2021 Program Schedule for the

Wider Horizons
series, 10 am Mon. to Fri.
At 5 pm we rebroadcast the same program
(or another program in the same series)


Monday 10 am
Humanism Today
(each program airs again the same day at 5 pm)
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1/4/21Ann Livingston - Overdose Prevention55:057/9/17a
1/11/21Naser Najjar - Humanitarianism and the Red Cross39:027/9/17a
1/18/21Dr Ellen Wiebe - One year of medical assistance in dying40:207/9/17a
1/25/21 David Shiffman - Why Sharks Matter32:486/18/17a
2/1/21 Carrie Jenkins - What Love Is57:406/11/17a
2/8/21 David Moscrop - Can we make good political decisions?52:266/4/17a
2/15/21 Gurpreet Singh - Secularism and Hindu Politics1:06:545/29/17a
2/22/21 Dr John Nightingale - Vancouver Aquarium and Cetaceans51:034/30/17a
3/1/21 Sarah Topps - Science and Public Health41:084/18/17a
3/8/21 Yasmine Mohammad - Confessions of an Ex-Muslim55:414/11/17a
3/15/21 Ian Bushfield - Humanist Marriage1:05:024/3/17a
3/22/21 Nicolas Fillion - Conspiracy Theories54:183/26/17a
3/29/21 Ian Bushfield - The Urgency Of Humanism53:443/12/17a
4/5/21 Trinity Western and the Court of Public Opinion1:22:162/_/21a
4/12/21 A Public Good52:363/_/21a
4/19/21 Researching an Absence of Religion1:21:413/26/21a
4/26/21 Nick Taylor - Basic Income41:052/26/17a
5/3/21 David Silverman - Fighting God1:08:482/19/17a
5/10/21 Elisabeth Ormandy - Animals In Science Policy Institute45:022/12/17a
5/17/21 Patti Bacchus - Public Education in BC29:082/5/17a
5/24/21 Mattias Martens - Populism21:011/22/17a
5/31/21 Let Peace Be Their Memorial 20171:08:3711/11/17a
6/7/21 Joann Robertson - Political Correctness38:161/15/17a
6/14/21 Joyce Arthur - Trumpocalypse52:2712/18/16a
6/21/21 Dale Beyerstein and Lee Miller - Skepticism Then & Now1:04:0411/13/16a
6/28/21 Robert Teszka - The Psychology of Magic57:2611/6/16a
7/5/21 pm Teresa Gagné-White Poppies and War's Civilian Victims40:5810/30/16a
7/12/21 pm Steve Thompson - Bitcoins and blockchains37:5110/9/16a
7/19/21 Ujjal Dosanjh - Church and state separation1:19:5810/2/16a
7/26/21 Gary Bauslaugh - Canada's Assisted Dying Movement41:239/11/16a
8/2/21 Karen Garst - From Goddess to God48:459/9/16a
8/9/21 Ian Bushfield - Is anyone in BC still religious?40:408/21/16a
8/16/21 Joyce Arthur - Crisis Pregnancy Centres in Canada46:057/10/16a
8/23/21 Armin Navabi - Western Ex-Muslims29:186/26/16a
8/30/21 Pamela Zevit - Evidence for Democracy56:406/19/16a
9/6/21 Stephanie Smith and Byron Wood - Religion and Alcoholics Anonymous58:276/12/16a
9/13/21 Les Brown - Fair Vote Canada23:205/29/16a
9/20/21 Dr Sue Hughson - Dying With Dignity Canada28:396/5/16a
9/27/21 Pat O'Brien and Jonathan Chan - Meeting of the Minds14:005/15/16a
10/4/21 Autumn Reinhardt-Simpson - Female Personhood41:365/8/16a
10/11/21 Ian Bushfield: Trinity Western University vs Law Society of BC - BC Humanists at the BC Court of Appeal14:566/3/16a
10/18/21 CDax & Drake: Humanist LORE - Episode 1 - What is Humanism?11:223/27/13a
11/1/21 Humanist LORE - Episode 2 - Evidence vs Faith with Peter Boghossian28:042013a
11/8/21 Humanist LORE - Episode 3 - Glenn Hardie and the history of the BCHA18:105/_/16a
11/15/21 Ian Bushfield, Adriana Thom: The Private School Giveaway35:3711/3/21a
11/22/21 Ian Bushfield - The government is still censoring us29:104/17?/16a
11/29/21 Paul Ingraham - Muscle Knots On Skeptical Trial49:274/10/16a
12/13/21 Dr Jim Linville - Not all creation museums are created equal60:344/3/16a
12/20/21 Rachel Deitch: Freedom of Thought Report 202122:1111/20/21b
12/27/21 Benjamin Purzycki - Religion And The Evolution Of Social Life62:343/13/16a

a BC Humanists Podcast from the British Columbia Humanist Association, Vancouver. Follow this link and scroll down for descriptive paragraph.
