2016 Program Schedule for

Wider Horizons
9 am Mon. to Fri.
At 5 pm we rebroadcast the same program
(or another program in the same series)


Monday 9 am
Humanism Today
(each program airs again the same day at 5 pm)
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1/4/16 Atheist Meditation and Spirituality, with Mark W. Gura 51:2612/16/15a
1/11/16 Secular Comedy with Stewart Huff 58:1312/23/15a
1/18/16 Dr. Dan Everett-Don't Sleep, There Are Snakes 51:2612/29/15a
1/25/16 The Sociology of Religion, with Dr. Ryan T. Cragun 51:261/13/16a
2/1/16 Mark Smith on Secular Faith: How Culture Has Trumped Religion in American Politics 51:261/20/16a
2/8/16 John Hawks: Chris Shelton Talks Scientology 51:2610/21/15a
2/15/16 Frank Edwards, Ronald F. Murphy, Cheryl Abram, Darrell Smith: Black Nonbelievers: The Author's Circle 51:262/10/16a
2/22/16 Disaster Capitalism: Making a Killing out of Catastrophe, with Antony Lowenstein 51:2610/7/15a
2/29/16 Justin Scott on Interviewing Presidential Candidates 51:262/24/16a
3/7/16 Kate Lovelady: Our Humanist World Community (repeated from 1/27/16) 25:4112/6/15b
3/14/16 Getting "SciCurious" with Bethany Brookshire 51:263/9/16a
3/21/16 The "Regressive Left" and Safe Spaces, with Dr. Peter Boghossian 51:2611/4/15a
3/28/16 Sincere Kirabo on Building Social Justice 51:263/23/16a
4/4/16 Susan Hagstrom: Discussion on the State of Humanism in Fiction 1:00:064/3/16c
4/11/16 Susan Sackett & Scott Lohman on the Humanism of Star Trek 51:264/6/16a
4/18/16 Kate Lovelady: Learning from the World Around Us: Naturalism 28:262/21/16b
4/25/16 Carrie Poppy and Ross Blocher 51:264/20/16a
5/2/16 Bob Park, Susan Hagstrom, Naomi Kroth, Matt Kenyon: How might the
Humanist Union help create a community attractive to atheists?
5/9/16 Maggie Ardiente: American Humanist Association's 75th Anniversary Conference 51:265/4/16a
5/16/16 Kate Lovelady: Learning from the World Around Us: Naturalism (repeated from 4/18/16) 28:262/21/16b
5/23/16 David Cobb on Corporate Personhood 51:265/18/16a
5/30/16 Chris Brook, Danielle White: HB2, The Public Facilities Privacy & Security Act 51:265/25/16a
6/6/16 Josiah Mannion and Baba Brinkman on Art and Activism 51:266/1/16a
6/13/16 David Drake: UW-Madison Urban Canid Project - methodology and preliminary findings 1:12:176/5/16c
6/20/16 Andy Semler, Heina Dadabhoy, Diane Burkholder: Humanist Alliance Advisor Interviews, Part 1 51:266/8/16a
6/27/16 Greta Christina on The Way of the Heathen 51:266/15/16a
7/4/16 Debbie Goddard, Monette Richards: Women in Secularism & Secular Woman 51:266/22/16a
7/11/16 David Niose & Monica Miller on the Appignani Humanist Legal Center 51:266/29/16a
7/18/16 Amanda Marcotte on Feminist Topics in Current Politics 51:267/6/16a
7/25/16 Mike Aus and Helen Stringer on the Oasis Network 51:267/13/16a
8/1/16 Callie Wright on the "Gaytheist Manifesto" 51:267/20/16a
8/8/16 Muhammad Syed, Sarah Haider, Mya Saleem: Examining Honor Culture and Violence in Islam 51:267/27/16a
8/15/16 Alix Jules on the Politics of Racial Resentment 51:268/3/16a
