2024 Program Schedule for the

Wider Horizons
series, 10 AM Mon. to Fri.
At 5 PM we rebroadcast the same program
(or another program in the same series)


Monday 10 AM
Humanism Today
(each program airs again the same day at 5 PM)
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1/1/24Lynne Featherstone on liberalism, being the chief architect of the
same-sex marriage act, and her deep aversion to conformity
1/8/24 Adam Kay on the values of the NHS, fundamental human equality,
and the future of one of the UK's most cherished institutions
1/15/24 Megan Sheldon: Creating secular rituals and ceremonies46:2811/28/23b
1/22/24 Andy Somers: RELIGIOUS PROPAGANDA: How to recognize and deal with it (repeated from 10/13/08) 1:23:196/3/07c
1/29/24 Doleta Chapru: Humanism's Contemporary Challengers: Who controls our public image?
(repeated from 10/27/08)
2/5/24 Annie Laurie Gaylor: Politics and Religion: In Reason We Trust (repeated from 11/3/08) 1:12:5911/2/08c
2/12/24 Lori Lipman Brown: A Place at the Table: How the Nation's First Lobbyist for Non-theists is Enjoying the Feast (repeated from 10/15/07) 1:00:2610/14/07c
2/19/24 Prof. Tom Givnish: More about evolution of life on islands, an informal discussion with Tom Givnish
(repeated from 1/5/09)
2/26/24 Bob Hope, Sue Greer: Digging into the Humanist Ethics of Natural Burial1:01:0311/19/23d
3/4/24 Steve Ghikadis, Jarrod Clegg: Interfaith Family - Marriage and Parenting with Mutual Respect57:451/14/24d
3/11/24 Steve Ghikadis, Jarrod Clegg: Discussion 2024: HIV in 2024: What is the State of the Epidemic Today?57:451/14/24d
3/18/24 Kathy Converse and Christina Klock: Evolution in the 21st Century: Forum Report (repeated from 1/26/09)1:02:515/11/08c
3/25/24 Dr. David Speed: Are the Religious Healthier?1:19:393/10/24d
4/1/24 MAID (Medical Assistance in Death) With Humanist Canada Martin Frith and Diane Sims1:14:113/18/24d
4/8/24 Bettianne Hedges, Leslie Rosenblood, Teale Phelps Bondaroff, Ian Bushfield: Putting a Number on the Cost of Religion in Canada1:14:483/19/24d
4/15/24 Dr. Rita Shelton Deverell: Authentic Speaking, Writing, and Inter-Cultural Communications1:05:373/24/24d
4/22/24 Thomas Givnish: Evolution of Life on Islands42:173/2/08e
4/29/24 Author Talk with Elliot Hanowski | Towards a Godless Dominion: Unbelief in Interwar Canada31:273/25/24d
5/6/24 Intersectionality Primer with Alison Symington36:534/7/24d
5/13/24 Doug Lindner, Jared Huffman, Greg Casar, Kate Cohen: Congressional Reason Reception 202443:455/1/24f
5/20/24 Dr. Jackie Nemni: Anti-Science is the New Religion1:08:444/7/24d
5/27/24 Fred Edwords: A Humanist Look at Myth, Symbol, and Art42:104/3/11e
6/3/24 Howard Katz: Inside Humanism Today44:322/26/12e
6/10/24 Divorce: Humanist Style | A Discussion with Divorce Mediator Alex Howard58:535/26/24d
6/17/24 Ron Solomon: Humanist Thought and Action (repeated from 2/2/09)1:01:1210/5/08c
6/24/24 An Indigenous Roundtable | A Discussion with Maureen Bulbrook & Christina Ninham1:20:534/6/24d
7/1/24 Rob Brink: Overcoming Confirmation Bias: Advice from an Ex-Pastor31:279/6/15e
7/8/24 Kathy Walsh, Tsela Barr, Sigrun: Gaza Then and Now1:14:277/7/24c

a What I Believe podcast from Humanists UK.
b BC Humanists Podcast from the British Columbia Humanist Association, Vancouver.
c Recording of Humanist Union of Madison program.
d From video posted by Humanist Canada, Ottawa, Ontario.
e Talk for Prairie Unitarian Universalist Society.
f American Humanist Association.

