Meadowood Life Stories
broadcast at noon on Saturdays

after any news on
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These are original stories written by members of the Meadowood Life Story Writers' Group which meets at the Meadowood Neighborhood Center on Monday mornings.
Story Title
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Author Length Source
12/23/17IntroductionDick Radtke 1:51a
12/23/17ConchingJoe Ringeisen 7:45a
10/29/18The Wisconsin CaucusRick Ruecking 8:19a
10/30/18O Give Me a WordMarnie Schulenburg 5:36a
10/31/18Blind DateJane Noffke 6:11a
11/1/18RememberMary Mullen 7:17a
11/2/18DickieRon Hoppmann 3:04a
11/5/18No Stroke of LuckBarbara Bryce 7:21a
11/6/18Sleepless at the Silver MoonJim Stephenson 9:05a
11/7/18Grandma's HandsDick Radtke 6:28a
11/8/18Field TripJane Noffke 5:09b
11/9/18Journal Entries in the Style of David SedarisMary Mullen 8:53b
11/12/18All the Stupid Little Things We Do in LifeBarbara Bryce 6:04b
11/13/18Last Chapter of Dickenson St. HillRon Hoppmann 4:20b
11/14/18The OutlawRick Ruecking 8:49b
11/15/18Three Little Words; H2O; Clownin' AroundMike Shucha 8:28b
11/16/18Afternoon Cruise; Baby VampireJoe Ringeisen 6:26b
11/19/18Poem about Memoir GroupMarnie Schulenburg 1:56b
11/20/18Man in a BoatDick Radtke 6:38b
3/7/20Just Another Laundry Day
On the Boats
Jane Noffke 7:29c
3/14/20The Snowy Winter of 1949Ron Hoppmann 6:13c
3/21/20Alternate Accounting Facts
A Taxing Account
Mike Shucha 6:51c
Out of the Dark
Rick Ruecking 8:54c
4/4/20Health Care in South AmericaMarnie Schulenburg 7:43c
4/11/20An Article in the Paper or A Parakeet Dies
For My Seventy-Ninth Birthday, Sept. 25, 2019
Shelter from the Storm
Mary Mullen 12:02c
4/18/20HaircutDick Radtke 8:10c
5/28/22My Last Roulade With DadMichelle Crean Stellner 4:55d
6/4/22Glove Gone RogueColleen Cleary 5:41d
6/11/22The Belly of the BeastMarnie Schulenburg 4:31d
6/16/22The Waters With Which I DanceRick Ruecking 5:49d
6/25/22Tin EarMary Mullen 5:33d
7/2/22Weird Childhood BehaviorJane Noffke 5:29d
7/9/22Homage to GrandparentsMolly Plunkett 7:24d
7/16/22Pot RoastBarbara Park 4:19d
7/23/22EnlightenmentMike Shucha 7:50d
7/30/22Things That Go Bump In the NightDick Radtke 5:15d
11/25/23My Uncle EinoJane Noffke 5:51e
12/2/23A Book Cave to RememberMarnie Schulenburg4:41e
12/9/23Cheap PleasuresMary Mullen 6:30e
12/16/23AncestryBarbara Park 3:37e
12/23/23Which Face Was the Worst?Rick Ruecking 5:52e
12/30/23Travis Brian PercivalMolly Plunkett 6:56e
1/6/24American CultureMike Shucha 5:18e
1/13/24All the Egg ThingsMichelle Stellner 4:34e
1/20/24The Lamp, the Genie and 100-Year-Old JulieBarbara Bryce 5:47e
1/27/24A Day at the Dentist's: a One-Act DramaDick Radtke4:50e
2/3/24LibrariesBarbara Park 4:41f
2/10/24Vacations on the WaterBarbara Park 8:45g
2/17/24Bird WatchingBarbara Park 6:33h
2/24/24I Come Into the WorldJane Noffke 5:17i
3/2/24Getting Away With ItDick Radtke 6:08i
3/9/24Honored GuestsRick Ruecking 18:13i
3/15/24Pass the StickMarnie Schulenburg 4:00j

* Original broadcast date is shown. Subsequently one story is repeated each Saturday, starting with the earliest.
a Recorded by WIDE-LP at Sequoya Library on Oct. 20, 2017.
b Recorded by WIDE-LP at Sequoya Library on Nov. 2, 2018.
c Recorded by WIDE-LP at Sequoya Library on Feb. 28, 2020.
d Recorded by WIDE-LP at Meadowood Community Room May 19, 2022
e Recorded by WIDE-LP at Sequoya Library on Nov. 9, 2023.   [photos]
f Private recording Feb. 3, 2024.
g Private recording Feb. 9, 2024.
h Private recording Feb. 17, 2024.
i Recorded by WIDE-LP at Meadowood Neighborhood Center Feb. 19, 2024.
j Private recording March 15, 2024.

Earlier Years
Author's name
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Length Source
3/9/13Introduction - Dick Radtke 2:06a
3/9/13Rick Ruecking 5:26a
3/16/13Jane Noffke 6:15a
3/30/13Mike Shucha 6:17a
4/6/13Michelle & Katie Crean 5:26a
4/13/13April Hoffman 7:14a
4/20/13Barb Huppler 6:28a
4/27/13Joe Ringeisen 5:47a
5/4/13Mary Mullen 6:59a
5/11/13Ron Hoppmann 7:27a
5/18/13Colleen Cleary 5:54a
5/25/13Judy Lazarus 6:33a
Introduction - Dick Radtke 2:13b
Ron Hoppmann 3:33b
4/5/14Michelle Crean Stellner 9:05b
4/12/14Joe Ringeisen 8:44b
5/3/14Marnie Schulenburg 6:13b
5/17/14Rick Ruecking 15:41b
5/24/14Judy Lazarus 8:46b
5/31/14Barbara Bryce 5:34b
6/7/14Mike Shucha 8:42b
6/14/14Mary Mullen 8:07b
6/21/14Dick Radtke 6:33b
Introduction - Dick Radtke 1:58c
Mike Shucha 5:06c
10/24/15Jane Noffke 6:22c
10/31/15Marnie Schulenburg 6:39c
11/7/15Rick Ruecking 4:55c
11/14/15Mary Mullen 8:28c
11/21/15Ron Hoppmann 6:42c
12/5/15Joe Ringeisen 7:48c
12/12/15Barbara Bryce 4:25c
1/16/16Dick Radtke 7:43c

a Recorded by WIDE-LP at Sequoya Library on Feb. 22, 2013.
b Recorded by WIDE-LP at Sequoya Library on March 7, 2014.
c Recorded by WIDE-LP at Sequoya Library on Feb. 20, 2015.
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