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2015 Program Schedule for
Wider Horizons
10 am Mon. to Fri.
through July
All programs rebroadcast the same day at 5 pm


Monday 10 am
Humanism Today
(each program is rebroadcast the same day at 5 pm)
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1/5/15 James Croft on the Complex Issues of Ferguson 51:2612/17/14a
1/12/15 Sincere Kirabo on the Complex Issues of Ferguson (Part 2) 51:2612/24/14a
1/19/15 Dan Barker: Frontline Report from the Battle of Church and State 1:07:071/4/15b
1/26/15 The Truth about the Sunday Assembly, with Ian Dodd and Amy Boyle 51:261/7/15a
2/2/15 Jeff Rasley on Being Godless and Living a Valuable Life beyond Beliefs 51:261/14/15a
2/9/15 How "God" Works, with Marshall Brain 51:261/21/15a
2/16/15 Social Justice & Private Parts, with Sam Killermann 51:262/4/15a
2/23/15 The Good Side of Prejudice & the Secular Side of Morality, with Dr. Paul Bloom 51:262/11/15a
3/2/15 Dr. Henry Steinberger: Addiction Q&A 1:14:193/1/15b
3/9/15 Intentional Insights with Gleb Tsipursky, PhD 51:262/18/15a
3/16/15 Faith Beyond Belief, with Margaret Placentra Johnston51:262/25/15a
3/23/15 Awkward Moments in the Bible, with Horus Gilgamesh 51:263/4/15a
3/30/15 Susan Porter, Rose McDonnell: What Is Polyamory All About? 51:263/11/15a
4/6/15 Having Fun with Superstitions, with Margaret Downey 51:263/18/15a
4/13/15 What I Gained When I Lost My Religion, with Neil Carter 51:263/25/15a
4/20/15 Susan Hagstrom and Peter Warshaw: Highlights of Freethought Festival 4 1:00:414/5/15b
4/27/15 Graphic Non-Fiction, with Humanist Author Sean Michael Wilson 51:264/8/15a
5/4/15 A Conversation with Lisa Montoya, Seminary Student 51:264/15/15a
5/11/15 Addiction Education and SMART Recovery with Drs. Joe Gerstein and Bill Abbott 51:264/29/15a
5/18/15 Feminism, Religion, and Science Communication, with Matthew Facciani 51:265/6/15a
5/25/15 On Being Openly Secular, with John Davidson 51:265/13/15a
6/1/15 Soul Beliefs, with Dan Ogilvie 51:265/20/15a
6/8/15 Gretta Vosper, Kevin Jagoe, Steve Hill, Joe Brady, Dr. Calvin and Tonda Kelly, Stephanie Downs Hughes,
Juhem Navarro-Rivera, Bishop McNeil
: 2015 AHA Annual Conference Interviews, Part I
6/15/15 Andy Norman, Teresa MacBain, Sheila Malcolm, Richard Howse, Jason Torpy, Roland Halpern,
Kelley Freeman, Ed Gogol:
2015 AHA Annual Conference Interviews, Part II
6/22/15 Humanistic Psychology, with Dr. Tom Greening 51:266/10/15a
6/29/15 Creating Change Through Humanism, with Roy Speckhardt 51:276/24/15a
7/6/15 Interview an Atheist at Church Day, with Kile Jones 51:277/1/15a
7/13/15 Neuroscience and the Science of Self, with Dr. Ginger Campbell 51:267/8/15a
7/20/15 The Failed War on Drugs, with Johann Hari 55:557/15/15a
7/27/15 Andy Somers: A terrible beauty is born 1:00:237/19/15b

a The Humanist Hour from the American Humanist Association.
b Recording of Humanist Union of Madison program.

