2020 Program Schedule for the

Wider Horizons
series, 10 am Mon. to Fri.
At 5 pm we rebroadcast the same program
(or another program in the same series)


Monday 10 am
Humanism Today
(each program airs again the same day at 5 pm)
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1/6/20Dr Diane Finegood - Health & Wellness in the Age of Complexity1:15:203/25/18a
1/13/20 M Assadullah - Restorative Justice1:05:463/18/18a
1/20/20 Ian Bushfield, Dr Andy Bannister: Is Christianity or Secular Humanism a better foundation for human rights?:
A conversation Between a Christian and a Secular Humanist
1/27/20 Ian Bushfield, Dr Andy Bannister: Is Christianity or Secular Humanism a better foundation
for human rights?: A conversation Between a Christian and a Secular Humanist
- Q&A
2/3/20 David Barsamian57:3210/20/19a
2/10/20 Furquan Gehlan - World Beyond War44:3212/16/19a
2/17/20 Dr Claire Cupples - Germ Warfare46:253/12/18a
2/24/20 Jaymie Matthews - What the astronomy books don't tell you1:10:153/5/18a
3/2/20 Gene Roddenberry, 1991 Humanist Arts Award7:545/_/91b
3/2/20 Why My Dog is Not a Humanist - Kurt Vonnegut, 199219:365/1/92b
3/9/20 Isaac Asimov - 1984 Humanist of the Year41:521984b
3/16/20 Teale Phelps Bondaroff: Inspecting the House of Prayers54:113/12/20a
3/23/20 Amanda Popei from the Unitarian Universalist Humanist Association35:542/15/20c
3/30/20 Sherwin Wine, 1991 Humanist Pioneer Awardee33:541991b
4/6/20 Gordon Chung: Recovery International28:412/8/18a
4/13/20 Sonja Luehrmann - Looking For Positive Atheism In The Soviet Union31:151/21/18a
4/20/20 Barry Webster - Memorial Society of BC23:201/14/18a
4/20/20 Barry Webster - Victoria Secular Humanist Association13:111/14/18a
4/27/20 Anne George - Injury Inequality28:001/7/18a
5/4/20 Dr Teale Phelps Bondaroff: Prayers in the BC Legislature - From the Research Desk1:01:014/3/20a
5/11/20 Ian Bushfield - Humanism & the paranormal1:16:4510/29/17a
5/18/20 Paulo Muir - Zero Waste Canada21:1712/10/17a
5/25/20 Elle The Humanist36:294/22/20d
6/1/20 Dr. Eddie Win - Burma & the Rohingya crisis50:2812/3/17a
6/8/20 Sonia Milbradt - The New BC Curriculum58:5011/30/17a
6/15/20 Ian Bushfield, Dr Teale Phelps Bondaroff: Charity Law58:565/15/20a
6/22/20 Ian Bushfield: Public funds for public education47:256/5/20a
6/29/20 Muju Naeem - From Islam To Atheism1:04:2811/19/17a
7/6/20 Jerry Steinberg - No Kidding25:0211/12/17a
7/13/20 Anthony Pinn On Religion, Oppression, and Humanists 46:147/9/20e
7/20/20 Greg Oliver, Canadian Secular Alliance, presents to justice committee on repealing blasphemy laws35:1311/1/17a
7/27/20 South Asian Network for Secularism and Democracy46:3210/23/17a
8/3/20 Maggie Rayner - In Polygamy's Shadow40:5910/15/17a
8/10/20 Joyce Arthur - Conscientious Objections (to Abortion)54:5710/8/17a
8/17/20 Corey Clay: Dehumanization and the Black Male Form1:06:237/30/20a
8/24/20 Kimberly Girling: Evidence in Action: How Governments Find and Use Evidence in Policy-Making1:11:038/13/20a
9/7/20 Secular Humanists of Puerto Rico51:518/26/20d
9/14/20 Eiynah - Critiquing Islam in the time of the rising right26:3310/4/17a
9/21/20 Eric Merkley - Political Bias39:139/24/17a
9/28/20 Derrick O'Keefe - Vancouver Tenant's Union41:129/17/17a
10/5/20 Ian Bushfield - On Trinity Western University37:149/10/17a
10/12/20 Stacey Hrushowy - Salmon Diseases53:169/3/17a
10/19/20 We Are Not the Heroes, ft. Greg Epstein78:166/29/20f
10/26/20 The Humanism of Albert Camus, feat. Jamie Lombardi69:039/20/20f
11/2/20 Greg M. Epstein: Staying Human58:1210/28/20g
11/9/20 Arron Clay, Matt Ashcroft: Toxic Masculinity and Black Male Identity1:18:309/10/20a
11/16/20 Panel: Humanism in End of Life1:23:5311/5/20a
11/23/20 Chris Levenson - Poetry Readings32:388/27/17a
11/30/20 Lee Moller - The God Con54:228/20/17a
12/7/20 Daphne Bramham - Bountiful polygamy trials and religious freedom41:388/13/17a
12/14/20 Kat Anderson - Ocean Acidification34:577/30/17a
12/21/20 Helio Da Costa - Freemasonry & Humanism52:037/23/17a
12/28/20 Shalaleh Rismani - Open Roboethics Institute33:217/17/17a

