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10/3/08Scott Ritter: Waging Peace: Citizenship in a Time of Unjust War (42 MB mp3) 59:524/19/08a
10/10/08 Charles Franklin: The National Platforms of the Two Major Political Parties (41 MB mp3) 59:089/13/08a
10/17/08John Dean: Abuse of Executive Power: Worse Than Watergate? (54 MB mp3) 58:104/29/06a
10/24/08Nancy Krieger: The Elephants in the Room: Social Justice, Public Health, and Health Inequities (78 MB mp3) 1:24:324/15/08b
10/31/08Ted Gup: Democracy on the Brink: The Perils of Excessive Secrecy (55 MB mp3) 59:0411/3/07a
11/7/08Dave Ranney and Pat Wright: Bolivia's Efforts to End Poverty: A First Hand Report (74 MB mp3) 1:20:4310/30/08c
Jesse Jackson interviewed by John Nichols at Capital Times 90th birthday celebration (82 MB mp3) 1:29:1512/12/07d
11/28/08Naomi Klein: The Shock Doctrine: A Post-election Challenge for Progressives (55 MB mp3) 59:3511/7/08a
12/5/08Robert Jay Lifton: Superpower Syndrome: America's Apocolyptic Confrontation With the World (52 MB mp3) 56:034/17/04a
12/12/08Shadia Drury: Gulliver in Lilliput: American Foreign Policy in a Neo-Conservative Age (42 MB mp3) 59:1910/1/05a
12/19/08Stephen I. Schwartz & Steven Leeper: Confronting Nuclear Proliferation (27 MB mp3) 56:483/4/06a
12/26/08Joshua Farley: Beyond Economic Growth (27 MB mp3) 57:034/14/07a
1/2/09Lawrence Harrison: The Role of Culture in the Successful Development of a Society (41 MB mp3) 58:583/3/07a
1/9/09Dr. John P. Kaminski: Avoiding Cromwell (28 MB mp3) 59:361/20/07a
1/16/09Edward Friedman: Globalization: The Undermining of Democracy (27 MB mp3) 57:0211/18/06a
1/23/09Julie Guthman: Are we all Neoliberal Now? Contemporary Food Politics and the Making of Consumer Subjects (19 MB mp3) 1:23:3210/15/08b
Sprouts: Journalism Under Siege at the RNC (26 MB mp3) 28:302008e
2/13/09Sprouts: Gaza Strip (26 MB mp3) 28:161/7/09e
2/20/09Charles Weitz & Joseph Elder: Two Talks on Restructuring the United Nations for the 21st Century (41 MB mp3) 59:356/13/06 & 6/12/07a
2/27/09, 3/6/09Sprouts: Peak Oil Crisis (27 MB mp3) 29:209/20/07e
3/13/09Sami Rasouli 2008 - Muslim Peacemaker Teams (51 MB mp3) 55:214/6/08f
3/20/09Bill Fletcher Jr.: Strangers in a Strange Land: African American-Immigrant Tensions and the Potential for Unity in the 21st Century (75 MB mp3) 1:21:522/25/09b
3/27/09Jersualem Women (51 MB mp3) 55:145/6/07f
4/3/09Helen Caldicott: George Bush and the Threat of Nuclear War (50 MB mp3) 54:189/11/01f
4/10/09The Hidden History of Peace Making: Global Stories of Successful Nonviolent Change (52 MB mp3) 56:213/28/09g
4/17/09Sol Kelley-Jones: Conversations in Conflict (36 MB mp3) 39:404/12/09c
4/24/09Bonnie Tinker - Love Makes A Family (52 MB mp3) 56:1010/26/08f
5/1/09Noam Chomsky: Crisis in Gaza (49 MB mp3) 53:031/14/09h
5/8/09Tammy Baldwin: United Nations Sunday (26 MB mp3) 28:4410/24/99c
5/29/09Shawn Peters: Religious Convictions: Reflections on Faith Healing, Children, and the Law (24 MB mp3) 26:327/13/08c
6/5/09Tom Hayden: The Radical American Tradition - part I (51 MB mp3) 55:4410/18/07b
6/12/09Tom Hayden: The Radical American Tradition - part II (55 MB mp3) 1:00:1110/18/07b
