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2013 Program Schedule for
Wider Horizons
10 am Mon. to Fri.
All programs are rebroadcast the same day at 5 pm


Monday 10 am
Humanism Today
(each program is rebroadcast the same day at 5 pm)
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1/7/13 Jean Shepherd, In God We Trust (All Others Pay Cash) (repeated from 1/3/11) 48:3712/22/10a
1/14/13 Searching for a Humanist meme in the ether 45:121/6/13b
1/21/13 Dr. Mary Frantz: Bioethics beyond Terry Schiavo (repeated from 1/10/11) 1:06:231/2/11b
1/28/13 Soldier Spiritual Fitness and Rock Beyond Belief, with Justin Griffith (repeated from 2/7/11) 55:011/26/11a
2/4/13 Discussion of Hitchens/Blair debate on 'Be it resolved, religion is a force for good in the world' (repeated from 2/14/11) 56:342/6/11b
2/11/13 Web Special: Cecil Bothwell 49:141/5/13a
2/18/13 Informal discussion with Shawn Francis Peters about his new book The Catonsville Nine: A Story of Faith and Resistance in the Vietnam Era. 1:17:252/10/13b
2/25/13 Fred Edwords: Shining the Light of Reason (repeated from 3/28/11) 1:01:583/24/11a
3/4/13 AHA President Rebecca Hale 1:02:082/27/13a
3/11/13 The Secular Roots of Taoism - Q&A 59:573/3/13b
3/18/13 Wajahat S. Khan: Secularism, Religion, and Revolution in Muslim South Asia (repeated from 4/4/11) 1:02:413/13/11c
3/25/13 Fred Edwords: Humanism in India (repeated from 4/11/11) 28:494/3/11d
4/1/13 The Clergy Project 1:01:293/22/13a
4/8/13 Child Evangelism in our Public Schools: a report on the investigation by author Katherine Stewart 1:06:044/7/13b
4/15/13 Kate Lovelady: A welcoming home for humanists (repeated from 11/4/09)21:049/20/09e
4/22/13 Fred Edwords: The United Coalition of Reason billboard and bus ad campaigns (repeated from 4/18/11) 1:03:174/3/11b
4/29/13 A. C. Grayling 1:01:384/24/13a
5/6/13 Fundamentalist Mormons: When does civil liberty cross the line to criminal action? 57:255/4/13b
5/13/13 Fred Edwords: A Humanist Look at Myth, Symbol, and Art (repeated from 4/25/11) 37:524/3/11f
5/20/13 Rebecca Goldstein, Humanist of the Year (repeated from 5/9/11) 1:16:035/2/11a
5/27/13 Julia Galef 59:405/22/13a
6/3/13 Candace Gingrich-Jones: Humanist Pride (repeated from 5/30/11) 1:06:045/25/11a
6/10/13 Jeff Sharlet's revelations about "The Family" and its fundamentalist new world order ambitions (repeated from 6/13/11) 1:03:456/5/11b
6/17/13 Compassionate engagement: personal examples of what we humanists are doing to make a better world (repeated from 7/18/11) 1:00:437/10/11b
6/24/13 Sex and Secularism (repeated from 7/4/11) 1:01:336/22/11a
7/1/13 Happy Humanist Jennifer Hancock (repeated from 7/25/11) 24:587/3/11g
7/8/13 Building the Humanist Community in Madison 1:01:467/7/13b
7/15/13 Matthew Chapman and The Ledge (repeated from 8/8/11)54:307/28/11a
7/22/13 Kate Lovelady: Ethical Humanism and Existentialism21:406/30/13e
7/29/13 Robert Green Ingersoll (repeated from 8/15/11) 52:458/7/11b
8/5/13 The Friendly Atheist (repeated from 9/5/11)1:05:349/1/11a
8/12/13 Dr. Sean M. Carroll 1:02:156/26/13a
8/19/13 Steve Wozniak and American teenage atheists (repeated from 10/3/11)1:02:429/29/11a
8/26/13 Katha Pollitt - 2013 Humanist Heroine 1:01:437/31/13a
9/2/13 Dan Savage - 2013 Humanist of the Year 1:02:44 8/28/13a
9/9/13 Susan Hagstrom: Favoring religion in the workplace: current actions in Wisconsin and abroad 1:00:499/1/13b
