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Friday 6 pm
Science for Skeptics
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1/1/10Dr Paul Francis - Comets, Pink Black Holes & Teaching Astronomy (14 MB mp3)30:419/20/09a
1/8/10David Tenenbaum: The Why Files: Science Magazine meets Mad Magazine (65 MB mp3)1:10:4612/13/09b
1/15/10Alan Alda's Human Spark Part 1 and Part 2 (16 & 10 MB mp3s)57:401/7&8/10c
1/29/10Around the Americas (18 MB mp3)19:4710/9/09d
2/5/10Henry Robertson: The climate, it's still a-changin' (6 MB mp3)24:2512/13/09e
2/12/10Eugenie Scott: Evolution Education (27 MB mp3)1:00:001/29/10f
2/26/10Whaddya Do with a Dead Whale? (12 MB mp3)25:562/10/10c
3/5/10The Silk Road (16 MB mp3)17:421/22/10d
3/12/10The Skeptical Scientist - Dr. Rachael Dunlop (24 MB mp3)1:00:002/5/10f
3/19/10Clean Energy Contest; and Counting Crickets and Katydids (13 MB mp3)27:439/28/09c
3/26/10The Wakefield Study (27 MB mp3)1:00:002/19/10f
4/2/10Beth Zurkowski: Debunking the Paranormal (26 MB mp3)28:343/5/10g
4/9/10Are We Pushing the Earth's Environmental Tipping Points? (11 MB mp3)24:463/19/10c
4/16/10Is Intelligent Life Common in the Universe? (50 MB mp3)54:131/31/10a
4/23/10The Great Pacific Garbage Patch (27 MB mp3)1:00:003/26/10f
4/30/10The Genius in All of Us (81 MB mp3)59:144/9/10f
5/7/10Bill McKibben talks about his new book Eaarth: Making a Life on a Tough New Planet. Part 1 & Part 264:554/21&22/10c
5/14/10Eugenie Clark: Adventures with Sea Monsters (52 MB mp3)40:144/9/10d
5/21/10David Buss: Why Women Have Sex (67 MB mp3)48:364/23/10d
5/28/10How the Universe Got Its Spots (64 MB mp3)46:395/7/10d
6/4/10Does Chaos Have Meaning? (43 MB mp3)31:394/16/10d
6/11/10Massimo Pigliucci (27 MB mp3)1:00:005/21/10f
6/18/10"SuperSense": Bruce Hood on Believing the Unbelievable (44 MB mp3)31:531/29/10h
6/25/10Nonsense on Stilts (21 MB mp3)31:126/6/10i
7/2/10Fluffy Thinking (23 MB mp3)33:124/11/10i
7/9/10Scientific Paranormal Investigation (27 MB mp3)1:00:007/2/10f
7/16/10Neil deGrasse Tyson and the Need For a Space Program (23 MB mp3)33:373/28/10i
7/23/10Will Your Plug-In Car Actually Be Coal-Powered? And Other July Stories (13 MB mp3)27:397/8/10c
7/30/10Neil deGrasse Tyson: Moon, Mars, and Beyond (59 MB mp3)1:26:297/16/10d
8/6/10Arguing With Non-Skeptics Part 1 and Part 2 (15 & 9 MB mp3s)57:407/27&28/10c
8/20/10Dr. Jennifer Newport of the Chicago Skeptics discusses science based medicine (76 MB mp3)55:387/24/10j
8/27/10The Culture Of Fear (27 MB mp3)1:00:007/30/10f
9/3/10Deferring to Experts (24 MB mp3)34:518/29/10i
9/10/10Richard Restak: Better Brains (37 MB mp3)54:218/27/10d
9/17/10Karl Mamer: The Conspiracy Skeptic (27 MB mp3)1:00:008/27/10f
9/24/10Transhumanism (23 MB mp3)33:559/12/10i
10/1/10What Makes Us Wise? (29 MB mp3)42:329/10/10d
10/22/10The Amazing Story of Quantum Mechanics (32 MB mp3)34:1310/14/10k
10/29/10David Gorski: Vaccines (27 MB mp3)1:00:0010/23/10f
11/5/10David Christian: Science as a Modern Creation Story (76 MB mp3)55:0810/29/10d
11/12/10Joshua Knobe on Experimental Philosophy (23 MB mp3)33:1211/7/10i
11/19/10Physics Nobel Laureate Steven Weinberg (8 MB mp3)16:4011/15/10c
11/26/10Steven Novella on Lies, Damned Lies, and Medical Science (33 MB mp3)47:3911/21/10i
12/3/10Consensus Science (27 MB mp3)1:00:0011/19/10f
12/24/10Health Controversies - Backscatter Security Scanners + The Zamboni Treatment (27 MB mp3)1:00:0012/10/10f
12/31/10Steve Mirsky - (1/2) - Science Communication Pt 5 (56 MB mp3)40:5212/15/10a

a Brains Matter podcast from Melbourne, Australia.
b Talk to Madison Skeptics.
c Science Talk podcast from Scientific American.
d Podcast from Science & the City, New York Academy of Sciences.
e Platform address to The Ethical Society of St. Louis.
f Skeptically Speaking from CJSR, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
g Recorded at WIDE-LP transmitter site.
h Podcast from Dr. Ginger Campbell’s Books and Ideas.
i Rationally Speaking podcast from New York City Skeptics.
j Rational Alchemy podcast from KRFC, Fort Collins CO.
k Podcast from Barry Lynn’s Culture Shocks.