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1/7/23, 1/8/23Jennifer Lowenstein: Far Right Ultranationalists Assume Power in Israel
- hosted by Tony Castañeda
1/14/23, 1/15/23Alexander Main: An update on the protests in Brazil - hosted by Allen Ruff52:221/12/23b
1/21/23, 1/22/23The Strengthening on the Alt-Right with Max Elbaum - hosted by Allen Ruff53:201/19/23b
1/28/23, 1/29/23William Hartung on US Defense Spending - hosted by Allen Ruff51:071/12/23b
2/4/23, 2/5/23Kevin Kamps: Kamps: Restarting a Closed Powerplant is a Dangerous and Expensive Experiment
- hosted by Jan Miyasaki
2/11/23, 2/12/23Eli Clifton: Defense spending overseen by individuals with financial connections to contractors
- hosted by Jan Miyasaki
2/18/23, 2/19/23Jeff Abbott, Astrid Carolina Montealegre: Obstacles facing migrants and refugees at the US-Mexico border
- hosted by Douglas Haynes
2/25/23, 2/26/23Rebekah Entralgo: For Years Unions have Warned of Safety Issues on U. S. Railroads
- hosted by Jan Miyasaki
3/4/23, 3/5/23Jacob Horwitz: Horwitz: Garment Workers Bore the Brunt of COVID Economic Loss
- hosted by Jan Miyasaki
3/11/23, 3/12/23Linda Benesch: Benesch: Social Security Contribution Limit Needs to be Raised - hosted by Jan Miyasaki15:593/8/23a
3/18/23, 3/19/23Ruth Ben-Ghiat: Fascism Plays the Trump Card - hosted by Tony Castañeda19:153/16/23a
3/25/23, 3/26/23Karen Dolan: Biden's budget would reduce the wealth gap, and support children - hosted by Jan Miyasaki21:353/22/23a
4/1/23, 4/2/23Bill Black on SVB: A Bipartisan Clown Car Crash - hosted by Colin Bruce Anthes57:433/22/23c
4/8/23, 4/9/23Unpacking Tuesday's Election with Matt Rothschild - hosted by Allen Ruff52:454/6/23b
4/15/23, 4/16/23Maria Charmast: Russian activists flee country to continue efforts to build a democratic and civil society
- hosted by Tony Castañeda
4/22/23, 4/23/23Norm Stockwell: Fox News Defamation Lawsuit Settlement - hosted by Tony Castañeda22:254/20/23a
4/29/23, 4/30/23Larry Wilkerson: U.S. Interference in the Middle East - 20 Years Since the U.S. Invasion of Iraq - Col. Larry Wilkerson - hosted by Talia Baroncelli49:164/4/23c
5/6/23, 5/7/23Mark Burrows: Railroad Workers United Calls for Nationalization of Railroads - hosted by Brian Standing14:585/1/23a
5/13/23, 5/14/23Lisa Graves: Graves: John Roberts has failed to protect the Supreme Court Integrity
- hosted by Jan Miyasaki
5/20/23, 5/21/23Francisco Rodríguez, Eileen Appelbaum: New Reports from the Center for Economic and Policy Research
- hosted by Esty Dinur
5/27/23, 5/21/23Hassan El-Tayyab: El-Tayyab: Time to De-escalate U. S. involvement in the Middle East
- hosted by Jan Miyasaki
6/3/23, 6/4/23John Devine: SCOTUS strips wetlands of Clean Water Act protection - hosted by Jan Miyasaki9:235/31/23a
6/10/23, 6/11/23Sam Pizzigati: Putting the kibosh on Defense Contractor CEOs' Gravy Train? - hosted by Jan Miyasaki19:396/7/23a
6/17/23, 6/18/23Matt Rothschild: Don Trump Indictment - hosted by Tony Castañeda19:296/15/23a
6/24/23, 6/25/23Michael Li: Li on the U.S. Supreme Court ruling against Alabama's voting districts - hosted by Jan Miyasaki20:546/21/23a
7/1/23, 7/2/23China's Role As Mediator in Putin's Forever War? With Historian Al McCoy - hosted by Allen Ruff52:446/29/23b
7/8/23, 7/9/23Dee Hall Retires From Wisconsin Watch - hosted by Brian Standing16:047/3/23a
7/15/23, 7/16/23"The majority of people in this country are against the MAGA agenda" with Max Elbaum
- hosted by Allen Ruff
7/22/23, 7/23/23Matt Rothschild: Project 2025: The Path to Illiberal Democracy - hosted by Tony Castañeda29:327/20/23a
7/29/23, 7/30/23Lindsay Koshgarian: Close vote of Defense Authorization in House due to Conservative Amendments
- hosted by Jan Miyasaki
8/5/23, 8/6/23Line 5 Update with Marc Rosenthal and Carl Sack - hosted by Allen Ruff52:218/3/23b
8/12/23, 8/13/23Norm Stockwell: Playing With Fire - hosted by Tony Castañeda11:438/10/23a
8/19/23, 8/20/23Christian Phelps, Michael Jones, Jeff Knight: The Dollars Behind Wisconsin's Public Schools
- hosted by Bert Zipperer
8/26/23, 8/27/23Helen Jaccard: Veterans for Peace Boat "Golden Rule" sails on the Great Lakes - hosted by Jan Miyasaki20:088/23/23a
9/2/23, 9/3/23Bob Lord: Reversing the Wealth Concentration That's Suffocating our Democracy - hosted by Jan Miyasaki19:138/30/23a
9/9/23, 9/10/23Kevin Curtis: Conservatives' Battle Plan to Dismantle 100 Years of Environmental Protections
- hosted by Jan Miyasaki
9/16/23, 9/17/23Anika Forrest: Migration is a Management Problem - hosted by Jan Miyasaki25:079/13/23a
9/23/23, 9/24/23Chris Vaughn, Johnson Bridgwater, Marty Erspamer: The Fight Against a Copper Mine in the Porcupine Mountains - hosted by Esty Dinur53:079/22/23b
9/30/23, 10/1/23Jonathan Melrod: A Labor Activism of Love - hosted by Tony Castañeda13:039/28/23a

a From the 8 O'Clock Buzz on WORT-FM
b From A Public Affair on WORT-FM.
c From theAnalysis.news.
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