b Podcast from State of Belief.

Tuesday 10 am
Spirit In Action   or   Song of the Soul
Length 55 min.
(each program airs again the same day at 5 pm)

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1/5/21 Jennifer Kavanagh: Practical Mystics & Heart of Oneness1/2/21a
1/12/21 76 Years On Stage - Josh White Jr. 1/2/21b
1/19/21 Adventures In Sustainable Development - Joseph Hunt 1/16/20a
1/26/21 Raheel Raza, Ran Meir: ABC's of Islamism - Raheel Raza1/23/20a
2/2/21 Dodging Oligarchy-Into-Tyranny - Thom Hartmann1/30/20a
2/9/21 Liam Hooper: Trans-Forming Proclamation: A Transgender Theology of Daring Existence2/6/21a
2/16/21 Peterson Toscano, Kelsey Grant, Andrea Zink, Lindsay Linsky, Rev. Tony Campolo: WWJD About Climate Change?2/13/21a
2/23/21 Rodney Long, Jr., Selika Ducksworth-Lawton: Race In Place - Akron, New Orleans, Eau Claire 2/20/21a
3/2/21 Selika Ducksworth-Lawton, Rodney Long, Jr.: Race, Place & Grace - Where & How I Grew Up 2/27/21a
3/9/21 Patricia Stansbury, Chuck Fager, Monisha Rios, Ricky Clousing: Standing Up For Soldiers - Really! 3/6/21a
3/16/21 Phil Hoose, Susan Urban, Joel Landy, Will Fudeman, Carrie Newcomer, Justin Jay Arnold:
Music Before COVID - Fall 2019 SOS
3/23/21 Solace In The Wild with Erin Ivey 2/6/21b
3/30/21 George Lakey: Blacksmith's Forge: Polarization & Democracy 3/27/21a
4/6/21 Mark Kastel: Private Eye/Organic Eye - Watchdog For Us All 4/3/21a
4/13/21 Jewish Climate Action Network & Katy Allen 4/8/21a
4/20/21 Hardy Merriman: Civil Resistance - Power to the People from ICNC 4/17/21a
4/27/21 David Mueller, Pardeep Singh Kaleka, Elliot Ratzman, Jim Handley: Interfaith Nonviolence 4/24/21a
5/4/21 Matthew Legge: Spreading the Peace Virus 5/1/21a
5/11/21 Demystifying Shariah - Sumbul Ali-Karamali 5/8/21a
5/18/21 Peterson Toscano, Dr. Krista Hiser, Bob Inglis, Sarah Jaquette Ray, Tykee James: The Eco-Right, Eco-Anxiety, Eco-Cool, & Eco-Birding: A Better Climate 5/15/21a
6/1/21 Liam Hooper, Don Durham: Drawing Near to a Universal Basic Income with Bible Bash 5/29/21a
6/8/21 Peterson Toscano, Kristin Peterson Kaszubowski, Dr. Natasha DeJarnett, George Ferrandi, Craig Middleton, Aeryka Harvey, Peggy Campolo: Queer Film, Fossil Fuel-less-ness, Brown Suga, & More 6/5/21a
6/15/21 Patricia Stansbury, Karen Henderson: Veterans Resiliency Holistic Clinic 6/12/21a
6/22/21 Jerry Knutson, Kat Griffith: Powerful Peaceful Discernment 6/19/21a
6/29/21 Vision, Utopia, & Big Questions - Martin Schoenhals & Jeremy Lent 6/26/21a
7/6/21 Rwanda Stories & Kunda Arts with Fiacre Mutabazi 7/3//21a
