2021 Program Schedule for the

Wider Horizons
series, 10 am Mon. to Fri.
At 5 pm we rebroadcast the same program
(or another program in the same series)


Monday 10 am
Humanism Today
(each program airs again the same day at 5 pm)
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1/4/21Ann Livingston - Overdose Prevention55:057/9/17a
1/11/21Naser Najjar - Humanitarianism and the Red Cross39:027/9/17a
1/18/21Dr Ellen Wiebe - One year of medical assistance in dying40:207/9/17a
1/25/21 David Shiffman - Why Sharks Matter32:486/18/17a
2/1/21 Carrie Jenkins - What Love Is57:406/11/17a
2/8/21 David Moscrop - Can we make good political decisions?52:266/4/17a
2/15/21 Gurpreet Singh - Secularism and Hindu Politics1:06:545/29/17a
2/22/21 Dr John Nightingale - Vancouver Aquarium and Cetaceans51:034/30/17a
3/1/21 Sarah Topps - Science and Public Health41:084/18/17a
3/8/21 Yasmine Mohammad - Confessions of an Ex-Muslim55:414/11/17a
3/15/21 Ian Bushfield - Humanist Marriage1:05:024/3/17a
3/22/21 Nicolas Fillion - Conspiracy Theories54:183/26/17a
3/29/21 Ian Bushfield - The Urgency Of Humanism53:443/12/17a
4/5/21 Trinity Western and the Court of Public Opinion1:22:162/_/21a
4/12/21 A Public Good52:363/_/21a
4/19/21 Researching an Absence of Religion1:21:413/26/21a
4/26/21 Nick Taylor - Basic Income41:052/26/17a
5/3/21 David Silverman - Fighting God1:08:482/19/17a
5/10/21 Elisabeth Ormandy - Animals In Science Policy Institute45:022/12/17a
5/17/21 Patti Bacchus - Public Education in BC29:082/5/17a
5/24/21 Mattias Martens - Populism21:011/22/17a
5/31/21 Let Peace Be Their Memorial 20171:08:3711/11/17a
6/7/21 Joann Robertson - Political Correctness38:161/15/17a
6/14/21 Joyce Arthur - Trumpocalypse52:2712/18/16a
6/21/21 Dale Beyerstein and Lee Miller - Skepticism Then & Now1:04:0411/13/16a
6/28/21 Robert Teszka - The Psychology of Magic57:2611/6/16a
7/5/21 pm Teresa Gagné-White Poppies and War's Civilian Victims40:5810/30/16a
7/12/21 pm Steve Thompson - Bitcoins and blockchains37:5110/9/16a
7/19/21 Ujjal Dosanjh - Church and state separation1:19:5810/2/16a
7/26/21 Gary Bauslaugh - Canada's Assisted Dying Movement41:239/11/16a
8/2/21 Karen Garst - From Goddess to God48:459/9/16a
8/9/21 Ian Bushfield - Is anyone in BC still religious?40:408/21/16a
8/16/21 Joyce Arthur - Crisis Pregnancy Centres in Canada46:057/10/16a
8/23/21 Armin Navabi - Western Ex-Muslims29:186/26/16a
8/30/21 Pamela Zevit - Evidence for Democracy56:406/19/16a
9/6/21 Stephanie Smith and Byron Wood - Religion and Alcoholics Anonymous58:276/12/16a
9/13/21 Les Brown - Fair Vote Canada23:205/29/16a
9/20/21 Dr Sue Hughson - Dying With Dignity Canada28:396/5/16a
9/27/21 Pat O'Brien and Jonathan Chan - Meeting of the Minds14:005/15/16a
10/4/21 Autumn Reinhardt-Simpson - Female Personhood41:365/8/16a
10/11/21 Ian Bushfield: Trinity Western University vs Law Society of BC - BC Humanists at the BC Court of Appeal14:566/3/16a
10/18/21 CDax & Drake: Humanist LORE - Episode 1 - What is Humanism?11:223/27/13a
Humanist LORE - Episode 2 - Evidence vs Faith with Peter Boghossian28:042013a
Humanist LORE - Episode 3 - Glenn Hardie and the history of the BCHA18:105/_/16a

a BC Humanists Podcast from the British Columbia Humanist Association, Vancouver. Follow this link and scroll down for descriptive paragraph.

