2022 Program Schedule for the

Wider Horizons
series, 10 am Mon. to Fri.
At 5 pm we rebroadcast the same program
(or another program in the same series)


Monday 10 am
Humanism Today
(each program airs again the same day at 5 pm)
Click below to listen online.
1/3/22 Dr Samir Gandesha - Nihilism And Terror46:473/13/16a
1/10/22 Gail Miller - Critical thinking in developing countries31:383/6/16a
1/17/22 David Hutchinson - Cannabis46:362/21/16a
1/24/22 Dr Ahmed Hussein - A safer, cheaper nuclear reactor design67:252/14/16a
1/31/22 Cherise Louie - On Donating Blood44:521/31/16a
2/7/22 Nader Abdullah - Syria: the Land of Diversity33:501/24/16a
2/14/22 John Ince - Happiness and How to Maximize It39:341/17/16a
2/21/22 David Simpson - How to be a Christian Atheist50:291/10/16a
2/28/22 Andrew Copson: What is Humanism? 49:432/24/22b
3/7/22 Tee Barnett - Charity Science26:0412/20/15a
3/21/22 John Ince - The Political Significance Of Sexuality48:0912/6/15a
3/28/22 Khushi Ram - From Servitude to Freedom1:03:315/29/11a
4/4/22 Svend Robinson - Church and State in the 90s43:101998a
4/11/22 Nina Sankari, Henryk Nazarewicz, Dan Barker, Annie Laurie Gaylor: Humanists Across Borders for Ukraine49:103/23/22c
4/18/22 Andy Somers: RELIGIOUS PROPAGANDA: How to recognize and deal with it (repeated from 10/13/08)1:23:196/3/07d
4/25/22 Kathleen Johnson: Black in British Columbia; Resilience and Erasure14:292/22/22a
5/2/22 Lori Lipman Brown: A Place at the Table: How the Nation's First Lobbyist for Non-theists is Enjoying the Feast (repeated from 10/15/07)1:00:2610/14/07d
5/9/22 Tim Minchin35:136/24/20e
5/16/22 Rebecca Goldstein40:137/30/20e
5/23/22 Leo Igwe28:3811/12/20e
5/30/22 Richard Dawkins35:434/8/21e
6/6/22 Steven Pinker33:4112/2/21e
6/13/22 Nigel Warburton42:261/27/22e
6/20/22 Declan Dally: The How and Why of Effective Altruism41:256/5/22d
6/27/22 Anne Glover33:331/20/22e
7/4/22 Saiful Islam29:161/13/22e
7/11/22 Steven Pinker Discusses Rationality and Humanist Values1:04:347/7/22f
7/18/22 Robin Ince27:326/3/20e
7/25/22 Janet Ellis40:306/17/20e
8/1/22 Margaret Heffernan36:37 7/2/20e
8/8/22 Richard Wiseman26:577/9/20e
8/15/22 Frank Turner27:038/4/22e
8/22/22 Angela Barnes32:588/11/22e
8/29/22 A C Grayling31:318/18/22e
9/5/22 Tim McGarry34:348/25/22e
9/12/22 Clive Lewis34:089/1/22e
9/19/22 Molly Plunkett, Pageen Small: Abortion in Wisconsin: Legal, Ethical and Political Perspectives1:31:369/18/22d
9/26/22 Kate Pickett36:439/8/22e
10/3/22 S I Martin35:389/15/22e
10/10/22 Nichola Raihani30:589/22/22e
10/17/22 Christer Sturmark30:209/29/22e
10/24/22 Laura Lacole29:2310/6/22e
10/31/22 Susan Blackmore35:1210/13/22e
11/7/22 Francesca Stavrakopoulou29:341/5/22e
11/14/22 Alice Roberts41:097/16/20e
11/21/22 Kevin Perkins: Reinventing an old technology to deliver communication justice in Africa?59:2610/16/22g
11/28/22 Abortion Care in Canada with Jill Doctoroff (National Abortion Federation Canada)1:03:057/26/22g
12/5/22 Karis Burkowski: Why Men Made God: Our Past Explains Our Present1:03:426/26/22g
12/12/22 Dr. Crystal Gail Fraser: Histories of Indian Residential Schools in an Era of Truth and Reconciliation1:10:501/30/22g
12/19/22 Open for Unconstitutional Business: Prayers at municipal council meetings in Ontario1:22:1012/15/22a
12/26/22 Ian Bushfield: Reproductive Justice in Canada with British Columbia Humanist Association35:1110/17/22g

a BC Humanists Podcast from the British Columbia Humanist Association, Vancouver. Follow this link and scroll down for descriptive paragraph.
