2017 Program Schedule for

Wider Horizons
10 am Mon. to Fri.
At 5 pm we rebroadcast the same program
(or another program in the same series)


Monday 10 am
Humanism Today
(each program airs again the same day at 5 pm)
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1/2/17 Bo Bennett on Uncomfortable Ideas 1:10:3711/23/16a
1/9/17 John Rummel: The Great American Eclipse: August 2017 1:11:311/8/17b
1/16/17 William Hart, Anthony Pinn, Sonia Sarker, Chris Stedman, Phil Zuckerman:
The Future of Humanism: New Voices for the 21st Century, Part 2
1/23/17 Dale McGowan on Parenting Beyond Belief 51:201/4/17a
1/30/17 Roy Speckhardt on AHA in 2017 51:201/11/17a
2/6/17 Susan Hagstrom: Interesting Episodes in the History of Atheism 54:372/5/17b
2/13/17 Galen Broaddus and Nick Little on the Illinois Secular Celebrant Victory 51:191/25/17a
2/20/17 Gleb Tsipursky on the Rational Politics Project 51:262/15/17a
2/27/17 Lucien Greaves on the Satanic Temple 51:262/22/17a
3/6/17 Kate Lovelady: Darwin Day - Evolution and Death 35:412/12/17c
3/13/17 Fred Edwords: A Humanist Look at Myth, Symbol, and Art (repeated from 4/25/11) 37:524/3/11d
3/20/17 Fred Edwords: The United Coalition of Reason billboard and bus ad campaigns (repeated from 4/18/11) 1:03:174/3/11b
3/27/17 Sean Faircloth: Attack of the Theocrats! How the Religious Right Harms Us All - And What We Can Do About It
(repeated from 9/15/12)
4/3/17 Dale McGowan: Parenting beyond belief - raising ethical kids without religion (repeated from 2/18/09) 33:141/4/09c
4/10/17 William Harris: Working Capital for Community Needs 1:15:204/2/17b
4/17/17 Kate Lovelady: The Tao of Ethical Humanism (repeated from 9/7/16) 30:378/28/16c
4/24/17 Bart Campolo on Why I Left, Why I Stayed 51:264/19/17a
5/1/17 Kate Lovelady: An Ethical Humanist Year (repeated from 10/12/16) 28:319/18/16c
5/8/17 Kate Lovelady: Why us? Why not us? (repeated from 12/21/16) 27:3912/4/16c
5/15/17 Lori Lipman Brown: A Place at the Table: How the Nation's First Lobbyist for Non-theists is Enjoying the Feast (repeated from 10/15/07) 1:00:2610/14/07b
5/22/17 Andy Rooney on Atheism (repeated from 10/6/08) 26:419/24/08a
5/29/17 Andy Somers: RELIGIOUS PROPAGANDA: How to recognize and deal with it (repeated from 10/13/08) 1:23:196/3/07b
6/5/17 Chris Mooney: The Republican War on Science (repeated from 10/20/08) 1:06:027/26/06a
6/12/17 Barbara Park and Ingrid Laas: The Women's Marches on Washington and Madison 36:575/7/17b
6/19/17 Doleta Chapru: Humanism's Contemporary Challengers: Who controls our public image? (repeated from 10/27/08) 1:04:2712/9/07b
