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2014 Program Schedule for
Wider Horizons
10 am Mon. to Fri.
All programs are rebroadcast the same day at 5 pm


Monday 10 am
Humanism Today
(each program is rebroadcast the same day at 5 pm)
Click below to listen online. (High speed connection recommended.)
1/6/14 Dr. Peter Boghossian1:02:2212/30/13a
1/13/14 Ken Haydock: Dr. Tyson Identifies Himself: A Consideration of Labels 1:23:351/5/14b
1/20/14 Dr. Martin Luther King: Beyond Vietnam 57:004/4/67c
1/27/14 Faisal Saeed Al Mutar: Out of Iraq 1:32:1612/17/13d
2/3/14 Kate Lovelady: Gratitude and Sharing 29:3811/17/13e
2/10/14 Howard Katz: Inside Humanism Today (repeated from 3/5/12) 44:322/26/12f
2/17/14 Sanderson Jones, Sunday Assembly Co-Founder1:01:351/30/14a
2/24/14 On location in Cranston, Rhode Island (repeated from 3/12/12)1:02:433/7/12a
3/3/14 Humanism with Becky Hale 47:272/26/14g
3/10/14 John Richards: The IceCube Project - Particle Astrophysics at the South Pole 1:03:503/2/14b
3/17/14 Dr. Anthony B. Pinn59:512/27/14a
3/24/14 The Reason Rally (repeated from 4/2/12)48:123/30/12a
3/31/14 Highlights from and discussion of the Freethought Festival 2012 (repeated from 6/18/12) 51:445/13/10b
4/7/14 Dale McGowan: Parenting beyond belief - raising ethical kids without religion (repeated from 2/18/09) 33:141/4/09e
4/7/14 Dale McGowan: God Bless America Beyond Belief - interview 17:273/18/14d
4/14/14 Nick Schweitzer: Evolution in the Courts 56:064/6/14b
4/21/14 Marty Klein: America's War on Sex (repeated from 7/16/12)58:137/10/12a
4/28/14 Jamila Bey54:123/26/14a
5/5/14 Guy P. Harrison on Skepticism and Reason1:00:404/9/14a
5/12/14 Greta Christina on Coming Out Atheist51:264/23/14a
5/19/14 Susan Hagstrom: The younger generations and their Humanist activities - what's up 1:08:375/4/14b
5/26/14 Chris Johnson: A Better Life: 100 Atheists Speak Out on Joy & Meaning in a World Without God51:264/30/14a
6/2/14 How Jesus Became God with Dr. Bart Ehrman51:265/14/14a
6/9/14 Science and Skepticism with Michael Shermer51:265/7/14a
6/16/14 Rockin' Humanistic Values with Taylor Muse of Quiet Company51:265/21/14a
6/23/14 "Trying On Atheism" with Ryan Bell51:265/28/14a
6/30/14 Exploring Naturalism with Tom Clark51:266/4/14a
7/7/14 Bob Park: What can low power FM (LPFM) radio do for humanists and freethinkers? 48:497/6/14b
7/14/14 Humanistic Parenting and Charity with Dale McGowan51:267/2/14a
7/21/14 Eugenie Scott: Live at the 73rd Annual Conference in Philadelphia!51:266/11/14a
7/28/14 The Myth of Gay Reparative Therapy with Dr. Michael LaSala51:266/18/14a
8/4/14 David Silverman, "Mr. Atheist Pants"51:266/25/14a
8/11/14 Black Nonbelievers with Mandisa Thomas51:267/9/14a
8/18/14 Coming Out Ex-Muslim with Muhammad Syed and Hiba Krisht51:267/23/14a
8/25/14 Critical Comedy with Ian Harris51:267/30/14a
9/1/14 The Camp Quest Experience, with Bob Ready and Sarah Henry51:298/20/14a
9/8/14 The "Gray Area" of Belief, with Jeremy Chappell51:268/27/14a
