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2011 Program Schedule for
Wider Horizons
10 am Mon. to Fri.
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Monday 10 am
Humanism Today
(each program is rebroadcast the same day at 5 pm)
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1/3/11 Jean Shepherd, In God We Trust (All Others Pay Cash) 48:3712/22/10a
1/10/11 Mary Frantz: Bioethics beyond Terry Schiavo 1:06:231/2/11b
1/17/11 Julia Sweeney - Letting Go of God (repeated from 3/2/09) 52:5410/25/06c
1/24/11 Geomythology, Rational Rap & Mr. Deity (repeated from 3/9/09) 1:03:442/28/07c
1/31/11 Humanistic Judaism (repeated from 3/23/09) 44:066/27/07c
2/7/11 Soldier Spiritual Fitness and Rock Beyond Belief, with Justin Griffith 55:011/26/11a
2/14/11 Discussion of Hitchens/Blair debate on 'Be it resolved, religion is a force for good in the world' 56:342/6/11b
2/21/11 Camp Quest Summer Camp (repeated from 4/13/09) 59:427/25/07c
2/28/11 Kelda Helen Roys on Democracy Now! 59:162/28/11d
3/7/11 John McCutcheon & John Nichols: Uprisings: from the Middle East to the Midwest - pt 1 53:112/24/11e
3/14/11 Discussion of Bill Maher's film Religulous. 46:113/6/11b
3/28/11 Fred Edwords: Shining the Light of Reason* 1:01:583/24/11a
4/4/11 Wajahat S. Khan: Secularism, Religion, and Revolution in Muslim South Asia 1:02:413/13/11f
4/11/11 Fred Edwords: Humanism in India 28:494/3/11g
4/18/11 Fred Edwords: The United Coalition of Reason billboard and bus ad campaigns 1:03:174/3/11b
4/25/11 Fred Edwords: A Humanist Look at Myth, Symbol, and Art 37:524/3/11h
5/2/11 Report on American Humanist Association 70th Anniversary Conference 1:00:205/1/11b
5/9/11 Rebecca Goldstein, Humanist of the Year 1:16:035/2/11a
5/16/11 Introducing Todd Stiefel 1:02:142/23/11a
5/23/11 Fred Edwords: Shining the Light of Reason (repeated from 3/28/11) 1:01:583/24/11a
5/30/11 Candace Gingrich-Jones: Humanist Pride 1:06:045/25/11a
6/6/11 Kate Lovelady: Saying Yes (repeated from 4/5/10) 29:199/17/06i
6/13/11 Jeff Sharlet's revelations about "The Family" and its fundamentalist new world order ambitions 1:03:456/5/11b
6/27/11 Roar Johnsen: Humanism in Norway (repeated from 5/18/09) 1:00:044/26/06c
7/4/11 Sex and Secularism 1:01:336/22/11a
7/11/11 Undercover With Christian Coalition (repeated from 5/25/09) 57:215/24/06c
7/18/11 Compassionate engagement: personal examples of what we humanists are doing to make a better world 1:00:437/10/11b
7/25/11 Happy Humanist Jennifer Hancock 24:587/3/11j
8/1/11 Shawn Peters: Faith Healing, Children, and the Law (repeated from 6/1/09) 1:01:297/13/08b
8/8/11 Matthew Chapman and The Ledge54:307/28/11a
8/15/11 Robert Green Ingersoll 52:458/7/11b
8/22/11 Kate Lovelady: A humanist look at the sermon on the mount (repeated from 6/8/09) 23:104/12/09i
8/29/11 Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett and Christopher Hitchens: The New Atheists on Organized Freethought (repeated from 6/22/09) 55:1210/24/07c
9/5/11 The Friendly Atheist1:05:349/1/11a
9/12/11 Looking Back, Looking Forward 53:499/11/11b
9/19/11 Salman Rushdie & Cultural Humanism (repeated from 6/29/09) 1:01:405/2/07c
9/26/11Kate Lovelady: Humanism and Buddism (repeated from 11/2/09) 26:578/30/09i
10/3/11 Steve Wozniak and American teenage atheists1:02:429/29/11a
10/10/11, 10/17/11 Report from the Wisconsin blogosphere by "Blue Cheddar" 1:04:0410/2/11b
10/24/11 Greg Graffin of Bad Religion (repeated from 11/23/09) 49:554/30/08c
10/31/11 Reason Rally1:00:2710/27/11a
11/7/11 The Magic of Reality: How We Know What's Really True 1:03:2911/6/11b
11/14/11 Crossing the Streams (repeated from 11/30/09) 1:00:008/26/09c
11/21/11 Unscientific America (repeated from 12/7/09) 59:309/23/09c
11/28/11 Hemant Mehta: Humanist StoryCorps (repeated from 12/14/09) 51:516/25/08c
12/5/11 Rabbi Binyamin Biber: Serving the Humanist Community1:01:1812/2/11a
12/12/11 Patrick Colucci: HumanLight (repeated from 12/21/09) 44:3111/25/09c
12/19/11 Kate Lovelady: Humanism Around the World 36:3111/13/11i
12/26/11 Ron Solomon: Lobbying issues of the Secular Coalition for American (repeated from 1/4/10) 48:4510/24/09b

* Due to a software malfunction, the morning airing of this program did not occur.
