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2012 Program Schedule for
Wider Horizons
10 am Mon. to Fri.
All programs are rebroadcast the same day at 5 pm


Monday 10 am
Humanism Today
(each program is rebroadcast the same day at 5 pm)
Click below to listen online. (High speed connection recommended.)
1/2/12 Sarah Oelberg: The New Humanism and other conferences (repeated from 2/1/10) 55:308/3/08a
1/9/12 Freethought Mixtape1:07:4012/28/11b
1/16/12 Susan Hagstrom: James Dobson: why his group Focus on the Family endangers America 59:411/15/12a
1/23/12 John Hawks: Ardipithecus and human origins (repeated from 2/8/10) 1:06:522/7/10a
1/30/12 Humanist Community Project at Harvard1:01:491/27/12b
2/6/12 Massimo Pigliucci: Darwin Day (repeated from 2/15/10) 59:421/31/07c
2/13/12 Dr. Carolyn Porco: The Cosmic Theater (repeated from 2/22/10) 47:1110/29/08c
2/20/12 Greg Epstein: Good Without God (repeated from 3/1/10) 49:0212/23/09c
2/27/12 Howard Katz: Inside Humanism Today - Q&A 1:10:152/26/12a
3/5/12 Howard Katz: Inside Humanism Today 44:322/26/12d
3/12/12 On location in Cranston, Rhode Island1:02:433/7/12b
3/19/12 Han Hills of the Carolinas Secular Conference joins us1:03:013/7/12e
3/26/12 Jende Huang: The HEADS Meeting (repeated from 3/8/10) 29:071/27/10c
4/2/12 The Reason Rally48:123/30/12b
4/9/12 Ron Solomon and Ingrid Laas: Lobby Day for Reason & Reason Rally reports 1:10:334/1/12a
4/16/12 Sebastian Velez in Haiti (repeated from 3/15/10) 48:082/24/10c
4/23/12 Doleta Chapru: Gay-Affirming Religious Groups: Good News for Human Rights (repeated from 3/22/10) 48:443/7/10a
4/30/12 Kate Lovelady: A human faith (repeated from 3/29/10) 28:564/13/08f
5/7/12 Kate Lovelady: Saying Yes (repeated from 4/5/10) 29:199/17/06f
5/14/12 Roy Saltman: Sacred Humanism Without Miracles 35:195/9/12g
5/21/12 Kate Lovelady: Will Humanism End or Save Religion? 26:224/8/12f
5/28/12 The Reason Rally (part 2)1:14:585/3/12b
6/4/12 Rev. Robin Meyers & Jende Huang (repeated from 4/12/10) 36:113/25/09g
6/11/12 Bad Religion1:00:245/30/12b
6/18/12 Highlights from and discussion of the Freethought Festival 2012 51:445/13/10a
6/25/12 Ethical Focus (repeated from 4/19/10) 49:043/24/10c
7/2/12 Susan Hagstrom: Numbers, superstition and philosophy 39:366/10/12a
7/9/12 Peter Anderson: Jefferson Is In My Mirror Q&A 57:187/1/12a
7/16/12 Marty Klein: America's War on Sex58:137/10/12b
7/23/12 Bob Greenwell: Snatching at immortality: A new humanist idea (repeated from 4/26/10) 33:4811/30/08f
8/6/12 Jane Esbensen: The Human Heart of Humanism - part 1 (repeated from 5/3/10) 42:214/18/10a
8/13/12 The Human Heart of Humanism - part 2 (repeated from 5/10/10) 45:104/18/10a
8/20/12 Barbara Park, Rose Smith: Out of the Flames 1:09:558/5/12a
8/27/12 Cenk Uygur55:218/1/12b
9/3/12 Dale McGowan: What is Secular Humanism? (repeated from 6/14/10) 27:452/28/10h
9/10/12 Mary Somers: Today's Deportee 1:10:509/2/12a
9/17/12 David Niose: Nonbeliever Nation57:218/31/12b
9/24/12 David Niose, Amanda Metskas: American Humanism Association (repeated from 6/28/10) 36:585/16/10h