Tuesday 10 am
Spirit In Action   or   Song of the Soul
Length 55 min.
(each program airs again the same day at 5 pm)

Click below to listen online.
1/5/21 Jennifer Kavanagh: Practical Mystics & Heart of Oneness1/2/21a
1/12/21 76 Years On Stage - Josh White Jr. 1/2/21b
1/19/21 Adventures In Sustainable Development - Joseph Hunt 1/16/20a
1/26/21 Raheel Raza, Ran Meir: ABC's of Islamism - Raheel Raza1/23/20a
2/2/21 Dodging Oligarchy-Into-Tyranny - Thom Hartmann1/30/20a
2/9/21 Liam Hooper: Trans-Forming Proclamation: A Transgender Theology of Daring Existence2/6/21a
2/16/21 Peterson Toscano, Kelsey Grant, Andrea Zink, Lindsay Linsky, Rev. Tony Campolo: WWJD About Climate Change?2/13/21a
2/23/21 Rodney Long, Jr., Selika Ducksworth-Lawton: Race In Place - Akron, New Orleans, Eau Claire 2/20/21a
3/2/21 Selika Ducksworth-Lawton, Rodney Long, Jr.: Race, Place & Grace - Where & How I Grew Up 2/27/21a
3/9/21 Patricia Stansbury, Chuck Fager, Monisha Rios, Ricky Clousing: Standing Up For Soldiers - Really! 3/6/21a
3/16/21 Phil Hoose, Susan Urban, Joel Landy, Will Fudeman, Carrie Newcomer, Justin Jay Arnold:
Music Before COVID - Fall 2019 SOS
3/23/21 Solace In The Wild with Erin Ivey 2/6/21b
3/30/21 George Lakey: Blacksmith's Forge: Polarization & Democracy 3/27/21a
4/6/21 Mark Kastel: Private Eye/Organic Eye - Watchdog For Us All 4/3/21a
4/13/21 Jewish Climate Action Network & Katy Allen 4/8/21a
4/20/21 Hardy Merriman: Civil Resistance - Power to the People from ICNC 4/17/21a
4/27/21 David Mueller, Pardeep Singh Kaleka, Elliot Ratzman, Jim Handley: Interfaith Nonviolence 4/24/21a
5/4/21 Matthew Legge: Spreading the Peace Virus 5/1/21a
5/11/21 Demystifying Shariah - Sumbul Ali-Karamali 5/8/21a
5/18/21 Peterson Toscano, Dr. Krista Hiser, Bob Inglis, Sarah Jaquette Ray, Tykee James: The Eco-Right, Eco-Anxiety, Eco-Cool, & Eco-Birding: A Better Climate 5/15/21a
6/1/21 Liam Hooper, Don Durham: Drawing Near to a Universal Basic Income with Bible Bash 5/29/21a
6/8/21 Peterson Toscano, Kristin Peterson Kaszubowski, Dr. Natasha DeJarnett, George Ferrandi, Craig Middleton, Aeryka Harvey, Peggy Campolo: Queer Film, Fossil Fuel-less-ness, Brown Suga, & More 6/5/21a
6/15/21 Patricia Stansbury, Karen Henderson: Veterans Resiliency Holistic Clinic 6/12/21a
6/22/21 Jerry Knutson, Kat Griffith: Powerful Peaceful Discernment 6/19/21a
6/29/21 Vision, Utopia, & Big Questions - Martin Schoenhals & Jeremy Lent 6/26/21a
7/6/21 Rwanda Stories & Kunda Arts with Fiacre Mutabazi 7/3//21a
7/13/21 No Regrets From Friction Farm - Aidan Quinn 5/29/21b
7/20/21 am Kora Feder: Painting the Sky with Music 4/20/19b
7/27/21 am Resisting Fighter Jets (full webinar) 7/7/21a
7/27/21 pm Resisting Fighter Jets At Home and Abroad 7/24/21a
8/3/21 Patricia Stansbury, Kara Brewer Boyd: Black Farmers in America 7/31/21a
8/10/21 Jeremy Lent: Preserving Life & The Web of Meaning 8/7/21a
8/17/21 Cameroonians, Cherokees, Republicans, Playwrights - We All Need to Solve Climate Change8/14/21a
8/24/21 Finding Lost Voices With Mike Ball (uncut) 8/7/21b
8/31/21 Pete Bastounes: From Rush Limbaugh Fan to Bernie Sanders & Thom Hartmann Liberal - With The Union8/28/21a
9/7/21 John McCutcheon in Person! 7/20/19b
9/14/21 Thom Hartmann - Why Sickness Bankrupts You & Makes Others Insanely Rich9/11/21a
9/21/21 Modern Psalms of Solace & Resistance and Whispering to Babies with Dwight Wilson 9/18/21a
9/28/21 Andy Douglas: Singing In Prison 9/25/21a
10/5/21 Wendy Sandford: These Walls Between Us - Growing Beyond the Racial Divide10/2/21a
10/12/21 Iowa's Wonderful Chicago Folk Recluse: Bonnie Koloc 10/9/21b
10/19/21 Patricia Stansbury, Duron Chavis, Joseph Rogers: Resiliency Gardens & Healing Virginia's Racist History10/16/21a

