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Friday 6 pm
Science for Skeptics
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1/13/12Here is a Human Being1:00:0012/18/11a
1/20/12World Changing Ideas: Part One1:00:0012/25/11a
1/27/12World Changing Ideas: Part Two1:00:001/1/12a
2/3/12Science and Politics1:00:001/15/12a
2/10/12On Skeptical Women Online - Julia Lavarnway, Susan Gerbic and Desiree Schell37:2412/24/11b
2/17/12Brain Bits1:00:001/22/12a
2/24/12On Skeptical Science With The Debunking Handbook and NCSE57:181/26/12b
3/2/12On James Randi's "An Honest Liar" - Interview With Justin Weinstein And Tyler Measom26:022/18/12b
3/16/12On How Now You See Her - Gia Milinovich And Sonya Pemberton48:443/8/12b
3/23/12Kayt Sukel: Dirty Minds1:00:003/11/12a
3/30/12Deborah Blum: The Poisoner's Handbook1:00:002/19/12a
4/6/12Bora Zivkovic: Beyond 421:00:003/18/12a
4/13/12On Critical Thinking, Alt Med And Science Communication - Michael McRae And Craig Cormick34:533/20/12b
4/20/12David Weinberger: Too Big To Know1:00:004/8/12a
4/27/12Tim Farley: What's the Harm?1:33:554/21/12c
5/4/12Maggie-Koerth Baker: Before The Lights Go Out1:00:004/14/12a
5/11/12Jesse Bering, Dr. Andrew Newberg: The Science of Belief1:00:004/29/12a
5/18/12On The Hidden Ingredients Of Chinese Medicine - Interview With Dr Mike Bunce13:245/3/12b
"       On Hoaxilla - The Skeptical Podcast From Germany16:495/3/12b
5/25/12On The Self Illusion - Interview With Bruce Hood20:335/9/12b
6/1/12Shanan Peters: Formation of the 'Great Unconformity' as a trigger for the Cambrian explosion1:22:355/27/12d
6/8/12Carsten Krauss, David Grelli: Dark Matter1:00:005/20/12a
6/15/12Timothy Caulfield: The Cure for Everything1:00:005/27/12a
6/22/12Peter Nowak: Sex, Bombs and Burgers1:00:006/10/12a
6/29/12On Adventures At The World Skeptics Congress, Berlin - Interviews48:265/28/12b
7/6/12Disgust with Rachel Herz55:316/29/12e
7/13/12On Secular Women - Interview With Bridget Gaudette18:137/9/12b
7/20/12Brian Clegg: A Brief History of Infinity1:00:007/8/12a
7/27/12Alan Cassels: Seeking Sickness1:00:007/15/12a
8/3/12On The Sex Myth - Interview With Dr Brooke Magnanti24:447/15/12b
8/10/12Joseph Baur: Getting Behind the Resveratrol Hype45:196/12/12f
8/17/12On Science Podcasting (In Space!) - Interview With Dr Pamela Gay and Fraser Cain19:268/6/12b
8/24/12Climate Change at CONvergence1:00:008/12/12a
8/31/12On Science And Skepticism - Talk By Dr Steve Novella At QEDCon 201158:278/21/12b
9/7/12On ScienceRewired - Interviews On Science, Society And Education25:169/1/12b
9/14/12On Testing Shuzi Qi Claims With The Merseyside Skeptics19:089/4/12b
9/21/12Paul Radspinner: Mixing Species and the Universal Influenza Vaccine1:35:179/9/12d
9/28/12Science Reporting 20121:00:009/16/12a
10/5/12On Science Engagement and Talking Nerdy To Me - With Bec Crew, Alex Brown and Cara Santa Maria58:529/28/12b
10/12/12David Dobbs, Michael White: Current Controversies1:00:009/30/12a
10/19/12Kevin Folta, Karl Haro von Mogel, Anastasia Bodnar: Genetically Modified Foods Revisited1:00:0010/14/12a
10/26/12Sam Kean, Peter Palffy-Muhoray: Elemental Intrigue1:00:009/4/11a
11/2/12On Rbutr And Reddit - Skepticism Online45:5210/13/12b
11/9/12On Women In Science and Wikipedia - Interview With Professor Uta Frith42:3010/28/12b
11/16/12Marc Abrahams, Scicurious, Phil Edwards: Funny Science1:00:0010/28/12a
11/23/12Dr. Ginger Campbell: Review of "Self Comes to Mind" by Antonio Damasio1:06:1911/2/12e
11/30/12Simon LeVay, Ethan Siegel: Gay, Straight, and The Reason Why1:00:0011/11/12a
12/7/12On Wild Sex With Dr Carin Bondar18:3911/24/12b
12/14/12National Science Digital Library30:562007g
12/21/12James Pinfold, David Kroll: More Current Controversies1:00:0012/2/12a
12/28/12Sharon Hill: Token Skeptic Special Episode - On The End Of 2012 With Doubtful News26:3712/27/12b

a Skeptically Speaking from CJSR, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
b Token Skeptic from Fremantle, Australia.
c Talk to Madison Skeptics.
d Talk to Madison Science Pub recorded by WIDE-LP.
e Dr. Ginger Campbell’s Brain Science Podcast.
f Podcast from Science & the City, New York Academy of Sciences.
g From Arizona State University's Ask A Biologist with Dr. Biology.
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