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The Best of Talk
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1/5/13James Gustave Speth: America the Possible: Manifesto for a New Economy - hosted by John Quinlan 54:2012/10/1212/28/12a
1/12/13 Steadfast Nonviolence on the West Bank - Iyad Burnat 55:001/6/131/8/13b
1/19/13 James Randi: The Skeptical Outlook 36:301/23/101/12/13c
1/26/13 Max Nielson, Jessica Ahlquist: Atheist Activism! 41:451/12/131/24/13d
2/2/13 Taylor Branch: The King Years: Historic Moments in the Civil Rights Movement39:20 1/15/131/23/13e
2/9/13 Barbara Miner: Lessons from the Heartland: A Turbulent Half-Century of Public Education in an Iconic American City 28:562/4/132/5/13f
2/16/13 Norman Solomon on Iraq War Ten Years Ago, Richard Kim on Ed Koch 28:002/8/132/9/13g
2/23/13 Web Special: Cecil Bothwell 49:141/5/132/11/13h
3/2/13 John Rumpler: Is "fracking" safe and if not, what are the dangers associated with it? 39:202/12/132/21/13e
3/9/13 Marjorie Heins: Priests of Our Democracy: The Supreme Court, Academic Freedom, and the Anti-Communist Purge 55:002/10/132/12/13b
3/16/13Kylie Sturgess, Robynn McCarthy, Heidi Anderson, Jenna Marie Griffith: The Women Of Skepticism59:239/10/103/8/13i
3/23/13On Why Is There A Skeptical Movement - Interview With Daniel Loxton30:252/26/133/1/13j
3/30/13 Nick Turse, author of Kill Anything That Moves: The Real American War in Vietnam 28:563/4/133/5/13f
4/6/13 Mark Potok, Rob Boston: The Southern Poverty Law Center on hate groups on the rise; Americans United on separation of church and state issues. 39:203/11/133/28/13e
4/13/13Noam Chomsky and Bill Fletcher on Progressive Politics 35:133/1/133/29/13a
4/20/13 Guest: Katherine Stewart 41:283/23/134/4/13d
4/27/13 Catherine Dunphy, Jerry Dewitt, Teresa MacBain: The Clergy Project 1:01:293/22/134/1/13h
5/4/13Brian Hare, Virginia Hughes, Deborah Blum: The Genius of Dogs1:00:003/8/133/29/13i
5/11/13 Julia Sweeney: If It's Not One Thing, It's Your Mother! 42:364/27/13nowd
5/18/13 Folksinger Holly Near talks about Chile, Ronnie Gilbert, climate change, and the power of music. 28:555/13/135/14/13f
5/25/13Omar Barghouti with Amy Goodman part 1 56:202/1/135/24/13k
6/1/13 Desiree Schell: No Gods, No Masters: Unexplored Links Between Unions and Freethought 39:483/9/135/25/13l
6/8/13David Suzuki with Clayton Thomas-Müller part 1 55:4311/7/125/3/13k
6/15/13"On Being Certain": Interview with Robert Burton, MD53:408/7/085/17/13m
6/22/13 Katherine Stewart: The Fundamentalist Assault on Public Education 47:473/10/136/15/13l
6/29/13 Dale McGowan: 20 Things I Learned About Atheism While Explaining it to Dummies 48:183/10/136/22/13l
7/6/13Live From NECSS With Michael Shermer On the Role of Science in Morality 36:184/21/136/14/13n
7/13/13 Bishop John Shelby Spong: The Fourth Gospel 39:077/1/137/10/13e
7/20/13 Daniel C. Dennett: Tools for Thinking 42:366/29/137/11/13d
7/27/13Parker Palmer: Healing The Heart Of Democracy - Lake Mills 38:552/6/137/13/13o
8/3/13Noam Chomsky, Terrence Deacon, Con Slobodchikoff: The Evolution of Language1:00:007/19/137/26/13i
8/10/13Reps. Terese Berceau and Melissa Sargent: WI Budget: Local Effects - hosted by Carousel Bayrd 52:017/9/137/20/13a