a Spirit In Action from Northern Spirit Radio - interviews by Mark Helpsmeet, Eau Claire WI.
b Song of the Soul from Northern Spirit Radio - interviews by Mark Helpsmeet and music selected by his guests.

Wednesday 10 am
Science for the People
eLife Sciences
(program airs again the same day at 5 pm)
Click below to listen online.
1/6/21Sujata Gupta, Kendra Pierre-Louis: It's A Pandemic, Why Are We So Bored?1:08:1912/21/20a
1/13/21Tina Saey, Deja Perkins, Carolyn Gramling: So Long 2020: We Won't Miss You1:16:091/7/21a
1/20/21Rats won't rat on rats (repeated from 3/6/16, 10/16/16)28:081/31/14b
1/27/21Redeye, Spies and Bacteria (repeated from 3/13/16, 10/23/16)30:082/28/14b
2/3/21Radiation, Anti-aphrodisiacs and Glowing Squid (repeated from 3/20/16, 10/30/16)22:273/31/14b
2/10/21Junyi Chu, Holly Gramazio: The Art and Science of Play58:162/2/21a
2/17/21Pain, gene therapy, and regenerating worms (repeated from 3/27/16, 11/6/16)30:324/30/14b
2/24/21Why we don't (often) bite our tongues (repeated from 4/3/16, 11/13/16)29:316/10/14b
3/3/21Egyptian baboons and overlooked COVID genes35:442/23/21b
3/10/21Annalee Newitz: Cities Lost and Found1:07:553/1/21a
3/17/21Making blind mice see and mosquitoes resistant to malaria (repeated from 4/10/16, 11/27/16)31:117/31/14b
3/24/21Cost of corruption, and Ebola (repeated from 4/17/16, 12/4/16)31:409/30/14b
3/31/21Flu, Cannabis and HIV (repeated from 4/24/16, 12/11/16)30:0610/31/14b
4/7/21Anthony Warner: The Unavoidable Complexities of Food1:21:233/30/21a
4/14/21Synthetic cells, antivirals and sex pheromones (repeated from 5/1/16, 12/25/16)34:2012/23/14b
4/21/21Erika Engelhaupt: Time for the Gory Details1:02:224/16/21a
4/28/21Psychedelic drugs and river water bugs31:264/14/21b
5/5/21Stress, fertility and remote-controlled sperm (repeated from 5/8/16)26:282/6/15b
5/12/21TB, and a Handshake (repeated from 5/15/16)26:213/9/15b
5/19/21Katherine Standefer: Lightning Flowers1:20:185/17/21a
5/26/21Herpes vaccine, and flies with brain damage (repeated from 5/22/16)29:104/17/15b
6/2/21Motherless gorillas and how hummingbirds hum27:175/27/21b
6/9/21Do newborns feel pain? (repeated from 5/29/16)25:505/19/15b
6/16/21Chris MacDonald: Biotechnology Ethics1:00:056/12/09a
6/23/21Jim Moroney, Brownian Motion: UFOs59:11:4/24/09a
6/30/21Adam Rogers: Full Spectrum: How the Science of Color Made Us Modern1:11:176/27/21a
7/7/21Ming Hsu, Jill Powell: Neuroeconomics59:275/1/09a
7/14/21The widowhood effect, and clapped out baboons34:306/30/21b
7/21/21Mike Harrison, Marion Kilgour: Science of Love60:264/17/09a
7/28/21Brian Mason, Tim Farley: Skeptical Activism and Bill 4459:545/8/09a
8/4/21 amSarah Everts: Dripping With Sweat1:01:508/3/21a
8/4/21 pmDennis Young, Matthew Johnston, Mike Harrison: Censorship56:425/15/09a
8/11/21MC Frontalot, Catherine Nissen: Quitting Smoking56:055/22/09a
8/18/21Hans Machel, Jill Powell: Geology59:565/29/09a
8/25/21Simon Rose, Sibina: Math59:156/26/09a
9/1/21Jeff Richardson, Amy Davis Roth: Stormchasing57:587/3/09a
9/8/21Nullsession, Rodrigo de la Jara: Cyber Security59:337/24/09a
9/29/21Dana Blumrosen, Marion Kilgour, Jill Powell: Gender and the Skeptical Community60:008/7/09a
10/6/21Emma Marris: What's Wild About Wilderness?1:04:399/30/21a
10/13/21Scott Gavura: Ask a Pharmacist59:198/14/09a
10/20/21Daniel Loxton, Brad Salomons: Skeptical Education60:008/21/09a
10/27/21Fintan Steele, Marion Kilgour: Genomics60:048/28/09a

aPrograms from http://www.scienceforthepeople.ca/, Edmonton Alberta, produced monthly.
bMonthly half hour programs by Dr. Chris Smith on topics in the life and biomedical sciences from https://elifesciences.org/podcast.