a BC Humanists Podcast from the British Columbia Humanist Association, Vancouver. Follow this link for descriptive paragraphs.
b Annual Humanist Awardees, the American Humanist Association.
c From Dr. Ginger Campbell’s Books and Ideas podcast.
d Facebook Live Ask an Atheist show from FFRF.
e Point of Inquiry from the Center for Inquiry.
f Ryan Bell's Life After God podcast.
g The Staying Human Podcast.

Tuesday 10 am
Spirit In Action   or   Song of the Soul
Length 55 min.
(each program airs again the same day at 5 pm)

Click below to listen online.
1/7/19 Waging Peace With David Hartsough 1/4/20a
1/14/20 Nuclear Watchdog: Nukewatch & Kelly Lundeen 1/11/20a
1/21/20 Leslie Davis: Open Arms For Refugees 1/18/20a
1/28/20 In The Name Of All Of Our Children - Sally Rogers 12/28/19b
2/4/20 Growing Edge of Parker Palmer & Carrie Newcomer 2/1/20a
2/11/20 Thom Hartmann Exposes the Hidden History of the War on Voting2/8/20a
2/18/20 Terry Holder: Angel Wings & Peter Pan2/15/20b
2/25/20 Anna Mae Duane: Racial Equality vs Colonization, Then & Now 2/22/20a
3/3/20 Better Angels & Courage for Climate Activism 2/29/20a
3/10/20 Margaret L. Andersen: Race Smarts 3/7/20a
3/17/20 William Kent Krueger, Patricia Reynolds, Celina Loyer: Indian Boarding Schools, Fact & Fiction 3/14/20a
3/24/20 Lincoln Rice, Ruth Benn: How to Pay for Peace, Not War 3/21/20a
3/31/20 Betsy Leondar-Wright: Starving Nonprofits 3/28/20a
4/7/20 Dr. Natasha DeJarnett, Leonardo Martinez-Diaz, Alice C. Hill: Crisis Living: COVID-19 & Climate Change 4/4/20a
4/14/20 Chief Richard Quiet Thunder Gilbert, Ruthann Purchase: Chief Quiet Thunder & The Earth 4/11/20a
4/21/20 Dr. Michael Luick-Thrams: Not Our First Pandemic-Rodeo: 1918 & 2020 4/18/20a
4/28/20 Stuart Stotts, Wendy Martin, Lou Berryman, Peter Berryman, Ali Handal, Xanthe Alexis, Katy Vernon,
Jennifer Levenhagen: Music Collage of Early 2019
5/5/20 Claudia Schmidt: Hills, Stars, Weather, & Nothing - Claudia Schmidt 3/21/20b
5/12/20 Chris Godshall, Rabbi Brant Rosen, Carolyn Karcher: Jews Breaking With Zionist Injustices 5/9/20a
5/19/20 Carolyn Karcher, Shoshana Madmoni-Gerber, Emily Siegel: Living Justice: Reclaiming Judaism from Zionism 5/16/20a
5/26/20 Eco-grief - Community Breeds Courage 5/23/20a
6/2/20 Chad Seales: Bono & Neoliberal Capitalism 5/30/20a