9/16/13 Reason Rally (repeated from 10/31/11)1:00:2710/27/11a
9/23/13 Rabbi Binyamin Biber: Serving the Humanist Community (repeated from 12/5/11)1:01:1812/2/11a
9/30/13 Kate Lovelady: Humanism Around the World (repeated from 12/19/11) 36:3111/13/11e
10/7/13 Stephanie Isaak: FoodShare Outreach to Older Adults 55:0410/6/13b
10/14/13 Dr. Marty Klein1:05:069/25/13a
10/21/13 Dan Barker: The Importance of Church State Separation (repeated from 12/14/11) 59:4111/30/11h
10/28/13Dale McGowan: Parenting Beyond Belief (repeated from 5/26/12) 35:014/29/12i
11/4/13 Susan Hagstrom and Henry Steinberger: Notes and Reflections on the Freedom From Religion Foundation 2013 Annual Convention 42:1111/3/13b
11/11/13 Nikki Stern, Hope Can Be Found1:00:1510/23/13a
11/18/13 An ethical humanist reports on his first year In the Missouri House of Representatives (repeated from 9/21/11) 32:408/14/11a
11/25/13Phil Zuckerman: Faith No More (repeated from 12/28/11)31:3412/12/11j
12/2/13 Freethought Mixtape (repeated from 1/9/12)1:07:4012/28/11a
12/9/13 Greg Epstein: The Harvard Humanist Hub 48:0212/7/13k
12/16/13 Four Humanist Press authors59:5911/27/13a
12/23/13 Susan Hagstrom: James Dobson: why his group Focus on the Family endangers America (repeated from 1/16/12) 59:411/15/12b
12/30/13 Humanist Community Project at Harvard (repeated from 1/30/12)1:01:491/27/12a

a The Humanist Hour from the American Humanist Association.
b Recording of Humanist Union of Madison program.
c The Humanist Chaplaincy at Harvard.
d Recorded by WIDE-LP at Hammersley Rd transmitter site, Madison.
e Platform address at The Ethical Society of St. Louis.
f Talk at Prairie Unitarian Universalist Society in Madison.
g Secular World Podcast.
h Talk to Atheists, Humanists and Agnostics at the UW-Madison.
i Recorded at Freethought Festival 2012 on the UW-Madison campus by WIDE-LP.
j Culture Shocks, hosted by the Rev. Barry Lynn.
k Podcast from State of Belief.

Tuesday 10 am
Spirit In Action   or
Song of the Soul
Length 55 min.
(each program is rebroadcast the same day at 5 pm)

Click below to listen online. (High speed connection recommended.)
1/1/13 Chuck Fager: Face-to-face with the War Beast in Fayetteville 12/23/12a
1/8/13 Steadfast Nonviolence on the West Bank - Iyad Burnat 1/6/13a
1/15/13 Marie Friedmann Marquardt: Living Illegal - The Human Face of Unauthorized Immigration 1/13/13a
1/22/13 Nukewatching from the Farm - John LaForge 1/20/13a
1/29/13 Hauntress - Denise Jordan Finley's Song of the Soul 1/20/13b
2/5/13 It's the Same Love - Ben Tousley's Song of the Soul 2/3/13b
2/12/13 Marjorie Heins: Priests of Our Democracy: The Supreme Court, Academic Freedom, and the Anti-Communist Purge 2/10/13a
2/19/13 Mark Kastel: Cornucopia Institute: Organic Foods Watchdog 2/17/13a
2/26/13 Margaret Moore: Clan in the Woods - The Teaching Drum Outdoor School Family Year-long 2/24/13a
3/5/13 Steve Horn: Pictures Without Borders - Bosnia Revisited 3/3/13a
3/12/13 Turning Toward the Morning - Gordon Bok's Song of the Soul 2/5/12b
3/19/13 David Druding, Early Hatley: Protecting Oklahoma from the Keystone XL Pipeline 3/17/13a
3/26/13 Reese Erlich: Arab Spring From the Streets & Conversations With Terrorists 3/24/13a
4/2/13 Sandy Bishop & Rhea Miller: Lopez Community Land Trust - Transforming Economics & Society 3/31/13a