7/13/21 No Regrets From Friction Farm - Aidan Quinn 5/29/21b
7/20/21 am Kora Feder: Painting the Sky with Music 4/20/19b
7/27/21 am Resisting Fighter Jets (full webinar) 7/7/21a
7/27/21 pm Resisting Fighter Jets At Home and Abroad 7/24/21a
8/3/21 Patricia Stansbury, Kara Brewer Boyd: Black Farmers in America 7/31/21a
8/10/21 Jeremy Lent: Preserving Life & The Web of Meaning 8/7/21a
8/17/21 Cameroonians, Cherokees, Republicans, Playwrights - We All Need to Solve Climate Change8/14/21a
8/24/21 Finding Lost Voices With Mike Ball (uncut) 8/7/21b
8/31/21 Pete Bastounes: From Rush Limbaugh Fan to Bernie Sanders & Thom Hartmann Liberal - With The Union8/28/21a
9/7/21 John McCutcheon in Person! 7/20/19b
9/14/21 Thom Hartmann - Why Sickness Bankrupts You & Makes Others Insanely Rich9/11/21a
9/21/21 Modern Psalms of Solace & Resistance and Whispering to Babies with Dwight Wilson 9/18/21a
9/28/21 Andy Douglas: Singing In Prison 9/25/21a
10/5/21 Wendy Sandford: These Walls Between Us - Growing Beyond the Racial Divide10/2/21a
10/12/21 Iowa's Wonderful Chicago Folk Recluse: Bonnie Koloc 10/9/21b
10/19/21 Patricia Stansbury, Duron Chavis, Joseph Rogers: Resiliency Gardens & Healing Virginia's Racist History10/16/21a
10/26/21 Edgar Villanueva: Money As Medicine - Indigenous Wisdom for Decolonizing Wealth10/23/21a
11/2/21 Greg Vizzi, Chief Richard Quiet Thunder Gilbert: The Original People: the Lenni-Lenape Tribe10/30/21a
11/9/21 A Gift of Light: Joy Zimmerman10/30/21b
11/16/21 Cli-Fi, Climate Change Theatre, Insuring our Future - with Peterson Toscano11/13/21a
11/23/21 Zoe Roberts: Seeing Beyond the Mainstream - Worker Shortage & Trans Identity11/20/21a
11/30/21 Carnism - Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, & Wear Cows - Melanie Joy11/27/21a
12/7/21 Linda Hall: Pulling Together for Children's Mental Health12/4/21a
12/14/21 Peterson Toscano, Natasha DeJarnett, Jayme R. Reeves, Aram Mitchell, Marissa Slaven: Climate Hospitality & Cli-fi - with Peterson Toscano12/11/21a
12/21/21 Patricia Stansbury, Charles Carter, Janet Worsham, Sallie Rugg: Civil Rights Elders - Groundswell12/18/21a
12/28/21 Maria Guzman, Emily Anderson, Libby Richter: Standing, Talking, Listening With the Homeless12/25/21a

a Spirit In Action from Northern Spirit Radio - interviews by Mark Helpsmeet, Eau Claire WI.
b Song of the Soul from Northern Spirit Radio - interviews by Mark Helpsmeet and music selected by his guests.

Wednesday 10 am
Science for the People
eLife Sciences
(program airs again the same day at 5 pm)
Click below to listen online.
