2018 Program Schedule for

Wider Horizons
10 am Mon. to Fri.
At 5 pm we rebroadcast the same program
(or another program in the same series)


Monday 10 am
Humanism Today
(each program airs again the same day at 5 pm)
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1/1/18 John Eligandi: The Dalits' Struggle for Human Rights (repeated from 3/16/09) 1:00:392/3/08a
1/8/17 Richard Russell: Atheist Lounges of 2017 49:381/7/18a
1/15/18 Kathy Converse and Christina Klock: Evolution in the 21st Century: Forum Report (repeated from 1/26/09) 1:02:515/11/08a
1/22/18 Beth Wortzel and Midge Miller on the May 2006 Spiritual Activism Conference in Washington DC
(repeated from 4/6/09)
1/29/18Tom Givnish: Evolution of Life on Islands (repeated from 12/30/08) 42:323/2/08b
2/5/18 Prof. Tom Givnish: More about evolution of life on islands, an informal discussion with Tom Givnish
(repeated from 1/5/09)
2/12/18 Darwin Day '08 (repeated from 1/12/09) 1:03:041/30/08c
2/19/18 Jane Shoup: Darwin Day Discussion (repeated from 2/9/09) 1:08:412/1/09a
2/26/18 Peeking over Darwin's Shoulder (repeated from 1/19/09) 1:00:007/30/08c
3/5/18 Amanda Metskas: Camp Quest Summer Camp (repeated from 4/13/09) 59:427/25/07c
3/12/18 Carolyn Porco: The Cosmic Theater (repeated from 4/20/09) 47:1110/29/08c
3/19/18 Lena Vincent: Q&A About Theories on the Origin of Life 1:16:003/11/18a
3/26/18 Lena Vincent: Current Theories on the Origin and Early Evolution of Life on Earth 49:303/11/18b
4/2/18 Susan Hagstrom: Anti-Intellectualism in America: The War on Science
4/9/18 Fan Pen Li Chen, Gurinder Singh Azad: West Meets East (repeated from 4/27/09) 1:06:008/27/08c
4/16/18 Mikhaela, Matt & Jeff, Hemant Mehta: Atheist for Sale (repeated from 5/4/09) 1:00:112/28/06c
4/23/18 Caspar Melville: Student Freethinkers (repeated from 5/11/09) 1:03:013/29/06c
4/30/18 Roar Johnsen: Humanism in Norway (repeated from 5/18/09) 1:00:044/26/06c
5/7/18 Doug Renk: Forward! Marching Band History: Activism and Solidarity through Music46:395/6/18a
5/14/18 Larry Jones: Undercover With Christian Coalition (repeated from 5/25/09)57:215/24/06c
5/21/18 Shawn Peters: Faith Healing, Children, and the Law (repeated from 6/1/09) 1:01:297/13/08a
5/28/18 Kate Lovelady: A humanist look at the sermon on the mount (repeated from 6/8/09) 23:104/12/09d
6/4/18 International Humanist Youth (repeated from 6/15/09) 59:298/29/07c
6/11/18 Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett and Christopher Hitchens: The New Atheists on Organized Freethought (repeated from 6/22/09) 55:1210/24/07c
6/18/18 Salman Rushdie & Cultural Humanism (repeated from 6/29/09) 1:01:405/2/07c
7/9/18 Meet the American Humanist Association (repeated from 7/6/09) 49:315/27/09c
7/16/18 Newdow, Atheist Comedian & Religious Supeheroes (repeated from 7/13/09) 1:00:286/28/06c
7/23/18 Brenda Frei, Margaret Downey: 30 Days (repeated from 7/20/09) 55:498/30/06c
7/30/18 Jordan Ellenberg: Q&A session on "A Mathematician's Take on Gerrymandering" presentation and on his best selling book, How Not to Be Wrong: The Power of Mathematical Thinking.58:027/29/18a
8/6/18 Q&A with Jane Esbensen (repeated from 7/27/09) 59:027/5/09a
