Freethinkers Hour
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Talks at the annual Freethought Festival in Madison
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1/1/22, 1/2/22 The Biggest Bluff: How I learned to Pay Attention, Master Myself, and Win with Maria Konnikova1:01:441/21/21a
1/8/22, 1/9/22 Rebecca Markert, Sam Grover, Andrew Seidel, Chris Line: "Ask An Attorney" at FFRF's 2021 Convention44:04  11/19/21b
1/15/22, 1/16/22 Randall Cragun, Jeffrey Koeberl, David Williamson: FFRF's 2021 Freethinkers Of The Year26:5711/19/21b
1/22/22, 1/23/22 FFRF's 2021 Secular Invocation with Randa Black11:5311/19/21b
1/22/22, 1/23/22 Dan Barker: Atheists Do Got Music16:1011/19/21b
1/29/22 Linda Greenhouse: Clarence Darrow Awardee45:1911/19/21b
2/5/22, 2/6/22 Steven Pinker: Rationality: What It Is, Why It Seems Scarce, Why It Matters46:5411/19/21b
2/12/22, 2/13/22 Jay Wexler: Our Non-Christian Nation30:5511/19/21b
2/19/22, 2/20/22 Phil Zuckerman: "How Secular Morality Will Save the World"27:4011/20/21b
2/26/22, 2/27/22 "Black Freethinkers" with Chris Cameron29:3811/20/21b
3/5/22, 3/6/22 Sikivu Hutchinson: Freethought Heroine Awardee33:1411/20/21b
3/12/22, 3/13/22 Sasha Sagan & Ann Druyan: "For Small Creatures Such As We"1:10:2511/20/21b
3/19/22, 3/20/22 Rafida Bonja Ahmed, Amitabh Pal: Sushant Singh: Avijit Roy Courage Awardee29:1311/20/21b
3/26/22, 3/27/22 David Tamayo: Hispanic American Freethinkers28:2811/20/21b
4/2/22, 4/3/22 Student Awardees: Galilea Beca, Everett Viego, Fadima Tall, Tylinn Wilson25:4111/20/21b
4/9/22, 4/10/22 Rachel Carroll Rivas: 2021: When Hate Went Mainstream52:273/30/22c
4/16/22, 4/17/22 Heidi Wegleitner: Practice Pluralism: Keep Prayer Out of County Board Meetings40:174/13/22c
4/23/22, 4/24/22 You Bet Your Life: The Long and Risky History of Medical Innovation with Paul Offit1:01:151/20/22a
4/30/22, 5/1/22 JC leaves religion81:252/_/20d
5/7/22, 5/8/22 Stephanie Merritt37:2812/16/20e
5/14/22, 5/15/22 Mark Dann, Barbara Alvarez: Life After Roe: Now What?33:525/11/22c

a From Skeptical Inquirer Presents at the Center for Inquiry.
b FFRF 2021 National Convention in Boston.
c Facebook Live Ask an Atheist program from FFRF.
d Interview part of The Phil Ferguson Show. (Length shown is for full online podcast.)
e What I Believe podcast from Humanists UK.
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