8/22/16 Ingrid Laas, Naomi Kroth, Susan Hagstrom: A Weekly Gathering Place for Nonbelievers? 1:05:547/10/16c
8/29/16 Writers Humanists Should Know 37:458/7/16c
9/5/16 Kelly McCullough on Building Religion through Stories 51:268/10/16a
9/12/16 Barb Park, Randy Converse: School Kids and the Politics of Hate 1:04:579/4/16c
9/19/16 Juhem Navarro-Rivera on Changing Demographics and Changing Politics 51:268/17/16a
9/26/16 Diane Burkholder, James Croft, Randall Jenson: The Intersection of Humanism and Social Justice Work 51:268/24/16a
10/3/16 Miri Mogilevsky on Sex Positivity and Teaching Consent 51:268/31/16a
10/10/16 Noelle George on Foundation Beyond Belief 51:269/7/16a
10/17/16 Lauren Lane on Skepticon and Rethinking Conferences 51:269/14/16a
10/24/16 Growing Up Humanist 56:269/21/16a
10/31/16 Annie Laurie Gaylor on Anne Nicol Gaylor and FFRF 51:269/28/16a
11/7/16 Mike McCabe: The Coming Makeover of American Politics 1:28:5011/6/16c
11/14/16 Rebecca Armstrong, Mel Lipman, Paula Rochelle, Ben Wade: What Humanists Can Bring to Interfaith Dialogue? 51:2610/12/16a
11/21/16 Susan Jacoby on Strange Gods: A Secular History of Conversion 51:2610/19/16a
11/28/16 Vic Wang and Benita Malone on Humanists of Houston 51:2611/2/16a
12/5/16 Norman Stockwell: The role of progressives (and The Progressive) in Trumpland 53:4712/4/16c
12/12/16 Vickie Stangl on Etta Semple: Kansas Freethinker and "Ideal" Woman 51:2611/9/16a
12/19/16 Katherine Ozment on Grace Without God 46:1612/14/16a
12/26/16 William Hart, Anthony Pinn, Sonia Sarker, Chris Stedman, Phil Zuckerman:
The Future of Humanism: New Voices for the 21st Century, Part 1

a The Humanist Hour from the American Humanist Association.
b Platform address at The Ethical Society of St. Louis.
c Recording of Humanist Union of Madison program.

Tuesday 9 am
Spirit In Action   or   Song of the Soul
Length 55 min.
(each program airs again the same day at 5 pm)

Click below to listen online. (High speed connection recommended.)
1/5/16 James Handley, Emma Kornack, Shelby Schuppe: Stout-hearted Peace Studies at the UW 1/3/16a
1/12/16 Peter Alsop: Sex & Sexuality, Part 1 1/10/16a
1/19/16 Peter Alsop: Sex & Sexuality, Part 2 1/17/16a
1/26/16 John Greenler: Researching Sustainability: The GLBRC & Wisconsin Energy Institute 1/24/16a
2/2/16 Nelia Sargent: True Power: A Powerful Nonviolent Anti-nuclear Simple Living (Blind) Woman 1/31/16a
2/9/16 Rachel MacNair: Religions & Nonviolence: Roots & Reality 2/7/16a
2/16/16 Ellen Ochs, Fred Hable, Jim Miller, Rick Nagler: White Pines Open Mic 1/7/16b
2/23/16 Eric Foner: History that Matters: The Underground Railroad 2/21/16a
3/1/16 Derek Gingerich, Matt Jewell, Doug Matthews, Jim Rybicki: Science & Spirituality, Part 1 2/28/16a
3/8/16 Matt Jewell, Derek Gingerich, Doug Matthews: Scientists Talking About Spirit (Science & Spirituality, Part 2) 3/6/16a
3/15/16 Paul McMahon, Eva Hagenhofer, Michael Duffy: Big Turtle & Art for Peace 3/13/16a
3/29/16 David Weiss: Eco-spirituality, Justice, and Sexuality 3/27/16a
4/5/16 Democracy Spring: Frances Moore Lappé 4/3/16a