6/26/17 Annie Laurie Gaylor: Politics and Religion: In Reason We Trust (repeated from 11/3/08) 1:12:5911/2/08b
7/3/17 Pete Stark: Government Without God (repeated from 11/10/08) 58:589/26/07a
7/10/17 Margaret Downey: Atheism and Civil Rights (repeated from 11/17/08) 58:429/27/06a
7/17/17 Marty Klein: Sex & Humanism (repeated from 11/24/08) 1:02:0811/29/06a
7/24/17 Jonathan Miller: Arthur Miller, American Playwright (repeated from 12/1/08) 54:482/27/08a
7/31/17 Kate Lovelady: Horizontal Religion (repeated from 12/8/08) 31:4310/7/07c
8/7/17 Philip Pullman: The Golden Compass & The Geography of Nowhere (repeated from 12/15/08) 1:00:0411/28/07a
8/14/17 Lori Lipman Brown: Humanists in Action (repeated from 12/22/08) 59:0312/27/06a
8/23/17 Dar Williams & E.O. Wilson (repeated from 12/29/08) 43:195/30/07a
8/28/17P. Z. Myers: Science Education: Caught in the middle of the war between religion and science
(repeated from 11/4/08)
9/4/17 Be Not Constrained: James Croft on Humanists' Responsibility to Fight Oppression 60:008/24/17g
9/11/17 Kate Lovelady: Ethical Humanism and Progressivism 30:338/27/17c
9/18/17 Home is a Human Right: A Series on Immigration 41:098/13/17b
9/25/17 Holly Near: Julia Sweeney - Letting Go of God (repeated from 3/2/09) 52:5410/25/06a
10/2/17 Mary Beth O'Halloran: Humanism Is Alive and Well 46:269/10/17b
10/9/17 Ron Solomon: Humanist Thought and Action (repeated from 2/2/09) 1:01:1210/5/08b
10/16/17 Galen Smith: Naturalism, a Science-based Alternative to Faith-based Religions (repeated from 2/16/09) 1:20:424/1/07b
10/23/17 Dr. Eugenie Scott: Informal Q&A session pt 1 (repeated from 2/23/09) 47:064/18/08b
10/30/17 Dr. Eugenie Scott: Informal Q&A session pt 2 (repeated from 2/23/09) 43:184/18/08b
11/6/17 Malia Jones: Tragedy of the commons: declining vaccination rates and herd immunity1:11:0911/5/17b
11/13/17 Geomythology, Rational Rap & Mr. Deity (repeated from 3/9/09) 1:03:442/28/07a
11/20/17 Alan M. Dershowitz, Rabbi Sherwin Wine, Erin Davies: Humanistic Judaism (repeated from 3/23/09) 44:066/27/07a
11/27/17 Salman Rushdie & Cultural Humanism (repeated from 6/29/09) 1:00:375/2/07a
12/4/17 Kathy Converse, Bob Park: Tree Stories1:12:5812/3/17b
12/11/17 Kate Lovelady: Our Humanist World Community (repeated from 1/27/16) 25:4112/6/15c
12/18/17 Kate Lovelady: What Wonders We Can Achieve Together? 23:1312/3/16c
12/25/17 The Myths that Stole Christmas, with Dr. David Kyle Johnson (repeated from 12/14/15) 51:2612/2/15a