Tuesday 10 AM
Spirit In Action   or   Song of the Soul
Length 55 min.
(each program airs again the same day at 5 PM)

Click below to listen online.
1/2/24 John McCutcheon, Tom Paxton, The Janzen Boys, Sofia Talvik, Si Kahn, David LaMotte:
Deep, Sad, & Hopeful Holidays December 2023: Part 2
1/9/24 John Janzen: Winnipeg's Roots & Growing Fruits: The Janzen Boys12/2/23a
1/16/24 Tom Paxton & John McCutcheon: Together1/13/24a
1/23/24 Jake Soha: The Corrosion of Perseverance, Gin, & Eternity: Rock Creek Song Dogs1/20/24a
1/30/24 Socrates Imani Matabaro: Healing in Burundi: Orphans, Widows, Prisoners, Gays - Through Voice of Hope1/27/24b
2/6/24 Deborah Plant: Slavery to Jim Crow to Mass Incarceration to Greed: In Pursuit of Freedom For All2/3/24b
2/13/24 Peterson Toscano, Ashlynn Peachey, Nicholas Waddington, Katie Mowry, Van Wagner, Taylor Lightman:
Friendly Forests, Our Hope in the Face of Climate Change: Citizen's Climate Radio
2/20/24 Led by Mother Jones - Si Kahn, Vivian Nesbitt, John Dillon - Part One2/17/24b
2/27/24 Led by Mother Jones - Si Kahn, Vivian Nesbitt, John Dillon, Joe Jencks - Part Two2/24/24b
3/5/24 Primer for Paradigm Shift, Part 1, Jan Spencer3/2/24b
3/12/24 Peterson Toscano, Ben Yosua-Davis, Nicole Diroff, Rob Shetterly: Truth, Art & Reimagining To Fight Climate Changed3/9/24b
3/19/24 Ken Grossinger: Art-powered Activism, Then and Now3/16/24b
4/2/24 Gisele Bolton: Home From Gaza...for the Moment - Human Peace Work3/23/24b
4/9/24 Jarren Dean Peterson, Stanley Kusunoki, Kao Kalia Yang: We Belong To Each Other - from the Everyday Nonviolence Podcast3/30/24b
4/16/24 Philip Berrigan & Swords into Plowshares - Brad Wolf4/13/24b
4/23/24 Timmon Wallis: Swords Into Plowshares, Warheads Into Windmills4/20/24b
4/30/24 Cassandra Dixon: Feeding A Starving Gaza - The Freedom Flotilla4/27/24b
5/7/24 Larry Tye: Lessons We Should Have Learned: Joe McCarthy (repeated from 7/7/20)7/4/20b
5/14/24 Activism, Antarctica, Permitting, & Re-fashioning: Citizen's Climate Radio5/11/24b
5/21/24 Simple, Wise, Life-changing Living & Parenting: Pamela Haines5/18/24b
5/28/24 Primer for Paradigm Shift, Part 2, Jan Spencer5/25/24b
6/4/24 Creative Compassionate Activism from Dubai: Ali Horriyat & Compassiviste6/1/24b
6/11/24 Peterson Toscano, Nicole Diroff, Ben Yosua-Davis, Susanne Moser, Katie Patrick: Coping Fruitfully with Climate Changed6/8/24b
6/18/24 Larry Tye: Race & Revolution Through Jazz: The Duke, The Count, & Sachmo6/15/24b
6/25/24 George Lakey - Quaker Activist, Organizer, Sociologist, Trainer, & Author - from the Everyday Nonviolence Podcast6/22/24b
7/2/24 Terry Hokenson, Christine Irumva: Trauma-healing: Buffalo Star People, Rwanda, & Nigeria6/27/24b
7/9/24 Peggy Halvorson: Starfish Kids, Imago Dei, & Teamwork Africa7/6/24b

a Song of the Soul from Northern Spirit Radio - interviews by Mark Helpsmeet and music selected by his guests.
b Spirit In Action from Northern Spirit Radio - interviews by Mark Helpsmeet, Eau Claire WI.