a Humanist Hour from the American Humanist Association.
b Recording of Humanist Union of Madison program.
c Podcast from Humanist Network News.
d Democracy Now!.
e Recorded by WORT at the Orpheum Theatre on State St., Madison.
f The Humanist Chaplaincy at Harvard.
g Recorded by WIDE at Hammersley Rd transmitter site, Madison.
h Talk at Prairie Unitarian Universalist Society.
i Platform address at The Ethical Society of St. Louis.
j Secular World Podcast.

Tuesday 10 am
Spirit In Action
Song of the Soul
(each program is rebroadcast the same day at 5 pm)
Click below to listen online. (High speed connection recommended.)
1/11/11 Philosophy of War and Nonviolence - Robert Holmes 55:0012/19/10a
1/18/11 Marge Eiseman's Song of the Soul 55:0012/19/10b
1/25/11 Death & Taxes - Karen Brandow 54:591/16/11a
2/1/11 Standing As Witness In Honduras - Babette Grunow 53:001/23/11a
2/8/11 Terry (Magpie) Leonino's Song of the Soul 54:591/16/11b
2/15/11 Magpie's Song for the Earth - Greg Artznor - Part 1 55:001/30/11a
2/22/11 Update from the Capitol on A Public Affair 37:152/21/11c
3/1/11 Peter Mayer's Song of the Soul 55:002/27/11b
3/8/11 I Ain't Marching Anymore - A Sister's Tribute to Phil Ochs 54:592/27/11a
3/15/11 Mary Bottari and Ruth Coniff on A Public Affair 52:153/14/11c
3/22/11 In Union We Are Strong - Si Kahn 55:003/13/11a
3/29/11 Farmer & Union Solidarity - Tony Schultz 55:003/27/11a
4/5/11 Andy Juhl's Song of the Soul 55:004/3/11b
4/12/11 Eileen McGann's Song of the Soul 55:003/6/11b
4/19/11 Wilderness Witness - Walkin' Jim Stoltz 55:004/17/11a
4/26/11 Canadian Conscience - Eileen McGann 55:004/24/11a
5/3/11 Too Stupid for Democracy? Music & Thoughts of Eileen McGann 55:005/1/11a
5/10/11 Islamic Ways of Peace - Afra Jalabi 54:595/8/11a
5/24/11 A Voice for Women - Cris Williamson's Song of the Soul 55:005/15/11b
5/31/11 The Business of Solar - Ralph Jacobson 55:005/22/11a
6/7/11 Mighty Nonviolent Peaceforce - Mel Duncan 55:005/29/11a
6/14/11 Allah Made Me Funny - Azhar Usman 54:496/12/11a
6/21/11 Eco-Justice, Queer Commentary & the Hebrew Bible - Dr. Ken Stone 55:006/19/11a
6/28/11 David Campbell: American Grace: How Religion Divides and Unites Us 55:006/26/11a
7/5/11 Swimming to the Other Side - Pat Humphries 55:006/26/11b