4/12/16 Jamila Raqib: Brilliant Non-violence: The Albert Einstein Institution 4/10/16a
4/19/16 Dan Nerhaugen: Progressive Every Day 4/17/16a
4/26/16 Sister Confianza del Senor, Sister Alegria del Senor: A Need for Poverty 9/13/15a
5/3/16 A.L. Williams, Rick Kokan, Mike Plaisted, Friair Otto/Michael Hoppe, Mud River Lee: 34 Years of Cooperative Music 3/13/16b
5/10/16 Tom Rowley, Jen Bersdale: Curing the Healthcare Blues 5/8/16a
5/17/16 Christina Crosby: A Body, Undone 5/15/16a
5/24/16 Gail Leondar Wright: Progressive Voice for Books 5/22/16a
5/31/16 Kiersten Bauer, Jodi Thesing-Ritter, Joanne Bland: Civil Rights Pilgrimage 5/29/16a
6/7/16 Dick Hogan: Greenfire 6/5/16a
6/14/16 Eileen Flanagan: Botswana, Ireland, Simplicity, & Climate Change 8/23/15a
6/21/16 Keefe Keeley: Farming Like Nature - Savanna Institute 6/19/16a
6/28/16 Monique Morris: Black Girls: Dropout or Pushout 6/26/16a
7/5/16 Myron Buchholz, Patty Scott, Donna Berry, Bill Jaskowiak: Let's MoveOn! Michael Moore - Where to Invade Next 7/3/16a
7/12/16 Standing Ovation for Freebo 7/3/16b
7/19/16 Ruah Swennerfelt: Transition Towns & Faith 7/17/16a
7/26/16 Ida Kristin: At Whole In the Universe: From Sweden, Brazil, & Nashville 4/5/15b
8/2/16 Roy Taylor III: Building Green 7/31/16a
8/9/16 Shelley Tanenbaum, Judy Lumb: Climate Change Among Nations 8/7/16a
8/16/16 Rupert Isaacson: Autism, Horses, & Shamanic Healing 8/14/16a
8/23/16 Kat Eggleston: No Dust Bowl on Vashon Island 8/14/16b
8/30/16 Rhonda Rucker: Camp A Little While In The Wilderness 8/28/16b
9/6/16 Sarah Vos: We're All In Heaven 8/7/16b
9/13/16 Peter Leidy: Inclusion, Justice, Politics, Home, & A Guitar 9/11/16a
9/20/16 George Lakey: Viking Economics 9/18/16a
9/27/16 Paula Palmer: Toward Right Relationship with America's Native Peoples 9/25/16a
10/4/16 Erika Kulnys: Roaring for a Revolution 9/18/16b
10/11/16 Myron Buchholz: 200+ Years of Some Voters Matter 10/9/16a
10/18/16 Evalyn Parry: Northwest Passage Revisited 1/4/15b
10/25/16 Mike McCabe, Matt Rothschild: Democracy's Voice 10/23/16a
11/8/16 am
Chuck Collins: Born on Third Base: Tackling Inequality 10/30/16a
11/15/16 Cathy Orlando, Clara Fang, Piper Christian, Rod Mitchell, Madeleine Para, Lilace Mellin Guignard, Joanna Huxter:
Citizens Climate Radio with Peterson Toscano
11/22/16 Kat Griffith: Divided Society & Heartland Conversations 11/13/16a
11/29/16 Katherine van Wormer: Lessons from Jim Crow Maids 11/27/16a
12/6/16 Anne Hills: Changing the World in a Song 12/4/16a
12/13/16 Mary Holm, Rob Lewis: Chippewa Valley Earth Keepers 12/11/16a
12/20/16 Kristen Graves: Just Be Nice, But Demand! 12/4/16b
12/27/16 Annie Paterson, Peter Blood: Rise Again - The People's Songbook 8/23/15b

a Spirit In Action from Northern Spirit Radio - interviews by Mark Helpsmeet, Eau Claire WI.
b Song of the Soul from Northern Spirit Radio - interviews by Mark Helpsmeet and music selected by his guests.

Wednesday 9 am
Voices for Religious Pluralism
(each program airs again the same day at 5 pm)
Click below to listen online. (High speed connection recommended.)