a The Humanist Hour (previously Humanist Network News) from the American Humanist Association.
b Recording of Humanist Union of Madison program.
c Platform address at The Ethical Society of St. Louis.
d Talk at Prairie Unitarian Universalist Society.
e Recorded at Freethought Festival 2012 on the UW-Madison campus by WIDE-LP.
f Sponsored by Atheists, Humanists & Agnostics at UW-Madison.
g Point of Inquiry from the Center for Inquiry.

Tuesday 10 am
Spirit In Action   or   Song of the Soul
Length 55 min.
(each program airs again the same day at 5 pm)

Click below to listen online.
1/3/17 am Jan Krist: With Tarzan, Jesus, & Jim 10/2/16a
1/3/17 pm Mark Helpsmeet: Peace On Earth, Good Will To All 1/1/17a
1/10/17 J.E. McNeil: Speaking Both NPR and NASCAR 1/8/17b
1/17/17 Aaron Dunn: Free & Charitable Doctor 1/15/17b
1/24/17 Dawn Morningstar: Venerable Women 1/22/17b
1/31/17 Jim Bizer: Knowing What The River Knows 1/29/17a
2/7/17 Myron Buchholz, Kevin Basl, Ash Kyrie: 3 Standing Rocks 2/5/17b
2/14/17 Chandler Green, Lilace Mellin Guignard, Elke Arnesen, Natasha DeJarnett, Jalone
White-Newsome, Ashley Mazanec: Climate Thought, Poetry, Talk, Price, Music & Radio
2/21/17 Josette Jackson: Inclusivity 101 & Peace 2/19/17b
2/28/17 Sarah Kyrie: Choice Poverty, Unschooling, Guns & Pepper Spray 2/26/17b
3/7/17 Ash Kyrie: Witness to War, Iraq & Japan 3/5/17b
3/14/17 Nicholas Holton, Eva Hagenhofer: Ivory Tower & Salt of the Earth Partners: Rural Service Learning 3/12/17b
3/21/17 B.J. Hollars: Extinct, In Our Hearts 3/19/17b
3/28/17 Jim Cullen: The Progressive Populist 3/26/17b
4/4/17 Chris Moore-Backman: Gandhian Iceberg - A Nonviolence Manifesto 4/2/17b
4/11/17 Scott MacLeod: Free Universal School 4/9/17b
4/18/17 Kim Callinan: End-of-life, Compassion, & Choices 4/16/17b
4/25/17 The Vulnerable, Smile House, & Joe Luginbill 4/23/17b
5/2/17 Liam Hooper: Trans Dude in NC 4/30/17b
5/9/17 The Buddha Would Dig It - Eve Decker 3/8/15a
5/16/17 Dr. Hugh Sealy, Adia Samba-Quee, Eileen Flanagan, Amani Thurman, Aaron Thier: Story-teller, Advocate or Rebel 5/14/17b
5/23/17 Gordon Lafer: How Corporations are Remaking America 5/21/17b
5/30/17 Robert Wolf: Building the Agricultural City 5/28/17b
6/6/17 Michael Smith: Whisper Behind the Light 6/4/17a
6/13/17 Peterson Toscano: Gender Bending in the Bible 6/11/17b
6/20/17 Larry Tye: We Need A Bobby Kennedy 6/18/17b
6/27/17 Billy Jonas: Peace Love Advocate Network 6/25/17b
7/4/17 Leda Schubert, Joe Jencks, Charlie King, Pat Lamanna: Pete Seeger's Bountiful Harvest, Part 1 6/25/17a
7/11/17 More Pete Seeger Fruits: Reggie Harris, Annie Patterson, Sarah Pirtle, & Peter Alsop 7/2/17a
7/18/17 Charlie King - Reprise 7/9/17a
7/25/17 Greg Barnes: Blazing the Peace & Justice Trail: 100 Years of the AFSC 7/16/17b
8/1/17 Pamela Haines: Buying Humanity's Future 7/30/17b
8/8/17 Ruth Pelham, Luci Murphy, Jane Sapp, Peggy Seeger: Pete Seeger's Generations of Music 7/16/17a
8/15/17 Kevin Basl: Healing Vets 8/6/17b
8/22/17 Pamela Boyce Simms: Evolutionary Cultural Design 8/20/17b
8/29/17 Hellen Lunkuse Waiswa Tanyinga: Rape Hurts Uganda 8/27/17b
9/5/17 Brian Eastman: Alt-Med & LIIFT Healing 9/3/17b
9/12/17 Bill Miller: The Red Road (to Nashville?) 8/13/17a
9/19/17 Heidi Kalyani: Worldwide in Nova Scotia 9/17/17a
9/26/17 Tosh Terry: Indigie Femme & Navajo Nation 9/23/17a
10/3/17 Al Gini: Funny Medicine 9/30/17b
10/10/17 David LaMotte: Worldchanging Freelance Citizen & Musician 10/8/17b
10/17/17 Timmon B. Wallis: Nuclear Weapons & The Nobel Peace Prize 10/14/17b
10/24/17 Geoffrey Gates: Seeking Peace, Vietnam to Tanzania 10/21/17b
10/31/17 Lucy Duncan: Justice Work Among Friends 10/28/17b
11/7/17 Dedrick Asante-Muhammad: Racial Wealth Gap & The Middle Class 11/4/17b
11/14/17 Peggy Sheppard, Dr. Beverly G. Ward, Anna Fritz: Climate, Race, Justice, Books, & Music 11/11/17b
11/28/17 Linley Dixon: Real Organics 11/18/17b
12/5/17 John O'Brien: Keeping It Halal 12/2/17b
12/12/17 Peter Alsop: Widening Circle of Care 12/9/17b
12/19/17 Blair Hull, E. Kirsten Peters: Sleuthing Sexual Abuse With Spirit 12/16/17b
12/26/17 Peter Alsop: Ebenezer's Make Over - Changing Men, Part 1 12/23/17b

a Song of the Soul from Northern Spirit Radio - interviews by Mark Helpsmeet and music selected by his guests.
b Spirit In Action from Northern Spirit Radio - interviews by Mark Helpsmeet, Eau Claire WI.