10/1/12 Gloria Steinem, 2012 Humanist of the Year1:01:389/28/12b
10/8/12 Kathy Converse and Penny Eiler: Feminists Snatch Defeat from the Jaws of Victory 1:04:3710/7/12a
10/15/12 Dale McGowan: Foundation Beyond Belief (repeated from 7/5/10) 54:464/28/10c
10/22/12 Barb Park, Doleta Chapru, Bob Park: Good without God: Greg Epstein and the new humanism (repeated from 7/19/10) 1:08:307/11/10a
10/29/12 Wendy Liu, Humanist Pioneer (repeated from 7/26/10) 37:066/23/10c
11/5/12 Jennifer Bunner: Q&A about Mormonism 1:07:2111/4/12a
11/12/12 Humanist Heroines (repeated from 8/30/10) 49:477/28/10c
11/19/12 Bill Nye the Science Guy (repeated from 9/6/10) 44:008/25/10b
11/26/12 Questions and Answers with Bill Nye the Science Guy and LGBT Humanist Council update (repeated from 11/22/10) 47:189/22/10b
12/3/12 Holiday Wish List, an open discussion of changes we would like to see in holiday celebrations 46:1012/2/12a
12/10/12 The Evolution of Comedy57:1612/4/12b
12/17/12 Barefoot rEVOLUTION? (repeated from 12/6/10) 40:0610/27/10b
12/24/12 Onward Christian Athletes (repeated from 12/27/10) 50:2811/24/10b
12/31/12 Kate Lovelady: Ethical Culture and Secular Humanism (repeated from 11/10/10) 32:358/29/10f

a Recording of Humanist Union of Madison program.
b Humanist Hour from the American Humanist Association.
c Podcast from Humanist Network News.
d Talk at Prairie Unitarian Universalist Society in Madison.
e Frostcall podcast.
f Platform address at The Ethical Society of St. Louis.
g Barry Lynn's Culture Shocks.
h From Podcast Beyond Belief.

Tuesday 10 am
Spirit In Action
Song of the Soul
(each program is rebroadcast the same day at 5 pm)
Click below to listen online. (High speed connection recommended.)
1/3/12 The Whole-Brain Path to Peace - James Olson 55:0012/25/11a
1/10/12 Inner Pippi - Sue Orfield's Song of the Soul 55:001/8/12b
1/17/12 America Beyond Capitalism - Gar Alperovitz 55:001/1/12a
1/24/12 Karma, Vegetarianism & Abortion - Vasu Murti - Part 1 54:591/15/12a
1/31/12 Sanctity of Life - Vasu Murti - Part 2 55:001/29/12a
2/7/12 Segregated Blackball to Major Leagues - The Saga of Satchel Paige 55:002/5/12a
2/14/12 Hip Hop Council of All Beings - Pacha's Pajamas 55:002/12/12a
2/21/12 John Noltner: A Peace of My Mind - Fostering a Larger Public Conversation 54:592/19/12a
2/28/12 Peak Oil & Druidry - John Michael Greer 55:002/26/12a
3/6/12 Simple Living - Fred Small's Song of the Soul 55:003/4/12b
3/13/12 Apocalypse? NOT!!! - Grand Archdruid John Michael Greer Part 2 54:593/4/12a
3/20/12 Seeing Stars - Meg Hutchinson's Song of the Soul 55:003/11/12b
3/27/12 Mathematician Mystic - Michelle Lynn's 2nd Song of the Soul 54:593/25/12b
4/3/12 Living Illegal - The Human Face of Unauthorized Immigration 54:594/1/12a
4/10/12 World Stretching - Richard Bruxvoort Colligan's Song of the Soul 55:004/8/12b
4/17/12 Healing The Heart of Democracy - Parker Palmer 55:004/15/12a
4/24/12 Circles of Trust & the Body Politic - Parker Palmer, Part 2 54:594/22/12a