6/9/20 Being Love: Laura Marie 4/11/20b
6/16/20 Deidre's Theme 5/9/20b
6/23/20 Barbara Luetke: A Voice for the Deaf & the Kendal Sparrow 6/20/20a
6/30/20 Healing from Prison & Racism: Carl Fields 6/27/20a
7/7/20 Larry Tye: Lessons We Should Have Learned: Joe McCarthy 7/4/20a
7/14/20 Unscrewing America - Mike McCabe 7/11/20a
7/21/20 Dr. Michael Luick-Thrams: The KKK: White Cancer on Display 7/18/20a
7/28/20 Daniel Yildirim: Doom & Bloom With Extinction Rebellion 7/25/20a
8/4/20 Franciscan Doc to House of Reps - Mark Neumann 8/1/20a
8/11/20 Smiling World, Post-Climate Crisis 8/8/20a
8/18/20 Carl Magruder: Holy Trickster, Child of the Summer of Love, & Death Midwife8/15/20a
8/25/20 Mary Ann Percy: Friend of the Circle of Life 8/22/20a
9/1/20 Billy Talen: Rev. Billy & the Church of Stop Shopping 8/29/20a
9/8/20 Peterson Toscano, Carlos Simms, Mary Lawing, Katie Zakrzewski, Isuru Seneviratne, Cindy Burbank, Alex Flint, Jim Tolbert, Jacob Abel, Solomon Goldstein-Rose: Purple Map for Climate Change 9/5/20a
9/15/20 Ed Glassman: Going Forward With Songs of Social Change 8/22/20b
9/22/20 Robert P. Jones: Confronting Racist Theology 9/19/20a
9/29/20 Going Forward With Mary Lou Fulton 9/26/20b
10/6/20 Dave Greenlund: Faithful Radical Love 10/3/20a
10/13/20 Celebrating Peace 10/10/20a
10/20/20 Sing Out The Vote & MVP (Movement Voter Project) 10/17/20a
10/27/20 Reda Eldanbouki, Ran Meir: Empowering Egyptian Women - Reda Eldanbouki10/24/20a
11/3/20 Clare Norelle: Song of the Water (repeated from 11/27/18) 11/3/2018b
11/10/20 Pittsburgh's Chameleon Rocker/R&B/Americana Folker, John Vento10/31/20b
11/17/20 Bahareh Zare Bahari: Iranian Beauty Queen, Teacher, & Dentist Seeks Freedom11/14/20a
11/24/20 Andrew Stuhl, Jason Davis, Clara Fang, Princella Talley, Lynn Neumann, Peterson Toscano: Climate Science, History, & Art - Citizens Climate Radio 11/21/20a
12/1/20 Peterson Toscano, Liam Hooper, Joy Ladin: Resisting Empire, Being Transgender, Being Human - Bible Bash11/28/20a
12/8/20 Christine Stay: Fruits of Friction Farm & Christine Stay 11/14/20b
12/15/20 Jonathan Kuttab: New Vision for Peace & Justice in the Middle East12/12/20a
12/22/20 Yazidi Hope After ISIS - Lisa Miara 12/19/20a
12/29/20 Joyann Parker: Blue Soul 11/17/18b