Wednesday 10 am
Science for the People
(program airs again the same day at 5 pm)
These 60 min. programs are from http://www.scienceforthepeople.ca/
Click below to listen online.

1/4/17Sean Carroll: The Serengeti Rules12/23/16
1/11/17Kim TallBear, Keolu Fox: Indigenous DNA1/6/17
1/18/17Marah Hardt: Sex in the Sea1/13/17
1/25/17Paula Stephan, Gary McDowell, Melissa Vaught: Stem Pipeline1/20/17
2/1/17Thomas Graedel, Moses Hung-Wai Chan, James Elser: Running Low (rebroadcast)4/11/14
2/8/17Charles Fernyhough: Voices Within2/3/17
2/15/17Matt Simon: The Wasp that Brainwashed the Caterpillar2/10/17
2/22/17John Dupuis, Katie Gibbs: Trump War on Science2/17/17
3/1/17 amKelly Drew, Frank van Breukelen: The Big Sleep2/24/17
3/1/17 pmJohn Dupuis, Katie Gibbs: Trump War on Science2/17/17
3/8/17 amKelly Drew, Frank van Breukelen: The Big Sleep2/24/17
3/8/17 pmRichard Martin, Jeff Deyette: Coal Wars (rebroadcast)8/7/15
3/15/17Alexei Morozov, Monnica Williams: PTSD3/10/17
3/22/17Robert Courland, Cristina Zanotti, Dave Barchyn, Andrew Tefs: Concrete3/17/17
3/29/17Michael McCloskey, Michael Lemonick: Perpetual Now3/24/17
4/5/17Cathy O'Neil, David Robinson: Weapons of Math Destruction3/31/17
4/12/17Richard Barnett, Caitlin Doughty: Bodies Everywhere (rebroadcast)10/31/14
4/19/17Mark Post, Chris Crockett: Lab-Cultured Beef4/14/17
4/26/17John Hadley, Janet Stemwedel: Animal Research Revisited4/21/17
5/3/17Nathanael Lauster: The Death and Life of the Single-Family House4/28/17
5/10/17David Casarett, Robert Wolff, Marcel Bonn-Miller: Medical Marijuana (rebroadcast)3/11/16
5/17/17Oliver Rieppel, Nipam Patel: Hopeful Monsters5/12/17
5/24/17Ulrich Boser, Luis Leyva, Suzanna Dikker: Is Our Children Learning5/19/17
5/31/17Brenna Hassett: Built on Bones5/26/17
6/7/17Will Canine, Tito Jankowski, Heather Dewey-Hagborg: Biohacking (rebroadcast)6/19/15
6/14/17Lisa Karr, Mark Stumpf-Allen: Cooperative Microbes6/9/17
6/21/17David Chu, Daniel Chu, Patricia Yang: Everybody Poops6/16/17
6/28/17Helen Pearson, Parminder Raina: The Life Project6/23/17
7/5/17Jamie Bernstein, Ryan Consell, Shawn Lawrence Otto: Cities of the Future (rebroadcast)9/12/14
7/12/17Kevin Esvelt, Laurie Zoloth: Gene Drives7/7/17
7/19/17Ed Yong, Emily Monosson: Bacteria in Bodies and on the Farm7/14/17
7/26/17Michael Yassa, James McGaugh: Memory and Emotion7/21/17
8/2/17Dave Goulson, Jocelyn Crocker: A Sting in the Tail (rebroadcast)1/30/15
8/9/17Katie Palmer, Michael Segal: The State of Science Journalism8/4/17
8/16/17Kory Stamper: The Dictionary8/11/17
8/21/17Lisa Grossman, Trae Winter, Elise Ricard, Kiersten Kirby-Patel: Total Eclipse of the Sun*8/18/17
8/30/17Perry Romanowski, Elizabeth Hall-Findlay: Beauty is a Beast (rebroadcast)3/14/14
9/6/17Paul Brandner, Suzanne Cox: Tiny Bubbles Big Impact9/1/17
9/13/17Maryn McKenna, Tara Smith: Big Chicken9/8/17
9/20/17Lucy Barker, Anne Jefferson: Flooded9/15/17
9/27/17Weapons of Math Destruction (rebroadcast)3/13/17
10/4/17Craig Stark, Jamie Ward: Superhuman9/29/17
10/11/17Nils Hansson, Harriet Zuckerman, Marc Abrahams: From Nobel to Ig Nobel10/6/17
10/18/17Gerbrand Ceder, Kathryn Toghill: Batteries10/13/17
10/25/17Anthony Atala, Marie Herberstein, Emily Anthes: The V-Word (rebroadcast)7/11/14
11/1/17Stephen Pratt, Simon Garnier: AI: Ant Intelligence10/27/17
11/8/17Rebecca Tarvin, Cecilia Borghese, Sandra Goutte: Frogs From the Skin In11/3 /17
11/15/17Rick Smith, Chris Huntingford: Stormy Weather11/10/17
11/22/17Daniel Todes: Pavlov (rebroadcast)3/6/15
11/29/17Louie Azzolini, Linda Todd: Arctic Energy11/24/17
12/6/17Ingo Titze, Tecumseh Fitch: Sing A Little Song12/1/17
12/13/17Joanne Manaster, John Dupuis: Merry Science Giftmas12/8/17
12/20/17Brad Duchaine, Matteo Martini: Face Recognition and Identity12/15/17
12/27/17Emily Conover, Tina Saey, Carolyn Gramling, Lisa Grossman, Laura Sanders: The Biggest Science Stories of 201712/22/17