9/15/14 Talkin' Humanist Politics with Senator Jamie Raskin51:269/3/14a
9/22/14 Live at Dragon Con with Dr. Steven Novella1:02:329/10/14a
9/29/14 From Fundamentalism to Reality and Beyond, with Jason Eden51:269/17/14a
10/6/14 Ingrid Laas, Amy Nowak: Report on the first annual Humanism at Work Conference 47:429/7/14b
10/13/14 Maggie Ardiente, Roy Speckhardt: Roy and Maggie - Up Close and Personal55:289/24/14a
10/20/14 Susan Hagstrom: The Moral Landscape: How Science Can Determine Human Values, by Sam Harris, reviewed 58:4010/5/14b
10/27/14 Openly Secular with the Humanist Hour's Own Todd Stiefel51:2610/1/14a
11/3/14 George Eighmey on Death with Dignity51:2610/22/14a
11/10/14 Mara McDonald: What is Evolution? All of Its Intricacies 57:3011/2/14b
11/17/14 James Woods, Too Sensible to Be Electable51:2611/12/14a
11/24/14 Bart Campolo, a Humanist Preacher with Passion51:2611/5/14a
12/1/14 John Figdor, Atheist Mind, Humanist Heart51:2611/19/14a
12/8/14 David Niose on "Fighting Back the Right"51:2611/26/14a
12/15/13 Ken Haydock: Quakers in the 21st Century 1:06:1612/7/13b
12/22/14 Critical Thinking with Dr. Kevin deLaplante51:2612/3/14a
12/29/14 Scammers and Skeptics with Brian Brushwood51:2612/10/14a

a The Humanist Hour from the American Humanist Association.
b Recording of Humanist Union of Madison program.
c From Alternative Radio.
d Podcast from Skepticality.
e Platform address at The Ethical Society of St. Louis.
f Talk at Prairie Unitarian Universalist Society in Madison.
g Podcast from Dr. Ginger Campbell’s Books and Ideas.

Tuesday 10 am
Spirit In Action   or   Song of the Soul
Length 55 min.
(each program is rebroadcast the same day at 5 pm)

Click below to listen online. (High speed connection recommended.)
1/7/14 James Mudcat Grant: Mudcat by the Mississippi 12/22/13a
1/14/14 Maxine Kaufman-Lacusta: Refusing to be Enemies - Nonviolence in Palestine & Israel 1/5/14b
1/21/14 Matt Southworth: From the Battlefields of Iraq to Capitol Hill 1/19/14b
1/28/14 Seven Hour Storm - Sam Misner 1/26/14a
2/4/14 Listening Below the Noise: The Transformative Power of Silence - Anne LeClaire 3/18/12b
2/11/14 Charles David Kleymeyer: The Original Liberation Theology Story - YESHU 2/2/14b
2/18/14 Navy Commander for Peace - Leah Bolger 2/16/14b
2/25/14 Mark Leach: Ecological Restoration: Partnership with Nature 2/23/14b
3/4/14 Hello Death - Marielle Allschwang 3/2/14a
3/11/14 Brianna Lea Pruett: Gypsy Bells 3/9/14a
3/18/14 Jenn Rogar: The Remembered Earth 3/16/14b
3/25/14 Bruce Dancis: Resister - Doing Time for Doing Good 3/23/14b
4/1/14 Betsy Leondar-Wright: Social Class & Powerful Social Action 3/30/14b
4/8/14 Susan Grace Stoltz: Come into the Light -- of Alaska 4/6/14a
4/15/14 Si Kahn, Suzanne Little, Monica Zappa, Bryce Edgmon: Singing, Fighting, and Mushing for Bristol Bay 4/13/14b
4/22/14 Si Kahn, Tom Neilson, Chuck LeMonds, Emma's Revolution, Alice Di Micele: Earth Movements & Music - Current Issues, Actions, and Songs 4/20/14b