8/13/18 Leslie Starczewski, Ron Solomon, Jennifer Bunner, Julie Merrill-Quinn, Bob Park: Growth strategies for free thinking groups: what works and doesn't work? (repeated from 8/3/09) 1:16:518/2/09a
8/20/18 August Berkshire: The Atheist Alliance International (repeated from 8/10/09) 1:08:576/19/09a
8/27/18 Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson (repeated from 8/17/09) 57:446/24/09c
9/3/18 Gary and Pam Gates, Eric Howland: Connecting Prison Reform to Elections in Wisconsin pt 1 42:429/2/18a
9/10/18 Gary and Pam Gates, Eric Howland: Connecting Prison Reform to Elections in Wisconsin pt 2 50:349/2/18a
9/17/18 Neil deGrasse Tyson, Barbara Forrest, Donald Johanson: Popularizing Science (repeated from 8/24/09) 53:007/22/09c
9/24/18 Bob Park, Doleta Chapru, Galen Smith: What it means to be a humanist (repeated from 8/31/09) 1:03:559/14/08a
10/1/18 Kate Lovelady: Ethical Culture Versus Ethical Humanism 26:258/26/18d
10/8/18 Dan Barker: Losing Faith in Faith (repeated from 9/7/09) 56:5111/4/07a
10/15/18 Layla Coleman: Q&A About Restorative Justice Circles in Education 47:3310/7/18a
10/22/18 The Humanist Chaplaincy at Harvard (repeated from 9/14/09) 1:02:083/28/07c
10/29/18 A Chat With Chaz Mena (repeated from 9/21/09) 1:00:0711/26/08c
11/5/18 Sean Faircloth: One Nation Under the Constitution (repeated from 9/28/09) 1:15:549/12/09a
11/12/18 Ron Solomon on on the American Ethical Union's membership in the Secular Coalition for American
(repeated from 10/5/09)
11/19/18 Barbara Park: The Thought and Writing of Sam Harris - I (repeated from 10/19/09) 44:3311/19/06a
11/26/18 Randy Converse: The Thought and Writing of Sam Harris - II (repeated from 10/26/09) 42:3311/19/06a
12/3/18 Susan Hagstrom: The Republican Brain: The Science of Why They Deny Science- and Reality 49:3212/2/18a
12/10/18Kate Lovelady: Humanism and Buddism (repeated from 11/2/09) 26:578/30/09d
12/17/18 Patrick Colucci: HumanLight (repeated from 12/21/09) 44:3111/25/09c
12/24/18 Julie Merrill-Quinn: Religion in the health care debate (repeated from 11/9/09) 58:2011/1/09a
12/31/18 Dr. Richard Selzer: Mortal Lessons & The Art of Surgery (repeated from 11/16/09) 58:0912/19/07c

a Recording of Humanist Union of Madison program.
b Talk at Prairie Unitarian Universalist Society.
c The Humanist Hour (previously Humanist Network News) from the American Humanist Association.
d Platform address at The Ethical Society of St. Louis.

Tuesday 10 am
Spirit In Action   or   Song of the Soul
Length 55 min.
(each program airs again the same day at 5 pm)

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1/2/18 Peter Alsop: Awakening Men - Ebenezer's Make Over, Part 2 12/30/17a
1/9/18 Steve Chase: A Passionate Zionist Rethinks 1/6/18a
1/16/18 Gordon Whitman: Stand Up, Together! 1/13/18a
1/23/18 David Albert: Miracle Water 1/20/18a
1/30/18 Bob Lesniewski, Kathy Reid Walker, Sarah Harless, Suzon Gordon, Imam Tammer Abdelaziz,
Hyejung Hwang, Lama Yeshe, Alicia Reed, Tom Krieg
: Prays Well With Others
2/6/18 Unny Nambudiripad, Laura Matanah: Joyful Animal Compassion 11/20/16a
2/13/18 Aaron Telitz, Emily Puthoff, Chantal Bilodeau, Grant Samms: Bees, Racing, Wind, Arctic & Climate Change 2/10/18a
2/20/18 Jim Page: Whose World is This? 2/17/18a
2/27/18 Lucy Duncan, Dalit Baum, Sandra Tamari: Journeys in Palestine Towards Liberation 2/24/18a