b Radio program from the Freedom From Religion Foundation.
c Facebook Live Ask an Atheist program from FFRF.
d Recording of Humanist Union of Madison program.
e What I Believe podcast from Humanists UK.
f Point of Inquiry from the Center for Inquiry.
g From video posted by Humanist Canada, Ottawa, Ontario.

Tuesday 10 am
Spirit In Action   or   Song of the Soul
Length 55 min.
(each program airs again the same day at 5 pm)

Click below to listen online.
1/4/22 Digging In The Ruins of Our Age With Michael R.J. Roth 1/1/22a
1/11/22 Annie Patterson, Peter Blood: Heal My Heart Mid-winter Concert1/8/22a
1/18/22 Susan Vergeront, Cameron Swallow: Building a House United Takes Braver Angels1/15/22b
1/25/22 Sparkling Diamond from NC - Abigail Dowd1/15/22a
2/1/22 Steve Chase: Fighting Agents Provocateurs Nonviolently1/29/22b
2/8/22 Gerri Williams: Democracy & Self-interest In Anti-racism: Beyond the Books2/5/22b
2/15/22 Flannery Winchester, Krisa Hiser, Caroline Roberts, Natasha DeJarnett: Called to Climate Healing Work
- with Peterson Toscano & Citizens Climate Radio
2/22/22 Daniel O'Connell: Fighting Industrial Agribusiness in CA with Scholarly Tools2/19/22b
3/1/22 Faith-full Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion, From Jamaica To Wisconsin: Jeneise Briggs2/26/22b
3/8/22 Liam Hooper, Don Durham: Beating Chests & Throwing Shade With the Bible - Bible Bash3/5/22b
3/15/22 Confronting Big Brother In America - Thom Hartmann3/12/22b
3/22/22 Chemistry, Recovery, UU, & the Music of Jim Phillips3/19/22a
3/29/22 Jane Addams & The Wicked Wicks - Historical Musical by Kristin Lems3/26/22b
4/5/22 Ed Hudgins, Selika Ducksworth-Lawton, Sheng Elizabeth Lor, Jeneise Briggs: Converge - Conversations In Color4/2/22b
4/12/22 Amar Ahmad & Mass Peace Action4/9/22b
4/19/22 Sahar Taman: Welcoming Afghan Neighbors to Fort McCoy with Law & Love4/16/22b
4/26/22 Singing Reconnection to Earth & Iran with Lydia Violet4/16/22a
5/3/21 Afro-Colombian Music with Palenque Records/Lucas Silva via Groundswell - hosted by Patricia Stansbury 4/30/22a
5/10/22 Tyranny, Plato, Trump, & Nonviolence with Andrew Fiala5/7/22b
5/17/22 Peterson Toscano, Caroline Harmon, Sophie Davis, Josie Davis, Esteban Gast: Climate and Christians, Comedians, & Classy Music5/14/22b
5/24/22 Charlotte Sebastian, Ellery McCardle, Melony Butler, Mike Dunfe, Alec Embree, Joann Perry, Jon Vang: The Eagle's Healing Nest & Man Forward - from the Everyday Nonviolence Podcast5/21/22b
5/31/22 Jori Lewis: Slaves for Peanuts - An Epic Story of Plants, People, & Culture in West Africa5/28/22b
6/7/22 Monica Tetzlaff: The Role of History in Reparations & Freedom Summer6/4/22b
6/14/22 Lucretia Humphrey, Molly Wingate: Pacifists in the Belly of the Military Beast6/11/22b
6/21/22 Nicole Diroff, Ben Yosua-Davis, Peterson Toscano, Mariama White-Hammond: Roots to Stand Strong in Climate Changed6/18/22b
