2019 Program Schedule for the

Wider Horizons
series, 10 am Mon. to Fri.
At 5 pm we rebroadcast the same program
(or another program in the same series)


Monday 10 am
Humanism Today
(each program airs again the same day at 5 pm)
Click below to listen online.
1/7/19 Kathryn Converse: How do we apply humanism to the current social and political problems and attitudes? 49:191/6/19a
1/14/19 Kate Lovelady: Nurturing the Humanist Spirit Abroad 34:0512/2/18b
1/21/19 Darren, Ghada: Sex Ed is Our Right 29:0412/10/18c
1/28/19 Dr Lynne Marks - Infidels and the damn churches 41:3211/5/18c
2/4/19 Randy Converse: How Humanism, not Christianity, Gave Me the Foundation for My Commitment to Pacficism 57:402/3/19a
2/11/19 Ian Waddell - Pass the torch 30:3512/17/18c
2/18/19 Bethany Lindsay - Reporting on pseudoscience 33:552/6/19c
2/25/19 Arne Mooers - Are some animals more equal than others? 44:122/11/19c
3/4/19 Victoria Shroff - Animals and the law 46:4012/3/18c
3/11/19 Ken Haydock: Democracy and the Electoral College Q&A 54:343/10/19a
3/18/19 Lisa Shapiro: Becoming a thinking woman: Women and education in the 17th century 49:173/6/19c
3/25/19 Boris Reitman - Atheism Q&A and the history of Judaism 40:433/8/19c
4/1/19 Nathanael Lauster - Death & Life of the Single Family House 44:442/4/19c
4/8/19 Nick Schweitzer and Pat Bober: Evolving Brains, Emerging Gods: Early Humans and the Origins of Religion 54:324/7/19a
4/15/19 Charlotte Ross - Nurses' addictions programs 42:023/14/19c
4/22/19 Donald Baker: How South Korea became a democracy 37:224/8/19c
4/29/19 Kate Lovelady: Are Humans Bad for the Earth? Ethical Humanist Stewardship 29:134/14/19b
5/6/19 Rob Brink: A Journey from Pastor to Atheist Q&A 58:345/5/19a
5/13/19 Laura Track - Human rights in British Columbia 42:082/4/19c
5/20/19 Sharon Gregson - $10aDay 29:2511/19/18c
5/27/19 Tima Kurdi: Let Peace Be Their Memorial 2018 26:3311/11/18c
6/3/19 Donald Gutstein - The Big Stall 37:2511/11/18c
6/10/19 Discussion of media quotes addressing issues of interest to humanists 50:516/2/19a
6/17/19 Craig Keating - What Jordan Peterson gets wrong about postmodernism50:0610/21/18c
6/24/19 Stephen Tweedale - Meta-Ethics and Progressive Politics 31:5510/14/18c
7/1/19 Kyla Lee - Cannabis impaired driving laws 46:479/30/18c
7/8/19 Rebecca Hamilton - Force of Nature: Our Moment of Power 25:329/23/18c
7/15/19 Max Cameron - Political Institutions and Practical Wisdom 37:129/17/18c
7/22/19 Alyssa Low and Dr Alan Low - Influenza, phamaceuticals and your health: healthy aging 55:169/9/18c
7/29/19 Ranil Prasad - BC's electoral reform referendum 32:578/19/18c
8/5/19 Joyce Arthur - The power of fake news and anti-choice lies 33:548/12/18c
8/12/19 Ian Bushfield - Secularism and Canadian Law 58:347/29/18c
8/19/19 Jordan Wadden - Testimony and its Place in Healthcare 50:467/23/18c
8/26/19 Dr Katie Marshall: "But biology says...": The Humanist's Guide to the Galaxy of Sex Determination 56:297/8/18c
9/16/19 Lawyers Wes McMillan and Michael Spratt discuss TWU decision 42:446/18/18c
9/23/19 Bernie Garrett - Alternative Medicine Regulation in BC 51:506/18/18c
9/30/19 Robin Proud: Ernestine Rose 42:159/29/19a
10/7/19 Penny Gurstein - Community Planning for the Marginalized 39:175/27/18c
10/14/19 Kate Lovelady: Ethical Humanism and Christianity 29:468/25/19b
10/21/19 Molly Babel - Speech perception and production 48:295/20/18c
10/28/19 Bree Gardner - AccessBC 41:128/25/19c
11/4/19 Rob Brink: Winnow, sift, simmer: the hidden value of a seminary education48:5311/2/19a
11/11/19 Tom Sandborn - Hell's History 41:515/_/18c
11/18/19 Masood Akhtar: We Are Many - United Against Hate Q&A 1:07:2810/27/19a
11/25/19 LA Dixon - Critiquing Steven Pinker's Brand of Optimism46:295/13/18c
12/2/19 Susan Hagstrom: Highlights from the Freedom From Religion Foundation's 2019 National Convention in Madison47:3412/1/19a
12/9/19 Borderlines - Immigration law with Steven Muerrens and Peter Edelmann1:15:314/28/18c
12/16/19 Proportional Representation Debate - David Moscrop vs Bill Tieleman1:12:254/22/18c
12/23/19 Kate Bird - City on Edge34:444/15/18c
12/30/19 Trevor Melanson - Clean Energy Canada1:10:294/8/18c