Wednesday 10 AM
This is Science,
eLife Sciences, etc.
(program airs again the same day at 5 PM)
Click below to listen online.
1/3/24Hafij Khan: The Highest Stakes28:5812/13/23a
1/10/24Rachelle Saunders, Bethany Brookshire, Carolyn Wilke, Marion Kilgour,
KO Myers, Ryan Bromsgrove: The Last Episode
1/17/24Adam Browning: Look For The Helpers - Part 128:581/10/24a
1/24/23Clinical update with Dr. Daniel Griffin34:171/17/24c
1/31/24Margaret Gordon: Look For The Helpers - Part 228:591/23/24a
2/7/24Bill Wasik, Elisabeth Whyte: Rabid60:0011/23/12d
2/14/24Dr. Mindy Romero: The State of the Science28:582/6/24a
2/21/24John Matson, Nicole Gugliucci, John Zeller, Cynthia Phillips: Why Should I Care About Space?60:0011/4/12d
2/28/24Dr. Karletta Chief: Near The Water28:582/20/24a
3/13/24Daniel Abraham, Ty Franck: The Expanse28:583/5/24a
3/20/24Apes reveal language origins, and being dyslexic in science33:473/11/24e
3/27/24Jesse J. Holland: What We Need to Make Democracy Work28:583/19/24a
4/3/24Brendan Harley, David Gorski, Kayt Sukel: The C Word60:0010/19/12d
4/10/24Rob Bonta: Feet To The Fire28:584/3/24a
4/17/24David Kroll, Sarah Mathews: Fungi and Fossils60:002/3/12d
4/24/24Torah Kachur, Mark Changizi: Everyday Superpowers60:002/10/12d
5/1/24Dr. Brenda Ekwurzel, Eric Balfour: Earth Day Two Ways28:584/16/24a
5/8/24Hibernation, Ketamine and Aphantasia37:534/19/24e
5/15/24Dr. Jo Lukito: War Of The Words28:585/1/24a
5/22/24 PMTim De Chant: Infrastructure and You - hosted by Marie-Claire Shanahan19:166/22/12d
5/29/24Jayne Gackenbach, Teace Snyder: Play Reality - hosted by Julieta Delos Santos60:006/15/12d
6/5/24Greg Laden, Bruce Schneier: Liars and Outliers60:006/1/12d
6/12/24Kayt Sukel, Katie Hinde: Babies, Brains and Boobs60:005/11/12d
6/19/24Nick Schweitzer: Public Exhibition Demonstrates the Scale of Time of Earth's Existence9:546/17/24f
6/26/24Rae Gomes: Food Fight28:586/11/24a
7/3/24How termites build their nests, and drivers of new diseases34:286/11/24e
7/10/24Dr. Dante Lauretta: Strange New Worlds28:586/25/24a

a This is Science with Jess Phoenix, podcast from the Union of Concerned Scientists.
b From Science for the People http://www.scienceforthepeople.ca/, Edmonton Alberta.
c This Week in Virology from MicrobeTV.
d From Skeptically Speaking (before its name change), Edmonton Alberta.
e Monthly half hour programs by Dr. Chris Smith on topics in the life and biomedical sciences from https://elifesciences.org/podcast.
f From the 8 O'Clock Buzz on WORT-FM.