7/12/11 Wix Covey - Northwoods Peace Fellowship & Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice 59:124/16/06a
7/26/11 Ending Torture & Starting Healing - John Calvi 55:007/17/11a
8/2/11 A Face of Hope - Don Pardee's Song of the Soul 55:007/17/11b
8/9/11 Tropic of Chaos: Climate Change & the new Geography of violence - Christian Parenti 55:008/7/11a
8/16/11 Activating Kansas - Laura Dungan & Aaron Fowler 56:007/31/11a
8/23/11 Paul Kriese: Black Fire: African American Quakers on Spirituality and Human Rights 55:008/14/11a
8/30/11 A Gay Childhood in Apartheid South Africa: The Jack Bank by Glen Retief 55:008/28/11a
9/6/11 Barbara Joye: Bringing Water & Oneness to Tanzania - It Can Be Done Africa 55:009/4/11a
9/13/11 Made Out of Water - Alice Di Micele's Song of the Soul 55:008/14/11b
9/20/11 Curing Affluenza: The Happiness Initiative 55:009/11/11a
9/27/11 Dancing Peace in Cuba & Around the World 54:599/18/11a
10/4/11 Lizzi Dahlk: Welcoming LGBT & the Other - Equality Wisconsin Voices of Faith Project 55:009/25/11a
10/11/11 J.E. McNeil: Peace-Work Quilt - Supporting CO's & Conscience 55:0010/2/11a
10/18/11 If the Church Were Christian - Philip Gulley (repeated from 9/21/10) 55:009/5/10a
10/25/11 Jane Addams: Spirit In Action - Louise W. Knight 55:0010/16/11a
11/1/11 Naked! Part One - Jon Watts 55:0010/23/11b
11/8/11 Purple Peace Wagon - War and Peace Talk Between Parents and Kids - Judith Myers-Walls 55:0010/30/11a
11/15/11 Bridge-builder Reggie Harris - Music to Heal & Make Changes 55:0011/13/11a
11/22/11 Broken Ground - Neal Swanger's Song of the Soul 55:0011/13/11b
11/29/11 Freedom Through Frugality - Jane Dwinell 55:0011/27/11a
12/6/11 Occupy the USA - Emma's Revolution 54:5912/4/11a
12/13/11 Spirit In The Digital Age: Quakers & Technology 55:0012/11/11a
12/20/11 Racial Innocence - Civil Rights, Racism, Dolls & Uncle Tom's Cabin 55:0012/18/11a
12/27/11 1845 - Joshua Brown's Song of the Soul 55:0011/20/11b

a Spirit In Action - interviews by Mark Helpsmeet of Northern Spirit Radio, Eau Claire WI.
b Song of the Soul - interviews by Mark Helpsmeet of Northern Spirit Radio and music selected by his guests.
c From A Public Affair, WORT-FM.

Wednesday 10 am
Voices for Religious Pluralism
(each program is rebroadcast the same day at 5 pm)
Click below to listen online. (High speed connection recommended.)