Thursday 10 am
Voices for Religious Pluralism
(each program airs again the same day at 5 pm)
Click below to listen online.
1/7/21 White Too Long, feat. Robert P. Jones - hosted by Ryan Bell58:008/17/20a
1/14/21 Gail Waisman: One City Schools35:471/10/21b
1/21/21 Elizabeth Sciupac, Alison Gill, Brian Kaylor: Not A Protest, An Insurrection1:01:421/9/21c
1/28/21 Robin Proud: The Invisible Stage of Life28:051/24/21d
2/4/21 Rev. Adam Nicholas Phillips, Wendsler Nosie Sr., Katy Joseph: Democracy Prevails56:171/23/21c
2/11/21 Rev. Doug Kraft: Listening Deeply: Befriending the Mind-Heart29:081/31/21b
2/18/21 Susan Katz Miller, Dr. Sabrina Dent, Noel Jacobs: An Interfaith Valentine 1:01:152/13/21c
2/25/21 Robert Enright: Forgiveness for Individual, Family, and Community Well-Being42:372/14/21b
3/4/21 Franciska Coleman: The Social Regulation of Speech39:182/28/21b
3/11/21 Bishop Minerva Carcaño, Rev. James Forbes Jr., Peter Montgomery: Extremism and Healing1:04:503/6/21c
3/18/21 Rob Brink: The Four Things That Matter Most11:083/14/21d
3/25/21 Dr. Anthea Butler, Francis DeBernardo, Chris Hedges: Backward and Forward54:143/20/21c
4/1/21 Robin Proud: Elizabeth Blackwell: Woman Doctor34:453/28/21e
4/8/21 Michael Eselun: Restringing the Bead29:443/28/21b
4/15/21 Jim Conrad, Mitch Randall, Becky Monroe: Reaching Out, Leaning Forward 1:14:144/10/21c
4/22/21 Robin Proud: Elizabeth Blackwell34:064/11/21b
4/29/21 Martin Luther King III, Rev. Angela Williams, Tori Goebel: Accountability, Yes; Justice, Not Yet1:02:354/24/21c
5/6/21 Laurel Ravelo, Valerie Showalter, Lailah Shima: What is Your Legacy?30:344/25/21b
5/13/21 Mitchell Hagopian: Disability Discrimination During the Pandemic?39:295/2/21b
5/20/21 Matt Aspin: What Do You See?35:335/9/21b
5/27/21 Robin Proud: Vanguard: Black Women and the Vote26:565/23/21d
6/3/21 Mat McDermott, Don Abram, Rabbi Jack Moline: Freedom and Equality51:035/29/21c
6/10/21 Christine Milovani: A Year into the Pandemic: Reflecting on Loss, Healing and Resilience11:475/30/21b
6/17/21 Barbara Poma, Rev. Peter Laarman, Padre Vidal Rivas: Outlove Hate 54:146/12/21c