Tuesday 10 am
Spirit In Action   or   Song of the Soul
Length 55 min.
(each program is rebroadcast the same day at 5 pm)

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1/6/15 Peter Alsop: Addressing Upstream 12/28/14a
1/13/15 Anne Hills: Descendant of a Condemned Witch 1/12/14b
1/20/15 Mike McCabe: Blue Jeans in High Places 1/11/15a
1/27/15 Tyler Huebner: Power to the People (with Alternative Energy) 1/18/15a
2/3/15 Ed Nieves: Redwoods, Poisons, Free Speech & Medicinal Pot - Healing Work from Mendocino 1/25/15a
2/10/15 Laurie Childers: Into Beauty 2/8/15b
2/17/15 Andrew Tomlinson: Tilting the UN Toward Peace & Justice - QUNO 2/15/15a
2/24/15 Kim Gillette: Girls on the Run 2/22/15a
3/3/15 Janet Cheatham Bell: Letting My Peaches Go - Liberating Black Thought 3/1/15a
3/10/15 Jill Suzanne Shook: A Place to Lay Your Head: Affordable Housing 3/8/15a
3/17/15 Jamie Pappas, Zacharias Pappas: Time Heals All - Timebanks & Composting 3/15/15a
3/31/15 The Sins of Scripture - John Shelby Spong 8/21/05a
4/7/15 Jean Alix Lusma: Orphanages Without Walls - in Haiti 3/22/15a
4/14/15 Peter Smith: Supporting War Tax Resisters: Sharing the Brunt 4/5/15a
4/21/15 Gretchen Woelfle: Uncovering Black Independence History (& More) 3/29/15a
4/28/15 Progressive Voice for Democracy Matt Rothschild 4/26/15a
5/5/15 Stephen Ivancic: Workers vs Owners: Shafted 5/3/15a
5/12/15 Joel Westheimer: Social Justice Schools 5/10/15a
5/19/15 Kiersten Bauer, Jodi Thesing-Ritter, Joanne Bland: Civil Rights Pilgrimage 5/17/15a
5/26/15 Megan Smith: Wanderin' Fool 2/9/14b
6/2/15 Lou Ureneck: Unsung Hero of the Armenian Genocide 5/31/15a
6/9/15 Mark Helpsmeet: Broadcasting Activism, Song & Spirit (original interview broadcast 2/4/15) 6/7/15a
6/16/15 Reluctant Daughter - Sally Barris' Song of the Soul 7/24/11b
6/23/15 Aspen Baker: Pro-Voice: Truce in the Abortion Wars 6/21/15a
6/30/15 Mark Dvorak: We Become Not War 4/26/15b
7/7/15 Ida Kristin: At Whole In the Universe: From Sweden, Brazil, & Nashville 4/5/15b
7/14/15 Greg Elliott: Sustainable Spirit-led Activism 7/12/15a
7/21/15 Zachary Moon: Bringing Peace to Soldiers 7/19/15a
7/28/15 Howard Vogel: Law & Making Peace with the Earth 7/26/15a

a Spirit In Action from Northern Spirit Radio - interviews by Mark Helpsmeet, Eau Claire WI.
b Song of the Soul from Northern Spirit Radio - interviews by Mark Helpsmeet and music selected by his guests.