4/9/13 Jennifer Kavanagh: Micro-credit, Simplicity, & Spiritual Activism - The World is our Cloister 4/7/13a
4/16/13 Mara Sapon-Shevin: Transforming the World Through Inclusive Education 4/14/13a
4/23/13 Healing Banjo from Arkansas - Jacob George's Song of the Soul 4/14/13b
4/30/13 David Massengill: Number 1 in America - Song/Stories to Change Hearts 4/28/13a
5/7/13 Sarvodaya, Awakening to All in Sri Lanka - Dr. Vinya Ariyaratne 5/5/13a
5/14/13 Gonna Take it with Me - Sue Kranz 5/12/13b
5/21/13 Rethinking Money - Jacqui Dunne & Bernard Lietaer 5/19/13a
5/28/13 Singing & Biking Afghan Vet Jacob George 5/26/13a
6/4/13 Treehouse Living, Stars Are Singing - Joanne Rand 6/2/13b
6/11/13 Acting in Faith - AFSC, Sustainable Agriculture, Water Rights, Divestment & Intentional Communities 6/9/13a
6/18/13 Kitchen Chemotherapy - Beat Cancer at the Roots 6/16/13a
7/2/13 Risking All for Peace & Justice in Sri Lanka - Ruki Fernando 6/23/13a
7/9/13 Leftover Dreams & Peace of the Present - Patrice Haan 6/23/13b
7/16/13 Hope Reasserted - David Roth 6/16/13b
7/23/13 Unexpected Journey of an Activist Entrepreneur and Local-Economy Pioneer - Judy Wicks 7/21/13a
7/30/13 Laura Melvin: Public Secrets & Justice - Heart & Hurt on the Circuit Court Bench 7/28/13a
8/6/13 Making Friends Among the Taliban - Jonathan P. Larson 8/4/13a
8/13/13 Deeper Relationship with the Earth - Process & Practice 8/11/13a
8/20/13 Non-violent Cow takes on ROTC at Marquette U - Bob Graf At Work 8/18/13a
8/27/13 Bill & Genie Durland: War Taxes, Injustice in Palestine, Racism - A Life of Faith, Joy & Service 8/25/13a
9/3/13 Paul Gilk: Failed Wisconsin Uprising - what issues & what hope? 9/1/13a
9/10/13 People Power Against Big Money, Corrupt Politicians, & Casinos - Strategy & Soul 9/8/13a
9/17/13 Yosemite, Dumpster Diving, & Correcting Native History - Fiction Toward Truth 9/15/13a
9/24/13 Stan Cox: Fair Share of Sustainable Carbon, Water & Bread - Any Way You Slice It 9/22/13a
10/1/13 Jim Ziolkowski: Walk In Their Shoes: Can One Person Change the World? Education & Service As Transformation 9/29/13a
10/8/13 Steve McIntosh: Evolution's Purpose - Science, Spirituality, & Philosophy 10/6/13a
10/15/13 Chana Wilson, Annie Lanzillotto: Fruitful Lesbian Lives, 3 memoirs - Part 1 10/13/13a
10/22/13 Annie Lanzillotto, Margaret Sorrell: More Fruitful Lesbian Lives, 3 memoirs - Part 2 10/20/13a
10/29/13 Debra Rosenman: The Chimpanzee Chronicles and Growing Compassion 10/27/13a
11/5/13 The Verdant Mile - Tracy Grammer's Song of the Soul 9/2/12b
11/12/13 Steve Terwilliger: Future Movement - The Evolution of Transportation 11/10/13a
11/19/13 Raging Grannies Are Conspiring 11/17/13a
11/26/13 Passionate on the Farm - Inga Witscher 11/24/13a
12/3/13 Round Dance/Pow-wow/Christmas/Weasel Music - Randall Paskemin's Song of the Soul 11/24/13b
12/10/13 Jennifer Beer: Practical Peacemaking Through Mediation - The Mediator's Handbook 12/8/13a
12/17/13 Silver Linings in the Blues - Charles Walker's Song of the Soul 11/17/13b
12/24/13 James Loewen: Debunking the Lies My Teacher Told Me 12/22/13a
12/31/13 Harmonious Wailing We Will Go - Maggie Delaney-Potthoff 12/15/13b

a Spirit In Action - interviews by Mark Helpsmeet of Northern Spirit Radio, Eau Claire WI.
b Song of the Soul - interviews by Mark Helpsmeet of Northern Spirit Radio and music selected by his guests.

