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1/4/20, 1/5/20Parker Schorr: Catholic Church Limits Reproductive Healthcare - hosted by Brian Standing15:1312/30/19a
1/11/20, 1/12/20Viki Berenson, Ed Blume: F-35 Opposition Continues... - hosted by Jan Miyasaki11:131/8/20a
1/18/20, 1/19/20Sarah Anderson: Military Contractor CEOs Make Millions After Assassination - hosted by Jan Miyasaki21:081/8/20a
1/25/20, 1/26/20Lindsay Koshgarian: Wars On Iraq and "Terror" Cost $6.9 Trillion - hosted by Jan Miyasaki12:541/15/20a
2/1/20, 2/2/20Ahmed Abu Artema, Jennifer Loewenstein, Arun Gupta: Split Show: Trump's Middle East Peace Plan
and Asylum-Seekers at the Border
- hosted by Esty Dinur
2/8/20, 2/9/20Mike Browne: Student Debt Crippling Wisconsin's Economy - hosted by Brian Standing13:572/3/20a
2/15/20, 2/16/20Mary Jo Walter, David Williams: Efforts Continue for Anti-F-35 group - hosted by Jan Miyasaki13:542/12/20a
2/22/20, 2/23/20Dr. Laurel Mark: How Single Payer Healthcare Can Work...and Should - hosted by Jan Miyasaki14:012/19/20a
2/29/20, 3/1/20Mitch Jones: Climate Change Fight Begins with Fracking - hosted by Jan Miyasaki15:012/26/20a
3/7/20, 3/8/20Branko Marcetic: Joe Biden's History of Selling the Iraq Invasion, Expanding Prisons & Pulling Democrats to the Right - hosted by Amy Goodman33:593/5/20c
3/14/20, 3/15/20Lance Green: Update on the Air National Guard PFAS Issues - hosted by Jan Miyasaki15:073/11/20a
3/21/20, 3/22/20Hallie Templeton: Friends of the Earth fights floating factory fish farms - hosted by Jan Miyasaki20:233/18/20a
3/28/20, 3/29/20Tarek Abuata, Cassandra Dixon: Human Rights In Palestine During The Pandemic - hosted by Esty Dinur43:013/27/20b
4/4/20, 4/5/20Chad Dunn: Why Absentee Ballots Should Be the Norm - hosted by Jan Miyasaki11:314/1/20a
4/11/20, 4/12/20David Bacon: Undocumented But "Essential" Workers Excluded from CARES Act - hosted by Jan Miyasaki17:274/8/20a
4/18/20, 4/19/20Vicki Berenson: Air Force siting squadron of F-35 fighter jets in Madison - hosted by Esty Dinur10:524/17/20b
4/25/20, 4/26/20Marc Armstrong: Banking for the People! - hosted by Jan Miyasaki18:394/22/20a
5/2/20, 5/3/20Chomsky: Defeat Trump and Build a Popular Movement42:204/16/20d
5/9/20, 5/10/20Amanda Starbuck: COVID Shows Our Weak Food Supply - hosted by Jan Miyasaki18:215/6/20a
5/16/20, 5/17/20Sarah Anderson: Anderson: The U.S. Postal Service is in a Manufactured Crisis - hosted by Jan Miyasaki22:365/13/20a
5/23/20, 5/24/20Katie Beilfuss: New Programs at Wisconsin Wetlands Association - hosted by Jan Miyasaki16:185/20/20a
5/30/20, 5/31/20David Neiwert: The Dangers of the Radical Right in America - hosted by Esty Dinur53:195/22/20b
6/6/20, 6/7/20Jordan T. Camp, Christina Heatherton: The Crisis of Policing in America - hosted by Allen Ruff54:066/4/20b
6/13/20, 6/14/20Murder of George Floyd Rooted in American Slave System - Gerald Horne39:536/3/20d
6/20/20, 6/21/20Kevin Alexander Gray: Oppression and Militarism in the U.S. - hosted by Jan Miyasaki26:306/17/20a
6/27/20, 6/28/20Stephanie Spehar, Justin Novotny: The Government Needs to Tell the Truth Untold
- hosted by Damita Brown
7/4/20, 7/5/20"What to the Slave Is the 4th of July?": James Earl Jones Reads Frederick Douglass's Historic Speech; Angela Davis on Abolition, Calls to Defund Police, Toppled Racist Statues & Voting in 2020 Election - hosted by Amy Goodman (repeated from 7/3/20)32:297/3/20e

a From the 8 O'Clock Buzz on WORT-FM
b From A Public Affair on WORT-FM.
c Web Exclusive from Democracy Now!.
d From theAnalysis.news.
e From Democracy Now! special edition.
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