Wednesday 10 am
Voices for Religious Pluralism
(each program is rebroadcast the same day at 5 pm)
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1/7/15 Rev. Sandra Ingham: The Gift of Nothing 30:2011/30/14a
1/14/15 Ken Haydock: Quakers 44:4712/7/14a
1/21/15 Kate Lovelady: Childfree by Choice 25:4711/16/14b
1/28/15 Kate Lovelady: A Better Future for All 27:0412/7/14b
2/4/15 Mark Helpsmeet: Northern Spirit Radio 48:081/25/15c
2/11/15 Rev. Sandra Ingham: Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up 35:0412/28/14a
2/18/15 Rev. Sandra Ingham: In the Beginning 40:501/4/15a
2/25/15 Rabbi Jay Michaelson, Rabbi Jack Moline, Peter Manseau: Alabama Marriage Equality,
The Year Ahead for Interfaith Activists, and a New American History
3/4/15 Dr. Henry Steinberger: Self-Empowerment, Self-Improvement 50:411/25/15e
3/11/15 Matt Rothschild: MoneyFree Speech 34:482/22/15e
3/18/15 Robin Proud: A Dose of Empathy 23:501/11/15a
3/25/15 Kristin Rucinski: The Road Home 34:291/25/15a
4/1/15 Rev. Sandra Ingham: What's Love Got To Do With It? 39:172/8/15a
4/8/15 John Wunderlin: Our Place in the Cosmos 38:212/15/15a
4/15/15 Rev. Sandra Ingham: Those Troubling Transcendentalists 38:042/22/15a
4/22/15 Johanna Hatch: Equal in Faith: Why Religious Discrimination Against Women Affects Us All 35:153/8/15a
4/29/15 Kate Lovelady: Creating Our Lives 27:342/15/15b
5/6/15 Rev. Sandra Ingham: Take Two 31:403/15/15a
5/13/15 Dan Barker: Life Driven Purpose 56:354/26/15e
5/20/15 Rev. Sandra Ingham: Betrayal 34:573/29/15a
5/27/15 Rev. Sandra Ingham: Tick...Tock 36:104/19/15a
6/3/15 Kate Lovelady: Our Pagan Nation 28:043/29/15b
6/10/15 Kate Lovelady: One World 27:014/19/15b
6/17/15 Lorry Bond, Penny Eiler: A Personal Story and Report on Americans with Disabilities Act at 25 Years 43:295/17/15a
6/24/15 Millie Moffett & Mary Frantz: The Gift of Years 29:354/26/15a
7/1/15 Matt Tedesco: Ethics at the End of Life 44:185/24/15a
7/8/15 Jeremy Hemberger: Bee Inquisitive! 40:126/28/15e
7/15/15 Kate Lovelady: Drinking from Two Cups 25:255/31/15b
7/22/15 Rev. Sandra Ingham: Wounds that Heal 45:147/12/15a
7/29/15 Rose Stephenson: A Talk with Rev. Olympia Brown 44:286/28/15a

a Talk at Prairie Unitarian Universalist Society.
b Platform address at The Ethical Society of St. Louis.
c Recorded by WIDE-LP at Hammersley Rd transmitter site, Madison.
d Podcast from State of Belief.
e Recorded by WIDE-LP at monthly service of Sunday Assembly Madison.

Thursday 10 am
Freethought Radio
Length 42-43 min.
(each program is rebroadcast the same day at 5 pm)
Rebroadcast of radio programs from the Freedom From Religion Foundation
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1/1/15Tom Cara: Happy New Year 12/27/14452
1/8/15Steven Pinker: A Sense of Style 12/20/14450
1/15/15Steve Benson, Marshall Brain: How "God" Works 1/10/15454
1/22/15Greta Christina, Barbara Mancini: Comforting Thoughts 1/3/15453
1/29/15Ryan Bell: A Year Without God 1/17/15455
2/5/15Steven Hewett: The World Is My Country 1/24/15456
2/12/15Michael Shermer: The Moral Arc 1/31/15457
2/19/15Rachel Harger, Katherine Stewart: A church in every school? 2/7/15458
2/26/15Robin Morgan: A Freethought Valentine 2/14/15459
3/5/15Anita Weir: Atheism a protected class? 2/21/15460
3/12/15Douglas Marshall, Jeffrey Tayler: Time to fight religion 2/28/15461
3/19/15Kimberly Veal: Nonbelievers of Color 3/7/15462
3/26/15Dan Barker: Life Driven Purpose 3/14/15463
4/2/15David Seidman: Teenage Atheists 3/21/15464
4/9/15Wendy Thomas Russell: Relax, It's Just God 4/4/15466
4/16/15Harry Shaughnessy: The Atheists Next Door 3/28/15465
4/23/15Maddy Ziegler: We Must Be Doing Something Right 4/11/15467
4/30/15Amanda Metskas: Celebrating 20th anniversary of Camp Quest 4/18/15468
5/7/15Len Eisenberg: All in the Family 4/25/15469
5/14/15Ken M. Kruse: One Nation Under God? 5/2/15470
5/21/15Andrew Solomon: Courageous Satire 5/9/15471
5/28/15Hector Avalos: Bad Jesus 5/16/15472
6/4/15Jerry Coyne: Faith vs. Fact 5/23/15473
6/11/15Michael Nugent: Irish Eyes Are Smiling 5/30/15474
6/18/15Carole Beaton: Eureka! 6/6/15475
6/25/15Reasonable and Kind - in Memory of Anne Nicol Gaylor 6/20/15477
7/2/15Holly Huber and Mitch Kahle: Who is under attack?6/13/15476
7/9/15Brady Henderson: Celebrating Liberty 7/4/15479
7/16/15Rita Swan: Protect the Children 6/27/15478
7/23/15Hector A. Garcia: Alpha God 7/11/15480
7/30/15Catherine Dunphy: Clergy Project 7/18/15481