a Recording of Humanist Union of Madison program.
b Platform address at The Ethical Society of St. Louis.
c BC Humanists Podcast from the British Columbia Humanist Association, Vancouver.

Tuesday 10 am
Spirit In Action   or   Song of the Soul
Length 55 min.
(each program airs again the same day at 5 pm)

Click below to listen online.
1/1/19 Laura Joy's Actual Miles 10/8/17a
1/8/19 George Lakey: How We Win!!! 1/5/19b
1/15/19 Ellen Stanley, Sarah Morris, Charlie Parr, Annie Fitzgerald, Braden Canfield, Joyann Parker, Kristin Lems: Soul of Minnesota 2018 1/12/19a
1/22/19 Jerry Edwards: Amish Burn Treatment & Plain Medical 1/19/19b
1/29/19 Paul Hoffman: Olympic Human Rights: Henna Hundal 1/26/18b
2/5/19 Robert Friedman: A Few Thousand Dollars & Transformation 2/2/19b
2/12/19 Lou & Peter Berryman, No Joke! 2/9/19a
2/19/19 Selika Ducksworth-Lawton: Pipeline, Guns, Civil Liberties & Selika 2/16/19b
2/26/19 Kyle Meyaard-Shaap, Corina Newsome, Rev. Josh Gibson, Dr. Katherine Hayhoe, Dr. Jeffrey Bennett,
Roberta Collier-Morales: Climate Evangelicals, Global Weirding, & Wizardry
3/5/19 Dwight Wilson: Song of Slaves, Bound for Freedom 3/2/19b
3/12/19 Huda Alkaff: A Different Kind of Green Book - the Qur'an 3/9/19b
3/19/19 Martha Nieman, Sandy McKinney, Don Mowry: Think Globally, Act Locally - In Your County! 3/16/19b
3/26/19 Jill Christopherson, Kate Beaton, Andrew Werthmann: Counting On The Council 3/23/19b
4/2/19 Carla Alejo: Curing the Hoarding Disorder 3/30/19b
4/9/19 Jennifer Harvey: Raising White Kids Beyond Color-Blind 4/6/19b
4/16/19 Jay Heck: Inviting Democracy Back 4/13/19b
4/23/19 Eric Howland: Prison & MOSES 4/20/19b
4/30/19 Tyler Norman: Solidarity Not Charity 4/27/19b
5/7/19 Lincoln Rice, Sue Barnhart: War Tax Day 2019 Part 1 5/4/19b
5/14/19 Ann Barron, Larry Basset: Pacifist Curmudgeon & War Tax Redirection 5/11/19b
5/21/19 Gael Henry Carlut, Marissa Slaven, Nicole Chatterson, Dominic Scicchitano, Eileen Flanagan, Robin Boardman: Resisting Extinction All Ways 5/18/19b
5/28/19 Max Klau: Race & Social Change: Science & Spirit 5/25/19b