1/6/16 Kaleem Caire: Justified Anger 39:328/30/15a
1/13/16 Rev. Sandra Ingham: Head in the Clouds 27:1811/22/15a
1/20/16 Kathy Converse: The Seven Unitarian Universalist Principles: How They Define Our Community 24:561/10/16a
1/27/16 Kate Lovelady: Our Humanist World Community 25:4112/6/15b
2/10/16 Randy Converse, Al Nettleton: A Tribute to Fred Rogers 16:391/24/16a
2/17/16 Kate Lovelady: Loving Kindness 25:541/10/16b
2/24/16 Brent Walker, Jay Michaelson, Bishop John Shelby Spong: Antonin Scalia and the Heresy of Biblical Literalism 47:592/20/16c
3/2/16 Eunice Rho, Susan Jacoby, David Gushee: The 'Christian Failures' of Trump and Cruz 48:112/27/16c
3/9/16 am Rev. Sandra Ingham: Cloud Cover 33:151/17/16a
3/9/16 pm Rev. Sandra Ingham: Screen Saver 36:051/31/16a
3/16/16 Luci Chikowero: Rozaria Girls Club 36:182/7/16a
3/23/15 John Wunderlin: Our Place in the Cosmos 41:331/24/16d
3/30/16 am Gary Gates: Preamble to the Seven Principles and Prairie 17:312/14/16a
3/30/16 pm Faith Cholvin: Our Second Principle and Overcoming Racism 21:222/21/16a
4/6/16 Jackie Hunt: Yahara House: A Place for Recovery Through Relationships and Work 29:592/28/16a
4/13/16 pm Kathy Converse, Mary Mullen: Gardening: Body, Mind, and Soul 40:473/13/16a
4/20/16 Rt. Rev. Gene Robinson, Bob Page, Jeff Sharlet: April 16th, 2016 - A Star-Studded Show 48:164/16/16c
4/27/16 Robin Proud: Charles Dickens 42:333/20/16a
5/4/15 Sharon Hammer: Autism 47:382/28/16d
5/11/15 Shahla Werner: Monarch Butterflies 41:364/24/16d
5/18/16 Kate Lovelady: Women I Have Learned From 29:483/27/16b
5/25/16 Kate Lovelady: Environmental Extremism 27:164/10/16b
6/1/16 am Rev. Sandra Ingham: Revisiting Easter 38:223/27/16a
6/1/16 pm Rev. Sandra Ingham: Screen Test 33:294/3/16a
6/8/16 Peter Anderson: Web of All Existence 43:114/24/16a
6/22/16 Ron Frye: Acceptance of One Another and Encouragement to Spiritual Growth 30:585/15/16a
6/29/16 Kate Lovelady: Feet of Clay 27:276/19/16b
7/6/16 Anne Urbanski: Fear is the path to the Dark Side: The inherent worth and dignity of every person
versus fear of The Other
7/13/16 Ken Haydock: The Right of Conscience and the Democratic Process 26:417/3/16a
7/20/16 Rev. Jody Wheldon: Embracing Chaos: What is Going on in the World and How We Can Welcome It 27:474/10/16a
7/27/16 am Rev. Sandra Ingham: Universalist Design 43:404/17/16a
7/27/16 pm Rev. Sandra Ingham: Civil Society 36:015/29/16a
8/3/16 Kate Lovelady: Bending the Arc of History Toward Justice, AEU Annual Assembly Platform 21:327/17/16b
8/10/16 Rep. Jerry Nadler, Rabbi Jonah Pesner, Kate Kight, Rep. Barbara Lee, Patricia Doss, Jerry Springer, Jim Zogby,
Rep. Brad Sherman, Judith Foster, Rabbi Shmuley Boteach: August 6, 2016 - Compelling voices from the DNC
8/17/16 Prairie composers: Let's Blow Our Horns 41:357/31/16a
8/24/16 Kobir Chowdhury, Rev. Trey Lyons, Rev. Michael Wortham, Frederick Clarkson: An imam gunned down in Queens 48:028/20/16c
8/31/16 Robin Proud: Out of this World: UUs and Science Fiction 26:458/28/16a
9/7/16 Kate Lovelady: The Tao of Ethical Humanism 30:378/28/16b
9/14/16 am Rev. Sandra Ingham: In Three-Part Harmony 36:088/7/16a
9/14/16 pm Rev. Sandra Ingham: A Space to Heal 27:108/14/16a
9/21/16 Matt Tedesco: Free and Responsible Search for Truth and Meaning 44:059/11/16a
9/28/16 Peter Montgomery, James Hoggan, Rabbi Jack Moline: September 17, 2016 - Religious Right activists descend on DC 48:179/17/16c
10/5/16 Jan Miyasaki: Respect 42:109/25/16a
10/12/16 Kate Lovelady: An Ethical Humanist Year 28:319/18/16b
10/19/16 Jennifer Crumpton, Greg Lebel, Rebecca Traister: October 15, 2016 - This Week: Trump's "locker room talk" 1:01:1110/15/16c
10/26/16 Annie Laurie Gaylor, David Smith, Rabbi Laurie Zimmerman, Masood Akhtar, Erica Liu, R.D. McClenagan, Mike Wagner: How Is Religion Shaping the Election? 1:07:5510/20/16e
11/2/16 Rob Brink: The Baton & the Towel: Facing Finality Fearlessly 26:3410/23/16f
11/9/16 Mike McCabe: What Ails Our Democracy 46:1411/6/16a
11/16/16 Rev. Sandra Ingham: Legitimizing Hate: A Story of Betrayal 27:4311/13/16a
11/23/16 Kate Lovelady: Embracing Your Inner Nerd 25:2910/9/16b
11/30/16 Kate Lovelady: Voting for Community 26:4511/6/16b
12/7/16 Lee Ann Eastman, Rev. Donna Schaper: November 26, 2016 - The battle at Standing Rock 23:3611/28/16c
12/14/16 Sunnivie Brydum, Rabbi Jay Michaelson, Rev. Dr. David Currie: December 10, 2016 - Surviving President Trump 48:1912/10/16c
12/21/16 Kate Lovelady: Why us? Why not us? 27:3912/4/16b
12/28/16 Rev. Sandra Ingham: Sages, Seers and Superheroes - In Search of Common Ground 42:0612/4/16a

a Talk at Prairie Unitarian Universalist Society.