Friday 10 am
Science for the People
(program is rebroadcast the same day at 5 pm)
These 60 min. programs are from
Click below to listen online. (High speed connection recommended.)

1/2/15Richard Holmes: Falling Upwards rebroadcast (repeated from 3/28/14)3/21/14
1/9/15Thomas P. Keenan, Bruce Schneier: Technocreep1/2/15
1/16/15Dr. Christine Montross: Falling Into The Fire1/9/15
1/23/15Elmo Keep, Jeff Foust: Private Sector Space1/16/15
1/30/15Jonathan Eig, Rose Eveleth: The Birth of The Pill1/23/15
2/6/15Dave Goulson, Jocelyn Crocker: A Sting in the Tale1/30/15
2/13/15, 2/20/15David Casarett, Michael Kruse: Shocked2/6/15
2/27/15 amJason Padgett, Maureen Seaberg, Adrian Owen: Struck By Genius2/20/15
2/27/15 pm, 3/6/15amAndrew Hodges: Alan Turing2/13/15
3/6/15 pmKathryn Miles, Christopher Landsea: Superstorm2/27/15
3/13/15 amDaniel Todes: Pavlov3/6/15
3/20/15Raychelle Burks, Catherine Hill, Shohini Ghose, Jessica Cundiff, Brianna Wu: Women in STEM3/13/15
3/27/15, 4/3/15,
Timothy Caulfield, Daniel Brockington: Celebrity and Science3/20/15
4/17/15Andy Weir, Ethan Siegel: Impossible Space4/10/15
4/24/15Matthew Podolsky, Alex Bond: Heavy Metal Birds4/17/15
5/1/15Frances Larson, Haley Linklater, Noah Mintz: Severed4/24/15
5/8/15Dawn Biehler, Clint Penick: Pests in the City5/1/15
5/15/15Mark McClusky, Bryan Chung: Sports Science5/8/15
5/22/15Dan Younger, Shohini Ghose: Secure Communications5/15/15
5/29/15Emily Nagoski, Alice Dreger: Come As You Are5/22/15
6/5/15Claudia Malacrida, Hannah Brown: A Special Hell5/29/15
6/12/15Hanna Wallach, Christian Rudder : Dataclysm6/5/15
6/19/15Alice Dreger: Galileo's Middle Finger6/12/15
6/26/15Will Canine, Tito Jankowski, Heather Dewey-Hagborg: Biohacking6/19/15
7/3/15Lili-Naz Hazrati, Greg O'Brien: Alzheimer's6/26/15
7/10/15Kevin Fong, Sydnee McElroy, Justin McElroy: Extreme Medicine6/6/14
7/17/15John Helliwell, Michael Booth: Happy People7/10/15
7/24/15Frank Close: Bruno Pontecorvo7/17/15

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