5/1/12 I Wish I Were Krishna - Lon Milo DuQuette's Song of the Soul 55:004/15/12b
5/8/12 All Will Be Well - Meg Barnhouse's Song of the Soul 55:004/22/12b
5/15/12 LGBT - Bringing One's Whole Self to God 55:005/6/12a
5/22/12 Gandhi & the Unspeakable: His Final Experiment With Truth 55:005/13/12a
5/29/12 Wounded Knee & Healing Spirit - A Visit to the Pine Ridge Reservation 55:005/27/12a
6/5/12 Jerry Lausted: Poi-Sand Mining - A Fracking Business 55:006/3/12a
6/12/12 Peter Edelman: So Rich, So Poor: Why It's So Hard to End Poverty in America 55:006/10/12a
6/19/12 The Privilege of Being (and Seeing) White - Making Racism Visible 55:006/17/12a
6/26/12 Yoga & Mindfulness in the Inner City - The Holistic Life Foundation 55:006/24/12a
7/3/12 This Is Our Place & Time - Ken Lonnquist's Song of the Soul 54:597/1/12b
7/10/12 Watchmen from Castles In Air - Chris Picco's Song of the Soul 54:596/10/12b
7/17/12 Faithful Transition Towning - Ruah Swennerfelt & Steve Chase 54:597/15/12a
7/24/12 A Land Twice Promised - Noa Baum, Storyteller/Peacemaker 54:597/22/12a
8/7/12 Rigaudons, Leaven & The Beatles - John Sheldon's Song of the Soul 54:597/22/12b
8/14/12 Robert Wolf: The Triumph of Technique: The Industrialization of Agriculture & The Destruction of Rural America 54:598/12/12a
8/21/12 Dan Dieterich: ICE Fights Global Warming - Interfaith Community for the Earth 55:008/19/12a
8/28/12 Mel White: Holy Terror: Lies the Christian Right Tells Us to Deny Gay Equality 55:008/26/12a
9/4/12 Pointing at the Sun - Cheryl Wheeler's Song of the Soul 54:591/29/12b
9/11/12 Marriage Equality in Minnesota - Listening for Victory! 55:009/9/12a
9/18/12 Robert Wolf: Nashville Homeless - The View from the Street 55:009/16/12a
9/25/12 Lisa Wildman's Song of the Soul 55:007/18/10b
10/2/12 Steve McIntosh: Evolution's Purpose - Science, Spirituality, & Philosophy 55:009/30/12a
10/9/12 The Sun Goes On Rising - Sarah McQuaid's Song of the Soul 55:009/16/12b
10/16/12 Rick Jurmain: Move to Amend - Fighting Corporate Power AGAIN! 55:0010/7/12a
10/23/12 Ending Cycles of Violence in Kenya - Judy Lumb 55:0010/14/12a
10/30/12 See Beyond - Chris Van Cleave's Song of the Soul 55:0010/28/12b
11/6/12 Robert Karp, Dennis Klocek: Biodynamics & Sacred Agriculture: Creating a New Relationship With the Earth 55:0011/4/12a
11/13/12 Justice Rising - John Heagle 55:0011/11/12a
11/20/12 David M. Jones: Blues for Peace - Davey J's Song of the Soul 55:0011/11/12b
11/27/12 Carl Bunin: Peace Sign of the Times - 55:0011/25/12a
12/4/12 Soul Repair - Recovering From Moral Injury After War - Rita Nakashima Brock 55:0012/2/12a
12/11/12 Organic Farming VS Koch Industries - Turn Here, Sweet Corn: Atina Diffley 55:0012/9/12a
12/18/12 Love Alone - Dorothy Zerbe's Song of the Soul 55:0012/2/12b
12/25/12 A Green And Red Christmas 33:262006c

a Spirit In Action - interviews by Mark Helpsmeet of Northern Spirit Radio, Eau Claire WI.
b Song of the Soul - interviews by Mark Helpsmeet of Northern Spirit Radio and music selected by his guests.
c Music for Christmas day from the Muppets.

