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1/1/17Mike McCabe, Sarah Lloyd, Katherine Cramer: Bridging the Rural-Urban Divide breakout session 1:02:099/17/16a
1/7/17, 1/8/17Amanda Marcotte on the Trump Transition and the Reshaping of America 40:1412/21/16b
1/14/17, 1/15/17Congressman Mark Pocan 17:009/17/16c
1/21/17Congressman Keith Ellison 18:299/17/16c
1/21/17, 1/22/17Chelsea Miller, Sagashus Levingston, Kelda Helen Roys, Darla Lannert: Women's March on Madison - pt 1 21:561/21/17d
1/28/17Teddy Shibabaw, Ophelia Bailly, Maurice Cheeks, Abigail Swetz, youth poets: Women's March on Madison - pt 2 34:211/21/17e
1/29/17Mark Pocan, Grisel Tapia Caudio, Sen. Lena Taylor, Rep. JoCasta Zamarripa: Women's March on Madison - pt 3 26:031/21/17e
1/29/17Raging Grannies of Madison: Women's March on Madison10:261/21/17d
2/4/17Eliza Cussen, Paul Soglin, Kim Kohlhaas, Theresa Valencia: Women's March on Madison - pt 4 25:131/21/17e
2/5/17Dave Zirin 15:599/17/16c
2/11/17Sheri Carter, Barbara McKinney, Art Shegonee, Everett Mitchell, Paul Soglin:
Community Forum: United We Stand
- pt 1
2/12/17Emilio De Torre, Glorily A. López, Mario Garcia Sierra, Sufyan Sohel, Nino Amato, Paul Soglin:
Community Forum: United We Stand
- pt 2
2/18/17Masood Akhtar, Shiva Bidar, Chris Taylor, Dave Mahoney, John W. Vaudreuil:
Community Forum: United We Stand
- pt 3
2/19/17Sarah Van Gelder on The Revolution Where You Live 29:001/24/17g
2/25/17Community Forum: United We Stand - pt 4 52:311/29/17f
2/26/17Bob McChesney And Matt Rothschild On The Government And Media - hosted by Allen Ruff 40:192/16/17h
3/4/17, 3/5/17Jim Hightower, Ed Garvey 29:019/17/16c
3/11/17, 3/12/17Sen. Tammy Baldwin 17:369/17/16c
3/19/17John Nichols 18:529/17/16c
3/25/17, 3/26/17Russ Feingold 26:019/17/16c
4/1/17Mike Crute, Dominic Salvia, Bob Park, Mark Helpsmeet: Expanding the Progressive Voice Through Low Power Radio 1:01:543/25/17i
4/2/17Karen McKim: Recounting the Recount 13:513/25/17i
4/8/17, 4/9/17Dr. Katherine Cramer: Politics of Resentment; Eric Upchurch 13:31; 4:483/25/17i
4/15/17, 4/16/17Kathleen Vinehout: Learning From the Rural Perspective 21:103/25/17i
4/22/17, 4/23/17John Nichols: People Get Ready - The Fight Against a Jobless Economy and a Citizenless Democracy 30:433/25/17i
4/29/17, 4/30/17Tia Nelson; Bassam Shakhashiri; Pamela King; Richard Davidson 7:49; 7:24;
5:48; 4:08
5/6/17, 5/7/17Laura Kiessling; Paul Sondel; Tyson Cook; Mike McCabe; Kavin Senapathy 7:02; 7:26;
5:38; 9:17; 4:45
5/13/17, 5/14/17Matt Rothschild - Scott Walker and Donald Trump's Assault on Science 41:064/29/17k
5/20/17, 5/21/17Amy Goodman in Madison 1:15:225/6/17l
5/27/17, 5/28/17Election Roundtable with Paige Tracey and Damon Conlan 36:085/25/17m
6/3/17, 6/4/17Transforming Faith Conference Supports Transgenders - hosted by Jan Miyasaki 21:455/31/17n
6/10/17, 6/11/17Lisa Graves:CMD Relentless Against Big Money And Big Politics; Jerome Dillard On Mass Incarceration; M Adams And Freedom Inc Work Against Stereotypes; Mary Grant: Food And Water Watch Says "NO" To Privatization! - hosted by Jan Miyasaki 44:496/7/17n
6/17/17, 6/18/17Sen. Bernie Sanders: The Political Revolution Now (starting at 1:02:20 in the video) 1:14:546/10/17o
6/24/17, 6/25/17The State Of Education, With Timothy Slekar - hosted by Allen Ruff 52:456/8/17h
7/1/17, 7/2/17Center For Media And Democracy's Lisa Graves - hosted by Allen Ruff 53:046/29/17h
7/8/17, 7/9/17Teresa Tellez-Giron, Yolanda Salazar, Will Williams, Cynthia Burnson: No to TrumpCare: a community mobilization! 34:247/5/17p
7/15/17, 7/16/17Linda Kessel, State Rep. Lisa Subeck, Nicole Safar, Lynn Breedlove, Anna Moffitt, Dr. Joe Eichenseher: Rally: Get Your Hands Off Our Healthcare 35:087/6/17q
7/22/17, 7/23/17Kate Gould: Friends' Committee Works For Humanitarian Efforts In Yemen - hosted by Jan Miyasaki 11:477/19/17n
7/29/17, 7/30/17Nancy MacLean: "Democracy In Chains" Examines Roots Of The Radical Right - hosted by Allen Ruff 52:597/27/17h
8/5/17, 8/6/17 Naomi Klein: The Radical Leap 57:003/3/16r
8/12/17, 8/13/17Kevin Cashman, Lara Merling: Puerto Rico's Economy And Ongoing Debt Problems - hosted by Allen Ruff 50:508/10/17h
8/19/17, 8/20/17Matt Rothschild: Weekly Roundup: The State Of Our State, Nation, And World - hosted by Allen Ruff 52:308/17/17h
8/26/17Chuck Leek: Life After Hate: Getting Away From Violent Extremist Organizations
- hosted by Brian Standing
8/27/17Sonali Kolhatkar: Afghan Women Speak Out About U.S. Occupation - hosted by Jan Miyasaki 11:258/23/17n
9/2/17, 9/3/17Hyun Lee: Korean Conflict Thru The Eyes Of A South Korean - hosted by Jan Miyasaki 23:148/30/17n
9/9/17, 9/10/17 Noam Chomsky: Neoliberalism: An Accounting 57:004/13/17r
9/16/17, 9/17/17 Nina Turner closing Fighting Bob Fest 2017 kickoff in Madison 31:419/15/17s

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i Recorded at the Ninth Annual Wisconsin Grassroots Festival at Wisconsin Heights High School by WIDE-LP.
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s Streamed by WisconsinEye from the Barrymore Theatre in Madison at the kickoff of Fighting Bob Fest 2017.
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