4/29/14 Ursula Ruedenberg: Peace On The Airwaves: Pacifica Radio 4/27/14b
5/6/14 Ursula Ruedenberg: The Pacifica Path 5/4/14b
5/13/14 Mary Amel: Alternatives to Violence, in US Prisons, Nigeria, and Tibet 5/11/14b
5/20/14 Stephen Lee Rich: Blood Type Kona AA 5/18/14a
5/27/14 Ben Grosscup: Music for Social Change - People's Music Network 5/25/14b
6/3/14 My Roots Go Down - Sarah Pirtle 6/1/14a
6/10/14 Fighting Fracking & Mining - Singing to Save Mother Earth 6/8/14b
6/17/14 pm Tane Danger: Love Your Planet Comedy Night 6/15/14b
6/24/14 Robert Pierson: The Business World as Spirit Work 6/22/14b
7/1/14 Psychedelic Folk Revival in the Country - Joanne Rand, Part 2 6/9/13a
7/8/14 Libby Roderick: How Could Anyone Ever Tell You 5/4/14a
7/15/14 Nell Bernstein: The End of Juvenile Prison 7/13/14b
7/22/14 Ingrid Lakey, Lola Georg: Stopping Mountains Into Molehills 7/20/14b
7/29/14 Noah Baker Merrill, Ross Hennesy: QVS: Service Beyond Americorps 7/27/14b
8/5/14 Jo Schlesinger: The Balkan Babes 7/20/14a
8/12/14 Alissa Wilson: Practical Idealist & Advocacy for Africa 8/10/14b
8/19/14 Jonathan Snipes, Ingrid Lakey: Spirited Tribe 8/3/14a
8/26/14 Stardreamer - Priscilla Herdman's Song of the Soul 3/10/13a
9/2/14 Penny Rosenwasser: Justice Powered from Healing Within 8/31/14b
9/9/14 Chris Tomlinson: Curing Down-home Racism on Tomlinson Hill 9/7/14b
9/16/14 Dawn Ravella: Holistic Ministry 9/14/14b
9/23/14 Greg O'Brien, Molly Perdue: Alzheimer's from the Inside: Fear, Anger, Faith & Healing 9/21/14b
9/30/14 Greg & Terry: Money, Mines, Mountains, & Magpie Music 9/28/14b
10/7/14 Kris Gruen: A NYC Seed Blooming in Vermont 9/21/14a
10/14/14 Melissa Ives: Healing Justice, Part 1 10/12/14b
10/21/14 Mike Gumulauskas & Rob Bergeron: Drugs, Mental Health, & Healing Justice 10/19/14b
10/28/14 Tyler Norman: Mesoamerica Resiste: Beyond Colonialism 10/26/14b
11/4/14 Raging Grannies Are Conspiring (repeated from 11/19/13) 11/17/13b
11/11/14 Charley Earp: Jesus Made Me a Communist 11/9/14b
11/18/14 Jim Backus, Elizabeth Shope, Ta'Kaiya Blaney: Tar Sands vs Spirit Bear - Fighting the Northern Gateway Pipeline 11/16/14b
11/25/14 Dying to Be Heard - Ben Merens 11/23/14b
12/2/14 Howard Lewis Hinterthuer: Embedded Reporter - In the Human Race 11/2/14a
12/9/14 Will Fantle: No Poisons In Our Food! 12/7/14b
12/16/14 Marca Cassity: Songs From The Well - Two-Spirit Deep Waters 11/16/14a
12/23/14 Elza Maalouf: Human Emergence & The Build Palestine Initiative 12/21/14b
12/30/14 Steve Carlson: A Hell of a Time 12/21/14a

a Song of the Soul - interviews by Mark Helpsmeet of Northern Spirit Radio and music selected by his guests.
b Spirit In Action - interviews by Mark Helpsmeet of Northern Spirit Radio, Eau Claire WI.

Wednesday 10 am
Voices for Religious Pluralism
(each program is rebroadcast the same day at 5 pm)
Click below to listen online. (High speed connection recommended.)