Wednesday 10 am
Voices for Religious Pluralism
(each program is rebroadcast the same day at 5 pm)
Click below to listen online. (High speed connection recommended.)
1/4/12Eric Weiner: Man Seeks God31:0512/14/11a
1/11/12Robert N. McCauley: Why Religion is Natural and Science Is Not32:221/4/12a
1/18/12 Phyllis Long: Karen Armstrong's 12 Steps to a Compassionate Life 32:001/8/12b
1/25/12 Secular World #106 Christoper Hitchens' Acceptance Speech, intro by Richard Dawkins 31:0212/18/11c
2/1/12 Amy Bellmore: Childhood and Adolescent Bullying and the Players -- Bullies, Victims and Bystanders 31:591/15/12b
2/8/12 Kate Lovelady: Spiritual Democracy 28:511/8/12d
2/15/12 Dr. Myra Marx Ferree: What the United States Can Learn About Improving the Status of Women from Other Countries 39:161/29/12b
2/22/12 Patrick Farabaugh: Becoming an LGBT Advocate 33:382/12/12b
2/29/12 Pat Watkins: The Story of A Black Family 47:292/19/12b
3/7/12Theologian Dr. Bruce Epperly discusses progressive spirituality and Process Theology37:272/17/12a
3/14/12On FreeThinking Students - Rhys Morgan and Lyz Liddell31:362/23/12e
3/21/12 Dorris Keeven-Franke: German Freethought Communities in Missouri 26:001/22/12d
3/28/12 Kate Lovelady: The Constitution as Sacred Text 30:192/19/12d
4/4/12 James Tabor: The Jesus Discovery 33:553/26/12a
4/11/12On Atheism, Secularism And Rationality - Interview With Tanya Smith19:193/16/12e
4/18/12 Oriol Mirosa: The Global Politics of Water: Managing Our Most Precious Resource in the 21st Century 38:343/25/12b
4/25/12 Gary Dorrien: The Obama Question: A Progressive Perspective 55:004/8/12f
5/2/12 Darrin Grinder: The Presidents and Their Faith 34:054/18/12a
5/9/12 Kate Lovelady: In Defense of Smut 29:273/11/12d
5/16/12 Kate Lovelady: It's the End of the World as We Know It: Should We Feel Fine? 26:014/22/12d
5/23/12On Faitheism - Interview With Chris Stedman28:484/2/12e
5/30/12 Steve Krallis: Memorial Day Service 30:035/27/12b
6/6/12 Mary Mullen: Caroline Norton: Mothers & Women's Rights 36:265/13/12b
6/13/12 Rebecca Malke & Robin Proud: Transition Service 28:326/3/12b
6/20/12On Not So A.C.E - Investigating Accelerated Christian Education With Jonny Scaramanga25:216/13/12e
6/27/12 Christine Johnson: Can Bullying be Stopped by Peer Mediation? 34:016/10/12b
7/4/12 Bob Park & Dan Proud: Putting Your Faith in Action 33:566/17/12b
7/11/12 Ross Douthat: Bad Religion 31:296/27/12a
7/18/12 Dennis Merritt: The Dairy Farmer's Guide to the Universe 39:377/8/12b
7/25/12 Sandra Ingham: Home 34:277/15/12b
8/8/12Godless Parenting Chat: What Do You Do To Bring Up God-Free Children?58:177/23/12g
8/15/12 Heidi Wegleitner: Searching for Alternatives to Homelessness 37:247/29/12b
8/22/12On Confessions of an Ex-Mormon Ex-Polygamist Ex-Wife - It's Not About The Sex (My Ass!)21:098/5/12e