Wednesday 10 am
Voices for Religious Pluralism
(each program is rebroadcast the same day at 5 pm)
Click below to listen online. (High speed connection recommended.)
1/2/13 Don Ferber: Respecting Wisconsin's Environmental Heritage 38:1711/25/12a
1/9/13 Domo Geshe Rinpoche on Buddhist Philosophy 54:3512/14/12b
1/16/13 Dr. Ursula Goodenough: Are You a Religious Naturalist Without Knowing It? 24:0912/9/12c
1/23/13 Kate Lovelady: Population Ethics 30:061/6/13c
1/30/13 Gender Outlaws in the Bible - Peterson Toscano 55:001/27/13d
2/6/13 A Cultural Arsonist's Literal Reading of the Bible - Joe Wenke 55:002/3/13d
2/13/13 Kate Lovelady: Sustainable Community 26:201/27/13c
2/20/13 Eric Banner: What is the Spirit? 40:122/3/13a
2/27/13 Shawn Francis Peters.: The Catonsville Nine 33:532/10/13a
3/6/13 Robin Proud: Famous Unitarian Women We've Never Heard Of 38:232/24/13a
3/13/13 Ken Haydock: The Secular Roots of Taoism 45:263/3/13a
3/20/13 Kate Lovelady: Ethics of Criminal Registries 26:472/17/13c
3/27/13 Barbara Park: Singing, Shouting, Celebrating: The Second Century of Universalism 32:513/24/13a
4/3/13 Rev. Sandra Ingham: Evil 36:583/17/13a
4/10/13 Guy Harrison: 50 Simple Questions for Every Christian 39:203/25/13e
4/17/13 Maggie Felker: Through Bereavement to Redemption: The Story of David's Educational Opportunity Fund 41:243/10/13a
4/24/13 Anne Pryor: From the Other Side: Necedah & Champion 44:043/31/13a
5/1/13 Morris Waxler: Empathy and Compassion as Pathways to Peace: Our Inner Apes - Evolution of Human Empathy, First in a Two Part Series 33:474/7/13a
5/8/13 Carolyn Waxler: Empathy and Compassion as Pathways to Peace - The Nature and Nurture of Empathy and Compassion, Second in a Two Part Series 51:284/28/13a
5/15/13 Rev. Sandra Ingham: Dancing with the Divine 39:284/14/13a
5/22/13 Kate Lovelady: The Promise and Danger of Research-Based Ethics 23:353/10/13c
5/29/13 Panel of Prairie members: Remembering Our Mothers 47:195/12/13a
6/5/13 Rev. Sandra Ingham: Why We Do What We Do 38:385/19/13a
6/12/13 Kate Lovelady: Jesus Christ, Superstar? 26:303/31/13c
6/19/13 Sean Carroll on Naturalism 49:045/19/13f
6/26/13 Ryan Erisman: A Time to Heal - A Time to Plant 37:025/26/13a
7/3/13 Kate Lovelady: Depression Is Human Too 26:134/21/13c
7/10/13 Bishop John Shelby Spong: The Fourth Gospel 39:077/1/13e
7/17/13 Kate Lovelady: Rotate the Treats: Replacing Bad Habits with Good Ones 31:315/12/13c
7/24/13 Dr. Monica Miller: Religion and Hip Hop 39:167/15/13e
7/31/13 Rev. Sandra Ingham: Revolutionary Conversations 35:477/21/13a
8/7/13Musician Phil Madeira invites us to wander with him on his relentless search for God in "God On the Rocks." 39:167/22/13e
8/14/13 Madison Laughter Club: Laughter Yoga 41:067/28/13a
8/21/13 Gary Peterson: Foreign Aid Best Practices 32:008/11/13a
8/28/13 Mario Livio on Brilliant Blunders 43:106/3/13f
9/4/13 Rev. Sandra Ingham: It's Easier Than You Think 37:208/18/13a
9/11/13 Megan Arzbaecher: SERRV In Bangladesh 29:148/25/13a
9/18/13 Interview With Sanderson Jones of the Atheist Church 39:375/11/13g