1/1/14 Kevin Eckstrom, Gary Hall, Irwin Kula: State of Belief: 2013 in Review 50:4912/29/13a
1/8/14 Paul Rusk: Alzheimer's Disease & dementia in Wisconsin: Learn about the warning signs as well as brain health tips 46:3312/8/13b
1/15/14 Will Green: Mentoring Positives 47:5212/1/13b
1/22/14 Kate Lovelady: Death and Violence as Entertainment 29:0110/27/13c
1/29/14 Matt Tedesco: Our First Principle -- Some Philisophical Thoughts on Personhood 45:131/12/14b
2/5/14 Kate Lovelady: Loneliness 25:281/12/14c
2/12/14 Tracy Hames: What the Bad River Watershed Means to Me 41:022/9/14b
2/19/14 Kate Lovelady: Turning On Our Engines 25:321/26/14c
2/26/14 Peter Boghossian: How to talk people out of their faith! 26:2211/11/13d
3/5/14 Sandra Ingham, Phyllis Long, Barb Park, Mary Mullen, Cheryl Robinson, Kate Liu: When UUs Have Reunions: General Assembly at a Glance 50:552/23/14b
3/12/14 Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite, Valdas Dovydenas, Jim Cason, Bishop Minerva Carcano: Religion and Politics, from the Ukraine to the United Methodist Church 48:413/8/14a
3/19/14 Erica Nelson, Torry Winn: Race To Equity-A Baseline Report on the State of Racial Disparities in Dane County 50:013/2/14b
3/26/14 John Richards: Summer in Antarctica 44:593/9/14b
4/2/14 Rev. Sandra Ingham: Wild Women of the West 38:433/16/14b
4/9/14 Rev. Sandra Ingham: Wild Women vs. Manly Men 37:334/6/14b
4/16/14 am Jim Carpenter: Testing and Teacher Accountability (repeated from 10/20/10) 33:158/22/10b
4/16/14 pm Johanna Hatch: An Ex-Catholic's Take on Pope Francis's First Year as Pope 33:483/23/14b
4/23/14 Kate Lovelady: White Privilege 24:562/16/14c
4/30/14 Rev. Sara Goodman: Vulnerable Change 29:304/13/14b
5/7/14 Kate Lovelady: Kids Today!... 24:113/9/14c
5/14/14 Matt Tedesco: Environmental Ethics and the Interdependent Web 43:484/27/14b
5/21/14 Kate Lovelady: The Benefits of Competition 26:563/30/14c
5/28/14 Rev. Sandra Ingham: I Forgive You. Please Forgive Me. 36:135/4/14b
6/4/14 Kate Lovelady: Doing Less for the Environment 26:084/20/14c
6/11/14 Kate Lovelady: How Looks (Mis)Lead Us 25:015/11/14c
6/18/14 Robin Proud: The Secret Life of Julia Ward Howe 28:295/18/14b
6/25/14 Matthew Vines, Rev. Dr. Kapya Kaoma, Todd Stiefel, Dr. Gayle E. Pitman: Making Our Communities More Inclusive and Why It's So Important 47:505/31/14a
7/2/14 Bruce Bastian, Carol Lynn Pearson, Jody May-Chang: Profiteering Off Snake Oil and Dissent in the LDS Church 48:306/28/14a
7/9/14 Rev. Sandra Ingham: Flower Power 43:176/15/14b
7/16/14 Christine Shellska: Atheists are terrorists? 26:105/7/14d
7/23/14 Rabbi David Saperstein, Stacey Long Simmons, Glenn Katon, Reba Boyd Wooden: Laws, Lawsuits and Liberty 48:347/19/14a
7/30/14 Rev. Sandra Ingham: Sustainability 35:037/20/14b
8/6/14 Richard Weinberg, Sharita Gruberg, Malika Saada Saar, Dr. Robert P. Jones: Bishop Gene Robinson and the refugee crisis at the border 47:538/2/14a
8/13/14 Emily Auerbach: University of Wisconsin Odyssey Project 34:468/3/14b
8/20/14 Gary Gates: Gary's UUA General Assembly Education: The Challenges of the Future 20:088/10/14b
