Silver Lining
Broadcast 4 pm Fridays

Weekly commentaries from Mike McCabe, executive director of
Our Wisconsin Revolution
Academy Award-nominated documentary filmmakers Carl Deal and Tia Lessin call Mike McCabe a "ray of hope" who "describes in vivid detail how things got so fouled up" but also "offers a way out."
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5/29 Face Masks and Baby Powder 2:58
6/5, 6/12 Virus Vision 4:21
6/19 A Sickness Like No Other 4:11
6/26 Brother, Can You Spare a Stamp? 3:02
7/3 A Nation in Distress 4:15
7/10 Dropping F-Bombs 4:23
7/17 Suddenly, in plain sight 3:21
7/24 One scary, one scared 3:42
7/31 A question no longer asked 3:45
8/7 Three revolutions require another 4:28