6/4/19 Roger Gottlieb: Morality & the Environmental Crisis 6/1/19b
6/11/19 Nadine Hoover: Learning Peace In Southeast Asia 6/8/19b
6/18/19 Peterson Toscano, Liam Hooper: Bible Bash For Good 6/15/19b
6/25/19 Berlye Middleton, Selika Ducksworth-Lawton, Aaron Zook, Sarah Ferber, Jodi Emerson: Juneteenth in Clear Water 6/22/19b
7/2/19 Martin Schoenhals: Equality Reimagined - Utopia6/29/19b
7/9/19 Emma's Revolution, Sally Rogers, Charlie King, Annie Patterson, Peter Blood: Pete Seeger's Last Songs 6/8/19a
7/16/19Tim Reed: Compassion Across the Border7/13/19b
7/23/19 Jim Kessler: Prairie Reborn 7/20/19b
7/30/19 Pamela Boyce Simms: African Diaspora Plant Medicine Project 7/27/19b
8/6/19 John McCutcheon in Person! 7/20/19a
8/13/19 Jerry Hui, David Huber: Voices United 6/14/19a
8/20/19 George Lakey: Nonviolence Inspirations 8/17/19b
8/27/19 Carol Barta: Social Permaculture - The Big Picture8/24/19b
9/17/19 Jerry Hui: Free Hong Kong 9/7/19b
9/24/19 Micah Nelson. Lukas Nelson, Jennifer Lahy: Willie Nelson's Progeny - Farm Aid 2019 9/21/19b
10/1/19 Betsy Raasch-Gilman: Reasons for Hope 9/28/19b
10/8/19 Singing Freedom in NYC - Joel Landy 9/28/19a
10/15/19 Michael Birkel: Reading the Qur'an As Friends & Neighbors 10/12/19b
10/22/19 Ralph Jacobson: Solar: Clear, Compelling, Complex 10/19/19b
10/29/19 Melanie Joy: Powerarchy to Social Transformation 10/26/19b
11/5/19 Peterson Toscano, Liam Hooper: Unwanted Children & Traumatized Foreign Boys 11/2/19b
11/12/19 Hayat Imam: Islam's Water of Life 11/9/19b
11/19/19 Dr. Michael L. Curry, Dr. Donald White, Blair Bazdarich, Hannah Pickard, Catharine Pierce, Sean Dague: Biodegradable Plastic & Anthropocene Pastoral 11/16/19b
11/26/19 Dada Veda: Artists Changing the World 11/23/19a
12/3/19 Carrie Newcomer: Loving Beyond Knowing 10/19/19a
12/10/19 Monique W. Morris: Healing Black & Brown Girls 12/7/19b
12/17/19 Dean Stevens: Holiday Songs You Won't Hear At The Mall 12/13/19a
12/24/19 Claire Bates: A Primer in Nonviolent Communication 12/21/19b
12/31/19 Sigrid Christiansen: Dreams, Animals, & Free Folk 12/7/19a

