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1/6/24, 1/7/24Jennifer Loewenstein: Gaza: What Comes Next? - hosted by Tony Castañeda17:121/4/24a
1/13/24, 1/14/24Ramzy Baroud, Suzanne Adely: Update on Palestine - hosted by Esty Dinur52:411/12/23b
1/20/24, 1/21/24Afreen Minai: 22 years - Let's Not Forget there are Prisoners at Guantánamo
- hosted by Jan Miyasaki
1/27/24, 1/28/24Erik Gunn: Another Evers-Appointee Rejected - hosted by Allen Ruff53:021/25/24b
2/3/24, 2/4/24Clarence Lusane: Make America Fascist Again: If Trump Wins - hosted by Jan Miyasaki31:0312/27/23a
2/10/24, 2/11/24Rick Perlstein: The Rise of Fascism in America - hosted by Tony Castañeda25:132/8/24a
2/17/24, 2/18/24A Conversation with John Nichols - hosted by Allen Ruff52:422/15/24b
2/24/24, 2/25/24The Uncertain Fate of Julian Assange with Journalist Kevin Gosztola - hosted by Allen Ruff48:412/22/24b
3/2/24, 3/3/24Matthew Hoh: Protesting The War On Gaza - hosted by Tony Castañeda16:462/29/24a
3/9/24, 3/10/24Shattering the Silence with Norman Solomon - hosted by Allen Ruff53:063/7/24b
3/16/24, 3/17/24Aurora Conley, Mary Mazzio: "When we said no, we meant that" - hosted by Allen Ruff51:313/14/24b
3/23/24, 3/24/24Marjorie Kelly: How the Extractive Economy Drives Today's Crises;
Ralph Nader: Deaths in Gaza Are Vastly Underreported - hosted by Esty Dinur
3/30/24, 3/31/24America's Contemporary Global Power with Alfred W. McCoy - hosted by Allen Ruff53:083/28/24b
4/6/24, 4/7/24Michael Omer-Man: Omer-Man: Sanction Israeli Banks Supporting Violent Israeli Settlers
- hosted by Jan Miyasaki
4/13/24, 4/14/24Wendy Via: Project 2025: Far Right Plans for an "Ideal" America - hosted by Jan Miyasaki16:454/10/24a
4/20/24, 4/21/24Norm Stockwell, Brian Standing: Reflecting on a Century: The Legacy of Fighting Bob LaFollette
- hosted by Andy Moore

a From the 8 O'Clock Buzz on WORT-FM
b From A Public Affair on WORT-FM.
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