6/24/21 Rev. Dr. Bill Leonard, Rev. Marian Edmonds-Allen, Dr. Ihsan Bagby: Conducting Holy Dialogues53:106/19/21c
7/1/21 Father Thomas J. Reese, Dahlia Lithwick, Mya Jaradat: Chipping Away at the Wall of Separation1:16:246/26/21c
7/8/21 Brian Allain, Rev. Monty Self: Independence Day, 202153:077/3/21c
7/15/21 Kevin Phillips, Dr. Obrey Hendricks, Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, Martha Nussbaum: The Best of State of Belief Radio 49:267/10/21c
7/22/21 Mya Jaradat, Dr. Robert P. Jones, Dr. Katharina Pöhls: Researching Religious Beliefs and Convictions 59:177/17/21c
7/29/21 Frederick Clarkson, Dr. Obrey Hendricks, Holly Hollman: The Christians Fighting Christian Nationalism1:04:277/24/21c
8/5/21 Rev. Jennifer Butler, Connie Ryan, Dr. Ilhsan Bagby: Reducing Vaccine Hesitancy 57:567/31/21c
8/12/21 Rev. Dr. Liz Theoharis, Imran Ahmed, Rev. Spencer Burke: Spiritual Activism and Innovation 59:068/7/21c
8/19/21 Andrew Schneider, Dr. Christopher Beem, Katy Joseph: Science v. Skeptics 57:588/14/21c
8/26/21 Amber Cantorna, Ellen Judd, Rev. Nathan Empsall: Peaceful Tomorrows 52:288/21/21c
9/2/21 Rev. Matt Aspin: Hopes and Fears14:278/22/21b
9/9/21 Rev. Matt Aspin: Lessons Yet to Learn19:438/29/21b
9/16/21 Rebecca Meier-Rao: Labor in the Pulpits / On the Bimah / In the Minbar26:029/5/21b
9/23/21 Rt. Rev. Gene Robinson, Rt. Rev. John Shelby Spong: Remembering John Shelby Spong1:20:049/18/21c
9/30/21 Rev. Matt Aspin: Healing Spaces18:319/19/21b
10/7/21 Robin Proud: "Unitarian, Suffragist, and Black" by Frances E. W. Harper38:559/26/21b
10/14/21 Rabbi Dr. Jay Michaelson, Maureen O'Leary, Stephanie Correa: #FaithfullyLGBT 58:3110/9/21c
10/21/21 Rev. Matt Aspin: Question Box30:3910/10/21b

a Ryan Bell's Life After God podcast.
b Talk for Prairie Unitarian Universalist Society.
c Podcast from State of Belief.
d Talk for the Free Congregation of Sauk County and Prairie Unitarian Universalist Society recorded by WIDE-LP.
e Talk for the Free Congregation of Sauk County recorded by WIDE-LP.