9/25/13 Patty Lowe: Dances with Taconite: the Mine Threat to Bad River's Wild Rice Beds 51:089/22/13a
10/2/13 Secular Buddhism with Ted Meisner 53:5612/14/12h
10/9/13 Religious Liberty: For Me, But Not For Thee? 39:409/28/13i
10/16/13 Lauren Markoe, Chris Hedges, Gregory Smith: The Tea Party's Dominionist Dream 50:1410/12/13i
10/23/13 Steve Paulson: Cultivating Wonder in the Age of Science 39:569/29/13a
10/30/13 Social Action Committee: MOSES and the Incarceration Nation 34:0510/6/13a
11/6/13 Rev. Sandra Ingham: UN, UUA, PVF, YOU 32:3010/13/13a
11/13/13 Rev. Sandra Ingham: All Souls Day 36:3311/3/13a
11/20/13 Robin Proud: Lydia Maria Child 39:3110/20/13a
11/27/13 Patrick Farabaugh: Sex, Love, and Violence: Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in a Globalized World 45:4610/27/13a
12/4/13 George Penn: Too Much Money in Politics, and How We Can Get Our Democracy Back 37:5011/10/13a
12/11/13 Kate Lovelady: Seeking Out New Life and New Civilizations 27:499/15/13c
12/18/13 Kate Lovelady: In Praise of Gentleness 25:4710/6/13c
(10 am)
A Green And Red Christmas 33:262006j
(5 pm)
A War on Christmas? 48:3612/21/13i

a Talk at Prairie Unitarian Universalist Society.
b From A Public Affair, WORT-FM.
c Platform address at The Ethical Society of St. Louis.
d Spirit In Action - interviews by Mark Helpsmeet of Northern Spirit Radio, Eau Claire WI.
e Culture Shocks, hosted by the Rev. Barry Lynn.
f Rationally Speaking podcast from New York City Skeptics.
g Secular World Podcast.
h Podcast from Dr. Ginger Campbell’s Books and Ideas.
i Podcast from State of Belief.
j Music for Christmas day from the Muppets.

Thursday 10 am
Freethought Radio
Length 42-43 min.
(each program is rebroadcast the same day at 5 pm)
Rebroadcast of radio programs from the Freedom From Religion Foundation
Click below to listen online. (High speed connection recommended.)
1/3/13 Happy Unholy New Year! 12/29/12348
1/10/13 Guests: Ed and Michael Buckner 1/5/13349
1/17/13 Guest: Marie Schaub, Penn. plaintiff 12/15/12346
1/24/13 Max Nielson, Jessica Ahlquist: Atheist Activism! 1/12/13350
1/31/13 Guest: Freethinking feminist author and activist Robin Morgan 1/19/13351
2/7/13 Guest: Zach Kopplin, evolution activist 1/26/13352
2/14/13 Guest: FFRF Florida Activist David Williamson 2/9/13354
2/21/13 Guest: biologist Jerry Coyne 2/2/13353
2/28/13 Guests: FFRF Staff Attorneys Rebecca Markert and Patrick Elliott 2/16/13355
3/7/13 Guest: Gretta Vosper 3/2/13357
3/14/13 Guest: Neil Shubin, discoverer of Tiktaalik and author 2/23/13356
3/21/13 Author of Beyond Belief, Jenna Miscavige Hill 3/9/13358
3/28/13 Guest: First Amendment hero Jim McCollum 3/16/13359
4/4/13 Guest: Katherine Stewart 3/23/13360
4/11/13 Easter Challenge 3/30/13361
4/18/13 Guest: Ernie Harburg 4/6/13362
4/25/13 Christopher Hitchens remembered, Guest: Dawn Brittain 4/13/13363
5/2/13 Ten commandments come down; with guest Shelly Segal 4/20/13364
5/16/13 Guests: Robert M. Price and Jerry DeWitt 5/4/13366
5/23/13 Guest: HS senior activist Daniel Koster 5/11/13367
5/30/13 It's That Time of Year! 5/18/13368
6/6/13 Guest: HS activist Gage Pulliam 5/25/13369
