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Science for Skeptics
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1/4/13Sean Carroll: The Particle at The End of The Universe1:00:0012/9/12a
1/11/13On Apocalypse (Now?) 2012 - Interview With Dr Joseph Gelfer17:0612/7/12b
1/18/13Maryn McKenna, David Dobbs, Maggie-Koerth Baker, Brian Switek: Year In Science 20121:00:0012/23/12a
1/25/13On The Houston Cancer Quack - Interview With David Gorski And Robert Blaskiewicz37:331/15/13b
2/1/13On Bad Pharma And AllTrials.Net - Interview With Dr Ben Goldacre27:581/18/13b
2/8/13Harriet Hall: Science-Based Medicine37:222/27/10c
2/15/13World Changing Ideas 20121:00:001/13/13a
2/22/13On Little March - Interview With Shelley Segal28:262/9/13b
3/1/13On Why Is There A Skeptical Movement - Interview With Daniel Loxton30:252/26/13b
3/8/13The Women Of Skepticism1:00:009/10/10a
3/15/13Lee Alan Dugatkin, Steve Chang: The Altruism Equation1:00:003/1/13a
3/22/13Linda Kah, Chris Herd: Mars Rocks!1:00:003/15/13a
3/29/13Brian Switek: Dinosaur Sex!23:201/29/13d
4/12/13Emily Anthes, George Dvorsky: Frankenstein's Cat1:00:003/29/13a
4/19/13On The Media Guide To Skepticism - Interview With Sharon Hill13:364/16/13b
4/26/13James Salzman, Juewen Liu: Drinking Water1:00:004/19/13a
5/3/13On Psychiatric Tales, Science Tales And Faking A Moon Landing With Darryl Cunningham17:584/27/13b
5/10/13On Fitnah - Interview With Maryam Namazie19:274/29/13b
5/17/13"On Being Certain": Interview with Robert Burton, MD53:408/7/08e
5/24/13Robert Burton's "Skeptic's Guide to the Mind"59:454/26/13e
5/31/13Kelly Kearns: Invasive Species 54:175/15/13f
6/7/13Kent Kiehl, Owen Jones: Neuroscience, Prediction, and Law39:424/26/13d
6/14/13Live From NECSS With Michael Shermer On the Role of Science in Morality 36:184/21/13g
6/21/13Live From NECSS With Jim Holt On Why Does the World Exist? 1:05:105/5/13g
6/28/13Stephen Gold, Sergei Maslov, Mark Bennett: Coding Life1:00:005/24/13a
7/5/13Florence Williams, Scicurious: Breasts1:00:005/31/13a
7/12/13Mark Anderson, Jessica Wapner: Historic Discoveries1:00:006/21/13a
7/19/13Richard Di Natale, Elizabeth Elliott: On Immunisation (Part One & Part Two)22:397/12/13b
7/26/13John Dupuis, Chris MacDonald: War On Science1:00:007/12/13a
8/2/13An Interview With Dr Paul Offit And Doubtful News Round-Up28:547/17/13b
8/9/13Samuel Arbesman, Mark Daley: The Half-Life of Facts1:00:008/2/13a
8/16/13On The Australian Tour Of Prof. Brian Cox22:418/14/13b
8/23/13Brian Clegg, Ricardo Chavarriaga Lozano: Extra Sensory1:00:008/9/13a
8/30/13Paul Zak: Greed: Hormones and Moral Behavior22:187/26/13d
9/6/13Sir Harold Kroto, Richard Saunders, P. Z. Myers: An All-Star Conversation About Skepticism, Part 159:4610/30/11h
9/13/13Sir Harold Kroto, Richard Saunders, P. Z. Myers: An All-Star Conversation About Skepticism, Part 259:5810/30/11h
9/20/13Dr. Piercarlo Valdesolo of Claremont McKenna College asks what science can tell us about our moral decision-making processes22:309/14/13d
9/27/13Richard Wiseman, Ronald Lindsay, Kendrick Frazier, Barry Karr, Steven Novella, Bob Novella, Rebecca Watson, Evan Bernstein, Jay Novella.: Opening Session, Part 1 of CSIcon Nashville59:0710/25/12h
10/4/13Ronald Lindsay, Kendrick Frazier, Barry Karr: Opening Session, Part 2 of CSIcon Nashville59:3910/25/12h
10/11/13Dr. Carol Moberg, Joseph Luna: Making (and Learning) History!22:309/28/13d
11/8/13Synapse Evolution with Seth Grant1:01:509/27/13e
11/29/13Sally Satel and Scott Lilienfeld on the Seductive Appeal of Mindless Neuroscience52:2611/10/13g
12/6/13Alan Weisman: Can We Feed the Planet?44:1610/12/13d
12/13/13P.Z. Myers, Joe Nickell: Two Powerhouse Speakers from CSIcon Nashville, New Orleans conference58:5310/26/12h
12/20/13Allen Frances: Dangers of Diagnostic Inflation1:09:2010/23/13e
12/27/13Dr. Paul Offit On Believing in Magic 45:209/15/13g

a Skeptically Speaking from CJSR, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
b Token Skeptic from Fremantle, Australia.
c For Good Reason podcast with D.J. Grothe.
d Podcast from Science & the City, New York Academy of Sciences.
e Dr. Ginger Campbell’s Brain Science Podcast.
f From A Public Affair on WORT-FM.
g Rationally Speaking podcast from New York City Skeptics.
h Center Stage from the Center for Inquiry.
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