b Platform address at The Ethical Society of St. Louis.
c Podcast from State of Belief.
d Recorded by WIDE-LP at Sunday service of Sunday Assembly Madison.
e Cap Times Talk recorded by WIDE-LP.
f Talk at the Free Congregation of Sauk County recorded by WIDE-LP.

Thursday 9 am
Freethought Radio
Length 42-43 min.
(each program airs again the same day at 5 pm)
Rebroadcast of radio programs from the Freedom From Religion Foundation
Click below to listen online. (High speed connection recommended.)
1/7/16Thomas Sheedy: You're a Mean One, Mr. Governor 1/2/16505
1/14/16Laurie Lebo: Intelligent Design? 12/12/15502
1/21/16Ruth Hurmence Green: Born Again Skeptic 1/9/16506
1/28/16Sikivu Hutchinson: White Nights, Black Paradise 1/16/16507
2/4/16Aleta Ledendecker: In G-d We Do Not Trust 1/23/16508
2/11/16Dr. Abby Hafer: GOD: Bad Character, Bad Designer 2/6/16510
2/18/16Justin Scott, Jane Donnelly: Irish Education Equality 1/30/16509
2/25/16Sam Grover, Abigail Cantor: Water Works & Indiana Death Threats 2/13/16511
3/3/16Armin Navabi: Why There is No God 2/20/16512
3/10/16Meg Wallace: Freedom FROM Religion 2/27/16513
3/17/16Linda Greenhouse: Woman's Health 3/5/16514
3/24/16Jorge Ramos, Bart Ehrman: Before The Gospels 3/12/16515
3/31/16Susan Jacoby: Strange Gods 3/19/16516
4/7/16Lisa Treu, Richard Dawkins: Brief Candle in the Dark 3/26/16517
4/14/16Rita Swan: Protect the Children 4/2/16518
4/21/16Liz Liddell: Rally For Reason 4/9/16519
4/28/16Jerry Coyne: Are religion and science compatible? 4/16/16520
5/5/16Lawrence M. Krauss: A Universe From Nothing 4/23/16521
5/12/16Middleton Students: Tenth Anniversary Show! 4/30/16522
5/19/16Phil Zuckerman: The Secular Life 5/7/16523
5/26/16Sean B. Carroll: Serengeti Rules 5/14/16524
6/2/16Bruce Wallbaum, Luca Clemente: Tiny Houses 5/21/16525
6/9/16Sean M. Carroll: The Big Picture 5/28/16526
6/23/16Jesse Castillo, Kevin Price: Graham is Crackers 6/18/16529
6/30/16Elliott Ingersoll: American Infidel 6/4/16527
7/7/16George H. Smith: The Case Against God 7/2/16531
7/14/16Calli Miller: Atheist Activist 6/25/16530
7/21/16Marie Schaub: Keystone Courage 6/11/16528
7/28/16Amit Pal: Censorship and Fighting Back 7/9/16532
8/4/16Jim Helton: A Monument to Ignorance 7/16/16533
8/11/16Jeff Ingersoll: The Great Agnostic 8/6/16536
8/18/16Liz Cavell: Lucifer and Noah 7/23/16534
8/25/16Tim Whitmarsh: Battling the Gods 7/30/16535
9/1/16Sikivu Hutchinson, Dustin Lawson: Evidence Demands a Verdict 8/13/16537
9/8/16Diane Burkholder: Intersectionality 9/3/16540
9/15/16Rafida Bonya Ahmed: The Threat of Religion 8/20/16538
9/22/16Debbie Goddard: Women in Secularism 8/27/16539
9/29/16P.J. Slinger: Freethought Today 9/10/16541
10/6/16Lesley Hazleton: Agnostic 9/17/16542
10/13/16Karen Garst: Women Beyond Belief 9/24/16543