a Song of the Soul from Northern Spirit Radio - interviews by Mark Helpsmeet and music selected by his guests.
b Spirit In Action from Northern Spirit Radio - interviews by Mark Helpsmeet, Eau Claire WI.

Wednesday 10 am
Science for the People
eLife Sciences
(program airs again the same day at 5 pm)
Click below to listen online.
1/2/19eLife Episode 52: Fossil Flowers, and Fur Seal Parasites12/19/18a
1/9/19Rachel Nuwer, Vincent Nijman: Poaching, And We Don't Mean Eggs1/4/19b
1/16/19Audra Wolfe: Freedom's Laboratory1/11/19b
1/23/19Geoff Parker, Roberto Pereira: Anisogamy: The Beginning of Male and Female1/18/19b
1/30/19 ameLife Episode 53: Insect Farmers and oxytocin 1/29/19a
1/30/19 pmJohn Hawks, Lee Berger, Charles Musiba: Homo naledi (repeated from 6/19/16)9/10/15a
2/6/19Christie Aschwanden: Ok You Worked Out, Now What?2/1/19b
2/13/19Betsy Mason, Greg Miller: All Over the Map2/8/19b
2/20/19Scott Persons: Dinosaur Tails2/15/19b
2/27/19Adrienne Mayor, John Hawks: Amazons (repeated from 12/26/14)12/19/14b
3/6/19Adam Rutherford: Humanimal3/1/19b
3/13/19Brian Switek: The Keys to Skeletons Lost3/8/19b
3/20/19Christina Simkanin, Chelsea Rochman, Jennifer Provencher: Life in Plastic Not Fantastic3/15/19b
3/27/19Jane Tiller, Noam Shomron: With Genetic Knowledge Comes the Need for Counselling3/22/19b
4/3/19eLife Episode 54: Dodgy cells and big neurons2/27/19a
4/10/19Olga Shishkov, Sulisay Phonekeo: Animal Architects4/5/19b
4/17/19Keith Lockitch, Denise Cummins: A Closer Look at Objectivism4/12/19b
4/24/19Stephen Nicol: The Curious Life of Krill4/19/19b
5/1/19eLife Episode 55: Weaponised insulin3/29/19a
5/8/19Rob Dunn: Home Alone?5/3/19b
5/15/19Dana Lepofsky, Nicole Smith, Marco Hatch: Happy as a Clam (Garden)5/10/19b
5/22/19Matthew Jackson: The Human Network5/17/19b
5/29/19eLife Episode 56: Vaccines and viral swarms4/26/19a
6/5/19Adam Higginbotham: Chernobyl5/31/19b
6/12/19Yana Kamberov, Gavin Thomas: Let Me See You Sweat6/7/19b
6/19/19Tina Saey, Anne Simon, Alan Regenberg: Honey I CRISPR'd The Kids6/14/19b
6/26/19eLife Episode 57: Malaria and Myrmecophiles5/31/19a
7/3/19Gina Perry: A Shock Machine and The Lost Boys6/28/19b
7/10/19Tina Saey, Debra Mathews: Do You Really Want To Find Out Who's Your Daddy?7/5/19b
7/17/19eLife Episode 59: Brain basis of blindsight7/10/19a
7/24/19Idan Ben-Barak: Why Aren't We Dead Yet?7/19/19b
7/31/19Episode 58: Meet Mike Eisen6/1/19a
8/7/19Ruijia Wang, Sara McBride: Induced Seismicity8/2/19b
8/14/192019 Science Birthday Minisode: Mary Golda Ross8/9/19b
8/21/19Charles Ferguson, Rob Tarzwell: Fukushima (repeated from 11/1/13)10/25/13b
8/28/19Daniel Laurison: A Class Conversation8/23/19b
9/18/19Maryn McKenna, Anne Simon: Bacteria Are Coming For Your OJ9/13/19b
9/25/19Angela Saini: Superior9/20/19b
10/2/19Brett Finlay: Let Them Eat Dirt9/27/19b
10/9/19Vinay Prasad: Astronauts, geese and realistic retinas9/26/19a
10/16/19Chris Chambers: Science Journalism, Hold the Hype10/11/19b
10/23/19Ethan Siegel: Nobels and Astrophysics10/19/19b
10/30/19Kim Mathot: A Bit of Bird Behaviour10/26/19b
11/6/19How many new mutations from Mum and Dad?10/30/19a
11/13/19David Epstein: Specialize? Or Generalize?11/9/19b
11/20/19Maura O'Connor: Wayfinding11/16/19b
11/27/19Tim Farley, Jeff Wagg, Richard Saunders: TAM Forever7/17/09b
12/4/19David Wallace-Wells, Sheril Kirshenbaum: Climate Doomsday11/30/19b
12/11/19John Dupuis, Joanne Manaster: Give a Nerd a Gift12/7/19b
12/18/19Tim Jackson: Prosperity Without Growth12/14/19b
12/25/19 pmDavid Shlaes, Maryn McKenna: Where Have All The Antibiotics Gone?12/21/19b
Dr. Tammy Steeves: Bicultural approaches for enhancing resilience in Aotearoa New Zealand's bioheritage12/9/19c

aMonthly ~30 min. programs by Chris Smith on topics in the life and biomedical sciences from https://elifesciences.org/podcast.
bWeekly 50-75 min. programs from http://www.scienceforthepeople.ca/, Edmonton Alberta (most repeats excluded).
cFrom Computational Biology, Ecology, and Evolution group video of a seminar in the Ebling Auditorium of the UW-Madison Microbial Sciences Building.