3/6/18 Jeremy Lent: Learning From & Wrestling With Humanity 101 3/3/18a
3/13/18 Jeremy Lent: Earth Roots Consciousness 102 3/10/18a
3/20/18 Jeremy Lent: Healthy Earth Thinking 103 3/17/18a
3/27/18 Charlie King, Paul Tinkerhess, Annie Patterson, Peter Blood, Bill Miller, Liam Robinson, Jean Rohe, Peggy Seeger:
Tunes in the Belly of the Year
4/3/18 Erin LaFaive, Samuel Thayer: Nurtured by Nature 3/31/18a
4/10/18 Myron Buchholz, Donna Wagner Backus, Christine Ashley: Enough is Enough! (Part 1)4/6/18a
4/17/18 Sam Thayer, Crispin Pierce: Ecoculture Blessings & Fracksand Mining Hazards 4/14/18a
4/24/18 Bonni Knight, Zaria Whitacre, Thomas Finegar: Youth & Anti-Gun Violence 4/21/18a
5/1/18 Maria Dunn: Tiny Tim Meets Mother Jones Meets Jean Redpath 3/31/18b
5/8/18 Rachel Hart-Brinson, Ann Francis: I Resisted Today 5/5/18a
5/15/18 Dr. Lise Van Susteren, Dr. Natasha DeJarnett, Fritz Horstman, Claire Vaye Watkins:
Climate Change, Mental Health, The Arctic, & Storytelling
5/22/18 Howard Ross: Longing for Belonging, 'Druther Have No Other 5/19/18a
5/29/18 Annie Fitzgerald: Grounded Like the Trees, Flying Like the Breeze 5/12/18b
6/5/18 David LaMotte, Billy Jonas, Dawud Wharnsby: A Muslim, a Jew, & a Christian walk into a concert hall... 6/2/18b
6/12/18 David Bucura: Preventing the Next Genocide 6/9/18a
6/19/18 Tracy Fessenden: Billie Holiday's World 6/16/18a
7/10/18 Back In Iraq With Sami Rasouli 6/23/18a
7/17/18 Peterson Toscano: Gender Bending in the Bible 7/7/18a
7/24/18 Pam Taylor: Pam Follows the Manure 7/21/18a
8/7/18 Kitty Donohoe: Not Your Standard Irish Lass (From Ann Arbor) 6/30/18b
8/14/18 Rev. Robert B. Jones, Sr.: Common Chords 8/4/18a
8/21/18 Brian Ettling, Edgar Westerhof, Brentin Mock, Dr. Natasha DeJarnette, Tyree Daye:
Climate Humor, Racism, Poetry, & More
8/28/18 Hayley Hathaway: Earth-Community Values & Money Dilemmas 8/18/18a
9/4/18 Katharine Gerbner: Christian Slavery 9/1/18a
9/11/18 Brad Laird: Wobbly Quaker 9/8/18a
9/18/18 Bob Bruninga: Wise Energy & Electric Cars 9/15/18a
9/25/18 Tara Button: A Life Less Throwaway 9/22/18a
10/2/18 James Loewen: Lies My Teacher Told Me About Racism 9/29/18a
10/9/18 John Peck: Transforming Economics & Defending Family Farms 10/6/18a
10/16/18 Malinda Maynor Lowery: Strong & Unrecognized: The Lumbee Indians 10/13/18a
10/23/18 Jason Horowitz: Whiskey & Resistance 10/13/18b
10/30/18 Howard Switzer: A New Money Story 10/27/18a
11/6/18 Art Shegonee, Dawn Shegonee, Raging Grannies of Madison, John Nichols: Progressive Grassroots Revival 11/3/18a
11/13/18 Hayride Casualties, Peterson Toscano, Elizabeth Rush, Dante Flores: Artfully Taking on Climate Change 11/10/18a
11/20/18 Edgar Villanueva: Decolonizing Wealth 11/17/18a
11/27/18 Clare Norelle: Song of the Water 11/3/18b
12/4/18 Scott Wittkopf: The Brain & Progressive Messaging 12/1/18a
12/11/18 Kristin Lems: No Turning Back! 12/10/18b
12/18/18 Launa Schweizer: The Miracle of New Yeller 12/8/18b
12/25/18 Tracy Newman: Not Young, Not Old, Just Tracy 12/1/18b
1/1/19 Laura Joy's Actual Miles 10/8/17b

a Spirit In Action from Northern Spirit Radio - interviews by Mark Helpsmeet, Eau Claire WI.
b Song of the Soul from Northern Spirit Radio - interviews by Mark Helpsmeet and music selected by his guests.

