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1/7/23 Adam Minter: The Promise of Autonomous Vehicles for Rural America1/3/23
1/14/23 Rebecca Leber: Why the GOP thinks ESG is a BFD1/10/23
1/21/23 Justin Catanoso: Wood Pellets: The New Coal1/17/23
1/28/23 Jared Yates Sexton on American Democracy and Religion1/24/23
2/4/23 Philip Jacobson: The Fight To Stop Shark Finning1/31/23
2/11/23 Lisa Song: Hard Pass on The Gas2/7/23
2/18/22 Defenseless: Daniel Medwed on Incarcerated Innocents (repeated from 10/29/22)10/18/22
2/25/23 Jeff Stoike: Blue Action Lab2/21/23
3/4/23 Philanthropy Together's Tyeshia Wilson2/28/23
3/11/23 John Stoehr: What the Right Gets Wrong on Race3/7/23
3/18/23 Sachu Constantine, Oli Mittermeier: Vote Solar + Ketamine Therapy3/14/23
3/25/23 Gravity is also a theory: Lee McIntyre on Science Denial3/21/23
4/1/23 Holly Arnold: Converting Offices To Homes3/28/23
4/8/23 Laughing through Tears: Andrew Boyd on Better Catastrophes4/4/23
4/15/23 NC Newsline Editor Rob Schofield on Elephants, Donkeys and Leopards4/11/23
4/22/23 Shannon Cosentino-Roush: Finless Foods: A Different Kettle of Fish4/18/23
4/29/23 Daniel Pye on the "Protecting Our Planet" Challenge4/25/23
5/6/23 Namrata Chowdhary: Three (50) Is A Magic Number5/2/23
5/13/23 Sasha Buchert of Lambda Legal: The Case For LGBTQ Equality5/9/23
5/20/23 Adam Woltag: Designing Sustainable Spaces5/16/23
5/27/23 Justin Catanoso: Wood Pellets: The New Coal (re-broadcast) (repeated from 1/21/23)1/17/23
6/3/23 Jim Motavalli on the EV Revolution5/30/23
6/10/23 John Platt: In Search of The Ivory-Billed Woodpecker6/6/23
6/17/23 Paul Wheaton: Building A Better World In Your Backyard6/13/23
6/24/23 Chuck Collins: Disturbing The Very Comfortable*6/20/23
7/15/23 Nithin Coca: The Impacts of Plant-Based Meats7/11/23
7/22/23 David Messina: Rumin8 Strives To Reduce Cow Methane Emissions7/18/23
7/29/23 Joseph McFadden: A Cattle Biologist Explains Feed Additives7/25/23
8/5/23 Philip Jacobson: The Fight To Stop Shark Finning (re-broadcast) (repeated from 2/4/23)1/31/23
8/12/23 Adam Minter + Jim Motavalli: Autonomous Vehicles and EV Update8/8/23
8/19/23 Following the Money: Alex Kotch on Charitable Giving8/15/23
8/26/23 Jon Goldstein: The Fight To Reduce Methane Emissions8/22/23
9/2/23 Neel Dhanesha on the Lesser Prairie Chicken and Other Dispatches8/29/23
9/9/23 John Stoehr on the Dangers of Illiberal Politics9/5/23
9/16/23 Tennis Anyone? James Martinez on Tennis Ball Waste9/12/23
9/23/23 Israeli Entrepreneur and Philanthropist Ziv Aviram on the EcoBridge Initiative9/19/23
9/30/23 Pain At The Pumps: Understanding Gas Prices With Dan Dicker9/26/23

*Repeated 7/1 and 7/8 due to a programing error.
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