Thursday 10 am
Voices for Religious Pluralism
(each program airs again the same day at 5 pm)
Click below to listen online.
1/3/19 Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum, Rev. Elder Pat Bumgardner: December 29, 2018 - Ready for a New Year 52:2212/29/18a
1/10/19 Jim Barnard: The Rich Tapestry of Gender38:321/6/19b
1/17/19 Bishop Minerva Carcaño, Dr. Christopher Stroop, Farah Stockman: January 12, 2019 - Love Thy Neighbor 1:05:331/12/19a
1/24/19 Rhiannon Rudisill: UU Paganism29:4512/30/18b
1/31/19 am Rev. Sandra Ingham: When You Wish Upon a Star30:051/20/19b
1/31/19 pm Rev. Sandra Ingham: Wild Women of the West27:591/27/19b
2/7/19 Pageen Small: Structural Justice18:142/3/19b
2/14/19 Greg Lebel, Rabbi Jack Moline, Victor Begg: February 9, 2019: The State of Our Union is 48:562/9/19a
2/21/19 Katrina Thompson: An inclusive perspective on islam29:002/10/19b
2/28/19 Rev. Sandra Ingham: Inquiring Humanists Want to Know37:052/24/19b
3/7/19 Kate Lovelady: The Relationship of Caregiving 32:472/17/19c
3/14/19 Ken Haydock: Democracy and the Electoral College27:123/10/19b
3/21/19 Rabbi Jack Moline, Dr. Robert P. Jones, Yadira Thabatah, Sarah Levin: March 16, 2019 - More in common 48:573/16/19a
3/28/19 Susan and Anna Donahoe: The Catalyst Project42:103/24/19b
4/4/19 Rev. Sandra Ingham: These Are a Few of My Favorite Things48:173/31/19b
4/11/18 Kate Lovelady: Respecting Diverse Expressions of Dignity 24:543/31/19c
4/18/18 Ryan Becomes a Moral Realist: A Conversation with Aaron Rabinowitz 1:26:513/31/19d
4/25/19 Steve Hingle: Encountering the Divine: Part 120:594/14/19b
5/2/19 Rev. Dr. Shanta Premawardhant, Nancy Kaufman, Brad Lyons: Picking Up the Pieces after Sri Lanka 54:594/27/19a
5/9/19 Rob Brink: Journey from Pastor to Atheist37:275/5/19b
5/16/18 Jim Scott: Happy Mother's Day for Mother Earth 29:105/12/18b
5/23/18 Kate Lovelady: What Do We Owe Future Generations? 23:075/12/19c
5/30/19 Jean Papalia: QPR? Glad You Asked28:055/19/19b
6/6/19 Rev. Robert Leonard Schenck: Costly Grace 57:416/1/19a
6/13/19 Penny Eiler, Barb Park, Randy Converse, Kathy Converse, Jessie Garst, Barb Chatterton: Walls Talking24:485/26/19b
6/20/19 Remembering George Tiller: A conversation with Gretchen Koch 1:24:126/10/19d
6/27/19 Mary Somers: Giving First Aid to Migrants at the Border40:146/23/19b
7/4/19 Robin Proud: The Women's Journey26:486/30/19b
7/11/19 Kate Lovelady: The Challenges of Diversity 29:386/16/19c
7/18/19 Alfred Akrofi Ocansey, Zaida Ibraham: The Mandela Washington Fellowship41:457/14/19b
7/25/19 Peter Montgomery, Tamanna Amin: Hope in the Dark 48:507/20/19a
8/1/19 Dick Wagner: The History of Pride in Madison29:067/21/19b
8/8/19 EJ Dionne, John Gehring, Rabbi Jack Moline: Words Matter 1:03:087/27/19a
8/15/19 Phil Ferguson: Breaking The Cycle: How to get kids out of religion 54:0511/_/12e
8/22/19 Rev. Rob Schenck, Father Joseph Grieboski, Rev. Leonard Hamlin, Rabbi Jack Moline: What's Killing Us 58:328/10/19a
9/19/19 This Life: Secular Faith and Spiritual Freedom with Martin Hägglund 1:11:048/26/19d
9/26/19 Alexia Kulweic: Labor in the Pulpit39:189/1/19b
10/3/19 Renee Deschard: Fact or Fake: News in the Digital Era - Part 134:019/15/19b
10/10/19 Renee Deschard: Fact or Fake: News in the Digital Era - Part 230:139/22/19b
10/17/19 Sandra Adell: Toni Morrison's Song of Solomon34:449/29/19b
10/24/19 Eric Roscoe: Native Wisconsin Reptiles and Amphibians!38:4710/6/19b
10/31/19 Claire Box: The Spectrum of Dementia32:1110/13/19b
11/7/19 Robin Proud: Abigail Adams and the Anger of Women28:0610/20/19b
11/14/19 Masood Akhtar: We Are Many - United Against Hate47:0710/27/19b
11/21/19 Jo Yurcaba, Sarah Posner, George Mekhail: God vs. Impeachment? 59:2511/16/19a
11/28/19 Aidan Small: Pine Ridge Reservation: Destigmatizing American Indians21:1611/10/19b
12/5/19 Jennifer Parker: Through the Looking Glass: Affirming and Living Our Values in a Dominance-Obsessed World31:4611/17/19b
12/12/19 Deanna Rymaszewski: Grief and Self-Care32:4311/24/19b
12/19/19 Rabbi Bonnie Margulis: The Jewish and UU Roots of Social Justice38:3512/1/19b
12/26/19 Kate Lovelady: Moving Through the Stages of Life 26:059/15/19c

a Podcast from State of Belief.
b Talk at Prairie Unitarian Universalist Society.
c Platform address at The Ethical Society of St. Louis.
d Ryan Bell's Life After God podcast.
e The Phil Ferguson Show.

