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1/1/22, 1/2/22Tressie Kamp: Madison Recycler Must Pay 90K for Hazardous Waste Violations - Nate Wegehaupt reporting5:4212/22/21a
1/8/22, 1/9/22Rocky Start: Dylan Brogan on Isthmus on WORT - Nate Wegehaupt reporting10:171/6/22a
1/15/22, 1/16/22Greg Gelembiuk: "Bodycams Are Not What They Seem" - hosted by Allen Ruff52:291/13/22b
1/22/22, 1/23/22Caroline Fredrickson, John Johnson: The Case Against the Filibuster and Redistricting in Wisconsin
- hosted by Carousel Bayrd
1/29/22, 1/30/22Law Forward's Mel Barnes on Redistricting Oral Arguments - hosted by Brian Standing13:241/24/22c
2/5/22, 2/6/22Ben Callen, David Steffen, John Coleman, Nancy Larson: State DNR Hears Hours of Public Comment of Enbridge Line 5 Pipeline - Nate Wegehaupt reporting5:562/3/22a
2/12/22, 2/13/22Satya Rhodes-Conway: Mayor Satya Predicts Madison-Milwaukee Rail - Nate Wegehaupt reporting3:372/8/22a
2/19/22, 2/20/22Paul DeMain, Phyllis Hasbrouck, Marc Rosenthal: Local Water Protectors Oppose Line 5
- hosted by Allen Ruff
2/26/22, 2/27/22Emily Hamer, Megin McDonell: Afghan Refugees in Wisconsin + The Latest Anti-Trans Bill
- hosted by Carousel Bayrd
3/5/22, 3/6/22Jennifer Filipiak, Ryan Welsh, Bill Lueders: State Supreme Court To Decide If Private Phone Records Can Be Made Public - Nate Wegehaupt reporting5:423/2/22a
3/12/22, 3/13/22Luke Berg, Carlos Pabellon: State Supreme Court Hears Arguments for Dane County Mask Mandates - Nate Wegehaupt reporting5:403/8/22a
3/19/22, 3/20/22Laura Simkin, Shepherd Joyner: Meet the Candidates for MMSD School Board Seat 3
- hosted by Carousel Bayrd
3/26/22, 3/27/22Meet the Candidates: Brian Blanchard and Diane Schlipper - hosted by Carousel Bayrd53:213/23/22b
4/2/22, 4/3/22Patrick Marley: US Supreme Court Rules Wisconsin Must Redraw Governor Tony Evers' Maps
- Chali Pittman reporting
4/9/22, 4/10/22Drew Penrose: Is Ranked-Choice Voting the Way of the Future? - hosted by Bert Zipperer52:213/23/22b
4/16/22, 4/17/22Doug Oitzinger: Judge Rules DNR Cannot Force PFAS Cleanup - Nate Wegehaupt reporting10:284/14/22a
4/23/22, 4/24/22Keith Furman, David Schmiedicke, Chief Shon Barnes: Jam-Packed Common Council Meeting Goes Until Early Hours of the Morning - Nate Wegehaupt reporting5:034/20/22a
4/30/22, 5/1/22Charles Franklin: Marquette Law Poll Finds Voters Undecided in November Election
- Nate Wegehaupt reporting
5/7/22, 5/8/22Sarah Smith, Analiese Eicher: Dane County Files Lawsuit for PFAS Damages - Cameron Costanzo reporting3:535/4/22a
5/14/22, 5/15/22Dylan Brogan: Madison Common Council io Undergo Drastic Changes - Nate Wegehaupt reporting9:285/12/22a

a From WORT News Department.
b From A Public Affair on WORT-FM.
c From the 8 O'Clock Buzz on WORT-FM.
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