*Scheduled for broadcast on Monday, the day of the eclipse, instead of Wednesday.

Thursday 10 am
Voices for Religious Pluralism
(each program airs again the same day at 5 pm)
Click below to listen online.
1/5/17 Rev. Sandra Ingham: In the Beginning 39:439/18/16a
1/12/17 Dr. Robert Proctor, Jerome Socolovsky, Rabbi Jack Moline: January 7, 2016 - Learning more about ignorance 48:221/7/17b
1/19/17 Rev. Sandra Ingham: I'm Sorry. I'm Sorry? I'm Sorry! 34:4010/2/16a
1/26/17 Rev. Sandra Ingham: Loose Connections 34:411/8/17a
2/2/17 Fred Clarkson, Frank Schaeffer, Rabbi Jack Moline: January 28, 2017 - LGBTQ rights in the Trump era 48:321/28/17b
2/9/17 Tosumba Welch: Martin Luther King, Jr. 40:501/15/17a
2/16/17 Rev. Barry Lynn, Sarah Posner, Lacey Studnicka: February 11, 2017 - Trump seeks a partisan pulpit 48:442/11/17b
2/23/17 Lisa Munro, Frank Davis, James Morgan: The Abuse of Revocation in Wisconsin 44:322/19/17a
3/2/17 Peter Montgomery, Dr. Jennifer Wiseman, Rabbi Jennie Rosenn: February 25, 2017 - The View from CPAC 47:092/25/17b
3/9/17 Dr. Robert P. Jones, Dr. Duncan Green, Katherine Marshall: March 4th, 2017 - Polling the Trump Presidency 48:133/4/17b
3/16/17 Kate Lovelady: How I Learned About Death 31:502/26/17c
3/23/17 Robin Proud: Louisa Adams - foreign-born First Lady 43:143/12/17a
3/30/17 Helen Avakian, Dave Irwin: As the Pendulum Swings 36:253/19/17a
4/6/17 Dawn Hayslett: Do You Know the Sources? 23:031/22/17a
4/13/17 Rob Brink: The Ethics of Power 32:451/29/17a
4/20/17 Kate Lovelady: Portrayals of Women in Popular Culture 24:003/19/17c
4/27/17 April 23rd, 2017 - Rachel Maddow returns to State of Belief 47:164/22/17b
5/4/17 am Rev. Sandra Ingham: Mentor to the Stars 39:072/5/17a
5/4/17 pm Rev. Sandra Ingham: If Only... 41:302/12/17a
5/11/17 Abigail Swetz: Human Being: VERB 35:244/23/17a
5/18/17 Kate Lovelady: Growing By Simplifying 27:514/9/17c
5/25/17 Rep. Chris Taylor: Corruption of Our Democracy 44:595/21/17a
6/1/17 Tammy Fleming: Friends of State Street Family 40:564/9/17a
6/8/17 Kate Lovelady: A Different Kind of Courage: Conscientious Objectors 31:465/21/17c
6/15/17 am Rev. Sandra Ingham: You've Come a Long Way, Baby!? 37:213/26/17a
6/15/17 pm Rev. Sandra Ingham: Pop-Up Theology 34:074/2/17a
6/22/17 Brandan Robertson, Manal al-Sharif, Dr. Julie Ingersoll: June 17, 2017 - Booted from the Baptist Convention 48:006/17/17b