Wednesday 10 am
Science for the People
(program airs again the same day at 5 pm)
These 60 min. programs are from http://www.scienceforthepeople.ca/
Click below to listen online.

1/3/18Mark McClusky, Bryan Chung: Sports Science (rebroadcast)5/8/15
1/10/18Charles DuHigg, Ayelet Fishbach: New Year's Resolutions1/5/18
1/17/18Shyla Raghav, Rebecca Shaw: Inside a Conservation NGO1/12/18
1/24/18Rebecca Wragg Sykes, Kristina Killgrove: Trowel Blazing1/19/18
1/31/18Sarah Rodriguez, Brian Earp: Circumcision (rebroadcast)3/27/15
2/7/18Kate Clancy, Julie Wiebe: Postpartum Blues2/2/18
2/14/18Lauren Drogos, Lennette Liedy Sievert: Brake for Menopause2/9/18
2/21/18Jianyu Li, Geeske Langejans: Adhesives2/16/18
2/28/18Chelsea Vowel, Molly Swain, Eric Bibeau, John Hepburn, Erin Bow: The Future of Energy2/23/18
3/7/18Mark Riddle, George Peck: Trench to Bedside (rebroadcast)11/18/16
3/14/18Alex Hutchinson, Lori Haase Alasantro: How We Endure3/9/18
3/21/18Asifa Majid, Jay Gottfried: How the Nose Knows3/16/18
3/28/18Andrew Scott, Caroline Weinberg: Wildfire3/23/18
4/4/18Dawn Biehler, Clint Penick: Pests in the City (rebroadcast)5/1/15
4/11/18Lindsey Fitzharris, Nils Hansson: Slicing Into Surgery4/6/18
4/18/18Dan Egan: The Death and Life of the Great Lakes4/13/18
4/25/18 James Lyne, David Garcia: Information Spookyhighway4/20/18
5/2/18Rose O'Dea, Kristina Horback: Pigs and Fish: Personality in Animals4/27/18
5/9/18Boris Schmid, Loren Cassin Sackett: A Good Bout of Plague5/4/18
5/16/18Victoria Hwang, Maria McNamara: Colour Me... Structurally?5/11/18
5/23/18Phillippa Diedrichs, Diana Harcourt, Nadia Craddock, Jade Parnell: Appearance Matters5/18/18
5/30/18Dan Riskin, Phil Plait: Mother Nature Is Trying to Kill You (rebroadcast)6/27/14
6/6/18Mika McKinnon, Annalee Newitz: Science in Fiction6/1/18
6/13/18Robert Muir-Wood: Cure for Catastrophe6/8/18
6/20/18Carl Zimmer: She Has Her Mother's Laugh6/15/18
7/11/18 amTina Saey, Kelly Hills: 23 and You7/6/18
7/11/18 pmNick Enfield, Emma Byrne: Cursing and Conversation6/29/18
7/18/18Adam Piore, Ken Thomas: Body Builders7/13/18
7/25/18Carin Bondar: Wild Moms7/20/18
8/1/18Douglas Emlen: Animal Weapons (rebroadcast)8/14/15
8/8/18Kevin Begos, Erika Szymanski: Fine Times With Wine8/3/18
8/15/18Jessica Johnson, Janine Krippner: Volcanoes8/10/18
8/22/18Daina Taimina, Janelle Shane: Knitting in PEARL8/17/18
8/29/18Maryn McKenna, Tara Smith: Big Chicken (rebroadcast)9/8/17
9/5/18Vince Beiser: Sand8/31/18
9/12/18Christopher Cramer: Breaking Down Chemical Weapons9/7/18
9/19/18Tina Saey, Lucas Hernandez, Travor Valle, Nancy Miorelli: Frankenstein LIVES9/14/18
9/26/18Mona Hanna-Attisha: Flint Water Crisis9/21/18
10/3/18Rebecca Wragg Sykes, Kristina Killgrove: Trowel Blazing (rebroadcast)1/19/18
10/10/18David Quammen, Julie Dunning Hotopp: The Tangled Taxonomic Tree10/5/18
10/17/18Travor Valle, Mika McKinnon, David Moscato, Scott Harris: Earth Science in Space10/12/18