10/20/16Katherine Ozment: Grace Without God 10/1/16544
10/27/16Larry Shapiro: The Miracle Myth 10/15/16546
11/3/16Carter Warden: From Preacher to Atheist 10/22/16547
11/10/16Leigh Eric Schmidt: Village Atheists 11/5/16549
11/17/16Jeff Prebeg, Samantha Bee: Spooky Religion 10/29/16548
11/24/16 amMarion Kenneally: One Nun's Odyssey 11/12/16550
11/24/16 pmPenny Edgell: Atheists as Outsiders 11/17/16551
12/1/16Nadia Duncan, Marie Schaub: Give Thanks to Brave Atheists 11/24/16552
12/8/16Peter Singer: The Most Good you Can Do 12/1/16553
12/15/16Ali A. Rizvi: The Atheist Muslim 12/8/16554
12/22/16Susan Jacoby: Unto Us a Bill is Born 12/15/16555
12/29/16 amCarter Warden: Happy Un-Holy-Days!12/22/16556
12/29/16 pmPreston Smith: Promise of Dawn12/29/16557

Friday 9 am
Science for the People
(program airs again the same day at 5 pm)
These 60 min. programs are from http://www.scienceforthepeople.ca/
Click below to listen online. (High speed connection recommended.)

1/1/16 amGwen Pearson (Bug Girl), Emily Finke, Raychelle Burks, Amanda Leinbaugh: Getting Away With Murder (rebroadcast)9/5/14
1/1/16 pm, 1/8/16 amMelanie Keene, Lynn Brunelle: Science In Wonderland1/1/16
1/8/16 pm, 1/15/16 amAndrea DeMaria, Beth Sundstrom, Elaine Lissner: Contraception1/8/16
1/15/16 pm, 1/22/16 amGuy Harrison, Ben Lillie: Good Thinking1/15/16
1/22/16 pm, 1/29/16 amMargee Kerr: Scream1/22/16
1/29/16 pm, 2/5/16 amDázon Dixon Diallo, Terry McGovern, Salim Abdool Karim, Jonathan Engel: HIV and AIDS: Updated and Revisited1/29/16
2/12/16, 2/19/16 amCorrie Moreau, Richard Schweid: Insects En Masse2/12/16
2/19/16 pm, 2/26/16 amThe Brain Electric2/19/16
2/26/16 pm,
3/4/16 am & 3/11/16 am
Meghan Rosen, Tara Smith, Brian Foy: Zika2/26/16
3/4/16 pm & 3/11/16 pmColin Miller: In the Courtroom3/4/16
3/18/16 am & 3/25/16 amDavid Casarett, Robert Wolff, Marcel Bonn-Miller: Medical Marijuana3/11/16
3/18/16 pm & 4/1/16 amJonathan Zimmerman, Dan Savage: Too Hot To Handle3/18/16
3/25/16 pmSarah Perkins, Kyle Elliott: Roadkill3/25/16
4/1/16 pm, 4/8/16 amChristine Montross: Falling Into the Fire (rebroadcast)1/9/15
4/8/16 pm, 4/15/16 amAnastacia Marx de Salcedo, Patrick McKnight: Combat Ready Kitchen4/8/16
4/15/16 pm, 4/22/16 amCatherine Salmon, Kirk Honda, Maeve O'Donovan, Glenn Geher: Evolutionary Psychology4/15/16
4/22/16 pm, 4/29/16 amSteven Waslander, Martin Ford, Jason Millar: Self-driving Cars4/22/16
4/29/16 pm, 5/6/16 amSteve Silberman: Neurodiversity4/29/16
5/6/16 pm, 5/13/16 amEthan Siegel, Katie Mack: Beyond the Galaxy5/6/16
5/13/16 pm, 5/20/16 amJennifer Fiddian-Green, Jehane Ragai: Fraud and Forgery5/13/16
5/20/16 pm, 5/27/16Jennifer Ouellette, Ed Yong: Me Myself and Why (rebroadcast)4/25/14