8/27/14 AFFBR Talk At MONA By Raphael Lataster 33:218/17/14e
9/3/14 Rev. Sandra Ingham: What CAN I Say? 34:398/17/14b
9/10/14 Rev. Sandra Ingham: Come, Let Us Gather to...?? 34:398/24/14b
9/17/14 Kate Lovelady: Ethical Humanism and Atheism 27:118/24/14c
9/24/14 Rev. Sandra Ingham: Worthy of Worship 32:469/21/14b
10/1/14 Rev. Jane Esbensen: Words, Words, Words (repeated from 11/24/10) 28:3711/14/10b
10/8/14 Kate Lovelady: Home 24:469/14/14c
10/15/14 pm Scott McAndrew, Naomi Kroth: New Beginnings 46:009/28/14f
10/22/14 Juliana P. Hunt: Why Mentor? Ancient Wisdom on Teaching and Learning 45:2710/19/14b
10/29/14 Jeff Burkhart: Improving Lives Through Literacy 37:2910/5/14b
11/5/14 Should Humanists Criticize Islam? The Pros and Cons, with Muhammad Syed and Sarah Haider 51:2610/15/14g
11/12/14 John Rummel: Amazing Universe: the Terrestrial to the Celestial 55:3910/26/14f
11/19/14 Dr. Robert P. Jones, Dr. David Gusheee, Brad Clark, Rev. Gina Campbell: Voters and Their Values 48:2011/15/14a
11/26/14 Surviving Saddam and Confronting Islam, with Faisal Saeed Al Mutar 34:5911/19/14h
12/3/14 Matt Hirshberg: The Power of the Mind 47:2911/23/14f
12/10/14 Edward Zapala: Veterans Court 35:2811/9/14b
12/17/14 Christina Klock: The First Principle Project 32:5911/16/14b
12/24/14 Frank Schaeffer on Cynicism and Paranoia in the "War on Christmas" 32:3712/16/14h
12/31/14 Dale McGowan: Kids, Humanism, and the Family Label 24:0211/2/14c

a Podcast from State of Belief.
b Talk at Prairie Unitarian Universalist Society.
c Platform address at The Ethical Society of St. Louis.
d Secular World Podcast.
e Token Skeptic from Fremantle, Australia.
f Talks recorded by WIDE-LP at monthly service of Sunday Assembly Madison.
g The Humanist Hour from the American Humanist Association.
h Point of Inquiry from the Center for Inquiry.

Thursday 10 am
Freethought Radio
Length 42-43 min.
(each program is rebroadcast the same day at 5 pm)
Rebroadcast of radio programs from the Freedom From Religion Foundation
Click below to listen online. (High speed connection recommended.)
1/2/14 Guests: Judy Saint, IRS agent Robert Baty, Attorney Richard L. Bolton 12/7/13397
1/16/14 Guest: Gary J. Whittenberger: Baby, it's cold outside! 1/4/14401
1/23/14 Guest: PZ Myers 1/11/14402
1/30/14 Chris Johnson: A Better Life! 1/18/14403
2/6/14 Scott Burdick: In Reason We Trust 2/1/14405
2/13/14 Patrick Elliott: Happy Birthday, Darwin! Exposing Religious Voucher Failures 2/8/14406
2/20/14 Valerie Tarico: Trusting Doubt 1/25/14404
2/27/14 Guest: Professor Ronald L. Numbers, author, The Creationists 2/15/14407
3/6/14 Guest: Katherine Spillar, Executive Editor of MS Magazine 2/22/14408
3/13/14 Rob Boston: Taking Liberties with Religious Freedom 3/1/14409
3/20/14 Guest: Ken Knighton 3/15/14411
3/27/14 Guest: Marci Hamilton - A Tale of Three Cities 3/22/14412
4/3/14 Celebrate 75 Years of Oz - Ernie Harburg 3/29/14413
4/10/14 Guest: Indre Viskontas 4/5/14414
4/17/14 Guest: Ellis Felker 4/12/14415
4/24/14 Guest: Todd Stiefel 4/19/14416
5/1/14 Guest: Steven Pinker 4/26/14417
