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1/6/24 Namrata Chowdhary: Three (50) Is A Magic Number (re-broadcast) (repeated from 5/6/23)5/2/23
1/13/24 Bob Berwyn of Inside Climate News on COP281/9/24
1/20/24 Darren Samuelsohn: Untangling Trump's Trials1/16/24
1/27/24 Daniel Kammen: The Perils of Deep-Sea Mining1/23/24
2/3/24 Jacob Vigdor: College Admissions Quandries1/30/24
2/10/24 Chris Nelder on Energy Transitions2/6/24
2/17/24 Standing On The Shoulders of Giants: Dara O'Rourke and Corwin Hardham2/13/24
2/24/24 John Stoehr: Betting On Biden2/21/24
3/2/24 Raksha Vasudevan: Rocky Mountain Ways2/27/24
3/9/24 Andrea Thompson: Battling Extreme Heat Fatigue3/5/24
3/16/24 "To Serve & Protect" Whom? Alec Karakatsanis on Copaganda (re-broadcast) (repeated from 8/13/22)8/9/22
3/23/24 Nicole Voudren: Charged Up For EVs3/19/24
3/30/24 The Myth of Meritocracy Revisited: John Brittain on Legacy Preference (2017) (repeated from 10/21/17)10/17/17
4/6/24 Rod Graham: The Case For Legacy Preference in College Admissions4/2/24
4/13/24 Dylan Gaeta, Scot Miller: California Termites and the Atmosphere4/9/24
4/20/24 Maria Gallucci: Zero Emission Marine Vessels4/16/24
4/27/24 Down-Ballot Politics With Daniel Nichanian of Bolts4/23/24
5/4/24 The Journey of Kevin Ortiz: From Punishment to Politics4/30/24
5/11/24 Juan Cole: Israel, Gaza and Campus Protests, Part I5/7/24
5/18/24 Juan Cole: Israel, Gaza and Campus Protests, Part II5/14/24
5/25/24 Robyn Thomas: Immune To Tragedy: Gun Regulations in America (Re-Broadcast) (repeated from 9/25/21) 9/21/21
6/1/24 Elizabeth Alberts: Warming Sea Temps and Coral Bleaching5/28/24
6/8/24 Katie Licari: Los Angeles: The Thirstiest County in the West6/4/24
6/15/24 Bruce Piasecki on Climate Competitiveness and Trane Technologies6/11/24
6/22/24 Former San Francisco D.A. Chesa Boudin, Pt. 16/18/24
6/29/24 Former San Francisco D.A. Chesa Boudin, Pt. 26/25/24
7/6/24 Rebecca Adamson: Indigenous and Sustainable Finance7/2/24
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