6/19/09An Evening with The Progressive's Matt Rothschild (55 MB mp3) 59:546/11/09i
6/26/09Jeremi Suri: Focus on Central Asia: Afghanistan and the Neighborhood (40 MB mp3) 57:563/28/09a
7/3/09Amira Hass: Reporting the Middle East (57 MB mp3) 1:01:53spring '04b
7/17/09Saskia Sassen: Towards Novel Assemblages of Territory, Authority, and Rights - part I (61 MB mp3) 1:06:384/17/09b
7/24/09Saskia Sassen: Towards Novel Assemblages of Territory, Authority, and Rights - part II (32 MB mp3) 35:084/17/09b
7/31/09When Breathing is Defiance: Stories from Occupied Palestine (41 MB mp3) 44:207/19/09c
8/7/09Performance of "Seven Jewish Children: a play for Gaza" (17 MB mp3) 18:307/26/09c
8/14/09Arctic Special - part one (25 MB mp3) 27:477/16/09h
8/21/09Raquel Z. Rivera: New York Bomba: Puerto Ricans, Dominicans and a Bridge Called Haiti (57 MB mp3) 1:02:164/17/09b
8/28/09Interviews of Walter Cronkite and Tammy Baldwin on State Of Belief (18 MB mp3) 19:327/25/09, 5/2/09j
9/4/09Mad As Hell Doctors for single payer/Raging Grannies of Madison at Sicko showing (27 MB mp3) 29:388/26/09k
9/11/09Raquel Z. Rivera: Reggaeton's Socio-Sonic Circuitry: From Jamaica and New York, to Panama, Puerto Rico and Beyond (48 MB mp3) 52:534/17/09b
9/18/09Sarah Igo: Citizens and Social Knowledge (56 MB mp3) 1:01:342008b
9/25/09Sarah Igo: Citizens and Social Knowledge Q&A (19 MB mp3) 20:292008b
10/2/09Cassandra Dixon: Dangerous Passage to School (84 MB mp3) 1:31:319/16/09l
10/9/09Dr. James Conway: Vaccinations [concluded] (96 MB mp3)1:45:009/20/09m
10/16/09Antwi Akom: Eco-Apartheid or Educational Equity: Building Green and Orange Pathways out of Poverty (50 MB mp3) 54:1210/5/09b
10/23/09Rosa Centeno: The Situation in El Salvador (32 MB mp3) 34:3510/19/09n
10/30/09Noam Chomsky: The Lessons of Viet Nam (54 MB mp3) 59:283/31/85h
11/6/09Cindy Sheehan on the Anti-war Movement (12 MB mp3) 20:3911/5/09h
11/13/09We interview Professor Joel Kovel (12 MB mp3) 59:3511/1/09h
11/20/09The Goldstone Report VS U.S. House Res 867 (12 MB mp3) 55:3511/4/09h
11/27/09Gazan Journalist Mohammed Omer speaks at Harvard (40 MB mp3) 43:4011/8/09h
12/4/09Prg 6 Climate Change & Energy Justice (51 MB mp3) 55:5211/28/09h
12/11/09Copenhagen Daily 3 - 10th December 2009 (68 MB mp3) 59:4712/10/09h
12/18/09Copenhagen Daily 5 - 12th December 2009 (54 MB mp3) 59:1712/12/09h
12/25/09Ingrid Robeyns: What do Just Family Policies Require? Philosophical Reflections and the Case of the Netherlands (63 MB mp3) 1:09:1112/1/09b

a Talks sponsored by The Madison Institute.
b Lectures from the audio archives of the Havens Center at UW-Madison.
c Recorded at Prairie Unitarian Universalist Society Meeting House in Madison.
d Talk at Monona Terrace.
e Sprouts Radio from the Grassroots.
f Spirit In Action from Northern Spirit Radio, Eau Claire WI.

g Recorded at Visions of Peace: An Interfaith, Intergenerational Peace Fair at First Unitarian Society of Madison.
h A-Infos Radio Project
i Recorded at Avol's Bookstore in Madison.
j Excerpts from State Of Belief from the Interfaith Alliance.
k Recorded at Middleton Fire Station.
l WILPF talk recorded at Madison Police South District Office.
m Recorded at Madison Skeptics meeting.
n Recorded at WIDE-LP transmitter site.