5/8/14 Music Was His Religion 5/3/14418
5/15/14Leighann Lord: Nothing Fails Like Prayer 5/10/14419
5/22/14Marni Huebner-Tiborsky, Susan Woznicki, Susan Galloway: Greece vs. Galloway 5/17/14420
5/29/14Rebecca Goldstein & Megan Marshall: Philosophy & Biography 5/24/14421
6/5/14Supreme Court plaintiff Linda Stephens 5/31/14422
6/12/14 pm,
Gus and Luke Holwerda: The Unbelievers 6/7/14423
6/26/14Guest: Cosmos producer Ann Druyan 6/14/14424
7/3/14Liz Cavell: The First Amendment and Civil Rights 6/21/14425
7/10/14Scott Clifton: Theoretical B.S. 7/1/14427
7/17/14Wanda Morris: Dying With Dignity 6/28/14426
7/24/14Dayna Long: Days of the Theocracy 7/12/14428
7/31/14Dan Courtney: Nothing succeeds like a secular invocation! 7/19/14429
8/7/14David Pineda: Freethinkers in Central America 7/26/14430
8/14/14Anthony Pinn: Writing God's Obituary 8/2/14431
8/21/14Steve Kelley: In God Not All Of Us Trust 8/9/14432
8/28/14Out Of The Closet, Freethinkers! 8/23/14434
9/4/14Sam Grover: Anchors Away 8/16/14433
9/11/14Matthew Stewart: The heretical roots of America 8/30/14435
9/18/14Sean Carroll: God and Cosmology 9/13/14437
9/25/14Lance Dodes: The Sober Truth 9/6/14436
10/2/14Sam Erickson: AHA! 9/20/14438
10/9/14Katja Guenther: Humor in atheism 9/27/14439
10/16/14Amanda Scott: Student Activism 10/4/14440
10/23/14Nikki Moungo: In God SOME of us Trust 10/11/14441
10/30/14Bob Ripley: Life Beyond Belief 10/18/14442
11/6/14John Figdor: Atheist Mind, Humanist Heart 11/1/14444
11/13/14Randy Bender, Matt Killingsworth: From Apostle to Apostate 10/25/14443
11/20/14John W. Loftus: Christianity Is Not Great 11/8/14445
11/27/14Carol Fiore: Secular Grief 11/15/14446
12/4/14Barbara G. Walker: Belief and Unbelief 11/22/14447
12/11/14Roy Sablosky: Generosity 11/29/14448
12/18/14Jarvis Idowu: Secular Law 12/6/14449
12/25/15 pmPatrick Elliott and Rebecca Markert: It's That Time of Year 12/13/14451

Friday 10 am
Science for the People
(program is rebroadcast the same day at 5 pm)
These 60 min. programs are from
Click below to listen online. (High speed connection recommended.)
1/3/14Robert Hodgson, Charlie Bamforth: Boozy Science12/27/13
1/10/14Chip Walter, Brooke Crowley: Last Ape Standing1/3/14
1/17/14Shelley Emling, Denise Kiernan: The Atomic Era1/10/14
1/24/14Jesse Bering, Nicole Prause: Perv1/17/14
1/31/14Timothy Caulfield, David Dobbs: Health Controversies1/24/14
2/7/14Andrew Rosenberg, John Dupuis: For Frack's Sake1/31/14
2/14/14Alan Weisman, Chris Tyler: Countdown2/7/14
2/21/14Simon Singh, J. Kenji Lopez-Alt, Christopher McKinlay: Everyday Science and Math2/14/14
2/28/14Laura Snyder, Amy Davis Roth, Melanie Mallon: The Philosophical Breakfast Club2/21/14
3/7/14Fritjof Capra, Scott Barry Kaufman, Chelsea Du Fresne, Andrew Tripp: On Genius2/28/14
3/14/14Scott Aaronson, Lance Fortnow: Impossible Computing3/7/14
3/21/14Perry Romanowski, Elizabeth Hall-Findlay: Beauty is A Beast3/14/14
3/28/14Richard Holmes: Falling Upwards3/21/14
4/4/14Michael Osterholm, Benjamin Miner, Ross Lockwood: Emerging Infections3/28/14
4/11/14Phil Plait, Paul Bogard, Nicole Gugliucci: News From The Dark4/4/14