6/28/22 Bob Schrader: Peer Support for Mental Health At The Wellness Shack6/25/22b
7/5/22 Pat Humphries, Sandy O: The Songful, World-healing Soul of Emma's Revolution6/4/22a
7/12/22 Don Durham, Liam Hooper: Outcasts as Guests of Honor & Good Donkeys - Bible Bash7/9/22b
7/19/22 Beverly Ward: Field Secretary for Earthcare - and for Justice7/16/22b
7/26/22 Medical & Historical Advocacy for Medicare For All: Mark Neumann & Myron Buchholz7/23/22b
8/2/22 Giulia Millanta: Italian Woman On The Moon7/2/22a
8/9/22 A Home for Peace: Betsy Corner & Randy Kehler8/6/22b
8/16/22 Peterson Toscano, Isaias Hernandez, Leo Goldsmith, Vanessa Raditz, Nokwando Maseko: Queer Response to Climate Change8/13/22b
8/23/22 Ben Yosua-Davis: From What Is to What If: The BTS Center8/20/22b
8/30/22 Eleonora Bartoli, Ali Michael: Collective Antiracism: Doing the Inter & Outer Work, Together8/27/22b
9/6/22 Dean Stevens, Claudia Schmidt, Sally Rogers. Cecilia Eljuri, Patrice Webb, Donna Lynn Caskey, Terry Kitchen, Terry Holder: Musical Elements Pre-COVID8/27/22a
9/13/22 Healthy Planet, Healthy You: Ximena Yáñez Soto9/10/22b
9/20/22 Neoliberalism, the Gutting of America, & the Way Back: Thom Hartmann9/17/22b
9/27/22 Diane Sandberg, Paula Palmer, Elona Street-Stewart: Indigenous Boarding School & Restorative Actions - from the Everyday Nonviolence Podcast9/24/22b
10/4/22 Nicole Diroffk, Ben Yosua-Davis, Peterson Toscano, Maya Williams, Corina Newsome: Black Birding, Poetry, Equity, Food Security, & Faith: Climate Changed10/1/22b
10/11/22 Writer in a Life Vest: Iris Graville10/8/22b
10/18/22 Shaunna J. Edwards, Alyson Richman: Making History Real - Slavery to Today10/15/22b
10/25/22 Phil Allen Jr.: Black Wholeness Through The Prophetic Lens10/22/22b
11/1/22 Birch Kemp, Kinga Osz-Kemp: Trees Over Detroit10/29/22b
11/8/22 Preventing the 6th Mass Extinction: The Rescue Effect & Michael Mehta Webster11/5/22b
11/15/22 Peterson Toscano. Randi Hacker. Susan Currie, Tamara Staton, Julio Victor Cochoy Alva, Doris Kizinna, Anne Therese Gennari: Personal & Societal Climate Optimism & Resilience - Citizens Climate Radio11/12/22b
11/22/22 Becoming an American Refuge: Campuses & Diya Abdo11/19/22b
11/29/22 Patricia Stansbury, Sanaz Ghodsi, Charles Brown, Ana Edwards, Phil Wilayto: Teach-in with Virginia Defenders: Iran, Cuba, Mali, Ukraine11/26/22b
12/6/22 Heal Thy War - MQI Vietnam & Mike Boehm12/3/22b
12/13/22 Cindy Yurth: Wide-World-healing: Peace Corps to Navajo Nation to Humane Society12/10/22b
12/20/22 War Tax Refusal, Jail, & Joyful Activism - Karl Meyer12/17/22b
12/27/22 David Eberhardt: Blood Against the Draft & A Protest Primer12/24/22b

a Song of the Soul from Northern Spirit Radio - interviews by Mark Helpsmeet and music selected by his guests.
b Spirit In Action from Northern Spirit Radio - interviews by Mark Helpsmeet, Eau Claire WI.