6/3/16 amMartin Maiden, Charlene Rodrigues, Kanny Diallo, Nicholas Little, Christie Wilcox: Meningitis5/27/16
6/3/16 pm, 6/10/16 amOliver Morton, Ryan Consell: The Planet Remade6/3/16
6/10/16 pm, 6/17/16 amMaria Konnikova: The Confidence Game6/10/16
6/17/16 pm, 7/1/16 amJeffrey Moore, Mike Brown: The Ninth Planet6/17/16
6/24/16 amFrances Larson, Haley Linklater, Noah Mintz: Severed (rebroadcast)4/24/15
7/1/16 pm, 7/8/16 amRichard Susskind, Daniel Susskind, Nicholas Agar: Technology, Work and the Future7/1/16
7/8/16 pm, 7/15/16 amJimena Canales, Hannah McGregor, Marcelle Kosman: Hearing from the Humanities7/8/16
7/15/16 pm, 7/22/16 am,
7/29/16 am
Tamsin Edwards, Piers Forster, Yamide Dagnet, Richard Black: Paris Climate Agreement7/15/16
7/22/16 pm, 7/29/16 pmClaudia Malacrida, Hannah Brown: A Special Hell (rebroadcast)5/29/15
8/5/16 amTina Saey, Julian Knight: Yer a Wizard Harry7/29/16
8/5/16 pm, 8/12/16 amThor Hanson: The Triumph of Seeds8/5/16
8/12/16 pm, 8/19/16 am,
8/26/16 am
Abra Staffin-Wiebe, Jim Tigwell, Rebecca Watson, Sarah Prentice: Risk of Going Nowhere8/12/16
8/19/16 pmDenise Kiernan, Shelley Emling: The Atomic Era (rebroadcast)1/10/14
8/26/16 pm, 9/2/16 amMary Roach: Grunt8/26/16
9/2/16 pm, 9/9/16 amSali Tagliamonte, LeAnn Brown: Sociolinguistics9/2/16
9/9/16 pm, 9/16/16 amAmy Shira Teitel, Jim Tigwell, Nicole Gugliucci, Jason Thibeault: Humans vs Robots9/9/16
9/16/16 pm, 9/23/16 amChristopher White, Stephen Castles: The Melting World (rebroadcast)11/1/13
9/23/16 pm, 9/30/16 amKristin O'Brien, Heidi Golden, Jonathan Balcombe: Fish9/23/16
9/30/16 pm, 10/7/16 amStephon Alexander, Pamela Romero: The Jazz of Physics9/30/16
10/7/16 pm, 10/14/16 am,
10/21/16 am
Ryan McMahon, Cassandra Phoenix, Emily Finke, Celia Yost: Decolonizing Colonization10/7/16
10/14/16 pmWilliam MacAskill, Brendan Rigby: Effective Altruism (rebroadcast)10/14/16
10/21/16 pm, 10/28/16 amChristie Wilcox, James Olson: Venomous10/21/16
10/28/16 pm, 11/4/16 am
& 11/11/16 am
Brooke Borel, Michelle Ciarrocca, Dave Levitan: Check Your Facts10/28/16
11/4/16 pm, 11/11/16 pmMichael Inzlicht, Paul Smaldino: On the Origin of Bad Science11/4/16
11/18/16 am John Helliwell, Michael Booth: Happy People (rebroadcast)7/10/15
11/18/16 pm, 11/25/16 am,
12/2/16 am
Mark Riddle, George Peck: Trench To Bedside11/18/16
11/25/16 pm, 12/2/16 pmLianne Lefsrud, David Sauchyn: Risk Management11/25/16
12/9/16 amMary Brock, John Dupuis, Courtney Caldwell, Simon Saval: Gifts for Nerds12/2/16
12/9/16 pm, 12/16/16 pmErik Vance, Kathryn Hall: The Sugar Pill12/9/16
12/16/16 am, 12/23/16Justin Schmidt: What Doesnt Kill You...12/16/16
12/30/16 amRobert Hodgson, Charlie Bamforth: Boozy Science (rebroadcast)12/27/13
12/30/16 pmSean Carroll: The Serengeti Rules12/23/16
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