1/5/11 Kate Lovelady: Ethics of food: Mostly plants 24:5611/14/10a
1/12/11 Secular Nation #87 Quebec: The Quiet Revolution 20:088/21/10b
1/19/11 August Berkshire & Gannon Murphy: Does God Exist? - Part I 1:04:5311/16/10c
1/26/11 August Berkshire & Gannon Murphy: Does God Exist? - Part II (Q&A) 51:3711/16/10c
2/2/11 Kate Lovelady: The good of guilt, the shame of shame 24:271/9/11a
2/9/11 Margaret Carpenter: Correctional Education 41:331/23/11d
2/16/11 Marty Drapkin: Educating the Jailors 36:571/30/11d
2/23/11 Rabbi Renee Bauer: Labor Day: Honoring Workers, Pursuing Justice (repeated from 10/6/10) 31:389/5/10d
3/2/11 Peggy Wireman: Reframing the Conversation about Workers and Wealth: from Myth to Reality 23:182/27/11d
3/9/11 Secular Nation #93 Q4 2010 Wrap Up 9:2812/12/10b
Kill the WHOLE Bill! 22:592/24/11e
3/23/11 Rev. Jane Esbensen: Whatever Happened to the 60's? 16:323/13/11d
3/30/11 Sue Elias: Israel and Palestine 43:143/20/11d
4/13/11 P.Z. Myers 49:011/23/09f
4/20/11 The abuse of conscience clauses in the US; questions about faith-based organizations involved in HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment 34:094/6/11g
4/27/11 Rev. Jane Esbensen: The Ground of Our Being 33:084/17/11d
5/4/11 Cecil Bothwell, an elected atheist tells us his story 46:591/23/11h
5/18/11 Interview with Leo Behe 53:4110/17/10h
5/25/11 Barbara Park: Singing the First 100 Years of Universalism 35:555/22/11d
6/1/11 Amitabh Pal: Islam Means Peace 53:045/23/11i
6/8/11 David Giffey: Military Service and Religion: Should They Coexist? 35:185/29/11d
6/15/11 Nonviolence in the Islamic Traditon - Keynote by Azhar Usman 50:186/11/11j
6/22/11 Secular World #98 Tanya Smith 23:376/18/11k
7/6/11 Howard Bellman: Collective Bargaining for Government Workers in Wisconsin: The Challenge of Democracy in the Workplace (repeated from 7/2/11) 38:266/19/11d
7/13/11 Camp Quest's Amy Monsky joins us 38:207/3/11h
7/20/11 Secular World #99 Nick Lee Returns 25:116/29/11k
7/27/11 Gary Peterson: Church Life Cycles and Promoting Growth 31:407/17/11d
8/3/11 Practice resurrection: Living in transition, Eunice Hiott - Chaplain 28:014/24/11a
8/10/11 Dave Johnson: Nuclear Energy and Current Events in Japan 30:017/31/11d
8/17/11 Frank Siegle: Celtic Spirituality: The Celtic Cross, the Tree of Life, and the Eternal Circle 51:288/14/11d
8/24/11Jane Esbensen: Not Everything Under the Sun: What Does It Mean To Be UU?24:3711/7/10l
8/31/11John Loftus: The End of Christianity37:178/15/11g
9/7/11Martin Marty: Dietrich Bonhoeffer's "Letters and Papers from Prison": A Biography36:148/23/11g
9/14/11 Ian Riddell: Overwork, Work Addiction, and the Blessings of the Sabbath 25:068/21/11d
9/21/11 An ethical humanist reports on his first year In the Missouri House of Representatives 32:408/14/11a
9/28/11Jane Esbensen: Forgiveness14:252/27/11l
10/5/11Jane Esbensen: In a Blanket of Ice: Death20:371/23/11l
10/12/11 Drs. Cynthia Haq and Lucille Marchand: A History of How We Have Died in America and the Path of Hope to a Better Future 36:4610/2/11d
10/19/11 Rosemarie Lester, Christina Klock, Marcia Johnson, Phyllis Long, Barbara Park: Let's Agree to Disagree: Notes from the 2011 General Assembly 35:209/18/11d
10/26/11 Kate Lovelady: Communication Overload 29:1410/9/11a
11/2/11Randall Stephens and Karl Giberson: The Anointed38:3610/24/11g
11/16/11 Tara Rollins: Get Moving! An Introduction to Dance/Movement Therapy 24:4311/6/11d
11/23/11John Shelby Spong: Re-Claiming the Bible for a Non-Religious World37:1311/9/11g
11/30/11 Kate Lovelady: Slow Ethics 27:2510/30/11a
12/7/11 Carter Dary: We the People 23:4011/27/11d
12/14/11 Dan Barker: The Importance of Church State Separation 59:4111/30/11m
12/21/11 Kate Lovelady: Ethical Heroes: Santa Claus 23:4012/4/11a
12/28/11Phil Zuckerman: Faith No More31:3412/12/11g

a Platform address at The Ethical Society of St. Louis.
b Secular Nation Podcast.
c Debate sponsored by La Crosse Area Freethought Society, from No Boundaries Radio podcast.
d Talk at Prairie Unitarian Universalist Society.
e From Health Writers on the Air, WORT-FM.
f Skeptically Speaking from CJSR, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
g Culture Shocks, hosted by the Rev. Barry Lynn.
h Frostcall podcast.
i From A Public Affair, WORT-FM.
j Spirit In Action program from Northern Spirit Radio, Eau Claire WI.
k Secular World Podcast. (formerly Secular Nation)
l From the Services Archive page of Lake Country Unitarian Universalist Church, Hartland WI.
m Talk to Atheists, Humanists and Agnostics at the UW-Madison.