8/29/12 Clare Norelle: Gaviotas 39:248/26/12b
9/5/12 Jane Barnes: Falling In Love With Joseph Smith 31:388/24/12a
9/12/12 Gladis Benavidas: Latinos: Many cultures, many experiences 46:109/2/12b
9/19/12Atheist Books 101 With Embiggen Books48:069/15/12e
9/26/12 Barbara Park: Michael Servetus: Unitarian Martyr 31:389/16/12b
10/3/12 Sandra Ingham: Do you really need a chicken? 39:349/23/12b
10/10/12 Sandra Ingham: Nothing Lasts Forever 26:109/30/12b
10/17/12 Kate Lovelady: Ethical Society vs. NPR 26:228/26/12d
10/24/12 Kate Lovelady: Our Core Values 27:189/16/12d
10/31/12 Dada Vedaprajinananda: Vegetarianism, Yoga and Meditation 49:561/12/12h
11/7/12 am Paula Pachciarz: Carolyn McDade -- Trusting Her Truth Through Music 24:3110/7/12b
11/7/12 pm Tammy Baldwin & Norm Stockwell: Acceptance speech and election results 54:0511/7/12i
11/14/12 Carin Bringelson & Joan Duerst: The 11x15 Campaign 33:4010/14/12b
11/21/12On How an Atheist Found Common Ground With the Religious - Interview With Chris Stedman38:2611/7/12e
11/28/12 Kate Lovelady: Ethics of Social Insurance 24:4210/28/12d
12/5/12 Sarah Wilcox: SERRV and Fair Trade: Providing Opportunity and Support to Artisans and Farmers Worldwide 28:3910/21/12b
12/12/12 Rev. Sandra Ingham: Five Days Later... 29:1711/11/12b
12/19/12 Maggie Felker & Michael Byrd: Living With Mystery 33:1311/4/12b
12/26/12 Kate Lovelady: Ethics of Gift Giving 24:0012/2/12d

a Culture Shocks, hosted by the Rev. Barry Lynn.
b Talk at Prairie Unitarian Universalist Society.
c Secular World Podcast. (formerly Secular Nation)
d Platform address at The Ethical Society of St. Louis.
e Token Skeptic from Fremantle, Australia.
f Spirit In Action - interviews by Mark Helpsmeet of Northern Spirit Radio, Eau Claire WI.
g Audio from Vodcast video from Token Skeptic, Fremantle, Australia.
h Ananda Marga Dharmacast.
i From A Public Affair, WORT-FM.

Thursday 10 am
Freethought Radio
(each program is rebroadcast the same day at 5 pm)
Rebroadcast of radio programs from the Freedom From Religion Foundation
Click below to listen online. (High speed connection recommended.)
1/5/12Reason's Greetings - Remembering Christopher Hitchens 40:5912/24/10296
1/12/12 untitled 40:0112/31/11297
1/19/12 Steven Pinker: Why Rationality Reduces Violence 41:281/7/12298
1/26/12 Guest: Author John S. Compere, PhD 41:481/14/12299
2/2/12 Guests: Litigant Jessica Ahlquist and author George Levine 41:341/21/12300
2/9/12 Guest: Victorious Rhode Island litigant Jessica Ahlquist 41:411/28/12301
2/16/12 Guest: Connecticut Florist Sean Condon 41:462/4/12302
2/23/12 Guest: Ellery Schempp, First Amendment Champion 41:382/11/12303
3/1/12 God at the Grammys, Atheism at the Golden Globes 41:432/18/12304