6/13/13 Julia Sweeney: If It's Not One Thing, It's Your Mother! 4/27/13365
6/20/13 Sam Harris and the End of Faith 9/16/0621
6/27/13 Richard Dawkins: The God Delusion 9/23/0622
7/4/13 50th Anniversary of Abington v. Schempp 6/15/13372
7/11/13 Daniel C. Dennett: Tools for Thinking 6/29/13374
7/18/13 Jerry Dewitt: Independence From Religion! 7/6/13375
7/25/13 Evolutionary biologist Jerry Coyne 7/13/13376
8/1/13 Guest: Mandisa Thomas, president of Black Nonbelievers 7/20/13377
8/8/13 Lawrence Shapiro: Nothing Fails Like Governmental Prayer 7/27/13378
8/15/13 Brian Leiter: Why Tolerate Religion? 8/3/13379
8/22/13 Guest: Chuck Rostof 8/10/13380
8/29/13 Holly Huber and Mitch Kahle: State/church whistleblowers 8/24/13382
9/5/13 Guest: Susan Jacoby 8/17/13381
9/12/13 Joe Matu: Atheist in the Foxhole 8/31/13383
9/19/13 Dan Savage: Battle of Church and State 9/7/13384
9/26/13 Happy Birthday, George Gershwin 9/21/13386
10/3/13 INFIDELS! Guest: Ayaan Hirsi Ali 9/14/13385
10/10/13 Guest: Author Guy Harrison 9/28/13387
10/17/13 Guest: Aisha Goss, Secular Coalition of America 10/5/13388
10/24/13 Guest: Prof. Brian Bolton 10/12/13389
10/31/13 Guest: Richard Dawkins discusses his new memoir! 10/19/13390
11/7/13 Guests: Candace R. Gorham and Juan Mendez 10/26/13391
11/14/13 Guest: SSA's Jesse Galef 11/2/13392
11/21/13 Guest: Peter Boghossian 11/9/13393
11/28/13 Guest: Nebraska Senator Ernie Chambers 11/16/13394
12/5/13 Guest: TV reporter Stuart Watson 11/23/13395
12/12/13 Guests: Journalist Jamila Bey, activist Zack Kopplin 11/30/13396
12/19/13 Tom Cara, Linda LaScola: It's That Time of Year! 12/14/13398
12/26/13 Away With The Manger! 12/21/13399

Friday 10 am
Science Hour
(program is rebroadcast the same day at 5 pm)
Click below to listen online. (High speed connection recommended.)
1/4/13Gary Lupyan: Why are there so many languages and why are some so complicated? The linguistic niche hypothesis. - part 148:3412/13/12a
1/11/13Gary Lupyan: Why are there so many languages and why are some so complicated? The linguistic niche hypothesis. - part 2, Q&A32:2712/13/12a
1/18/13Brian Smith: Bee Movie Maker43:422007b
1/25/13Stuart Lindsay: Tiny Matter25:102007b
2/1/13Ferran Garcia-Pichel: You Say Dirt, I Say Soil30:552007b
2/8/13Michael Berens: When Good Cells Go Bad30.492007b
2/15/13Daniel Loxton: Evolution for Kids27.532/6/10c
2/22/13James Gould, Greg Laden: Nature's Compass1:00:002/1/13d
3/1/13Fred Guterl, John Cook: Fate of The Species1:00:002/8/13d
3/8/13Susan Holechek & Kiona Ogle: Young Women in Science (repeated from 6/22/12)25:1012b
3/15/13Stephen Pyn: Fire and Life29.542007b
3/22/13Stan Faeth: Watching Grass Grow24.512007b
3/29/13Brian Hare, Virginia Hughes, Deborah Blum: The Genius of Dogs1:00:003/8/13d
4/5/13Will Stolzenburg, Bug Girl: Rat Island1:00:003/22/13d
4/12/13Marlene Zuk, Koert Van Mensvoort: Paleofantasy1:00:004/5/13d
4/19/13Conrad Storad, Michael Quinlan: Stinging Mystery27:592007b
4/26/13Stephen Pratt: Ant Math24:572007b
5/3/13Cheryl Zook, Elizabeth Pennisi, Nancy Pelaez: Dr. Biology Goes to Washington DC: Science for Everyone30:102007b
