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Science for Skeptics 2011 Archive

Friday 6 pm
Science for Skeptics
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1/14/11Steve Mirsky - (2/2) - Science Communication Pt 622:531/2/11a
1/21/11Vinod Khosla: Searching for the Radical Solution24:4812/23/10b
2/4/11Art and Science1:00:001/14/11d
2/18/11Live! How To Tell Science From Bunk49:142/13/11c
2/25/11Democracy Now! from the WI state Capitol59:162/25/11e
3/4/11Democracy Now! for 3/3/1159:163/3/11e
3/11/11Bob McChesney on A Public Affair30:393/7/11f
3/18/11Cordelia Fine on Delusions of Gender49:263/13/11c
3/25/11Fluoride & Water Tech1:00:003/11/11d
4/1/11Carl Schoonover: Portraits of the Mind1:07:2312/15/10g
4/15/11Science & Culture1:00:004/3/11d
4/22/11Value-free Science?49:584/10/11c
4/29/11Prof Ralph Pudritz - From First Stars to First Life1:06:162/19/11a
5/6/11Magical Thinking1:00:004/17/11d
5/13/11Astronaut Love: An Interview with Spacewalker Stanley Love15:534/28/11b
5/20/11Live at NECSS: New Dilemmas in Bioethics1:04:164/24/11c
5/27/11Celebrities and the Damage They Can Do50:305/8/11c
6/3/11, 7/1/11Strange New Worlds1:00:005/15/11d
6/10/11Science Based Medicine And The Media1:00:005/22/11d
6/17/11What is Philosophy of Science Good For?48:575/22/11c
6/24/11Cell Phone Science1:00:006/5/11d
7/8/11Daniel Loxton: The Reasonableness Of Weird Things1:00:006/26/11d
7/15/11An Alternative Fuel Future?15:476/28/11g
7/22/11Carol Tavris: Mistakes Were Made1:00:007/3/11d
7/29/11Benjamin Radford: Tracking The Chupacabra1:00:007/10/11d
8/5/11Dr Michael Brown - The Square Kilometre Array25:105/24/11a
8/12/11The Sustainable City: Farming Upwards20:467/20/11g
8/19/11Nobel Laureate Avram Hershko: The Orchestra in the Cell:297/27/11b
8/26/11Exploring the Universe with Brian Cox18:298/2/11g
9/2/11Carl Zimmer on Rats, Cats, Viruses and Tattoos16:508/26/11b
9/9/11Bug Girl's Favorite Insects59:598/21/11d
9/23/11On the Limits of Reason51:138/28/11c
9/30/11Guerrilla Skepticism Released1:10:079/13/11h
10/7/11Women in Skepticism51:029/11/11c
10/21/11Dan Ferber: Changing Planet1:00:0010/2/11d
10/28/11Cognitive Dissonance with Carol Tavris, PhD55:449/27/11i
11/4/11Neurology Past & Present1:00:009/25/11d
11/18/11Quantum Mechanics1:00:0010/30/11d
11/25/11Brian Greene: The Hidden Reality37:3111/10/11j
12/2/11Michio Kaku: Physics of the Future30:043/21/11j
12/9/11Culture and Tradition1:00:0011/20/11d
12/16/11Eugenie C. Scott on Denialism of Climate Change and Evolution47:0012/4/11c
12/23/11Science Is a Hell of A Drug...1:00:0012/11/11d
12/30/11What Your Brain Can Tell You About Learning18:3711/21/11g

a Brains Matter podcast from Melbourne, Australia.
b Science Talk podcast from Scientific American.
c Rationally Speaking podcast from New York City Skeptics.
d Skeptically Speaking from CJSR, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
e Democracy Now!.
f From A Public Affair, WORT-FM.
g Podcast from Science & the City, New York Academy of Sciences.
h Rational Alchemy from Fort Collins CO.
i Podcast from Dr. Ginger Campbell’s Books and Ideas.
j Podcast from Barry Lynn’s Culture Shocks.
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