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1/1/23Kalvin Barrett, April Kigeya, Analiese Eicher, Patrick Miles: Year In Review: The Uncertain Path of the Dane County Jail - Nate Wegehaupt reporting7:0612/28/22a
1/7/23, 1/8/23Kelly Gallaher: Foxconn to Receive $8.5 Million in Tax Credits under Renegotiated Deal with State
- hosted by Tony Castañeda
1/14/23, 1/15/23Dustin Brown, Jerome Dillard, Sue Jennik: Constitutional amendments could be on the spring ballot. Our guests are opposed to them. - hosted by Brian Standing11:431/9/23b
1/21/23, 1/22/23Bruce Murphy: Suppressing the Vote in Milwaukee - hosted by Tony Castañeda17:481/19/23b
1/28/23, 1/29/23Meet the Candidate: Gloria Reyes for Madison Mayor - hosted by Carousel Bayrd52:451/25/23c
2/4/23, 2/5/23Near Westside Mayoral Candidate Forum at Sequoya Library 1/30/23 - moderated by Joy Cardin1:30:191/30/23d
2/11/23, 2/12/23A Conversation with Mayoral Candidate and Incumbent Satya Rhodes-Conway - hosted by Carousel Bayrd53:361/4/23c
2/18/23, 2/19/23Scott Kerr is Running for Madison Mayor - hosted by Chali Pittman52:481/11/23c
2/25/23, 2/26/23Scott McDonell, Satya Rhodes-Conway, Gloria Reyes, Scott Kerr: Dane County Sees High Voter Turnout as Reyes, Rhodes-Conway Move Forward - Nate Wegehaupt reporting5:262/22/23a
3/4/23, 3/5/23Matt Wachter, Tag Evers, Barbara Harrington-McKinney, Patrick Heck: Council Allows More Unrelated Renters to Live Together - Nate Wegehaupt reporting5:543/1/23a
3/11/23, 3/12/23Joe Parisi, Kalvin Barrett, Jeanne McLellan: County Officials Announce Home of New Crisis Triage Center - Nate Wegehaupt reporting3:523/9/23a
3/18/23, 3/19/23Sen. Chris Larson, Amanda Merkwae, Melissa Ludin: Understanding the Referendum: Cash Bail Constitutional Amendment - hosted by Carousel Bayrd53:153/15/23c
3/25/23, 3/26/23Dustin Brown, Prof. David Pate, Ruth Conniff: What's on the ballot? State wide referendums
- hosted by Carousel Bayrd
4/1/23, 4/2/23Badri Lankella, Blair Mosner Feltham: Meet the Candidates: MMSD School Board
- hosted by Chali Pittman
28:13; 23:183/29/23c
4/9/23Brenda Konkel: City of Madison Election Roundup - hosted by Tony Castañeda17:584/6/23b
4/15/23, 4/16/23Ben Wikler is relieved, and optimistic for what's ahead in Wisconsin - hosted by Tony Castañeda17:374/13/23b
4/22/23, 4/23/23Kristina Shelton, Jon Shelton: Wisconsin Education Funding 2023-2025 - hosted by Douglas Haynes53:314/17/23c
4/29/23, 4/30/23Melissa Agard: Wisconsin State Senator Agard Embarks on "Grass Routes Tour" To Legalize Cannabis
- hosted by Andy Moore
5/6/23, 5/7/23Jacob Resneck: Wisconsin Legislature's Secretive Process to Block Spending
- hosted by Brian Standing
5/13/23, 5/14/23Sara Bringman, John Johnson: MTI Retired Teachers Call on Finance Committee to Remember Education Funding - Nate Wegehaupt reporting12:195/10/23a
5/20/23, 5/21/23David Fahrenthold on the Three Wisconsin Men at the Heart of a Vast Political Nonprofit Network
- Nate Wegehaupt reporting
5/28/23Barbara With, Rob Lee, Elizabeth Ward: Line 5 Pipeline Update - hosted by Esty Dinur52:455/26/23c
6/3/23, 6/4/23Mark Spreitzer, James Bond, Brooke Running, Avi Mack, Tony Evers: Pride Flag Raised at the State Capitol for the Fifth Time - Faye Parks reporting5:336/1/23a
6/10/23, 6/11/23Duey Stroebel, Joel Kitchens: Republican Lawmakers Propose Changes to Reading Education
- Nate Carlin reporting
6/17/23, 6/18/23State Rep Francesca Hong Talks Politics - hosted by Tony Castañeda14:246/15/23b
6/24/23, 6/25/23Megan O'Matz: What is going on with Wisconsin's election administrator?
- hosted by Carousel Bayrd
7/1/23, 7/2/23Charles Franklin: Poll Shows Evers' Approval Grows, But Many Believe State on the Wrong Track
- Nate Wegehaupt reporting
7/8/23, 7/9/23Greta Neubauer: Evers Signs 23-25 Budget Favoring Public Schools, Higher Ed, and Tax Relief for Working Families - hosted by Tony Castañeda18:247/6/23b
7/15/23, 7/16/23Bennet Goldstein: Small Town Fights for Local Control of CAFOs - Nate Wegehaupt reporting 9:447/11/23a
7/22/23, 7/23/23Melissa Ratcliff: Wisconsin Republican Legislators Introduce Bills to Ban Transgender Women from Women's Athletics - hosted by Brian Standing10:337/17/23b
7/29/23, 7/30/23Melissa Agard, Kelda Roys: State Budget breakdown with Senators Agard and Roys
- hosted by Carousel Bayrd
8/5/23, 8/6/23Randy Koschnick: Liberal-Majority State Supreme Justices Fire Director of State Courts Randy Koschnick - Faye Parks reporting4:358/3/23a
8/12/23, 8/13/23Ruth Schmidt, Tony Evers: Evers Calls for a New Session for Workforce Issues - Nate Carlin reporting3:508/8/23a
8/19/23, 8/20/23Barry C. Burden, Ruth Conniff: What you need to know about the Wisconsin Supreme Court
- hosted by Carousel Bayrd
8/26/23, 8/27/23Sara Rodriguez: WI Lieutenant Governor on Child Care, Health Care, and her new podcast
- hosted by Carousel Bayrd
9/2/23, 9/3/23Tom Kamenick: Transparency Talk: Supreme Round-Up - Chali Pittman reporting11:108/31/23a
9/9/23, 9/10/23Matt Defour: Wisconsin Supreme Court in Turmoil - hosted by Tony Castañeda30:159/7/23b
9/16/23, 9/17/23Redistricting explained with Philip Rocco - hosted by Nate Carlin52:539/14/23c
9/23/23, 9/24/23Marlena Banks, Sen. LaTonya Johnson, Rep. Shelia Stubbs, AG Josh Kaul, Rep. Deb Andraca: Proposed Gun Regulations Get the Spotlight at Today's Press Conference - Faye Parks reporting3:469/21/23a
9/30/23, 10/1/23Derek Field, Marsha Rummel, Bill Tishler, MGR Govindarajan, Sabrina Madison, Dina Nina Martinez-Rutherford, Tag Evers: Alders share perspectives on affordable housing in Madison
- Sara Gabler reporting

a From WORT News Department.
b From the 8 O'Clock Buzz on WORT-FM.
c From A Public Affair on WORT-FM.
d Sponsored by Midvale Heights Community Association, Westmorland Neighborhood Association and other neighborhood associations at the Sequoya Library.
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