5/10/13Nicholas Klingaman, Jacob Lowenstern: The Year Without Summer1:00:005/3/13d
5/17/13Jennifer Ouellette, Ethan Siegel, Pamela Gay: Star Stuff1:00:005/10/13d
5/24/13Erin O'Brien: Wisconsin Wetlands Association23:335/15/13e
5/31/13John Marzluff, Katrina van Grouw: Bird Brains1:00:005/17/13d
6/7/13Valerie Stout: Bugs in Films17:502007b
6/14/13Quentin Wheeler: A Walk on the Wild Side: A Look at Species29:522007b
6/21/13Kevin McGraw: Roses are Red and Violets are Blue, but Why?21:542007b
6/28/13James Collins: A Visit to NSF28:502008b
7/5/13Math Biology30:532008b
7/12/13Eric Dinerstein, Stuart Pimm: Kingdom of Rarities1:00:006/28/13d
7/19/13Danielle Lee, Rebecca Kreston, Joe Henrich: Community Specific Science1:00:007/5/13d
7/26/13Noam Chomsky, Terrence Deacon, Con Slobodchikoff: The Evolution of Language1:00:007/19/13d
8/2/13David Toomey, George Dvorsky: Weird Life1:00:007/26/13d
8/9/13Daniel Lende, Greg Downey: Neuroanthropolgy: What Is It and WHY Should You Care? part 128:465/24/13f
8/16/13Daniel Lende, Greg Downey: Neuroanthropolgy: What Is It and WHY Should You Care? part 249:315/24/13f
8/23/13Brian Switek: Dinosaur Sex!23:201/29/13g
8/30/13Interview: Temple Grandin56:257/26/13f
9/6/13Brain Fitness with Alvaro Fernandez1:07:418/23/13f
9/13/13Liz Smith and Justin Olson: Hiking South Mountain Park35.138/18/13b
9/20/13Dennis R. Trumble, Bobby Duffy, Katie Gibbs: The Way of Science1:00:009/6/13d
9/27/13David Rothenberg, Gwen Pearson: Bug Music1:00:009/13/13d
10/4/13Robert Burton, Jeff Anderson, Gary Marcus: Thinking About Thinking1:00:009/20/13d
10/11/13Maryn McKenna, Cecil Lewis, Eric Warrant: Poop1:00:0010/4/13d

a Evolution Seminar Series at UW-Madison.
b From Arizona State University's Ask A Biologist with Dr. Biology.
c For Good Reason podcast with D.J. Grothe.
d Skeptically Speaking (becoming Science for the People) from CJSR, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
e From the 8 O'Clock Buzz, WORT-FM.
f Dr. Ginger Campbell’s Brain Science Podcast.
g Podcasts from Science & the City, New York Academy of Sciences.
Friday 10 am
Science for the People
(program is rebroadcast the same day at 5 pm)
These 60 min. programs, previously called Skeptically Speaking, are from
10/18/13Alice Bell, Scicurious: Science For The People10/11/13
10/25/13Valentine Cadieux, Emily Cassidy, Emily Cassidy: Food Sustainability10/18/13
11/1/13Charles Ferguson, Rob Tarzwell: Fukushima10/25/13
11/8/13Christoper White, Stephen Castles: The Melting World11/1/13
11/15/13Faith L. Justice, Zahra Hazari: Hypatia and Women in STEM11/8/13
11/22/13Andrew Rosenberg, John Sonntag, J. Marshall Shepherd, Casey Dreier: Science and The Shutdown11/15/13
11/29/13Bethany Brookshire (Scicurious), Derek Lowe, Ze Frank: Humorology11/22/13
12/6/13Allen M. Hornblum, Erika Check Hayden: Against Their Will11/29/13
12/13/13Claudia Hammond, Ethan Siegel: Time Warped12/6/13
12/20/13Aaron Santos, Rose Eveleth, Ben Lillie: Science Up Your Holidays12/13/13
12/27/13Morton Meyers, James Winters, Sean Roberts: Science Has A People Problem12/20/13

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