6/29/17 am Rev. Sandra Ingham: Exuberence Unbounded 41:394/16/17a
6/29/17 pm Rev. Sandra Ingham: I've Got Those Backlash Blues 37:214/30/17a
7/6/17 Garrett Epps, Kayla Parker, Gurwin Singh Ahuja: July 1, 2017 - Mixing church and state 48:587/1/17b
7/13/17 Kate Lovelady: The Promise and Peril of Political Correctness 26:556/18/17c
7/20/17 Layla Kaiksow: Open Doors for Refugees 37:297/2/17a
7/27/17 Robin Proud: It Can't Happen Here - Or Can It? 31:317/9/17a
8/3/17 Johanna Hatch: My Source: Kurt Vonnegut 27:507/16/17a
8/10/17 Anne Urbanski: Sidney and God 30:436/4/17a
8/17/17 Penny Eiler: My Source, Mark Twain 24:488/6/17a
8/24/17 Kathy Converse: The Hidden Life of Trees 37:078/20/17a
8/31/17 Terry Swartzberg, Robert Proctor, Dr. Christopher Stroop: Learning from Germany's example 48:488/26/17b
9/7/17 am Rev. Sandra Ingham: The Power of a Flower 34:126/11/17a
9/7/17 pm Rev. Sandra Ingham: How Many UUs Does It Take to Change the World? 35:318/13/17a
9/14/17 Rev. Sandra Ingham: When Lizards Do Push-Ups 35:209/10/17a
9/21/17 Marty Drapkin, Rachel Long, Robin Proud, Johanna Hatch: Fifty Years at Prairie - A Celebration of Every Decade 42:059/17/17a
9/28/17 Anne Urbanski: Milestones in LGBTQ History 39:349/24/17a
10/5/17 Dr. Benjamin E. Zeller, Chris Hedges, Rev. Dr. David P. Gushee: Taking A Knee 48:409/30/17b
10/12/17 Kate Lovelady: Feeling Ethical 24:409/17/17c
10/19/17 Robin Carré: From Guatemala to Madison and Back: An Adoption Story 60:0210/15/17a
10/26/17 Sergio Gonzalez: The Sanctuary Movement 28:4310/22/17a
11/2/17 Kate Lovelady: Dazed and Confused 29:1110/8/17c
11/9/17 Robin Proud: Free Speach vs. Hate Speech: Where Do We Draw the Line? 39:0411/5/17a
11/16/17 Rev. Sandra Ingham: A Cold, Hard Look at Reality 44:0011/12/17a
11/23/17 Kate Lovelady: Is Comparison the Thief of Joy? 29:4011/12/17c
11/30/17 Rev. Sandra Ingham: You've Got to Be Carefully Taught 38:1511/26/17a
12/7/17 Sister Simone Campbell, Sarah Posner, Rabbi Barry Leff: Tax cuts for the rich 56:5712/2/17b
12/14/17 Phoenix Wardell, Penny Eiler, Gary Gates: A Fork in the Road 31:2812/10/17a
12/21/17 Rev. Sandra Ingham: What Better Time? 40:2412/3/17a
12/28/17 Dr. Gina Messina, Dr. Robert P. Jones, Michael Wolfe: Moore is less in Alabama 48:2412/16/17b

a Talk at Prairie Unitarian Universalist Society.
b Podcast from State of Belief.
c Platform address at The Ethical Society of St. Louis.

