily Newscast 6 min. of national news
10:06 pmStage & Screen Broadway musicals and movie musicals and soundtracksb
11 pmHumor Me Comedy and satire, musical or otherwisec
midnightSoft Comes the Night Music that's soothing to the earsd
7 amMusic for all ages Music both kids and parents can enjoye
8 amThe Beatles An hour of the "Fab Four"

a Bob Dylan, Gordon Lightfoot, Joan Baez, Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen, Peter Paul & Mary, Townes Van Zandt, Woody Guthrie, etc.
b Annie, Anything Goes, Avenue Q, Babel, The Book of Mormon, Camelot, Carousel, Cats, Fiddler On The Roof, Finian's Rainbow,
Hair, Gypsy, Into The Woods, Little Shop Of Horrors, Miss Saigon, Oliver, South Pacific, West Side Story, etc.

c David Sedaris, Monty Python, PDQ Bach, the Reduced Shakespeare Co., the Smothers Brothers, Tom Lehrer, etc.
d Ballads, folk, soft rock, new age, etc. - softer pieces by many different artists.
e Sara Hickman, Sweet Honey In The Rock, Peter, Paul & Mary, Pete Seeger, etc.

Saturday 9 am
The Best of Talk
Click below to listen online.
First WIDE
1/2/16Noam Chomsky with David Barsamian pt1 36:133/18/1510/23/15a
1/9/16Matt Rothschild: The Good And The Bad: A Look Back At The Stories Of 2015 - hosted by Allen Ruff 52:5912/31/151/2/16b
1/16/16Russell Bartley and Sylvia Erickson Bartley: Eclipse Of The Assassins - hosted by Norman Stockwell 52:5412/29/151/6/16b
1/23/16Matt Rothschild addressing 55 Alive! at First Congregational UCC 56:381/6/161/15/16c
1/30/16 Peter Alsop: Sex & Sexuality, Part 155:00 1/10/161/12/16d
2/6/16Bruce Gagnon, Victoria Samson: The Weaponization Of Space - hosted by Esty Dinur 55:051/22/161/30/16b
2/13/16Brian Dunning: Bad Science on PBS 13:131/26/161/28/16e
2/20/16 Peter Alsop: Sex & Sexuality, Part 255:00 1/17/161/19/16d
2/27/16 Brent Walker, Jay Michaelson, Bishop John Shelby Spong: Antonin Scalia and the Heresy of Biblical Literalism 47:592/20/162/24/16f
3/5/16Bob McChesney: The Fight Against A Jobless Economy And A Citizenless Democracy - hosted by Allen Ruff 52:572/18/162/20/16b
3/12/16 Sanders, Bernie - Vintage Bernie Sanders: 1991 29:019/_/912/2/16g
3/19/16 Heidi Beirich on White Supremacy 28:003/4/163/5/16h
3/26/16 John Hawks: Chris Shelton Talks Scientology 51:2610/21/152/8/16i
4/2/16 Women Rising 30: International Slavery and Human Trafficking 29:013/9/163/9/16j
4/9/16Next System Keynote address by Gar Alperovitz 23:443/4/164/2/16k
4/16/16 David McRaney on "Why it's so hard to change someone's mind" 55:414/3/164/7/16l
4/23/16Jon Lee Anderson on Cuba After Obama Left - interview by Norm Stockwell 34:594/10/164/15/16m
4/30/16 Eugenie Scott: What if Intelligent Design had won in Dover? 45:004/8/164/23/16n
5/7/16 The Burzynski Case and the Pitfalls of Medical Journalism, with Tamar Wilner 27:284/18/164/21/16o
5/14/16 Middleton Students: Tenth Anniversary Show! 41:444/30/165/12/16p
5/21/16 Gabbard, Tulsi - Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard: Sen. Sanders, War and Climate Change 29:025/7/165/12/16g
5/28/16Juan Cole with Phyllis Bennis pt 1 55:334/6/164/29/16a
6/4/16 Bernie Sanders, Jill Stein, Cheri Honkala: Challenging Power, Changing Politics 53:219/7/125/16/16q
6/11/16 Keesha Gaskins, Michael Waldman, Anthony Baxter: Suppressing the Vote 54:058/3/126/6/16q
6/18/16 Tom Diaz on Dangerous Gun Laws; Web Extra: Tom Diaz on the Relentless Marketing of Guns 21:457/19/136/13/16q
6/25/16 James Randi: Science and the Paranormal 1:04:414/9/166/4/16n
7/2/16 Kate Lovelady: Feet of Clay 27:276/19/166/29/16r
7/9/16Russ Feingold; Raging Grannies 21:01;
7/16/16Karma Honors Operations Coordinator Norm Stockwell - hosted by Karma Chavez 39:146/8/166/17/16a
7/23/16Eugenie Scott: The Skeptic Zone #403 - 10.July.2016 57:017/10/167/14/16t
7/30/16Jeffrey Moore, Mike Brown: The Ninth Planet1:00:006/17/166/17/16u
8/6/16 Wendy Kaminer: Dangerous Spaces for Free Speech 29:417/26/167/28/16o
8/13/16 Clancy, Susan Ph.D. - Sexual Abuse of Children and the Catholic Church 29:014/12/107/7/16g
8/20/16"The Making Of Donald Trump" With David Cay Johnston - hosted by Esty Dinur 55:168/12/168/17/16b
8/27/16 Faisal Saeed Al Mutar: Facebook and Social Media Silencing 34:498/8/168/11/16o
9/3/16 Donald Trump's Dirty Laundry, with David Cay Johnston 30:398/2/168/19/16o
9/10/16 Mark Pocan, Lisa Graves, Kathleen Hall Jamieson: United States of ALEC 56:469/28/128/29/16q
9/17/16 Bishop John Shelby Spong: State of Belief 2013 interview 47:326/_/139/10/16f
9/24/16Rep. Chris Taylor: ALEC - hosted by Tony Castaneda 22:549/8/169/10/16v
10/1/16Wisconsin Book Festival Presents Jeremy Scahill 1:11:349/19/169/21/16w
10/8/16Arundhati Roy: Come September 45:009/18/029/30/16a
10/15/16Arundhati Roy with Howard Zinn, 2002 40:549/18/0210/7/16a
10/22/16Chris Hedges and "Unspeakable" topics - hosted by Allen Ruff 53:0310/13/1610/21/16b
10/29/16Matt Rothschild 2011 Progressive Radio interview of Tom Hayden (1939-2016) 28:149/19/119/23/11x
11/5/16Caroline Fredrickson at Fighting Bob Fest 2016 24:119/17/1610/29/16y
11/12/16 Greg Palast on Voter Suppression, and Buying Democracy 29:0811/2/1611/6/16j
11/19/16 Mike McCabe: The Coming Makeover of American Politics 1:28:5011/6/1611/7/16z
11/26/16 Jeremy Scahill: Mike Pence Has "Militant Agenda" Against Women, the Poor, Immigrants, LGBTQ People59:0211/21/1611/21/16za
12/3/16 The Normalization of Hate: David Neiwert on Trump and the Rise of the Alt-Right 32:1011/21/1611/23/16o
12/10/16 Brendan Nyhan on "What can we learn from the election?" 39:1611/27/1612/1/16l
12/17/16 Democracy Now! for Mon. Dec. 12 59:0212/12/16now*za
12/24/16Gideon Levy with David Barsamian pt1 1:02:1010/5/1612/14/16a
12/31/16 Daniel Dennett: Has the Dam Broken? Omens and Worries 1:04:1210/8/1612/24/16zb

