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1/7/11Yochai Benkler: From Free Software and Wikipedia to a Field of Cooperative Human Systems Design 1:34:5710/27/10a
1/14/11Scot Ross Takes on the GOP 28:3212/23/10b
1/28/11Arlie Hochschild: Global Traffic in Female Service: Nannies, Surrogates, and Emotional Labor 59:0611/17/10a
2/11/11John Nichols: WikiLeaks and the Constitution 28:071/27/11b
2/18/11Doug Henwood: The Crisis is Over: What Next? 44:092/15/11a
2/25/11Peggy Wireman: Connecting the Dots 48:358/10/08c
3/4/11Jane L. Collins: Both Hands Tied: Welfare Reform and the Race to the Bottom of the Low-Wage Labor Market 41:563/2/11c
3/11/11Molly Stentz reporting from the Capitol on In Our Back Yard 22:473/9/11d
3/18/11Cyrena Pondrom, David Giroux: Impact of governor's budget bill on the University of Wisconsin 55:053/16/11c
3/25/11Dr. Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese: The fight against corporate-imposed austerity 27:303/10/11b
4/1/11Dave Johnson: The crisis in Japan 28:063/24/11b
4/8/11Speak Out for Workers Rights - pt 1 52:303/12/11e
4/15/11Joe Elder: Immigration issues for LGBT people 54:164/14/11c
4/22/11Tammy Baldwin, Dennis Kucinich: Speak Out for Workers Rights - pt 2 1:00:543/12/11e
5/6/11Fukushima fallout: The real story 29:234/14/11b
5/13/11Crystal Feimster: Southern Horrors: Women and the Politics of Rape and Lynching 51:584/12/11a
5/20/11Human beings and climate change 29:375/12/11b
6/3/11David Couper speaks at Fighting Bob Fest 2010 on 9/11/10 22:299/16/10h
6/10/11Perception and injustice for Black America 29:105/26/11b
6/17/11Remembering Three Political Pioneers: Midge Miller, Lea Zeldin, and Rebecca Young 50:144/26/09g
7/1/11Proud Theater Comes "Full Circle"; Perfect Harmony Chorus Celebrates Civil Rts; Colombia Support Network showcases human rights 46:405/17/09g
7/8/11"The Sharing Solution" Author Janelle Orsi on getting by in challenging times; How to Save Money, Simplify Your Life, and Build Community 37:018/2/09g
7/15/11Communities taking control over land 28:206/23/11b
7/22/11Amanda Harrington & Shawn Doherty: Setbacks to health care access in Wisconsin 28:207/14/11b
7/29/11Vivek Chibber: Cause or Effect?: Socialism and Economic Development (excluding Q&A) 45:255/3/11a
8/5/11Potpourri Edition: Harry Waisbren Returns, WYOU and Cable Access TV, Premiere of groundbreaking Broom St. play "The Birds that Are My Hands" 37:373/8/09g
8/12/11Celebrating Medicare with Kay Tillow 28:277/28/11b
8/19/11Fred Wade: "Unequal Protection" by Thom Hartmann, a Book Review 58:523/12/11i
8/26/11Leila Pine: Immigration Rights 53:108/17/11c
9/2/11Bill Weir: A Democracy Convention Interview 28:578/27/11j
9/9/11We Are Wisconsin - the Book 51:239/5/11c
9/16/11Can civil disobedience stop the Keystone Pipeline? 27:069/8/11b
9/23/11Emily Miota, Katy Walter, Molly Haigh: Climate Change 51:599/22/11c
9/30/11The impact of class and racial warfare 28:169/22/11b
10/7/11Sara Schulz: Occupy Chicago 18:4510/2/11k
10/21/11Sara Schulz: Interview with Senator Mark Miller 35:3010/7/11k
10/28/11Noam Chomsky on US assassination campaign in Yemen, Palestinian prisoner exchange 13:2210/18/11l
11/4/11Gitmo through the eyes of an adolescent 23:2010/27/11b
11/11/11Chris Hedges: What is the significance of Occupy Wall Street? 44:2310/27/11c
11/18/11William Greider: Re-imagining Capitalism: Can Democratic Principles Survive in Our Capitalist Economy? Pt I 55:2110/21/11i
11/25/11John Nichols, William Greider: Re-imagining Capitalism: Can Democratic Principles Survive in Our Capitalist Economy? Pt II 48:2310/21/11i
12/2/11Occupy Madison 52:2811/28/11c
12/9/11Wisconsin's attack on women's rights and health 28:2912/8/11b
12/16/11Sara Schulz: Interview with Jim Mueller 26:5810/30/11k
12/23/11Gar Alperovitz: America Beyond Capitalism 54:4512/19/11c
12/30/11Ilan Pappé: Squaring the Circle: the Failure of the Middle East Peace Process Pt I 56:2311/16/11a

a Lecture from the audio archives of the Havens Center at UW-Madison.
b From Health Writers on the Air, WORT-FM.
c From A Public Affair, WORT-FM.
d From In Our Back Yard, WORT-FM.
e Recorded at the Barrymore Theatre by WORT-FM.
f From the National Conference for Media Reform.
g From John Quinlan's Forward Forum archives.
h Audio from YouTube video of ontheearthproduction.
i Talk sponsored by The Madison Institute.
j Recorded by WIDE-LP at our Hammersley Road transmitter site.
k Sara Schulz Show Podcast.
l Excerpt from Democracy Now!.
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