Wednesday 10 am
Science for the People,
eLife Sciences or
This Week in Virology
(program airs again the same day at 5 pm)
Click below to listen online.
1/5/22COVID-19 clinical update #95 with Dr. Daniel Griffin37:3412/30/21a
1/12/22Can Corals Resist Bleaching?33:5110//21b
1/19/22COVID-19 clinical update #97 with Dr. Daniel Griffin55:061/15/22a
1/26/22Anna Ploszajski: Handmade: A Scientist's Search for Meaning Through Making52:581/17/22c
2/2/22Brian Malow, Scott Gavura: Science Comedian60:009/25/09c
2/9/22Sediba's backbone, and antibacterial bacteria38:142/2/22b
2/16/22Emily Willingham: Tailoring Your Brain With Science1:10:201/31/22c
2/23/22Erin Cech: The Trouble With Passion1:05:252/18/22c
3/2/22Omar Mouallem: Randall Munroe of XKCD60:0010/2/09c
3/9/22Greg Laden, Omar Mouallem, Raven Hanna: Getting Noticed60:0010/16/09c
3/16/22COVID-19 clinical update #105 with Dr. Daniel Griffin40:383/10/22a
3/23/22Christopher Mims: Train, Boat, Truck, It's the Supply Chain1:00:563/14/22c
3/30/22Human birth trigger genes, and clam cancer36:573/15/22b
4/6/22Lucy Foulkes: Losing Our Minds1:13:353/29/22c
4/13/22Keith Schon, Colin McIntyre: Digital Footprints60:0010/23/09c
4/20/22Rachel Gross: The One About Vaginas1:04:244/11/22c
4/27/22TWiV 892: COVID-19 clinical update #111 with Dr. Daniel Griffin55:084/22/22a
5/4/22Riley Black: This Is Not About Dinosaurs1:11:094/25/22c
5/11/22Derek Colanduno, Jill Powell: Science Fiction and Skepticism60:0010/30/09c
5/25/22Animal handedness, diabetes and dinosaurs36:225/6/22b
6/1/22Alan Henry: Working While Marginalized1:08:185/23/22c
6/8/22TWiV 905: COVID-19 clinical update #117 with Dr. Daniel Griffin47:465/26/22a
6/15/22Lindsey Ftizharris: Remaking the Face1:03:436/7/22c
6/22/22Paul Ingraham, Bora Zivkovic: The Skeptical Alt-Heath Practitioner60:0011/6/09c
6/29/22Nancy Walton, Joey Haban: Human Research Ethics60:0011/13/09c
7/6/22Brent Homan: Health Fraud60:0011/20/09c
7/13/22Laurie Winkless: Sticky: The Secret Science of Surfaces1:12:057/8/22c
7/20/22Does Vaping Inflame the Brain?29:287/4/22b
7/27/22Laura J. Martin: Designing Wilderness59:247/18/22c
8/3/22TWiV clinical update with Dr. Daniel Griffin43:217/29/22a
8/10/22Harriet Washington: Carte Blanche: The Erosion of Informed Consent in Medical Research1:18:118/3/22c
8/17/22Nicky Garratt, Scott Gavura: Punk Rock Skepticism60:0011/27/09c
8/24/22Martin Bridgstock, Kylie Sturgess, Richard Stelling: Belief and Education60:0012/4/09c
8/31/22David Shiffman: Shark Matters1:09:208/22/22c
9/7/22Noemi Procopio: Bone Proteins and Body Farms1:08:448/31/22c
9/14/22Marc MacKenzie, Bart Farkas: Radiation and Health60:0012/11/09c
9/21/22Kawsar Talaat, Maria Elena Bottazzi: A World of Universal Vaccines1:07:029/12/22c
9/28/22Urban microbiomes, and crushed cancers32:229/16/22b
10/5/22Lyndsie Bourgon: Thieving Trees1:12:149/26/22c
10/12/22Lisa Hammett, Mike Meraz: Microbiology60:0012/18/09c
