Meadowood Life Stories
broadcast at noon on Saturdays

when there is no news to report on our
Neighborhood News at Noon
These are original stories written by members of the Meadowood Life Story Writer's Group which meets at the Meadowood Neighborhood Center on Monday mornings.
Story Title
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Author Length Source
12/23/17IntroductionDick Radtke 1:51a
12/23/17ConchingJoe Ringeisen 7:45a
The Wisconsin CaucusRick Ruecking 8:19a
O Give Me a WordMarnie Schulenburg 5:36a
Blind DateJane Noffke 6:11a
RememberMary Mullen 7:17a
DickieRon Hoppman 3:04a
No Stroke of LuckBarbara Bryce 7:21a
Sleepless at the Silver Moon Jim Stephenson 9:05a
Grandma's HandsDick Radtke 6:28a

a Recorded by WIDE-LP at Sequoya Library on Oct. 20, 2017.

Past years
Author's name
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Length Source
3/9/13Introduction - Dick Radtke 2:06a
3/9/13Rick Ruecking 5:26a
3/16/13Jane Noffke 6:15a
3/30/13Mike Shucha 6:17a
4/6/13Michelle & Katie Crean 5:26a
4/13/13April Hoffman 7:14a
4/20/13Barb Huppler 6:28a
4/27/13Joe Ringeisen 5:47a
5/4/13Mary Mullen 6:59a
5/11/13Ron Hoppman 7:27a
5/18/13Colleen Cleary 5:54a
5/25/13Judy Lazarus 6:33a

3/15/14, 3/22/14Introduction - Dick Radtke 2:13b
3/15/14, 3/22/14Ron Hoppman 3:33b
4/5/14Michelle Crean Stellner 9:05b
4/12/14Joe Ringeisen 8:44b
5/3/14Marnie Schulenburg 6:13b
5/17/14Rick Ruecking 15:41b
5/24/14Judy Lazarus 8:46b
5/31/14Barbara Bryce 5:34b
6/7/14Mike Shucha 8:42b
6/14/14Mary Mullen 8:07b
6/21/14Dick Radtke 6:33b

7/18/15, 7/25/15Introduction - Dick Radtke 1:58c
7/18/15, 7/25/15Mike Shucha 5:06c
10/24/15Jane Noffke 6:22c
10/31/15Marnie Schulenburg 6:39c
11/7/15Rick Ruecking 4:55c
11/14/15Mary Mullen 8:28c
11/21/15Ron Hoppman 6:42c
12/5/15Joe Ringeisen 7:48c
12/12/15Barbara Bryce 4:25c
1/16/16Dick Radtke 7:43c

a Recorded by WIDE-LP at Sequoya Library on Feb. 22, 2013.
b Recorded by WIDE-LP at Sequoya Library on March 7, 2014.
c Recorded by WIDE-LP at Sequoya Library on Feb. 20, 2015.
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