1/6/21Sujata Gupta, Kendra Pierre-Louis: It's A Pandemic, Why Are We So Bored?1:08:1912/21/20a
1/13/21Tina Saey, Deja Perkins, Carolyn Gramling: So Long 2020: We Won't Miss You1:16:091/7/21a
1/20/21Rats won't rat on rats (repeated from 3/6/16, 10/16/16)28:081/31/14b
1/27/21Redeye, Spies and Bacteria (repeated from 3/13/16, 10/23/16)30:082/28/14b
2/3/21Radiation, Anti-aphrodisiacs and Glowing Squid (repeated from 3/20/16, 10/30/16)22:273/31/14b
2/10/21Junyi Chu, Holly Gramazio: The Art and Science of Play58:162/2/21a
2/17/21Pain, gene therapy, and regenerating worms (repeated from 3/27/16, 11/6/16)30:324/30/14b
2/24/21Why we don't (often) bite our tongues (repeated from 4/3/16, 11/13/16)29:316/10/14b
3/3/21Egyptian baboons and overlooked COVID genes35:442/23/21b
3/10/21Annalee Newitz: Cities Lost and Found1:07:553/1/21a
3/17/21Making blind mice see and mosquitoes resistant to malaria (repeated from 4/10/16, 11/27/16)31:117/31/14b
3/24/21Cost of corruption, and Ebola (repeated from 4/17/16, 12/4/16)31:409/30/14b
3/31/21Flu, Cannabis and HIV (repeated from 4/24/16, 12/11/16)30:0610/31/14b
4/7/21Anthony Warner: The Unavoidable Complexities of Food1:21:233/30/21a
4/14/21Synthetic cells, antivirals and sex pheromones (repeated from 5/1/16, 12/25/16)34:2012/23/14b
4/21/21Erika Engelhaupt: Time for the Gory Details1:02:224/16/21a
4/28/21Psychedelic drugs and river water bugs31:264/14/21b
5/5/21Stress, fertility and remote-controlled sperm (repeated from 5/8/16)26:282/6/15b
5/12/21TB, and a Handshake (repeated from 5/15/16)26:213/9/15b
5/19/21Katherine Standefer: Lightning Flowers1:20:185/17/21a
5/26/21Herpes vaccine, and flies with brain damage (repeated from 5/22/16)29:104/17/15b
6/2/21Motherless gorillas and how hummingbirds hum27:175/27/21b
6/9/21Do newborns feel pain? (repeated from 5/29/16)25:505/19/15b
6/16/21Chris MacDonald: Biotechnology Ethics1:00:056/12/09a
6/23/21Jim Moroney, Brownian Motion: UFOs59:11:4/24/09a
6/30/21Adam Rogers: Full Spectrum: How the Science of Color Made Us Modern1:11:176/27/21a
7/7/21Ming Hsu, Jill Powell: Neuroeconomics59:275/1/09a
7/14/21The widowhood effect, and clapped out baboons34:306/30/21b
7/21/21Mike Harrison, Marion Kilgour: Science of Love60:264/17/09a
7/28/21Brian Mason, Tim Farley: Skeptical Activism and Bill 4459:545/8/09a
8/4/21 amSarah Everts: Dripping With Sweat1:01:508/3/21a
8/4/21 pmDennis Young, Matthew Johnston, Mike Harrison: Censorship56:425/15/09a
8/11/21MC Frontalot, Catherine Nissen: Quitting Smoking56:055/22/09a
8/18/21Hans Machel, Jill Powell: Geology59:565/29/09a
8/25/21Simon Rose, Sibina: Math59:156/26/09a
9/1/21Jeff Richardson, Amy Davis Roth: Stormchasing57:587/3/09a
9/8/21Nullsession, Rodrigo de la Jara: Cyber Security59:337/24/09a
9/29/21Dana Blumrosen, Marion Kilgour, Jill Powell: Gender and the Skeptical Community60:008/7/09a
10/6/21Emma Marris: What's Wild About Wilderness?1:04:399/30/21a
10/13/21Scott Gavura: Ask a Pharmacist59:198/14/09a
10/20/21Daniel Loxton, Brad Salomons: Skeptical Education60:008/21/09a
10/27/21Fintan Steele, Marion Kilgour: Genomics60:048/28/09a
11/3/21Dr Jessica Ware: Damsels and Dragons44:4610/20/21a
11/10/21Kennedy Goodkey, K.O. Myers: The Skeptical Actor60:009/4/09a
11/17/21Does stress turn your hair grey?33:4710/17/21b
11/24/21Mary Roach: Furry Felons and Mammalian Misdemeanors59:5910/28/21a
12/1/21Adam Savage, Derek Bartholomaus: Surprise Guest Adam Savage!60:009/18/09a
12/8/21 am OMG, Omicron!1:50:4011/30/21c
12/8/21 pmCOVID-19 clinical update #91 with Dr. Daniel Griffin39:2312/2/21c
12/15/21Joanne Manaster, John Dupuis: The One About Science Books, 2021 Edition1:21:5211/28/21a
12/22/21The One About Nerdy Gifts, 2021 Edition46:2612/6/21a
12/29/21Ray Pierotti, Tara McAllister: Indigenous Knowledge and Decolonising Academia1:47:5412/23/21a

aPrograms from http://www.scienceforthepeople.ca/, Edmonton Alberta, produced monthly.