8/17/13Steven Porter: The Right to Peacefully Assemble - hosted by Carousel Bayrd 50:197/16/137/27/13a
8/24/13 Gary Peterson: Foreign Aid Best Practices 32:008/11/138/21/13p
8/31/13 Mario Livio on Brilliant Blunders 43:106/3/138/28/13n
9/7/13Stand With Wisconsin Women rally 41:128/26/138/30/13q
9/14/13 Megan Arzbaecher: SERRV In Bangladesh 29:148/25/139/11/13p
9/21/13Joe Elder: Precedents for Addressing International Criminal Activities: Applications to Syria 1:00:329/10/139/13/13r
9/28/13 Ayaan Hirsi Ali: keynote address at FFRF 2010 Annual Convention 28:449/14/139/26/13d
10/5/13Stanley Kutler: Newly-Released Nixon Tapes - hosted by John Quinlan 51:009/9/139/20/13a
10/12/13 Jessica Ahlquist "Freethinker of the Year" acceptance speech 36:0310/12/1210/5/13s
10/19/13 Dr. Michael E Mann On The Science Of Climate Change 55:209/29/1310/10/13n
10/26/13 Richard Dawkins: On Mormons, Metaphors 52:4010/12/1210/12/13s
11/2/13 Steve Paulson: Cultivating Wonder in the Age of Science 39:569/29/1310/23/13p
11/9/13Charles Ferguson, Rob Tarzwell: Fukushima1:00:0010/25/1311/1/13t
11/16/13 Guest: Richard Dawkins discusses his new memoir! 43:1610/19/1310/31/13d
11/23/13 Dan Barker, Annalise Fonza, Teresa MacBain: Clergy Project speeches part 1 36:0010/~13/1211/9/13s
11/30/13 Jeremy Scahill with Tom Engelhardt - part 1 1:01:2910/30/1311/20/13k
12/7/13 Jerry DeWitt, Robert Parham: Clergy Project speeches part 2 39:2010/~13/1211/16/13s
12/14/13 Jessica Ahlquist: Teen stands tall for First Amendment - Thomas Jefferson Youth Activist Award 24:1110/8/1111/30/13s
12/21/13Shedd Farley, Sen. Tammy Baldwin, Joe and Joann Elder, Omie Baldwin, Chad Farley, Janet Parker, Mark Miller, John Frey: Celebrating the Lives of Gene and Linda Farley - hosted by John Quinlan 51:2912/2/1312/13/13a
12/28/13Aaron Santos, Rose Eveleth, Ben Lillie: Science Up Your Holidays1:00:0012/13/1312/20/13t

a From A Public Affair, WORT-FM, Madison.
b Spirit In Action from Northern Spirit Radio, Eau Claire WI.
c For Good Reason podcast with D.J. Grothe.
d Freethought Radio podcast from the Freedom From Religion Foundation.
e Culture Shocks interview by Barry Lynn.
f Progressive Radio interview by Matt Rothschild.
g CounterSpin from Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting.
h The Humanist Hour from the American Humanist Association.
i Skeptically Speaking from CJSR, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
j Token Skeptic from Fremantle, Australia.
k Podcast from the Lannan Foundation, Santa Fe, New Mexico.
l Recorded at Freethought Festival 2 on the UW-Madison campus by WIDE-LP.
m Dr. Ginger Campbell’s Brain Science Podcast.
n Rationally Speaking podcast from New York City Skeptics.
o Audio from YouTube video of ontheearthproduction.
p Recorded at Prairie Unitarian Universalist Society Meeting House in Madison.
q Recorded by WIDE-LP at Capitol Square State St. steps.
r Recorded by WIDE-LP at Anderson Auditorium, Predolin Hall, Edgewood College.
s FFRF 2012 convention in Portland, Oregon.
t Science for the People from CJSR, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
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