10/24/18David Robson, Bruno Takahashi: Anti-Intellectualism: Down With The Scientist!10/19/18
10/31/18Roma Agrawal: Built10/26/18
11/7/18Deborah Blum: The Poison Squad11/2/18
11/14/18Richard Susskind, Daniel Susskind, Nicholas Agar: Technology, Work and the Future (rebroadcast)7/1/16
11/21/18Bethany Brookshire, Rachelle Saunders: 500th Episode11/16/18
11/28/18Kat Jungnickel: Hidden Technology11/23/18
12/5/18Joanne Manaster, John Dupuis: Nerd Gift Extravaganza11/30/18
12/12/18Kate Clancy, Julie Wiebe: Postpartum Blues (rebroadcast)2/2/18
12/19/18Eugenia Cheng: The Art of Logic12/14/18
12/26/18Tina Saey, Lisa Grossman, Emily Conover, Carolyn Gramling, Laura Sanders: Top Science Stories in 201812/21/18

Thursday 10 am
Voices for Religious Pluralism
(each program airs again the same day at 5 pm)
Click below to listen online.
1/4/18Jerome Socolovsky, Sarah Posner, Andrew Hanauer: A Year End Religion Roundup 1:02:1212/30/17a
1/11/18 Margaret Carpenter: Kwanzaa 32:4412/31/17b
1/18/18 am Rev. Sandra Ingham: Rainbows and Tarantulas 36:0412/24/17b
1/18/18 pm Rev. Sandra Ingham: New Year's ReVolutions 32:041/7/18b
1/25/18 Rev. Sandra Ingham: The Measure of Greatness 37:251/21/18b
2/1/18 Kate Lovelady: Fear Is the Mind Killer 24:071/14/18c
2/8/18 Rev. Kali Hayslett: Maybe I Don't Know but Maybe That's Okay 21:441/14/18b
2/15/18 Andy Garst: American Composer, John Cage 29:111/28/18b
2/22/18 Brooke Hempbell, Dan Schultz, Dr. Pearson Cross: February 17, 2018 - Generation Z: least into JC 54:112/17/18a
3/1/18 Peter Montgomery, Rabbi Jack Moline, Rabbi Sharon Brous: Productive Anger 55:462/24/18a
3/8/18 Dawn Hayslett: A Look Back at the Sources 17:422/11/18b
3/15/18 Rev. Jennifer Butler, Father James Martin, Dr. Bradley Onishi: #NEVERAGAIN 48:363/10/18a
3/22/18 Believable: Bishop John Shelby Spong 48:263/17/18a
3/29/18 Will Saltzburg, Natalie Daskal, Rabbi Jack Moline, Jana Riess: #NotOneMore48:533/24/18a
4/5/18 Aaron Liu: Principles in Practice in Ultimate Frisbee 26:112/25/18b
4/12/18 William Saltzburg, Kumar Rao, Carey Shenkman, Alissa Wilkinson: #TownHallForOurLives48:094/7/18a
4/12/18 pm Sue Pastor: Can We Bring Back Civil Dialogue - hosted by Jan Miyasaki7:084/11/18d
4/19/18 Jimmy Carter, Brandan Robertson, Rabbi Jack Moline: April 14, 2018 - The Faith of Jimmy Carter47:474/14/18a
4/26/18 am Rev. Sandra Ingham: The News Is Brought to You By ____ ? 40:483/18/18b
4/26/18 pm Rev. Sandra Ingham: No Fooling! 35:134/1/18b
5/3/18 Mary Beth O'Halloran: Humanism 101 27:4710/8/17b
5/10/18 Julio Garcia, Mary Maronek: Tenant Resource Center 27:573/25/18b
5/17/18 John Mix, Rudy Bankston: Incarceration and Return to the Community 45:024/8/18b
5/24/18 Robin Proud: Founding Mothers28:155/13/18b
5/31/18 Rev. Dr. Liz Theoharis, Jack Jenkins, Rabbi Abby Jacobson: May 19, 2018 - Religious Right Prayers, Answered 54:575/19/18a