Thursday 10 am
Freethought Radio
(each program is rebroadcast the same day at 5 pm)
Rebroadcast of radio programs from the Freedom From Religion Foundation
Click below to listen online. (High speed connection recommended.)
1/6/11Guest: Sarah Braasch 37:3312/11/10242
1/13/11The Great American Songbook 39:461/1/11245
1/20/11Guests: Agnostic Dad Craig Scarberry and Atheist in the Foxhole Litigator Steve Trunk discuss legal updates 38:191/8/11246
1/27/11Guest: Daniel C. Dennett 39:581/15/11247
2/3/11Guest: Mike Newdow 39:3912/18/10243
2/10/11Legislators shouldn't have a prayer! Guest: Mitch Kahle 39:381/29/11249
2/17/11Guests: Mikey Weinstein (MRFF) and Patrick Elliott 39:102/5/11250
2/24/11Guest: Actor, atheist Madison Arnold 40:102/12/11251
3/10/11Guest: Secular Student Activist Evan Clark 42:122/26/11253
3/17/11Guest: Ellenbeth Wachs 41:413/5/11254
3/24/11Guests: Attorney Richard W. Morris and author Sikivu Hutchinson 41:273/19/11256
3/31/11Guests: Activists Sarah McNair and Justin Griffith 41:093/12/11255
4/7/11Guest: FFRF Senior Staff Attorney Rebecca Markert on Important Victories 42:333/26/11257
4/14/11Guest: Triangle Freethought Society President Mark Zumbach 41:194/1/11258
4/21/11Guest: PZ Myers 42:544/9/11259
4/28/11Guest: Hemant Mehta, the Friendly Atheist 42:284/16/11260
5/5/11Guest: Jay Rosenstein, writer/director of The Lord Was Not On Trial, Eric Paul Erickson, photographer, Atheist Bliss 42:034/23/11261
5/12/11Guest: Ayanna Watson, Founder, Black Atheists in America 43:165/7/11263
5/19/11Guest: Professor of Law Paul Bender 42:284/30/11262
5/26/11Guest: Benjamin Burchall, Founder of Black Non-Believers of Atlanta and filmmaker Vic Losick 42:245/14/11264
6/2/11Guest: Janet Heimlich, author of Breaking Their Will; Harrison Hopkins, High School Senior State/Church Activist 42:175/21/11265
6/9/11Guests:Damon Fowler, High school senior secular activist, Rhonda Dorle, Tulsa FFRF activist 42:095/28/11266
6/16/11Guest: Prof. Victor Stenger, Physicist, Philosopher, Atheist 42:576/11/11268
6/23/11Topic: Atheists in the Pulpit; Guest: "Chris," Southern Pastor/Nonbeliever 42:226/4/11267
6/30/11Guests: Joe (Ojo) Taylor, Grammy Award winning Christian songwriter turned agnostic; Philip Appleman, Poet, Author (New book: Perfidious Proverbs) 43:066/18/11269
7/7/11Guests: Author Sara Paretsky and Dylan Galos 42:387/2/11271
7/14/11Guest: Former Church of Ireland priest 41:406/25/11270
7/21/11Guest: Skeptic author Michael Shermer 43:067/9/11272
7/28/11Guest: Taylor Myers, FFRF legal intern 42:117/16/11273
8/4/11 Guest: The Ledge director, Matthew Chapman 43:167/23/11274
8/11/11 Guest: Larry Beinhart 42:437/30/11275
8/18/11 FFRF legal intern Arash ("Ash") Khosrowshahi; Student activist awardee Jessica Ahlquist 43:018/6/11276
8/25/11 Guests: State/church activist Kay Staley and author Frank Schaeffer 42:018/13/11277
9/1/11 Guest: Matt Douglas, ACLU attorney 42:498/20/11278
9/8/11 Guest: Atheist high school teacher James Corbett 43:008/27/11279
9/15/11 Guest: Secular Studies expert Phil Zuckerman 42:329/10/11281
9/22/11 Guest: Former minister Jerry DeWitt 42:289/3/11280
