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Science for Skeptics 2009 Archive

Friday 6 pm
Science for Skeptics
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1/30/09The Galapagos Trip (22 MB mp3); & The Listener Mail Sampler (5 MB mp3) 29:439/10/08; 10/2/08a
2/6/09Brian Brushwood Comes To Town... (34 MB mp3) 37:2211/12/08a
2/13/09Interview with Dr Zachary Moore - Understanding Evolution (17 MB mp3) 33:346/16/07b
2/20/09Vaccines DO NOT cause Autism (131 MB mp3) 57:181/31/09c
2/27/09, 3/6/09The Line Between Honest Magic And Uri Geller (13 MB mp3) 22:3912/4/08a
3/13/09Dr Ross Church - Hypervelocity Stars (22 MB mp3) 24:002/20/09b
3/20/09Quantum Physics - with Dr. Anton Capri (50 MB mp3) 54:552/13/09e
3/27/09Interview with Dr. Steven Novella from The Skeptics Guide to the Universe (31 MB mp3) 33:351/18/08c
4/3/09Paranormal Investigations (55 MB mp3)59:531/16/09e
4/10/09Secularism in Alberta (52 MB mp3)56:223/20/09e
4/17/09Science Songs (70 MB mp3)1:16:543/6/09b
5/1/09John Hawks: Why is Human Evolution Accelerating? (concluded) (77 MB mp3)23:574/19/09f
5/8/09Ronald Numbers: Anti-Evolutionism in America: From Creation Science to Intelligent Design (concluded) (83 MB mp3)30:324/19/09f
6/5/09Michael Merzenich on Neuroplasticity (52 MB mp3)56:152/13/09d
6/12/09Dr Ross Church - Binary Star Formation (22 MB mp3)24:113/17/09b
6/19/09Science of Cults (51 MB mp3)55:283/27/09e
6/26/09Nuclear Power: Part 2 (54 MB mp3)59:246/5/09e
7/3/09Jennifer Michael Hecht (52 MB mp3)57:133/28/09c
7/17/09Dr Andrew Prentice - Supersonic Turbulence (19 MB mp3)20:206/3/09b
7/24/09Dr Andrew Prentice - Planets and Satellite formation (28 MB mp3)30:526/10/09b
7/31/09Dr Andrew Prentice - The Saturn System (25 MB mp3)27:036/17/09b
8/7/09TAM Forever (41 MB mp3)1:00:137/17/09e
8/14/09Dr Ginger Campbell - Brain chemistry, plasticity and imaging (42 MB mp3)46:007/6/09b
8/21/09Astrobiology (37 MB mp3)1:00:047/31/09e
8/28/09Astronomy (34 MB mp3)1:00:006/19/09e
9/4/09Neuroscience 2008 Highlights (32 MB mp3)35:2111/23/08d
9/11/09Did My Neurons Make Me Do It? (29 MB mp3)1:04:001/17/09d
9/18/09Chris Frith, PhD (23 MB mp3)49:265/10/09d
10/2/09Interview with author Alva Noë (22 MB mp3)46:536/5/09d
10/9/09Dr. James Conway: Vaccinations (96 MB mp3)1:45:009/20/09f
10/16/09The Century - Dr Andrew Prentice and Dr Simon Singh (62 MB mp3)1:07:118/17/09b
10/23/09Richard Saunders (27 MB mp3)59:589/11/09e
10/30/09New Nobel Laureate Jack Szostak and Surrogates Film Director Jonathan Mostow (11 MB mp3)22:5710/5/09g
11/6/09Canadian Skepticism (54 MB mp3)58:5710/9/09e
11/13/09Human Evolution: Lucy and Neandertals (16 MB mp3)35:0210/23/09g
11/20/09Human Evolution II: Recent Evolution; and "Becoming Human" NOVA Preview (16 MB mp3)34:3011/3/09g
11/27/09Carl Zimmer: The Tangled Bank (13 MB mp3)18:159/4/09h
12/4/09Darwin's Influence on Modern Thought (10 MB mp3)14:2611/24/09g
12/11/09John Rennie's 7 Answers to Climate Contrarian Nonsense (18 MB mp3)39:4612/3/09g
12/18/09Climate Change in the City (10 MB mp3)15:4412/4/09h
12/25/09Great Science Reads (16 MB mp3)24:1711/27/09h

a The Amazing Show Starring James Randi from iTricks.
b Brains Matter podcast from Melbourne, Australia.
c Podcast from Dr. Ginger Campbell’s Books and Ideas.
d Dr. Ginger Campbell’s Brain Science Podcast.
e Skeptically Speaking (formerly Q Transmissions) from CJSR, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
f Talk to Madison Skeptics.
g Science Talk podcast from Scientific American.
h Podcast from Science & the City, New York Academy of Sciences.