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1/1/22 The Last Straw: Mark Marinozzi + Romain Troubé (re-broadcast) (repeated from 7/21/18)7/17/18
1/8/22 Daniel Oberhaus: Our Super-Charged Future (re-broadcast) (repeated from 5/22/21)5/18/21
1/15/22 Bob Berwyn of Inside Climate News on the New Normal 1/11/22
1/22/22 Celia Ouellette: The Business of Punishment in America (re-broadcast) (repeated from 8/28/21) 8/24/21
1/29/22 David Kaplan, Tara Duggan: Global Investigative Journalism Network + Pandemic Plastic Use1/25/22
2/5/22 Andrea Copping: The Latest on Marine Energy Projects2/1/22
2/12/22 Eric Lebel: Cooking With Gas?2/8/22
2/19/22 Rod Graham: The Fight Over Affirmative Action2/15/22
2/26/22 Andrew Winston: The Case For Doing Business Differently2/22/22
3/5/22 Anne Clunan on the Russian Invasion of Ukraine3/1/22
3/12/22 Ted Nordhaus: What Are Environmental Protections Protecting?3/8/22
3/19/22 Adam Sobel: A Climate Science Midlife Crisis3/15/22
3/26/22 Dan Dicker: A Basket Case Study of Oil3/22/22
4/2/22 Jesse Tran: Coffee Waste Sneakers3/29/22
4/9/22 Hog Wild: Susanne Rust on the Feral Pig Problem4/5/22
4/16/22 Lambda Legal CEO Kevin Jennings on the Fight For Equal Rights (re-broadcast) (repreated from 11/13/21)11/9/21
4/23/22 SF Public Defender Peter Calloway Pt. 1: Crime And Moral Panic4/19/22
4/30/22 SF Public Defender Peter Calloway Pt. 2: Recall Rubbish4/26/22
5/7/22 David v. Goliath: Danna Smith + Leo Woodberry v. Big Conservation5/3/22
5/14/22 Chris Fitzsimon, Liz King: States Newsroom: A Novel Approach To State-Level News5/10/22
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