9/29/11 Guests: Virginia ACLU attorney Rebecca Glenberg and "Seraphim," an Orthodox monk who lost his faith 43:539/17/11282
10/6/11 Guest: Staff attorney Stephanie Schmitt 42:159/24/11283
10/13/11 Guest: Atheist magician Penn Jillette 42:0310/1/11284
10/20/11 Guest: Steven Pinker 39:0510/8/11285
10/27/11 Guests: High school state/church activists Jessica Ahlquist and Harrison Hopkins 41:5010/22/11287
11/3/11 Guest: FFRF attorney Alvin Harris 41:5410/15/11286
11/10/11 Special Halloween Episode! 42:1210/29/11288
11/17/11 Victories in the battle of state and church! 41:3911/5/11289
11/24/11 War on atheists, Phil Zuckerman's new book 40:4711/12/11290
12/1/11 Guest: Steven Uhl, author of "Out of God's Closet" 41:4211/19/11291
12/8/11 Guest: Andrew Seidel, FFRF Legal Team 41:4711/26/11292
12/15/11 Guest: Jamila Bey 41:3412/3/11293
12/22/11 Guest: Prof. Stephen C. Hirtle 41:5112/10/11294
12/29/11 Away with the Manger! 41:2812/17/11295

Friday 10 am
Topics in Evolutionary Science
(program is rebroadcast the same day at 5 pm)
Click below to listen online. (High speed connection recommended.)
1/7/11 Interview with Eugenie Scott (repeated from 2/20/09) 1:01:066/30/08a
1/14/11 James F. Crow: Why I Believe in Evolution 58:2412/6/10b
1/21/11 Marc Ereshefsky: Darwin and the nature of species (repeated from 1/30/09) 1:04:241/22/09c
1/28/11 Jeremy Jackson: Evolution and Extinction in the Brave New Ocean (repeated from 2/13/09) 1:02:562/7/09d
2/4/11 John Hawks: Genetics of Hearing and the Evolution of Language (repeated from 3/13/09) 24:012/7/09d
2/11/11 Alan Love: Darwin's Functional Reasoning, Homology, and the Structure(s) of Evolutionary Theory 1:11:522/10/11c
2/18/11 Jill Pruetz: Ecology and behavior of savannah chimpanzees at Fongoli, Senegal 1:06:412/11/11d
2/25/11 More on the Capitol protests on A Public Affair 50:012/24/11e
3/4/11 Eugenie Scott: A second anti-evolution bill in the Tennessee Senate and the debate over teaching intelligent design in schools 34:492/22/11f
3/11/11 Paul Soglin on A Public Affair 46:353/8/11e
3/18/11 Mara McDonald: Baby birds and speciation: an old tale of Hispaniolan untanagers (repeated from 3/27/09) 55:522/26/09c
4/1/11 Greg Laden: Evolution (repeated from 4/24/09) 56:372/6/09g
4/8/11John Hawks: Why is Human Evolution Accelerating? (repeated from 5/1/09)1:00:004/19/09h
4/15/11Tom Givnish: Evolution in the monocots57:194/14/11c
4/22/11Ronald Numbers: Anti-Evolutionism in America: From Creation Science to Intelligent Design - pt 1 (repeated from 5/8/09)56:175/3/09i
4/29/11 Eugenie Scott on Culture Shocks 36:225/26/09f
5/6/11Ken Cameron: The orchids have been a splendid sport (repeated from 10/2/09)54:089/17/09c
5/13/11Edward O. Wilson: Darwin and the Future of Biology (repeated from 10/9/09)53:1411/4/08j
5/20/11Bert Hölldobler: Exploring The Superorganism (repeated from 10/16/09)43:5911/5/08j
5/27/11Everett Mendelsohn: The World Before Darwin - pt 1 (repeated from 10/23/09)1:06:009/26/09k
6/3/11Everett Mendelsohn: The World Before Darwin - pt 2 (Q&A) (repeated from 10/23/09)23:389/26/09k
6/10/11Jonathan Weiner: Variation - pt 1 (repeated from 10/30/09)52:2010/7/09k
Friday 10 am (during Madison public school summer vacation)