4/18/14Thomas Graedel, Moses Hung-Wai Chan, James Elser: Running Low4/11/14
4/25/14Mario Livio, W. Bernard Carlson: Accidents and Eccentricity4/18/14
5/2/14Jennifer Ouellette, Ed Yong: Me, Myself, and Why4/25/14
5/9/14Michael Geist, Rob van Kranenburg: Internet Things5/2/14
5/16/14Jeffrey Lockwood, Eric Benbow: The Infested Mind5/9/14
5/23/14Jon Lee, Paul Offit: An Epidemic of Rumors5/16/14
5/30/14Edward Archer, Keith Norris: Always More Health Controversies5/23/14
6/6/14Ray Jayawardhana, Donald Canfield: Ephemeral Particles5/30/14
6/13/14 amTrevor Cox, Andrew Wise: Sonic Wonderland*6/13/14
6/13/14 pmMing Hsu, Jill Powell: Neuroeconomics*5/1/09
6/20/14 amJeremy Whitlock, Elena Schacherl: Nuclear Power*6/5/09
6/20/14 pmMing Hsu, Jill Powell: Neuroeconomics*5/1/09
6/27/14Amy Larkin, Ken Silverstein, Arjen Hoekstra: Environmental Debt6/20/14
7/4/14Dan Riskin, Phil Plait: Mother Nature is Trying to Kill You6/27/14
7/11/14David Kroll, Samuel Gross, James Harris: Science and the Death Penalty7/4/14
7/18/14Anthony Atala, Marie Herberstein, Emily Anthes: The V-Word7/11/14
7/25/14Murray Carpenter, David Gorski: Coffee and Cigarettes7/18/14
8/1/14 amJesse Bering, Nicole Prause: Perv (Rebroadcast)1/17/14
8/1/14pm, 8/8/14amDavid McAdams, Ben Ho: Game Change8/1/14
8/8/14pm, 8/15/14Dan Kahan, Shane Trimmer, Katie Gibbs: Science and Politics*8/8/14
8/22/14 amRuth Kassinger, Gioia Massa: Garden of Marvels*8/15/14
8/22/14 pm, 8/29/14Alan Hirshfeld, Chris Beckett: Starlight Detectives8/22/14
9/5/14Faith L. Justice, Zahra Hazari: Hypatia and Women in STEM (repeated from 11/15/13)11/8/13
9/12/14Gwen Pearson, Emily Finke, Raychelle Burks, Amanda Leinbaugh: Getting Away With Murder9/5/14
9/19/14Jamie Bernstein, Ryan Consell, Shawn Lawrence Otto: Cities of the Future9/12/14
9/26/14Megan Press, Julia Burke, Olivia James, Miri Mogilevsky: Mental Illness Myths9/19/14
10/3/14, 10/17/14 amDaniella Martin, Peter Bridson: Edible9/26/14
10/10/14 amJon Lee, Paul Offit: An Epidemic of Rumors* (repeated from 5/23/13)5/16/14
10/10/14 pm, 10/24/14 amCarl Hart, Donald MacPherson: High Price10/3/14
10/17/14 pmDavid Dobbs, Jennifer Raff, Bethany Brookshire (Scicurious): Troublesome Inheritance10/17/14
10/24/14 pm, 10/31/14 amDan Falk, Stanley Wells: Science and Shakespeare10/24/14
10/31/14 pm, 11/7/14 am,
11/14/14 am
Richard Barnett, Caitlin Doughty: Bodies Everywhere10/31/14
11/7/14 pm, 11/21/14 amCliodhna O'Connor, Duncan Astle: Understanding Neuroscience11/7/14
11/14/14 pmTim Jagatic, Tara Smith, Vincent Racaniello: The One About Ebola11/14/14
11/21/14 pm, 11/28/14 amKent Kiehl: The Psychopath Whisperer11/21/14
11/28/14 pm, 12/5/14 amEthan Siegel, Roberto Trotta: The Edge of the Sky 11/28/14
12/5/14 pm, 12/12/14 amJames Hubbard, Rob Tarzwell: Survival Doc12/5/14
12/12/14 pm, 12/19/14 amBrian Clegg, John Dupuis, James Dunbar: Science Up Your Holidays 201412/12/14
12/19/14 pmShow unavailable due to broken link12/19/14
12/26/14Adrienne Mayor, John Hawks: Amazons12/19/14

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