Friday 10 am
Freethought Radio
Length 49 min. 23 sec.
(unless otherwise noted, each program airs again the same day at 5 pm)
Rebroadcast of radio programs from the Freedom From Religion Foundation
Click below to listen online.
1/1/21Happy 2021!12/30/20766
1/8/21Jamie Raskin: Optimism for 20211/7/21767
1/15/21Humanism for Kids1/14/21768
1/22/21Jared Huffman: This Land Is Our Land1/21/21769
1/29/21Mandisa Thomas, Sasha Sagan: Secular Rituals1/28/21770
2/5/21Philip Appleman: Investigate the Church2/4/21771
2/12/21Rachel Holmes: Natural Born Rebel2/11/21772
2/19/21Darren Dochuk: Anointed With Oil2/18/21773
2/26/21 pmJames Lull: Ideas & ideologies2/25/21774
3/5/21James Haught: Nine Decades of Progress3/4/21775
3/12/21Alice Greczyn: Wayward3/11/21776
3/19/21David Speed: Thoughts and Prayers3/18/21777
3/26/21John Follis: Leaving God3/25/21778
4/2/21Jeff Hawkins: If I Only Had a Brain4/1/21779
4/9/21Ron Reagan: Unabashed Atheist4/8/21780
4/16/21Indra Zuno: Freedom Dues4/15/21781
4/23/21Dr. Marlene Winell: Religious Trauma4/22/21782
4/30/21Jennifer Taylor: Southern Rationalists4/29/21783
5/7/21Margaret Downey, Amit Pal: COVID and Hindu Nationalism5/6/21784
5/14/21Anu Garg: Wordsmith5/13/21785
5/21/21Phil Zuckerman: No Reason to Fear5/20/21786
5/28/21Andy Norman: "Mental Immunity"5/27/21787
6/4/21Geoffrey Stone: Supreme Court & Abortion6/3/21788
6/11/21Kristin Du Mez: Militant Masculinity6/10/21789
6/18/21Helen Christophi: For Christ's Sake6/17/21790
6/25/21Barbara Alvarez: Religion and Reproductive Rights6/24/21791
7/2/21Sarah Posner: "Unholy"7/1/21792
7/9/21Muhammad Syed: Apostate Report7/8/21793
7/23/21Robert P. Jones: Census on Religion7/15/21794
7/30/21Steven Pinker: Rationality7/22/21795
8/6/21Lon Ostrander: The Clergy Project7/29/21796
8/13/21Candace Gorham: Death and Disbelief8/5/21797
8/20/21Mohamed Cisse: Imam No More8/12/21798
8/27/21Juan Cole: Taliban Takeover8/19/21799
9/3/21Benjamin Cowan: Moral Majorities8/26/21800
9/10/21Ron Reagan, John Davidson, Cecile Richards, Ann Druyan, Julia Sweeney, Daniel C. Dennett: Freethought Matters*9/2/21801
9/17/21Charlotte Dennett, Daniel C. Dennett III: Dennett Double Header9/9/21802
9/24/21Christophe Jaffrelot: Modi's India9/16/21803
10/1/21Mandisa Thomas: Women Beyond Belief9/23/21804
10/8/21Cheryl Abram: Firing God9/30/21805
10/15/21Barbara Alvarez: Religion vs. Women's Health10/7/21806
10/22/21Debbie Allen: Secular America10/14/21807

* Only first 18 min. aired due to faulty audio file.
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