6/7/18 Katherine Liu: Growing Up UU 19:595/6/18b
6/14/18 Holly Tellander: RE-Visioned: Changing Trends at Prairie & in the Wider UU Community34:075/20/18b
7/12/18 Kate Lovelady: Is Sexual Harassment Finally Being Taken Seriously? 28:363/18/18c
7/19/18 am Rev. Sandra Ingham: Alphabet Soup - or - How Do You Spell UUA?41:374/22/18b
7/19/18 pm Rev. Sandra Ingham: Memories Are Made of This31:465/27/18b
7/26/18 Molly Plunkett: Camino de Santiago de Compostela39:267/8/18b
8/2/18 Kate Lovelady: Are We Morally Obligated to Be Curious? 28:254/8/18c
8/9/18 am Rev. Sandra Ingham: Sea Change (See Change?)31:186/10/18b
8/9/18 pm Rev. Sandra Ingham: Flirting With Freedom31:437/1/18b
8/16/18 Jordan Ellenberg: A Mathematician's Take on Gerrymandering42:577/29/18b
8/23/18 Mark Golbach: State Street Through the Camera Lens41:208/5/18b
8/30/18 Nancy Schraufnagel, Barbara Park, Rev. Sandra Ingham: Finding Wisdom in the Heartland34:078/19/18b
9/6/18 Rev. Sandra Ingham: Other Than What?38:088/26/18b
9/13/18 Rabbi Dr. Jay Michaelson, Robert Viagas, Rabbi Jack Moline: The Hill is alive... With the sound of resistance 48:409/8/18a
9/20/18 William Linton, Malynn Utzinger: Usona Institute45:529/16/18b
9/27/18 Kate Lovelady: Why Are We Here? A Purposeful Year 27:339/16/18c
10/4/18 Dr. Jay Michaelson, Bob Smietana, Jack Torres: #LetHerSpeak 43:029/29/18a
10/11/18 Layla Coleman: Restorative Justice Circles in Education33:5410/7/18b
10/18/18 am Rev. Sandra Ingham: Other Than What?38:088/26/18b
10/18/18 pm Rev. Sandra Ingham: Why Are We Here?33:029/9/18b
10/25/18 Gloria Farr: Allied Wellness Center24:5210/14/18b
11/1/18 Robin Proud: Mary Shelley, Frankenstein and the Risks of Science27:5610/28/18b
11/8/18 Rev. Dr. Jacqui Lewis, Dr. Steven Millies, Fred Garcia: What divides us is bringing us together 59:4411/3/18a
11/15/18 Rev. Dr. Amos Brown, Greg Lebel, Jack Jenkins: November 10, 2018 - And the winner is... 57:4611/10/18a
11/22/18 Kate Lovelady: Are We Making Any Progress on Gun Violence? 24:4510/14/18c
11/29/18 am Rev. Sandra Ingham: Eating to Live...Living to Eat!31:439/23/18b
11/29/18 pm Rev. Sandra Ingham: Looking Backward, Looking Forward21:0511/4/18b
12/6/18 Robin Proud: The Hero's Journey23:3711/11/18b
12/13/18 Kate Lovelady: Choosing Community 23:5511/4/18c
12/20/18 Cheryl Robinson: Who Cares? The Caring Committee Cares26:0512/16/18b
12/27/18 am Rev. Sandra Ingham: Thanks and Ever Thanks30:2411/25/18b
12/27/18 pm Rev. Sandra Ingham: Their Gift to Us39:0412/9/18b
1/3/19 Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum, Rev. Elder Pat Bumgardner: December 29, 2018 - Ready for a New Year 52:2212/29/18a

a Podcast from State of Belief.
b Talk at Prairie Unitarian Universalist Society.
c Platform address at The Ethical Society of St. Louis.
d From the 8 O'Clock Buzz on WORT-FM.

Friday 10 am
Freethought Radio
Length 49 min. 23 sec.