Ask A Biologist
(program is rebroadcast the same day at 5 pm)
6/17/11Ken Dial: Evolution of Bird Flight29:342009l
6/24/11Lucy Hawking: Dear Aliens29:532011l
7/1/11Mary Liz Jameson: Been There Dung That28:552011l
7/8/11Marlene Zuk: Strange Cricket Silence23:512011l
7/15/11Pierre Deviche: The Sounds of Nature29:112006l
7/22/11Keeping Your Cool - Thermoregulation - Guests: Dale DeNardo & Arno Vlooswijk29:012009l
7/29/11Nina Jablonski: Skin30:442010l
8/5/11Rebecca Fisher & Elizabeth Hagen: Bats, Bones and Biology30:392009l
8/12/11Vicki Funk & Richard Pyle: New Species Hunters30:002009l
8/19/11Robert Krulwich: Talking Science30:462009l
8/26/11Edward O. Wilson Science Rock Star49:282008l
Friday 10 am
Topics in Evolutionary Science
(program is rebroadcast the same day at 5 pm)
9/2/11Joe McHugh: Taxonomic Adventures in the Realm of Little Brown Beetles (repeated from 11/6/09)27:552/11/09j
9/9/11Carl Zimmer on Evolution in the Big City23:208/24/11m
9/16/11Daniel Dennett : Darwin's strange inversion of reasoning (repeated from 11/13/09)1:01:372/18/09j
9/23/11The Prince of Evolution1:00:009/11/11g
9/30/11Earth That Was1:00:009/18/11g
10/7/11Interview with Richard Milner, author of "Darwin's Universe" (repeated from 11/20/09)59:418/19/09k
10/14/11Sean Carroll: The Making of the Fittest (repeated from 11/27/09)43:3210/20/06n
10/21/11 Dr. Ginger Campbell: Why Neuroscience Matters 46:225/11/11a
10/28/11Andrew Smith: Keystone Species30:312007l
11/4/11Peter R. and B. Rosemary Grant: Darwin's Finches (repeated from 12/4/09)1:00:0310/28/09j
11/11/11Sarah Hrdy: Darwin and the Ascent of Man: Why humans are such hypersocial apes? (repeated from 12/11/09)55:594/30/09 j
11/18/11Janet Browne: Celebrating Darwin: 1909, 1959, and 2009 (repeated from 12/25/09)50:3011/13/09j
11/25/11Evolution and Politics1:00:0011/13/11g
12/2/11 John Hawks: Ardipithecus and human origins (repeated from 2/8/10) 1:06:522/7/10o
12/9/11 Dan-Erik Nilsson: Animal Vision - From Jellyfish to Man 1:08:3112/1/11p
12/16/11 Mara McDonald: How evolutionary medicine informs us about disease-The hygiene hypothesis and autoimmune diseases 55:0412/8/11c
12/23/11John Logsdon: Sex, Genes and Evolution1:00:013/5/10g
12/30/11Eugenie Scott: Evolution Education (repeated from 2/12/10)1:00:001/29/10g

a Podcast from Dr. Ginger Campbell’s Books and Ideas.
b Talks sponsored by The Madison Institute.
c Evolution Seminar Series at UW-Madison.
d Lecture given at UW-Madison annual Darwin Day.
e From A Public Affair, WORT-FM.
f Podcast from Barry Lynn’s Culture Shocks.
g Skeptically Speaking from CJSR, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
h Talk to Madison Skeptics.
i Talk to joint meeting of the Humanist Union of Madison and Madison Skeptics.
j From Darwinfest at Arizona State University.
k From the Darwin 150 Project.
l From Arizona State University's Ask A Biologist with Dr. Biology.
m Science Talk podcast from Scientific American.
n Science & the City podcast from the New York Academy of Sciences.
o Talk to meeting of the Humanist Union of Madison.
p Neuroscience Training Program guest lecture given at UW-Madison.

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