bMonthly half hour programs by Dr. Chris Smith on topics in the life and biomedical sciences from https://elifesciences.org/podcast.
cThis Week in Virology from MicrobeTV.

Thursday 10 am
Voices for Religious Pluralism
(each program airs again the same day at 5 pm)
Click below to listen online.
1/7/21 White Too Long, feat. Robert P. Jones - hosted by Ryan Bell58:008/17/20a
1/14/21 Gail Waisman: One City Schools35:471/10/21b
1/21/21 Elizabeth Sciupac, Alison Gill, Brian Kaylor: Not A Protest, An Insurrection1:01:421/9/21c
1/28/21 Robin Proud: The Invisible Stage of Life28:051/24/21d
2/4/21 Rev. Adam Nicholas Phillips, Wendsler Nosie Sr., Katy Joseph: Democracy Prevails56:171/23/21c
2/11/21 Rev. Doug Kraft: Listening Deeply: Befriending the Mind-Heart29:081/31/21b
2/18/21 Susan Katz Miller, Dr. Sabrina Dent, Noel Jacobs: An Interfaith Valentine 1:01:152/13/21c
2/25/21 Robert Enright: Forgiveness for Individual, Family, and Community Well-Being42:372/14/21b
3/4/21 Franciska Coleman: The Social Regulation of Speech39:182/28/21b
3/11/21 Bishop Minerva Carcaño, Rev. James Forbes Jr., Peter Montgomery: Extremism and Healing1:04:503/6/21c
3/18/21 Rob Brink: The Four Things That Matter Most11:083/14/21d
3/25/21 Dr. Anthea Butler, Francis DeBernardo, Chris Hedges: Backward and Forward54:143/20/21c
4/1/21 Robin Proud: Elizabeth Blackwell: Woman Doctor34:453/28/21e
4/8/21 Michael Eselun: Restringing the Bead29:443/28/21b
4/15/21 Jim Conrad, Mitch Randall, Becky Monroe: Reaching Out, Leaning Forward 1:14:144/10/21c
4/22/21 Robin Proud: Elizabeth Blackwell34:064/11/21b
4/29/21 Martin Luther King III, Rev. Angela Williams, Tori Goebel: Accountability, Yes; Justice, Not Yet1:02:354/24/21c
5/6/21 Laurel Ravelo, Valerie Showalter, Lailah Shima: What is Your Legacy?30:344/25/21b
5/13/21 Mitchell Hagopian: Disability Discrimination During the Pandemic?39:295/2/21b
5/20/21 Matt Aspin: What Do You See?35:335/9/21b
5/27/21 Robin Proud: Vanguard: Black Women and the Vote26:565/23/21d
6/3/21 Mat McDermott, Don Abram, Rabbi Jack Moline: Freedom and Equality51:035/29/21c
6/10/21 Christine Milovani: A Year into the Pandemic: Reflecting on Loss, Healing and Resilience11:475/30/21b
6/17/21 Barbara Poma, Rev. Peter Laarman, Padre Vidal Rivas: Outlove Hate 54:146/12/21c
6/24/21 Rev. Dr. Bill Leonard, Rev. Marian Edmonds-Allen, Dr. Ihsan Bagby: Conducting Holy Dialogues53:106/19/21c
7/1/21 Father Thomas J. Reese, Dahlia Lithwick, Mya Jaradat: Chipping Away at the Wall of Separation1:16:246/26/21c
7/8/21 Brian Allain, Rev. Monty Self: Independence Day, 202153:077/3/21c
7/15/21 Kevin Phillips, Dr. Obrey Hendricks, Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, Martha Nussbaum: The Best of State of Belief Radio 49:267/10/21c