(each program airs again the same day at 5 pm)
Rebroadcast of radio programs from the Freedom From Religion Foundation
Click below to listen online.
1/12/18Jarred Dunn: The Right Note1/11/18611
1/19/18Bailey and Doug Harris: We Are Stardust1/18/18612
1/26/18Debra Deanne Olson: Honorable Atheist Governor1/25/18613
2/2/18Camille Beredjick: Queer Disbelief2/1/18614
2/9/18Muhammad Syed: Normalizing Religious Dissent2/8/18615
2/16/18Tova Mirvis: Book of Separation2/15/18616
2/23/18Mohammed al Khadra: Thoughts and (Non)Prayers2/22/18617
3/2/18Rada Owen: Olympic Freethought3/1/18618
3/9/18Steven Pinker: Enlightenment Now3/8/18619
3/16/18Toni Van Pelt: Forward March3/15/18620
3/23/18Mandisa Thomas: Black Nonbelievers3/22/18621
3/30/18Patty Friedmann: Organized Panic3/29/18622
4/6/18Annie Laurie Gaylor and Dan Barker: Celebrate 40 Years!4/5/18623
4/13/18Andrew Seidel: Strategic Response4/12/18624
4/20/18Linda LaScola, Ricardo Zavala: Secular State4/19/18625
4/27/18Valerie Tarico: Badly Written Bible4/26/18626
5/4/18David Steketee: The Constitution Wins5/3/18627
5/11/18Leighann Lord: Very Funny Lady5/10/18628
5/18/18Sarah Haider, Richard A. Conn, Jr.: Earthbound5/17/18629
5/25/18James A. Haught: Hard-Fighting Editor5/24/18630
6/1/18Jane Donnelly, Michael Nugent, Dr. Hector Guillen: Freethought Around the World5/31/18631
6/15/18Donald Ardell: Secular Wellness6/14/18633
7/13/18 amFrederick Clarkson: Project Blitz6/21/18634
7/13/18 pmAbby Scher: No Health Care For You7/5/18636
7/27/18 amDavid Kaloyanides, Daniel Mach: Freedom of Religion and Belief7/26/18639
7/27/18 pmHS senior activist Daniel Koster (repeated from 5/23/13)*5/11/13367
8/3/18 amKatha Pollitt: Supreme Court: Danger & Hope7/12/18637
8/3/18 pmSusan Jacoby: Don't Tear Down That Wall7/19/18638
8/10/18 amAdam Chodorow: Friend of the Court8/9/18641
8/10/18 pmLawrence Millman: At The End of the World8/2/18640
8/17/18Stephen Uhl: Out of God's Closet8/16/18642
8/24/18Sikivu Hutchinson, Ron Reagan: The Atheist Minority8/23/18643
8/31/18Julia Sweeney, William C. Stone: Etched in Stone8/30/18644
9/7/18Ryan Bell: Keep An Open Mind9/6/18645
9/14/18Rep. Jared Huffman: Freethought Caucus9/13/18646
9/21/18R. Laurence Moore: Godless Citizens9/20/18647
9/28/18 Angelica Shirley Carpenter: Born Criminal9/27/18648
10/5/18Patrick Elliott, Ryan Jayne: Supreme Danger10/4/18649
10/12/18Roy Speckhardt: Creating Change10/11/18650
10/19/18Michael Nugent and Jane Donnelly: Cleaning Up After Dogma10/18/18651
10/26/18Cecile Richards: Make Trouble10/25/18652
11/2/18Gretta Vosper: Heresy Trial11/1/18653
11/9/18John de Lancie, Larry Decker, Rep. Jared Huffman, Leighann Lord, Maryam Namazie: Secular Invasion11/8/18654
11/16/18Jessica Wilbanks: Escape From Pentecostalism11/15/18655
11/23/18Rasel Ahmed: Give Thanks Where Thanks is Due11/21/18656
11/30/18Bailey Harris, John de Lancie: The Value of Telling The Truth11/27/18657
12/7/18Kristin Lems: If it quacks like a . . .12/6/18658
12/14/18Leslea Mair: Losing Our Religion12/13/18659
12/21/18Solstice Tribute12/20/18660
12/28/18Imani Perry: Looking For Lorraine12/27/18661

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