Friday 10 am
Freethought Radio
Length 42-43 min.
(each program airs again the same day at 5 pm)
Rebroadcast of radio programs from the Freedom From Religion Foundation
Click below to listen online.
1/6/17Rafida Bonya Ahmed: Fasten Your Seat Belts 1/5/17558
1/13/17A. C. Grayling: The Challenge of Things 1/11/17559
1/20/17Larry Decker: Keep America Secular 1/19/17560
1/27/17Robin Morgan: Pick Yourself Up 1/26/17561
2/3/17John R. Shook: Secularism 2/2/17562
2/10/17Patrick Elliott: Valentine Wish 2/9/17563
2/17/17Michelle Goldberg: Theocracy Alert 2/16/17564
2/24/17Jerry Bloom, Marie Schaub: We Are The Champions 2/23/17565
3/3/17Lloyd Evans: Reluctant Apostate 3/2/17566
3/10/17Bart Campolo: Why I Left 3/9/17567
3/17/17Sam Grover, Patrick Elliott: Spring Into Action 3/16/17568
3/24/17Maryam Namazie: Freedom of Conscience 3/23/17569
3/31/17Seth Andrews: Facts Over Fundamentalism 3/30/17570
4/7/17Claudette StPierre, Jocelyn Williamson, Justin Scott: The Only Wall We Need 4/6/17571
4/14/17Christopher Hitchens: God Is Not Great 4/13/17572
4/21/17Ishmael Jaffree: Authentic American Hero 4/20/17573
4/28/17Spotlight on Freethought 4/27/17574
5/5/17Elizabeth Beal: See You In Court 5/4/17575
5/12/17Michael Nugent, Anthony Pinn: Blasphemy Is A Victimless Crime 5/11/17576
5/19/17Chris Bontrager: License To Think 5/18/17577
5/26/17Maureen Hart: A None's Story 5/25/17578
6/2/17Zenos Frudakis: Freethought in the Arts 6/1/17579
6/9/17Steven Nadler: Heretics! 6/8/17580
6/16/17Andrew Kersten: American Iconoclast 6/15/17581
6/23/17Frances Fitzgerald: The Evangelicals 6/22/17582
6/30/17Robert Sapolsky: Behave! 6/29/17583
7/7/17Lydia Mason, Drew Bekius: Breaking The Chains 7/6/17584
7/14/17John de Lancie: Tennessee Monkey Trial 7/13/17585
7/21/17Ed Gogol: Compassionate Choices 7/20/17586
7/28/17Andrew Seidel: Good Without God 7/27/17587
8/4/17Noura Embabi: Freedom of Conscience 8/3/17588
8/11/17Óscar Pineda: Freethought Around The World 8/10/17589
8/18/17Athena Salman: E Pluribus Unum 8/17/17590
8/25/17Will Gervais: More Atheists Than We Thought! 8/24/17591
9/1/17Barbara Blaine: Survivors 9/1/17592
9/8/17Roy Zimmerman: Religious Freedom 101 9/6/17593
9/15/17Lisa Treu: Strong Women 9/14/17594
9/22/17Steven Pinker: Enlightenment Now 9/21/17595
9/29/17Marianne Arini: Survival 9/28/17596
10/6/17David Williamson: We Won't Back Down10/5/17597
10/13/17Katha Pollitt: Battling the Religious Right10/12/17598
10/20/17Frances Kissling: A Matter of Choice 10/19/17599
10/27/17Michelle Goldberg: Scary Christian Nationalism 10/26/17600
11/3/17Julia Sweeney: Make America Laugh Again 11/2/17601
11/10/17Katherine Stewart: Thoughts & Prayers' - Not! 11/9/17602
11/17/17Brent Michael Davids: Indigenous Freethought11/16/17603
11/24/17Leighann Lord, Eva Quiñones: Give Thanks Where Thanks is Due11/22/17604
12/1/17Larry Decker: Secular Values 11/30/17605
12/8/17Lubna Ahmed: The Perils of Freethought12/7/17606
12/15/17Diana Sabillon: No Moore Theocracy12/14/17607
12/22/17Colin McNamara: Happy Winter Solstice12/21/17608
12/29/17 pmMaryam Namazie: Happy 2018!12/28/17609

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