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1/1/10Ingrid Robeyns: Can the Unequal Gender Division of Labor be Justified? (50 MB mp3) 54:2312/2/09a
1/8/10Sami Rasouli: Iraq Today: A Peacemaker's Eyewitness Report (37 MB mp3) 40:1912/13/09b
1/15/10Jane Anne Morris: Corporate Personhood: Taking Stock (55 MB mp3) 59:3811/21/09c
1/29/10President Obama's State Of The Union Speech (64 MB mp3) 1:09:281/27/10d
2/5/10Madison Nonprofit Affordable Housing Endangered While State Law Goes Unchanged (17 MB mp3) 50:515/10/09e
2/12/10Robert Kraig and Karen Timberlake: Healthcare Reform and Wisconsin (39 MB mp3) 42:072/3/10f
2/19/10Healthcare Reform and Wisconsin - Q&A (42 MB mp3) 45:432/3/10f
2/26/10Social Commentator and Lesbian Comedienne Kate Clinton, author of "I Told You So," a hilarious, bittersweet, politically acute survival guide (46 MB mp3) 50:176/28/09e
3/12/10The Progressive Magazine's 100th Anniversary Celebration: April 30th Orpheum Benefit Concert and May 1-2 Conference at Monona Terrace (42 MB mp3) 46:184/19/09e
3/19/10Diane Elson: Gender Dimensions of the Global Financial Crisis: High Income Countries (10 MB mp3) 43:469/22/09a
3/26/10Stories of Palestine -- "The birds that are your hands" -- with Sol Kelley-Jones and Nathan Beck - hour 1 (47 MB mp3) 51:161/4/09e
4/2/10Stories of Palestine -- "The birds that are your hands" -- with Sol Kelley-Jones and Nathan Beck - hour 2 (47 MB mp3) 51:181/4/09e
4/9/10John Porter: Taking Science to Congress (19 MB mp3) 26:535/14/09g
4/16/10Mining and Resource Wars (78 MB mp3) 56:454/8/10i
4/30/10Mary Somers: No More Deaths and Humanitarian Aid for Migrants in Arizona (31 MB mp3) 22:543/25/10j
5/7/10Phyllis Hasbrouck: Firchburg Fields (34 MB mp3) 24:524/22/10j
5/14/10Dean Baker: The Origins of the Economic Crisis and the Way Out (41 MB mp3) 59:444/24/10c
5/21/10Supporting Young Community Leaders: Amy Mondloch from Grassroots Leadership College and Natalia Thompson from Madison SOS (Speak Out, Sisters!) (46 MB mp3) 49:597/19/09e
5/28/10Remembering Nan Cheney (72 MB mp3) 52:145/21/10i
6/4/10Noam Chomsky: The Role of the Radical Intellectual: Some Personal Reflections (85 MB mp3) 1:02:074/8/10a
6/11/10Amy Dean: A New New Deal: How Regional Activism Will Reshape the American Labor Movement (22 MB ogg) 1:04:384/29/10a
6/18/10Connecting Young People and Our Civil Rights History: Selma Historian/Guide Joanne Bland and Milwaukee filmmaker Scott Rivera (45 MB mp3) 49:347/26/09e
6/25/10Who's Accountable for Haitian Relief? (38 MB mp3) 27:496/10/10j
7/2/10Ray Raphael, Author of "Founders: The People Who Brought You a Nation" (47 MB mp3) 51:487/5/09e
7/16/10Author Lev Raphael on his book "My Germany" describes a journey begun in pain and grief that transforms into healing and forgiveness (46 MB mp3) 50:035/3/09e
7/30/10The anti-anti-gay marriage protest July 27 (76 MB mp3) 55:017/16/10i
8/6/10Geoffrey Garver: A "Quaker-based" Approach to the Environment (59 MB mp3) 43:121/11/09e
8/20/10LGBT Celebration in Madison: Highlights of [past] "Wisconsin Capitol Pride" Weekend, August 14th, 15th, and 16th, 2009 (45 MB mp3) 49:368/9/09e
9/3/10Joanne Bland & Renee Shavers: Anniversary of Voting Rights Act (70 MB mp3) 51:088/13/10i
9/10/10Mary Somers: The Swine Flu Vaccine (40 MB mp3) 29:168/26/10j
9/17/10The life of Bob La Follette (77 MB mp3) 56:069/10/10i
9/24/10Author Atty. Frederick Hertz, Author of "Making it Legal: A Guide to Same-Sex Marriage, Domestic Partnerships & Civil Unions" (62 MB mp3) 45:008/16/09e
10/15/10Evolving Media (72 MB mp3) 52:1310/1/10i
10/29/10Carin Clauss: Supermajority, Filibusters and Democracy/David Newby: The Role of Government in a Capitalist Society (52 MB mp3) 57:075/1/10c
11/5/10Elizabeth Field: Abortion Rights (39 MB mp3) 28:1610/14/10j
11/12/10Jane Anne Morris: How Corporations Use the Constitution to Dismantle Democracy (27 MB mp3) 29:565/1/10c
11/19/10Arlie Hochschild: Global Traffic in Female Service: Nannies, Surrogates, and Emotional Labor (41 MB mp3) 59:0711/17/10a
11/26/10John Peck: Family Farm Defenders (37 MB mp3) 26:4310/28/10j
12/3/10Samuel Farber: Cuba Today: Current Trends and Future Developments (107 MB mp3) 1:18:1110/20/10a
12/17/10A Tribute to Judy Leurquin (40 MB mp3) 28:5312/9/10j
12/24/10Samuel Farber: Cuba 1959: Roads Chosen and Not Chosen (104 MB mp3) 1:16:2010/19/10a
12/31/10Yochai Benkler: Freedom and Power in the Networked Information Environment (126 MB mp3) 1:31:5410/28/10a

a Lectures from the audio (or video) archives of the Havens Center at UW-Madison.
b Recorded at Prairie Unitarian Universalist Society Meeting House in Madison.
c Talks sponsored by The Madison Institute.
d Pacifica Radio.
e From John Quinlan's Forward Forum archives.
f Recorded at General Meeting and Public Forum of the League of Women Voters of Dane County.
g Podcast from Science & the City, New York Academy of Sciences.
h Recorded at Madison Skeptics meeting.
i From A Public Affair, WORT-FM.
j From Health Writers on the Air, WORT-FM.
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