7/22/21 Mya Jaradat, Dr. Robert P. Jones, Dr. Katharina Pöhls: Researching Religious Beliefs and Convictions 59:177/17/21c
7/29/21 Frederick Clarkson, Dr. Obrey Hendricks, Holly Hollman: The Christians Fighting Christian Nationalism1:04:277/24/21c
8/5/21 Rev. Jennifer Butler, Connie Ryan, Dr. Ilhsan Bagby: Reducing Vaccine Hesitancy 57:567/31/21c
8/12/21 Rev. Dr. Liz Theoharis, Imran Ahmed, Rev. Spencer Burke: Spiritual Activism and Innovation 59:068/7/21c
8/19/21 Andrew Schneider, Dr. Christopher Beem, Katy Joseph: Science v. Skeptics 57:588/14/21c
8/26/21 Amber Cantorna, Ellen Judd, Rev. Nathan Empsall: Peaceful Tomorrows 52:288/21/21c
9/2/21 Rev. Matt Aspin: Hopes and Fears14:278/22/21b
9/9/21 Rev. Matt Aspin: Lessons Yet to Learn19:438/29/21b
9/16/21 Rebecca Meier-Rao: Labor in the Pulpits / On the Bimah / In the Minbar26:029/5/21b
9/23/21 Rt. Rev. Gene Robinson, Rt. Rev. John Shelby Spong: Remembering John Shelby Spong1:20:049/18/21c
9/30/21 Rev. Matt Aspin: Healing Spaces18:319/19/21b
10/7/21 Robin Proud: "Unitarian, Suffragist, and Black" by Frances E. W. Harper38:559/26/21b
10/14/21 Rabbi Dr. Jay Michaelson, Maureen O'Leary, Stephanie Correa: #FaithfullyLGBT 58:3110/9/21c
10/21/21 Rev. Matt Aspin: Question Box30:3910/10/21b
10/28/21 Robin Proud: Frances E. W. Harper, Further Writings34:1710/24/21e
11/4/21 Ilene Haykus: Evoking Spiritual Experience in Our Lives22:4710/17/21b
11/11/21 Rev. Matt Aspin: UU, the UN, and U19:3410/24/21b
11/18/21 Rev. Fletcher Harper, Henry Gass, Josh Packard: Faithful Climate Stewards51:3211/13/21c
11/25/21 Ankur Desai: What Can YOU Do About Climate Change?45:2011/14/21b
12/2/21 Rob Brink: Signs and Rules24:219/26/21e
12/9/21 Rob Brink: Made to be Broken18:4711/28/21e
12/16/21 Robin Proud: The Heroine with 1001 Faces: Heroism of Women From Ancient Lore to the Modern Box Office34:0412/12/21e
12/23/21 John Gernandt: Working With Families, Law Enforcement and Mental Illness29:1012/5/21b
12/30/21 Rev. Matt Aspin: Long Night Reflections20:4312/26/21b

Working With Families, law enforcement and Mental Illness a Ryan Bell's Life After God podcast.
b Talk for Prairie Unitarian Universalist Society.
c Podcast from State of Belief.
d Talk for the Free Congregation of Sauk County and Prairie Unitarian Universalist Society recorded by WIDE-LP.
e Talk for the Free Congregation of Sauk County recorded by WIDE-LP.

Friday 10 am
Freethought Radio
Length 49 min. 23 sec.
(unless otherwise noted, each program airs again the same day at 5 pm)
Rebroadcast of radio programs from the Freedom From Religion Foundation
Click below to listen online.