10/19/22Barry Schwartz: The Paradox of Choice60:0012/25/09c
10/26/22Timothy Jorgensen: Spark: The Life of Electricity and the Electricity of Life1:16:0510/17/22c
11/2/22Bryn Nelson: The Poopisode1:07:0210/25/22c
11/9/22Aaron Santos, Naomi Baker: How Many Licks60:001/8/10c
11/16/22Bethany Brookshire: Pests: How Humans Create Animal Villains1:11:1211/10/22c
11/23/22Babies cry in utero, and pushing preprints33:0111/11/22b
11/30/22Rachelle Saunders, Bethany Brookshire: Clocks, Mugs, and Other Nerdy Gift Ideas1:37:1711/22/22c
12/7/22John Gamon, Della Drury: Climate Change60:001/15/10a
12/14/22 John Dupuis, Joanne Manaster: 2022 Science Book Haul1:15:0512/6/22c
12/21/22LaVerne Knight-West, Stephanie Zvan, Girl 6, Rhys Chouinard, K.O. Myers: Skepticism and Race60:001/22/10c
12/28/22Rob Tarzwell, Ken Mukamal: Alcohol60:001/1/10c

aThis Week in Virology from MicrobeTV.
bMonthly half hour programs by Dr. Chris Smith on topics in the life and biomedical sciences from https://elifesciences.org/podcast.
cPrograms from http://www.scienceforthepeople.ca/, Edmonton Alberta, produced monthly.

Thursday 10 am
Voices for Religious Pluralism
(each program airs again the same day at 5 pm)
Click below to listen online.
1/6/22 Rev. Selena Fox, Shedd Farley: Return to Nature: Green Burial Practices52:4512/31/21a
1/13/22 Robin Proud: Caroline Healey Dall: Rediscovered Transcendentalist48:001/9/22b
1/20/22 Rev. Matt Aspin: Unbecoming25:001/9/22c
2/3/22 Rev. Matt Aspin: An Elephant in the Room?29:381/16/22c
2/10/22 Lisa Glueck: Befriending Our Wounds: A Meditation40:151/23/22c
2/17/22 Holly Tellander: The Kids Scare You: And Other Uncomfortable Truths About Education in America42:212/6/22c
3/3/22 Robin Proud: Freethinkers Thinking About Death25:142/27/22b
3/10/22 Robin Proud: Rediscovered Transcendentalist: Caroline Healey Dall46:221/30/22c
3/17/22 Rev. Matt Aspin: E Pluribus Unum26:202/20/22c
3/24/22 Rev. Matt Aspin: Reconvening18:443/13/22c
3/31/22 Rev. Matt Aspin: Beginner's Mind27:113/20/22c
4/7/22 Matt Julian: Healthcare and Homelessness35:063/27/22c
4/14/22 Eugene Crisler 'El: Meeting with MOSES28:004/10/22c
4/21/22 Rob Brink: Beautiful Mud: Meditation on the Good, However Small and Muddy It May Be20:254/10/22b
4/28/22 Rev. Matt Aspin: Readying to Rise20:094/17/22c
5/5/22 Robin Proud: Denis Diderot: Freethinker Extraordinaire32:314/24/22b
5/12/22 Gary Gates: Earth Day - Walking The Talk21:334/24/22c
5/19/22 Rev. Matt Aspin, Barbara Park: May Day20:385/8/22c
5/26/22 Rev. Matt Aspin: Real Thoughts about Artificial Intelligence23:575/15/22c
6/2/22 Rob Brink: The Day the Pale Horse Was Hobbled. Cancer Through the Ages. Why It Will Soon End.23:395/22/22b
6/9/22 Dan Proud: Three Generations of Veterans25:045/29/22c
6/16/22 Rev. Matt Aspin: Does Prairie Need a Minister?45:286/12/22c
6/23/22 Anne Pryor: Laura M. Towne: Unitarian Abolitionist & Co-Founder of The Penn Center29:046/19/22c