a Spirit In Action from Northern Spirit Radio - interviews by Mark Helpsmeet, Eau Claire WI.
b Song of the Soul from Northern Spirit Radio - interviews by Mark Helpsmeet and music selected by his guests.

Wednesday 10 am
Science for the People
eLife Sciences
(program airs again the same day at 5 pm)
Click below to listen online.
1/1/20Tardigrades and the Ten Commandments31:3112/20/19a
1/8/20Carolyn Gramling, Emily Conover, Aimee Cunningham, Susan Milius: 2019, But Make It Science1:11:021/4/20b
1/15/20Ingo Zettler: The D Factor: The Dark Side of your Personality42:371/12/20b
1/22/20Alison Ronson, Candace Newman: Land and Ocean Conservation 1011:14:221/19/20b
1/29/20Dr. Tammy Steeves: Bicultural approaches for enhancing resilience in Aotearoa New Zealand's bioheritage59:2512/9/19c
2/5/20Ruth Kassinger: Let's Get Slimy49:342/2/20b
2/12/20Sibusiso Biyela: Translating Science, Part 146:132/9/20b
2/19/20Sharon Yellowfly, Corey Gray: Translating Science, Part 21:06:212/16/20b
2/26/20Azra Raza: The First Cell54:202/23/20b
3/4/20Zika immunity and falling body temperatures35:562/6/20a
3/11/20Adam Summers: Scan All Fishes51:233/8/20b
3/18/20The plants with three parents35:473/6/20a
3/25/20 amJason Kindrachuk, Kelly Hills: Coronavirus1:46:123/22/20b
3/25/20 pmJason Kindrachuk: Coronavirus pt 159:043/22/20b
4/1/20Lydia Denworth: The Power of Friendship1:14:103/29/20b
4/8/20Clive Thompson: Coders1:12:393/15/20b
4/15/20Rachelle Saunders, Bethany Brookshire: Homeschool STEM Resource Extravaganza1:05:334/12/20b
4/22/20Katherine Eban: Good Drugs, Bad Companies1:01:404/19/20b
4/29/20Joshua Mezrich: Notes From a Transplant Surgeon1:20:394/26/20b
5/6/20Why do bats carry so many dread diseases?29:364/2/20a
5/13/20Sudeep Agarwala: That's the Yeast of Your Worries57:015/10/20b
5/20/20Mehrdad Hajibabaei, Sujeevan Ratnasingham: The Race to Identify All Living Things1:15:475/17/20b
5/27/20Matt McCarthy: Superbug to Bedside53:225/24/20b
6/3/20David Quammen, Maryn McKenna: Spillover60:004/26/13b
6/10/20Sparrows, cavefish and fighting fungus31:255/31/20a
6/10/20, 6/17/20Rachelle Saunders, Bethany Brookshire: Black Lives Matter2:166/7/20b
6/17/20Michelle Duennes: Dissecting Bumble Bee Health59:376/14/20b
6/24/20Bruce Goldfarb: Frances Glessner Lee and the Nutshell Studies1:06:236/21/20b
7/1/20Emily Anthes: The Great Wide Indoors1:09:596/28/20b
7/8/20Sugar on the brain, HIV, and science sex bias36:256/30/20a
7/15/20Alessio Fasano: Is Your Gut Leaking?44:257/12/20b
7/22/20Gretchen McCulloch: Because Internet1:10:297/20/20b
7/29/20Maria Konnikova: Poker Face Psychology1:03:187/27/20b
8/5/20Fiona Watt: Multicellular life, potato blight and Hepatitis B40:586/16/13a
8/12/20Eva Holland: Facing Fear1:03:238/10/20b
8/19/20Rex Holwell, Trevor Bell: Sea Ice1:05:358/16/20b
8/26/20Deirdre Mask: The Address Book58:218/24/20b
9/2/20Plants keep Thyme, cancer drug resistance and clear corneas33:487/16/13a
9/9/20Ainissa Ramirez: The Alchemy of Us1:02:379/7/20b
9/16/20Emily Willingham: Penis. That's It. That's the Title.1:04:169/13/20b
9/23/20Haider Warraich: State of the Heart52:469/20/20b
9/30/20Ears, hearts, and halting Huntington's32:358/31/20a
10/7/20Sarah Besky: Tasting Qualities1:15:3210/5/20b
10/14/20Prostate cancer prediction and bonobo culture35:209/30/20a
10/21/20 amMauna Dasari, Sarah Garner, Vaughan James: Science Communication in Creative Places1:14:3010/19/20b
10/28/20Now hear this!34:188/16/13a
11/4/20Undead Cells29:4210/7/13a
11/11/20Derek Lowe: Moonshot Vaccine Effort1:08:4711/9/20b
11/18/20Human Sperm, Gut Bugs and Decomposition30:5610/30/13a
11/25/20AI for infertility, and scar-free healing31:0911/13/20a
12/2/20Bacteria and Rheumatoid Arthritis28:4211/29/13a
12/9/20Sedatives, Maths and Evolution29:011/6/14a
12/23/20Sea slugs and anti-sickness drugs32:4712/17/20a
12/30/20John Dupuis, Joanne Manaster: Science Books for Science Nerds1:26:5412/8/20b

aMonthly half hour programs by Dr. Chris Smith on topics in the life and biomedical sciences from https://elifesciences.org/podcast.
bPrograms from http://www.scienceforthepeople.ca/, Edmonton Alberta, produced weekly most of the year but scaled back to monthly as of Nov. 2020.
cFrom Computational Biology, Ecology, and Evolution group video of a seminar in the Ebling Auditorium of the UW-Madison Microbial Sciences Building.