3/8/12 Guest: Katherine Stewart, author of The Good News Club 42:442/25/12305
3/15/12 Guest: Jim McCollum 42:523/3/12306
3/22/12 International Women's Day Guests: Anne Nicol Gaylor and Krystal Myers 43:363/10/12307
3/29/12 Guest: Mitch Kahle 40:463/17/12308
4/5/12 Guest: Tanya Smith, president of Atheist Alliance International 42:473/31/12309
4/12/12 Guest: Tara Ayres 42:524/7/12310
4/19/12 Guest: Susan Loesser 41:484/14/12311
4/26/12 Guests: Supreme Court Plaintiff Deborah Weisman Clasie and former minister Paul Heffron 40:464/21/12312
5/3/12Guest: Congressman Pete Stark 42:572/19/11252
5/10/12 Guest: Saloma Furlong 42:494/28/12313
5/17/12 Guest: FFRF Senior Staff Attorney Rebecca Markert 42:335/5/12314
5/24/12 Guest: High school activist Jeff Shott 42:575/12/12315
5/31/12 Guest: Rich Bolton 42:365/19/12316
6/7/12 Guest: Teresa MacBain 42:495/26/12317
6/14/12 Guest: Max Nielson, high school prayer complainant 42:446/2/12318
6/21/12 Guest: Sam Brower, author of Prophet's Prey 42:396/9/12319
6/28/12 Eleanor Smeal, former director of NOW, and current director of the Feminist Majority 42:336/16/12320
7/5/12 Guest: FFRF Staff Attorney Andrew Seidel 42:466/23/12321
7/12/12 Guest: Ron Williams 41:556/30/12322
7/19/12 Guest: Prof. Barbara Forrest 43:417/7/12323
7/26/12 Guest: African Atheist Activist Leo Igwe 42:537/14/12324
8/2/12 Freethought in the Arts! 42:407/21/12325
8/9/12 Guest: Former minister Annalise Fonza 42:467/28/12326
8/16/12 Guest: Plaintiff Linda Stephens 42:358/4/12327
8/23/12 Guest: Greta Christina 42:438/11/12328
8/30/12 Guests: Alvin Harris and Josh Everett 42:238/18/12329
9/6/12 Guest: Professor Chris Negy 42:298/25/12330
9/13/12 Guest: Rene Chouinard 42:489/10/12332
9/20/12 Guest: Michael Nugent, chair of Atheist Ireland 42:389/1/12331
9/27/12 Guest: Lorena Rios 42:439/15/12333
10/4/12 Guest: Adam Lee 42:299/22/12334
10/11/12 Guest: Dan Barker, Annie Laurie Gaylor discuss meeting on Oprah 42:439/29/12335
10/18/12 Guest: Robert Parham 42:2810/5/12336
10/25/12 Guest: Ruth Hermance Green, Anne Gaylor, Annie Laurie Gaylor 42:4110/13/12337
11/1/12 First Amendment Fights 42:2710/20/12338
11/8/12 Vashti McCollum's historic victory! 42:1711/3/12340
11/15/12 Guest: Author Dr. Peter Boghossian 42:5011/10/12341
11/22/12 Guest: Mike Austin 42:5410/27/12339
11/29/12 Guest: Kentucky Mom Suzanne Lamb Fights the Gideons 42:1111/17/12342
12/6/12 Guests: Chris Calvey & Damon Vix: Reason prevails in Santa Monica and Wis. atheists win big! 42:3511/24/12343
12/13/12 Guest: Friendly Atheist Hemant Mehta 42:3212/1/12344
12/20/12 Get Off Your Knees! 43:2012/8/12345
12/27/12 Merry Winter Solstice! 42:1512/22/12347

Friday 10 am
Natural Sciences Hour
(program is rebroadcast the same day at 5 pm)
Click below to listen online. (High speed connection recommended.)