6/30/22 Eddie Glaude uncovers 'the heart of the rot' in America's white supremacy - hosted by Jim Wallis26:486/22/22d
7/7/22 Robin Proud: Community is Possible: Solutions to bring the world together27:486/26/22b
7/14/22 Mary Mullen, Barbara Park: Growing an International Village Through Community Gardening35:227/3/22c
7/21/22 Rev. Rob Schenck, Rev. Paul Brandeis Raushenbush: Christian Nationalism and the Court 1:17:147/16/22e
7/28/22 Marta Monti: Going Solar in Wisconsin and the Midwest Renewable Energy Association58:424/10/22b
8/4/22 Yoshiko Herrera: The War in Ukraine41:507/10/22c
8/11/22 Matt Wise: The Dangers to Society of Social Media32:467/31/22c
8/18/22 AJ Hardie: Willma's Fund: Working to Address Homelessness and Housing Insecurity among LGBTQ+ people in Dane County27:05 8/7/22c
8/25/22 Rob Brink: Talking to Strangers28:018/14/22b
9/1/22 Al Nettleton: Thomas Wentworth Higginson: Unitarian Minister and The Civil War30:408/21/22c
9/8/22 Frida Ballard: Why You Should Care About Workers33:439/4/22c
9/15/22am Rev. Matt Aspin: Counting Our Blessings17:108/14/22c
9/15/22pm Rev. Matt Aspin: The Discovered Why27:038/28/22c
9/22/22 Rob Brink: Why this atheist still likes Jesus23:298/28/22b
9/29/22 Sarah Posner, Bob Smietana, Rebeca Seitz: The Power of the Written Word59:098/27/22e
10/6/22 Wajahat Ali, Tayhlor Coleman, Connie Ryan, Rev. Dr. Richard Cizik: Christian Nationalism is on the Ballot57:3410/1/22e
10/13/22 Robin Proud: Lucy Stone: An American Original26:4910/9/22b
10/20/22 Gene Kaine: Flashbacks33:4410/9/22c
10/27/22 Rev. Mark Richards: Democracy Ain't Easy34:4610/23/22c
11/3/22 Dr. Barbara Williams-Skinner, Jack Jenkins: Midterm Mania and the Fight to Protect Democracy1:07:3810/29/22e
11/10/22 Rev. Matt Aspin: Communal Salvation24:1111/6/22c
11/17/22 Rob Brink: Discovering Gratitude Where We Are: Gratitude as Choice, Attitude, and Mood21:0111/13/22b
11/24/22 Mohammad Hurr Ali, Rev. Nicole Garcia: United for Our Neighbors52:4611/19/22e
12/1/22 Rev. Matt Aspin: The FUUture of our Faith33:4211/27/22c
12/8/22 Phillip Gorski: The Historical Roots of White Christian Nationalism - hosted by Jim Wallis27:4211/23/22d
12/15/22 Robin Proud: The Whimsy of Childhood, The Dangers of Free Thought: Edith Nesbit26:1212/11/22b
12/22/22 Andrew Whitehead: Four Orientations Toward White Christian Nationalism - hosted by Jim Wallis31:2312/7/22d
12/29/22 Katy Joseph, Mary Bonauto, Rev. Traci Blackmon, Father James Martin: How the Respect for Marriage Act Became Law1:09:4212/17/22e

a From A Public Affair on WORT-FM.
b Talk for the Free Congregation of Sauk County recorded by WIDE-LP.
c Talk for Prairie Unitarian Universalist Society.
d From The Soul of the Nation with Jim Wallis.
e Podcast from State of Belief.

Friday 10 am
Freethought Radio
Length 49 min. 23 sec.
(unless otherwise noted, each program airs again the same day at 5 pm)
Rebroadcast of radio programs from the Freedom From Religion Foundation
Click below to listen online.