Thursday 10 AM
Voices for Religious Pluralism
(each program airs again the same day at 5 PM)
Click below to listen online.
1/4/24Gary McLelland, Nicole Carr, Adelle Banks, Jack Jenkins:
2023 Freedom of Thought Report; The Year in Religion News
1:00:16 12/16/23a
1/11/24 Rev. Pamela Rumancik: Star Trekking Home: Welcoming Ourselves20:561/7/24b
1/18/24 Senator Chris Coons on the 'Higher Calling' of Public Service42:381/3/24c
1/25/24 Mary Mullen, Bob Park, Ralph Tyksinski: Answering the Call for Civil Rights26:091/14/24b
2/1/24 Robin Proud: Catherine Spence: Australian Activist24:441/28/24d
2/8/24 Rev. Anthony Wade: Love One Another: King James Holy Bible21:351/21/24b
2/15/24 Rob Brink: What Is Love?17:182/11/24d
Karla Thennes: Porchlight's Response to Homelessness in Dane County32:362/18/24b
3/7/24 Rev. Ralph Tyksinski, Peter Marion, Nick Schweitzer: International Religious Connections and Organizations31:243/3/24b
3/14/24 Anne Pryor: Searching for a Bird and Finding the Interdependent Web25:481/28/24b
3/21/24 Rev. Ralph Tyksinski, Peter Marion, Nick Schweitzer: International Religious Connections and Organizations31:243/3/24b
3/28/24 Robin Proud: Clara Barton: Angel of the Battlefield32:033/24/24d
4/4/24 Rev. Ralph Tyksinski: The Call of Easter: The Varied Ways UU's Find Meaning at Eastertide23:463/31/24b
4/11/24 Gary Gates: Earth Day - Walking The Talk29:374/7/24b
4/18/24 Rob Brink: Brighter Skies and Better Days22:294/14/24d
4/25/24 Robin Proud: If You Can't Stand the Heat - Suffrage in the Kitchen27:364/14/24b
5/2/24 Inside the Great Evangelical Crackup with Tim Alberta45:371/17/24c
5/9/24 Rob Brink: Brighter Skies and Better Days (ver. 2)20:074/28/24b
5/16/24 Matthew Taylor: Inside the Christian Movement Threatening Our Democracy47:471/31/24c
5/23/24 Sarah McCammon: Meet The Exvangelicals: A Journey Through Faith and Politics42:454/24/24c
5/30/24 Ken Lonnquist, Esperé Eckard-Lee: Songs Celebrating Earth Day1:04:394/21/24b
6/13/24 Brian Kaylor: The Heresy of Christian Nationalism50:455/25/24a
6/20/24 Righteous Rage and Holy Hope: Rev. Don Abram, Pride in the Pews 47:136/15/24a
7/4/24 Margaret Hwang, Rachel Carroll Rivas: Hate on the Rise? Exploring the SPLC's Annual Hate and Extremism Report 52:226/29/24a
7/11/24 Rev. Jim Foti: Resisting Tyranny30:296/23/24b

a Podcast from State of Belief.
b Talk for Prairie Unitarian Universalist Society.
c From The Soul of the Nation with Jim Wallis.
d Talk for the Free Congregation of Sauk County recorded by WIDE-LP.

Friday 10 AM
Freethought Radio
Length 49 min. 23 sec.
(unless otherwise noted, each program airs again the same day at 5 PM)
Rebroadcast of radio programs from the Freedom From Religion Foundation
Click below to listen online.
1/5/24 PMBarbara Alvarez: Happy Secular New Year!12/28/23922
1/12/24Emily Olson, Harrison Mumia: Atheists in Africa 1/4/24923
1/19/24Sarah Stankorb: Disobedient Women 1/11/24924
1/26/24Margaret Downey, Vamsi Matta: Anti-Caste Activist 1/18/24925
2/2/24Devin Moss: An Atheist Chaplain 1/25/24926
2/9/24Kate Cohen: Tiny Titanic Acts 2/1/24927
2/16/24Sammi Lawrence, Chris Line: State-Church Watchdogs2/8/24928
2/23/24Robin Vose: Prohibited Books 2/15/24929
3/1/24Kat Grant: God or Country? 2/22/24930
3/8/24Enrico Gnaulati: Flourishing Love 2/29/24931
3/15/24Kelda Roys: Atheist Public Official 3/7/24932
3/22/24Steven Emmert: A Secular Coalition 3/14/24933
3/29/24Patrick Elliott, Mark Dann, Ryan Jayne: FFRF Action 3/21/24934
4/5/24Siân Norris: Bodies Under Siege 3/28/24935
4/12/24Danielle Nagle: Woman, Church and State 4/4/24936
4/19/24Diane Winston: Reagan and the Media 4/11/24937
4/26/24, 5/3/24Bob Lindmeier: Earth Day 4/19/24938
5/10/24Adam Neiblum: Rise of the Nones 4/25/24939
5/17/24 AMShabnam Hashmi: Future of the World's Largest Secular Democracy5/2/24940
5/17/24 PMSarah McCammon: Ex-vangelicals 5/9/24941
5/24/24Patrick J. Hurley: Where did religion come from?5/16/24942
5/31/24Liz Cavell, Kat Grant: Culture Wars 5/23/24943
6/7/24Susan R. Barry: Dear Oliver 5/30/24944
6/14/24Amy Sohn: The Comstock Act 6/6/24945
6/21/24Anthony B. Pinn: Black Disbelief 6/13/24946
6/28/24Bryan Mark Rigg: Japan's Holocaust 6/20/24947
7/5/24Eric Krebs: The theater is my religion 6/27/24948
7/12/24Samuel L. Perry: Independence From Religion 7/3/24949
7/19/24Patrick Elliott: Keeping Theocrats in Check 7/11/24950
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