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1/2/21, 1/3/21Rebecca Kemble: New Year's Day Show: Looking Back, Looking Forward - hosted by Esty Dinur53:361/1/21a
1/9/21Sunsara Taylor: An Anti-Fascist Responds to Yesterday's Riot at the U.S. Capitol - hosted by Allen Ruff52:551/7/21a
1/10/21Alex Kotch: Investigating GOP, Christian Right, and Hate Groups - hosted by Jan Miyasaki14:061/6/21b
1/16/21, 1/17/21Clarence Lusane: Lusane: Two-pronged white nationalist attack on the U.S. - hosted by Jan Miyasaki23:221/13/21b
1/23/21, 1/24/21Rashida Tlaib - Remove Members of Congress Who Incited Riot and Demand Real Change From Biden
- hosted by Paul Jay
1/30/21, 1/31/21Matthew Sutton: How White Evangelicals Came to Lead the Insurrection - hosted by Esty Dinur53:171/29/21a
2/6/21, 2/7/21Norman Stockwell, Bill Lueders: A Blueprint for Biden, compliments of The Progressive magazine - hosted by Jan Miyasaki27:372/3/21b
2/13/21, 2/14/21Aliya Hussain: 100 groups urge Biden to close Guantanamo Bay detention center - hosted by Jan Miyasaki12:122/10/21b
2/20/21, 2/21/21The Threat of Nuclear Weapons with Noam Chomsky - hosted by Bianca Mugyenyi52:192/3/21c
2/27/21, 2/28/21Robin D. G. Kelley: Histories of Racial Capitalism and Resistance - hosted by Allen Ruff52:442/25/21a
3/6/21, 3/7/21Lindsay Koshgarian: The Real Costs of the National Security State - hosted by Allen Ruff50:163/4/21a
3/13/21, 3/14/21Alfred McCoy: The Decline of U.S. Global Power - hosted by Allen Ruff53:193/11/21a
3/20/21, 3/21/21Megin McDonell: LGBT+ Legislation and the Fight for Trans Equity in Wisconsin - hosted by Ali Muldrow53:043/17/21a
3/27/21, 3/28/2110 Things Wrong With Biden's Foreign Policy - Medea Benjamin - hosted by Paul Jay56:173/22/21c
4/3/21, 4/4/21Are Progressives Ignoring Foreign Policy? - Medea Benjamin - hosted by Paul Jay31:343/29/21c
4/10/21, 4/11/21Iman Saleh: Saleh: Biden must end support of the Saudi blockade of Yemen - hosted by Jan Miyasaki13:414/7/21a

a From A Public Affair on WORT-FM.
b From the 8 O'Clock Buzz on WORT-FM
c From theAnalysis.news.
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