1/7/22Don Beyer, Jamie Raskin, John W. Loftus: Horrendous Suffering1/6/22819
1/14/22Linda Greenhouse: Cheesecake, anyone?1/13/22820
1/21/22, 1/28/22Francesca Stavrakopoulou: The Anatomy of God1/20/22821
2/4/22Margaret Downey, Gary Berton: Forgotten Founder1/27/22822
2/11/22Jamie Raskin, Larry Shapiro: Battling the Virus of Bad Thinking2/3/22823
2/18/22Cynthia McDonald: Secular Reparations2/10/22824
2/25/22Mark Dann: Beware of Dogma 2/17/22825
3/4/22Katherine Stewart 3/3/22827
3/11/22Alice Greczyn: Drunk, High and Hypnotized3/10/22828
3/18/22, 3/25/22Steven Pinker: Rationality 3/17/22829
4/1/22Jeremy Schipper: The bible and slavery 3/24/22830
4/8/22Ann Druyan, Sasha Sagan: The Cosmos 3/31/22831
4/15/22Patrick Elliott, Ryan Jayne, Barbara Alvarez: Separate Church & State 4/7/22832
4/22/22Ian Millhiser: The Agenda 4/14/22833
4/29/22Clement Hiel: Rebels With a Cause 4/21/22834
5/6/22Phil Zuckerman: Secular Compassion 4/28/22835
5/13/22Ed Sorel: Profusely Illustrated 5/5/22836
5/20/22Sasha Sagan: The Wonder of Science 5/12/22837
5/27/22Samuel L. Perry: The Flag and the Cross 5/19/22838
6/3/22Christopher Cameron: African American Freethinkers 6/2/22840
6/10/22Jay Wexler: Our Non-Christian Nation 6/9/22841
6/17/22, 6/24/22Maryam Namazie: Celebrating Dissent 6/15/22842
7/1/22Linda Greenhouse: Requiem for the Supreme Court 6/30/22844
7/8/22Galilea Baca, Fadima Tall, Tylinn Wilson, Everett Viego, Sami Al Asadi: Makin Mischief6/23/22843
7/15/22Kate Cohen: Backlash7/7/22845
7/22/22Randa Black, Randall Cragun: Not a Christian nation 7/14/22846
7/29/22Don Ardell: REAL Wellness 7/21/22847
8/5/22Bonya Ahmed: Combating the threats 7/28/22848
8/12/22Adam Laats: Creationism USA 8/4/22849
8/19/22Philip S. Gorski: Threat to Democracy 8/11/22850
8/26/22Michael Graziano: Religion and the CIA 8/18/22851
9/2/22Sami Abdallah: Celebrate Dissent 8/25/22852
9/9/22Adam B. Cohen: Is Religion Special? 9/1/22853
9/16/22Ahmedur Rashid Chowdury: Free Voice 9/8/22854
9/23/22Mandisa Thomas, Jimmy Bangash: Beyond Belief 9/15/22855
9/30/22Marty Essen: Banned Books9/22/22856
10/7/22Ray Matthews, Adrienne Martin: Blasphemy is a Victimless Crime9/29/22857
10/14/22Christopher Hitchens: Know Your Rights 10/6/22858
10/21/22Mike Freiberg: Secular Government 10/13/22859
10/28/22Sherry Dutzy: Secular Legislators 10/20/22860
11/4/22Maryam Namazie, Aidan Scully: The Power of Protest 10/27/22861
11/11/22Jared Huffman, Jamie Raskin: Unconventional Convention11/3/22862
11/18/22Marin Gazzaniga, Linda LaScola: The Unbelieving 11/10/22863
11/25/22Let's All Give Thanks 11/23/22865
12/2/22John C. Wathey: Phantom God 11/17/22864
12/9/22Mark Dann: Mark on the Hill 12/1/22866
12/16 /22Anthea Butler: Evangelical Threat 12/8/22867
12/23/22Elle Hardy: Beyond Belief 12/15/22868
12/30/23Susan Hofer, Rebecca Markert: Ringing in the New Year 12/28/22870
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