a Podcast from the Lannan Foundation, Santa Fe, New Mexico.
b From A Public Affair on WORT-FM.
c John Quinlan's Forward Forum.
d Spirit In Action from Northern Spirit Radio - interviews by Mark Helpsmeet, Eau Claire WI.
e Skeptoid.
f Podcast from State of Belief.
g From Radio Curious, Ukiah, California.
h CounterSpin from Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting.
i The Humanist Hour from the American Humanist Association.
j From Making Contact.
k Recorded by WIDE-LP at the first Next System Teach-In.
l Rationally Speaking podcast from New York City Skeptics.
m From Third World View on WORT-FM.
n Recorded at Freethought Festival 5 on the UW-Madison campus by WIDE-LP.
o Point of Inquiry from the Center for Inquiry.
p From a Freethought Radio podcast of the Freedom From Religion Foundation.
q Audio from Moyers & Company video.
r Platform address at The Ethical Society of St. Louis.
s Recorded at Fighting Bob Fest 2015 at Breese Stevens Field in Madison by WORT-FM.
t The Skeptic Zone from Sydney, Australia.
u Science for the People from Edmonton Alberta.
v From 8 O'Clock Buzz on WORT-FM.
w Wisconsin Book Festival recording by Norm Stockwell, The Progressive magazine.
x Progressive Radio interview by Matt Rothschild for The Progressive magazine.
y Recorded at Fighting Bob Fest 2016 at Breese Stevens Field in Madison by The Progressive.
z Recording of Humanist Union of Madison program.
za From Democracy Now!
zb FFRF 2016 National Convention in Pittsburgh.
*Did not air on Dec. 12 due to an RSS feed error.
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Saturday Program Schedule
10 am - 10 pm
Starting ShowFeaturing
10 amOrganize Your Ears Music featuring rock organ
11 amAlmost All A Cappella A cappella groups
12 noonNeighborhood News at NoonWhen available
12:15 pmSkeptoid Critical analysis of pop phenomena by Brian Dunning et al.
12:30 pmCounterSpin A critical examination of the week's major news stories from FAIR
1 pmOld Coot's Hoot Tunes from a few decades back by Simon & Garfunkel, The Mamas & the Papas,
Peter Paul & Mary, etc.
1:30 pmZydeco Zap Distinctive music rooted in Creole folk music from southwest Louisiana
2 pmIsland Vibes Music from the Hawaiian islands
2:30 pmNonstop Doo Wop The Ravens, The Platters, Dion & The Belmonts, The Shirelles, The Drifters, etc.
3:00 pmYounger mix More of the music featured in the weekday After School Hour
4 pmSea Change Radio Covering the shift to social, environmental, and economic sustainability
4:30 pmPerpetual Notion Machine Science show from the Madison Science Collective
5 pmFreethinkers Hour Speakers at Madison's annual Freethought Festival and elsewhere
6 pmProgressive Voices Progressive activists speak out at Fighting Bob Fest and elsewhere
7 pmWisconsin Democracy Report Talks at rallies and public meetings and radio interviews
8 pmBefore You Were Born Music from the 1930s and earlier
9 pmSaturday Soul Last genre hour of the week
10 pmPublic News Service Daily Newscast 6 min. of national news
10:06 pmUncommon Instruments Music featuring glass harmonica, theremin, musical saw, handpans, balalaika, whales, etc.
11 pmAlien Echoes Our week's weirdest music
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Friday/Saturday Program Schedule at year's end for 2015