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The Best of Talk
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First WIDE
1/7/12Neil Shubin: Discovering how Fish Evolved to Walk: The Story of Tiktaalik 57:112/9/0812/23/08a
1/14/12Lawrence Lessig: Republic Lost33:3612/23/111/6/12b
1/21/12 America Beyond Capitalism - Gar Alperovitz 55:001/1/121/17/12c
1/28/12Eugenie Scott: Evolution and Politics1:00:0011/11/1111/25/11d
2/4/12Dave Obey Interview28:561/30/121/31/12e
2/11/12Thom Hartmann at Fighting Bob Fest 2010 in Baraboo on 9/11/1024:319/14/106/4/11f
2/18/12Jim Hightower at Fighting Bob Fest 2011 in Madison22:469/17/111/21/12f
2/25/12Sarah Mathews, David Kroll: Fungi & "Fossils"1:00:002/3/122/17/12d
3/3/12Harvard professor Lawrence Lessig discusses super PACs and our democracy32:472/23/123/2/12b
3/10/12 Patrick Farabaugh: Becoming an LGBT Advocate 33:382/12/122/22/12g
3/17/12Steve Busalacchi: Money in Politics42:292/3/122/18/12h
3/24/12Sean Faircloth: Attack of the Theocrats! How the Religious Right Harms Us All - And What We Can Do About It 31:572/29/123/8/12b
3/31/12John Nichols interview by Matt Rothschild28:563/5/123/24/12e
4/7/12Russ Feingold: While America Sleeps: A Wake-up Call for the Post-9/11 Era 34:143/19/123/29/12b
4/14/12 The Reason Rally48:123/30/124/2/12i
4/21/12 Craig and Cindy Corrie, the parents of Rachel Corrie. 28:564/9/124/10/12e
4/28/12 Sean Faircloth: One Nation Under the Constitution 1:15:549/12/099/28/09j
5/5/12 Oriol Mirosa: The Global Politics of Water: Managing Our Most Precious Resource in the 21st Century 38:343/25/124/18/12g
5/12/12 Kate Lovelady: In Defense of Smut 29:273/11/125/9/12k
5/19/12 Tom Barrett, ALEC and MacIver Institute 49:544/27/124/28/12l
5/26/12John Nichols: Uprising: How Wisconsin Renewed the Politics of Protest, from Madison to Wall Street 31:463/8/124/7/12b
6/2/12Lori Compas Scott Fitzgerald Debate 54:495/23/115/26/12m
6/9/12Thom Hartmann at the Tenth Annual Fighting Bob Fest in Madison20:489/17/111/21/12f
6/16/12Timothy Noah: The Great Divergence 32:456/8/126/15/12b
6/23/12Tom Hayden: The Port Huron Statement at 5057:515/3/126/9/12n
6/30/12Amy Goodman: Uprising in Wisconsin 47:172/25/116/23/12o
7/7/12 Bob Park & Dan Proud: Putting Your Faith in Action 33:566/17/127/4/12g
7/14/12Skill Building: Port Huron, 50 Years On with Paul Buhle and Tom Hayden at the Democracy Convention55:578/25/116/30/12n
7/21/12Dale McGowan: Parenting Beyond Belief 35:014/29/125/26/12p
8/4/12Elliott Sober: Some Questions for Atheists to Think About 27:414/27/126/2/12p
8/11/12Hugh Sinclair: Confessions of a Microfinance Heretic; Dennis Marker: Fifteen Steps to Corporate Feudalism 54:307/16/127/20/12q
8/18/12Medea Benjamin, co-founder of CodePink and author of Drone Warfare: Killing By Remote Control28:558/6/128/7/12e
8/25/12 Freethought Radio guest: Greta Christina 42:438/11/128/23/12r
9/1/12 Mel White: Holy Terror: Lies the Christian Right Tells Us to Deny Gay Equality 55:008/26/128/28/12c
9/8/12 John Dickert and Rebecca Kemble on impact of state budget cuts 54:578/24/128/25/12l
9/15/12Zach Wahls: My Two Moms 30:388/9/128/24/12b
9/22/12Juan Cole, professor of history at the University of Michigan and scholar of the Middle East28:569/17/129/18/12e
9/29/12Jim Hightower, publisher of the Hightower Lowdown, and legendary populist and humorist28:569/24/129/25/12e
10/6/12John Nichols: The Wisconsin Uprising of 2011 - And Beyond - pt 1 56:054/27/128/11/12s
10/13/12Joe Parisi, Tammy Baldwin, Ed Garvey, Dave Zweifel, Ruth Conniff and Peter Leidy at Fighting Bob Fest 2012 47:339/15/129/22/12t
10/20/12Frederick Clarkson: The role of the Christian right in the American elections and American politics 56:1110/5/1210/12/12q
10/27/12Rinku Sen, the publisher of, which champions racial justice.28:5610/22/1210/23/12e
11/3/12 United Nations Sunday: The Honorable Tammy Baldwin, Congressional Rep. for Wis. 2nd District 28:4410/24/99nowg
11/10/12 Tammy Baldwin & Norm Stockwell: Acceptance speech and election results 54:0511/7/1211/7/12q
11/17/12Mike Wagner: Elections, Democracy and the Media 53:5711/8/1211/9/12q
11/24/12Michele Bahl, Tsela Barr, Veena Brekke: Interfaith Peace Builders - hosted by John Quinlan 54:3111/19/1211/23/12q
12/1/12Paul Kurtz: Exuberant Skepticism + Skepticism and Religion53:076/27/10, 7/4/1011/17/12, 11/24/12u
12/8/12 Eugenie Scott: Evolution, Skepticism and Atheism 51:207/25/1012/1/12u
12/15/12 Richard Dawkins: Faith, Biology, and Skepticism 46:1611/14/1112/8/12u
12/22/12 James Tabor: The Jesus Discovery 33:553/26/124/4/12b
12/29/12Bonnie Block, David Soumis, Linda Ketcham: IN THE BEST INTERESTS OF OUR CHILDREN: Decisively Addressing the Scourges of Gun Violence and Drone Warfare - hosted by John Quinlan 53:4812/17/1212/21/12q

a Lecture given at UW-Madison Darwin Day 2008.
b Culture Shocks interview by Barry Lynn.
c Spirit In Action from Northern Spirit Radio, Eau Claire WI.
d Skeptically Speaking from CJSR, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
e Progressive Radio interview by Matt Rothschild.
f Audio from YouTube video of ontheearthproduction.
g Recorded at Prairie Unitarian Universalist Society Meeting House in Madison.
h From Steve Busalacchi's Clean Wisconsin Politics.
i The Humanist Hour from the American Humanist Association.
j Recording of Humanist Union of Madison program.
k Platform address at The Ethical Society of St. Louis.
l An hour of The Sara Schulz Show.
m Recorded by Sara Schulz.
n Audio from YouTube videos of CESAWCER, Paul Baker.
o Excerpt from Democracy Now! (Full program broadcast 2/25/11 & 7/16/11.)
p Talk at Freethought Festival 2012 recorded by WIDE-LP.
q From A Public Affair, WORT-FM.
r Freethought Radio podcast from the Freedom From Religion Foundation.
s Talk sponsored by The Madison Institute.
t Recorded at Fighting Bob Fest 2012 in Madison by WORT-FM.
u For Good Reason podcast with D.J. Grothe.
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