Friday 10 am
Freethought Radio
Length 49 min. 23 sec.
(unless otherwise noted, each program airs again the same day at 5 pm)
Rebroadcast of radio programs from the Freedom From Religion Foundation
Click below to listen online.
1/4/19Leo Igwe: Nonbelief in Nigeria1/3/18662
1/11/19Cecile Richards: Standing up, speaking out1/10/19663
1/18/19Geoffrey Stone: Sex and the Constitution1/17/19664
1/25/19Amitabh Pal: The Rise of Hindu Nationalism1/24/19665
2/1/19Lucien Greaves: Speak of the Devil1/31/19666
2/8/19Andrew S. Curran: The Art of Thinking Freely2/7/19667
2/15/19Jeremiah Camara: Holy Hierarchy2/14/19668
2/22/19Mandisa Thomas, Nina Sankari: Women of Nonbelief2/21/19669
3/1/19Cheryl Kolbe, Ibn Warraq: Why Millions are Leaving Islam2/28/19670
3/8/19David Steketee, Larry Decker: May Reason Prevail3/7/19671
3/15/19Roslyn Mould: African Freethought on the Rise3/14/19672
3/22/19Adam Chodorow, Robin Marty: Post-Roe America3/21/19673
3/29/19Red Tani: Filipino Freethinkers3/28/19674
4/5/19Mary Dore: Touching on Numerous Issues4/4/19675
4/12/19Hector A. Garcia: Days of Atheism4/11/19676
4/19/19Steve Benson: Latter Day Saint to Latter Day Ain't4/18/19677
4/26/19Frederick Clarkson: The Fight Continues4/25/19678
5/3/19Nandini Archer: Evangelical Intrusion5/2/19679
5/10/19Andrew Seidel: The Founding Myth5/9/19680
5/17/19Janet Heimlich: Unfriendly Faith5/16/19681
5/24/19Irfan Engineer: Religious Nationalism on the Rise5/23/19682
5/31/19Ailbhe Smyth: Abortion and Religion5/30/19683
6/7/19Mark Dann: Governmental Affairs6/6/19684
6/14/19Sanal Edamaruku: Rationalist International6/13/19685
6/21/19Chris Matheson: The Trouble With Buddha6/20/19686
6/28/19Catherine Nixey: The Darkening Age6/27/19687
7/5/19Addison Frei: Future Speak7/3/19688
7/12/19Shiv Shah, David Williamson: Nontheistic Invocations7/11/19689
7/19/19Marian Wiggins: Teach the children7/18/19690
7/26/19Aline Pham: Christian Nationalism Exposed7/25/19691
8/2/19Jacob McGee, Dave Warnock: Dying Out Loud8/1/19692
8/9/19Jeff Sharlet: The Family8/8/19693
8/16/19Amber Scorah: Leaving The Witness8/15/19694
8/23/19Jay Wexler: Our Non-Christian Nation8/21/19695
9/20/19 pmOmar Makram: Ex-Muslim Amnesty9/5/19697
9/27/19 pmJack Buchanan: No Hell Below Us9/12/19698
10/4/19 amChrissy Stroop: Empty the Pews8/29/19696
10/4/19 pmMandisa Thomas, David Tamayo: People of Color Beyond Belief9/19/19699
10/11/19 amGraham Sale: Crazy Little Thing9/26/19700
10/11/19 pmJared Huffman: Imagine No Religion10/3/19701
10/18/19Therrin Wilson: Proud to be an Atheist10/10/19702
10/25/19 amMark Pocan: Freethought is Trending*10/16/19703
10/25/19 pmUnconventional Convention10/24/19704
11/1/19 pmNancy Northup: Spooky Theocracy10/31/19705
11/8/19 pmMegan Phelps-Roper: From Faith to Freethought11/7/19706
11/15/19Frederick Clarkson: Project Blitz by any other name11/14/19707
11/22/19John Loftus: The Case Against Miracles11/21/19708
11/29/19Leighann Lord, Aline Pham, Deven Green, Andrew Bradley: Where Thanks is Due11/27/19709
12/6/19R. Laurence Moore: Godless Citizens12/5/19710
12/13/19Tom Cara, Rachel Laser: Americans United12/12/19711
12/20/19It's That Time of Year12/19/19712
12/27/19Sushant Singh: Trouble in India12/26/19713

*Repeated 11/1/19 am and 11/8/19 am due to programming error.
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