1/1/21Happy 2021!12/30/20766
1/8/21Jamie Raskin: Optimism for 20211/7/21767
1/15/21Humanism for Kids1/14/21768
1/22/21Jared Huffman: This Land Is Our Land1/21/21769
1/29/21Mandisa Thomas, Sasha Sagan: Secular Rituals1/28/21770
2/5/21Philip Appleman: Investigate the Church2/4/21771
2/12/21Rachel Holmes: Natural Born Rebel2/11/21772
2/19/21Darren Dochuk: Anointed With Oil2/18/21773
2/26/21 pmJames Lull: Ideas & ideologies2/25/21774
3/5/21James Haught: Nine Decades of Progress3/4/21775
3/12/21Alice Greczyn: Wayward3/11/21776
3/19/21David Speed: Thoughts and Prayers3/18/21777
3/26/21John Follis: Leaving God3/25/21778
4/2/21Jeff Hawkins: If I Only Had a Brain4/1/21779
4/9/21Ron Reagan: Unabashed Atheist4/8/21780
4/16/21Indra Zuno: Freedom Dues4/15/21781
4/23/21Dr. Marlene Winell: Religious Trauma4/22/21782
4/30/21Jennifer Taylor: Southern Rationalists4/29/21783
5/7/21Margaret Downey, Amit Pal: COVID and Hindu Nationalism5/6/21784
5/14/21Anu Garg: Wordsmith5/13/21785
5/21/21Phil Zuckerman: No Reason to Fear5/20/21786
5/28/21Andy Norman: "Mental Immunity"5/27/21787
6/4/21Geoffrey Stone: Supreme Court & Abortion6/3/21788
6/11/21Kristin Du Mez: Militant Masculinity6/10/21789
6/18/21Helen Christophi: For Christ's Sake6/17/21790
6/25/21Barbara Alvarez: Religion and Reproductive Rights6/24/21791
7/2/21Sarah Posner: "Unholy"7/1/21792
7/9/21Muhammad Syed: Apostate Report7/8/21793
7/23/21Robert P. Jones: Census on Religion7/15/21794
7/30/21Steven Pinker: Rationality7/22/21795
8/6/21Lon Ostrander: The Clergy Project7/29/21796
8/13/21Candace Gorham: Death and Disbelief8/5/21797
8/20/21Mohamed Cisse: Imam No More8/12/21798
8/27/21Juan Cole: Taliban Takeover8/19/21799
9/3/21Benjamin Cowan: Moral Majorities8/26/21800
9/10/21Ron Reagan, John Davidson, Cecile Richards, Ann Druyan, Julia Sweeney, Daniel C. Dennett: Freethought Matters*9/2/21801
9/17/21Charlotte Dennett, Daniel C. Dennett III: Dennett Double Header9/9/21802
9/24/21Christophe Jaffrelot: Modi's India9/16/21803
10/1/21Mandisa Thomas: Women Beyond Belief9/23/21804
10/8/21Cheryl Abram: Firing God9/30/21805
10/15/21Barbara Alvarez: Religion vs. Women's Health10/7/21806
10/22/21Debbie Allen: Secular America10/14/21807
10/29/21Stephen M. Feldman: Pack the Court10/21/21808
11/5/21Linda Greenhouse: Justice On The Brink10/28/21809
11/12/21Bart Worden: American Ethics11/4/21810
11/19/21Agustín Fuentes: Why We Believe11/11/21811
11/26/21Buzz Kemper, Grant Blaschka, Julia Sweeney, Jon Huertas: "Blacktino" Atheist11/18/21812
12/3/21Willie O. Cartwright: From Saved to Sane12/2/21814
12/10/21Karen Heineman: Highlights and Lowlights12/9/21815
12/17/21Tom Flynn: The Trouble With Christmas12/16/21816
12/24/21Heathen's Greetings!12/22/21817
12/31/21Gloria Steinem: Happy New Year 202212/30/21818

* Only the first 18 min. aired due to a faulty audio file.
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