1/6/12Page Baluch: Micronauts and Beyond20:312010a
1/20/12Spider Silk1:00:001/8/12b
1/27/12Gro Amdam: What's the buzz about bees and the bee genome?22:392006a
2/3/12Cheryl Nickerson: Bugs in Space26:482006a
2/10/12There Will Be Blood: Evolution and Function of Menstruation1:00:001/29/12b
2/17/12Fungi & "Fossils"1:00:002/5/12b
2/24/12Emil McCain: Is There a Jaguar in My Backyard?29:412008a
3/2/12Everyday Superpowers1:00:002/12/12b
3/9/12Susanne Neuer: A Breath of Fresh Ocean Air29:502007a
3/16/12Ron Rutowski: Butterflies and Insect Vision43:562007a
3/23/12Science Stories Ep. 1: Have Lobster, Will Travel; Ep. 2: Trials & Terrors of High School Bio27:173/8,16/12c
3/30/12Scott Wallace: The Unconquered34:443/13/12d
4/6/12Predators & Prey1:00:003/25/12b
4/13/12David Dobbs: Reef Madness1:00:004/1/12b
4/20/12Chris Stringer: Lone Survivors29:303/29/12d
4/27/12David Krakauer: The Evolution of Intelligence: from cells to brains1:07:204/19/12e
5/4/12Kevin Padian: What Darwin Said (Or Didn't Say)1:03:174/26/12e
5/11/12John Alcock: Biology Net27:412007a
5/18/12Miles Orchinik: Stressed Out30:532007a
5/25/12Babies, Brains and Boobs1:00:005/13/12b
6/1/12On Evolution In Action With Brilliant Bioluminescence - Interview With Siouxsie Wiles37:485/13/12f
6/8/12David Pearson: Tiny Tigers14:572006a
6/15/12Bert Hölldobler: The Social Nature of Nature29:522006a
6/22/12Susan Holechek & Kiona Ogle: Young Women in Science25:102012a
6/29/12James Elser: The Other Marine Biologist31:282008a
7/6/12Rüdiger Wehner: Cataglyphis Versus Saharabot31:532008a
7/13/12Flora Delaterre - Plant Detective19:372009a
7/20/12Gabriel Shaibi: Oh No, Not Exercise!30:142009a
7/27/12Shelley Haydel: Mud Science - Healing with Clays30:282008a
8/3/12Bruce Hammock: Biology Business26:532011a
8/10/12Rob Brooks: Sex, Genes & Rock 'n' Roll1:00:007/29/12b
8/17/12Vaughn Bryant: Pollen - Nature's Tiny Clues27:482008a
8/24/12Sam Kean: The Violinist's Thumb1:00:008/5/12b
8/31/12Tina Wilson: Secrets of Desert Plants29:572008a
9/7/12Doug Lake: Ouch! Body Defense and Repair24:412008a
9/14/12Andrew David Thaler, David Schindler: Waterworld1:00:008/26/12b
9/21/12John Logsdon, Scicurious: Semen Science1:00:002/25/11b
9/28/12On Questioning Steiner Schools With Quackometer's Andy Lewis20:159/22/12f
10/5/12Paul Davies and Ferran Garcia-Pichel: Life and Building E.T.32:472008a
10/12/12Diana Lipscomb: Mystery of the Dying Coral Reefs32:422008a
10/19/12 amKevin McGraw: Feather Biology30:342008a
10/19/12 pmPeter Vukusic: Iridescence: Nature's Spectacular Colors34:382008a
10/26/12Raul Gutierrez: Wickedly Cool Plants25:332008a
11/2/12Eileen Hebets, Lisa Taylor: Spiderwomen32:152008a
11/9/12Norman Platnick: Spiderman meets Spider-Man28:502008a
11/16/12Jennifer Fewell: Ant Life Part 128:262012a
11/23/12Jennifer Fewell: Ant Life Part 226:282012a
11/30/12Dave Pearson & Cathy Wise: Birds of a Feather30:552008a
12/7/12Andrew Smith & WEI Fuwen: Panda-monium29:512008a
12/14/12Bill Wasik, Monica Murphy, Elisabeth Whyte: Rabid1:00:0011/25/12b
12/21/12Carolyn Larabell: Cell CAT Scans31:552007a
12/28/12Gerry McDermott: Hulking Biology31:192008a

a From Arizona State University's Ask A Biologist with Dr. Biology.
b Skeptically Speaking from CJSR, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
c Podcasts from Science & the City, New York Academy of Sciences.
d Podcast from Barry Lynn’s Culture Shocks.
e Evolution Seminar Series at UW-Madison.
f Token Skeptic from Fremantle, Australia.

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