Thursday 10 am
Voices for Religious Pluralism
(each program airs again the same day at 5 pm)
Click below to listen online.
1/2/20Kate Lovelady: Retaining Our Innocence: Beginner's Mind 27:1510/13/19a
1/9/20Dr. Steve Carpenter: The Yahara 2070 Project57:2312/8/19b
1/16/20Erin Bosch: The Gospel According to...Me24:111/5/20b
1/23/20John Wunderlin: Who Saved the Electric Car31:231/12/20b
1/30/20Kate Lovelady: Potential in Every Person29:3112/1/19a
2/6/20 Jacqueline Houtman: Bayard Rustin: Troublemaker for Justice 27:421/19/20b
2/13/20 Robin Proud, Renee Deschard: Five Love Languages 32:032/9/20b
2/13/20 Rachel Long: Why are we here? 12:381/26/20b
2/20/20 Connie Ryan, Jeff Sharlet, Michael Vazquez: February 9, 2020 - Oh, Iowa...57:452/8/20c
2/27/20 Penny Andrews: What is Active Hope through the Lens of Joanna Macy - The Work that Reconnects30:582/16/20b
3/5/20 Rob Brink: Why Different is Good 26:232/23/20d
3/12/20 Brooke Norsted: Stories in Stone 36:103/8/20b
3/19/20 Kate Lovelady: Is Marriage a Dying Institution? 28:081/12/20a
3/26/20 Kate Lovelady: Ethical Issues in Making a Living 27:372/16/20a
4/2/20 Zeenat Rahman, Rachel Laser, Suhag Shukla, Rabbi Jack Moline: Stay Home, Stay Focused1:15:523/28/20c
4/9/20 Andrew H. Warren, Harper Jean Tobin, Rev. Marian Edmonds-Allen: Antisocial Distancing52:444/4/20c
4/16/20 Dee J. Hall: Disinformation, Voter Suppression and What You Can Do About It 21:234/5/20b
4/23/20 Elisa DiBenedetto, Pastor Colby Martin, Senator Mazie Hirono, Rabbi Jack Moline: Finding a faithful new way1:06:234/18/20c
4/30/20 Rev. Fletcher Harper, Jack Jenkins, Jen Smyers: Dueling crises 1:20:034/25/20c
5/7/20 Bart Worden: Living Positively: How Ethical Humanism Helps Navigate Troubled Waters 22:243/29/20a
5/14/20 Peter Anderson: The Climate Action Movement Today: Is It Shooting Itself in the Foot or Reaching for the Moon? 43:044/22/20b
5/21/20 Katrina Thompson: Lessons in Inclusivity: What UUs Can Learn From Progressive Muslims 19:594/26/20b
5/28/20 Robin Proud: The Lost Art of Scripture: Karen Armstrong 23:115/23/20b
6/4/20 Sarah Posner, Daniel Karslake, Pete Buttigieg: May 30, 2020 - Race Again1:18:025/30/20c
6/11/20 Kate Lovelady: Hard-Won Wisdom 26:064/12/20a
6/18/20 Robert Streiffer: Ethics, CRISPR, and Human Genome Editing 42:346/7/20b
6/25/20 Karla Thennes: Porchlight's Response to Pandemic 33:086/14/20b
7/2/20 Kate Lovelady: Enough 20:595/31/20a
7/9/20 Greg Palast, Katy Joseph, Ray Kirstein: Rob the Vote 1:02:496/27/20c
7/16/20 Karen Hutt: Have You Ever Said White Trash?44:497/12/20b
7/23/20 Jake King: NAMI Dane County: Our Organization During COVID-1924:267/19/20b
7/30/20 John Lewis, Dr. Keith Jennings, Joan Mooney: To Us Passes This Torch1:07:057/25/20c
8/6/20 Dr. Robert P. Jones, Rev. Tara Wilkins, Haroon Moghul: Reconciling with History1:07:068/2/20c
8/13/20 Pat Buchanan, Michelle Goldeberg, Isaac Kramnick, Laurence Moore: Don't Say You Weren't Warned48:038/8/20c
8/20/20 Elisa DiBenedetto, Nadiah Mohajir, Brandan Robertson: An End to the Veepstakes56:528/15/20c
8/27/20 Renee Deschard, Rachel Long, Mary Mullen, Morris Sadicario, Nancy Schraufnagel, Patty Stockdale: Not for the Weak of Heart - Virtual General Assembly 202036:498/9/20b
9/3/20 William Kristol, Greg Lebel: Christian Nationalism at the RNC48:328/29/20c
9/10/20 Robin Proud: Helen Hamilton Gardener, Free Thinker and Suffragist22:348/23/20b
9/17/20 Rev. Dr. Jim Forbes, Michael McRay, Leila Murphy: Healing the Nation1:01:119/12/20c
9/24/20 Dr. Mark J. Rozell, Rabbi Irwin Kula, Katy Joseph: Your Vote, Your Values54:099/19/20c
10/1/20 David Canon: Voting During the Pandemic34:099/20/20b
10/8/20 Robin Proud: Feminist Fiction: How Women's Literature Impacted the Drive for the Vote27:179/27/20d
10/15/20 Helio Fred Garcia, Rev. Deborah Lee, Peter Montgomery: Words And Consequences59:4710/10/20c
10/29/20 am Madeline Arnold: Another Way: My Journey on the Moving Walkway of Racism33:2610/11/20b
11/5/20 Rob Brink: Endurance Through Hardship: Captain Frank Worsely Teaches Us How To Survive Other People's Stupidity26:2310/25/20d
11/12/20 Michael Eselun: What Matters30:4311/8/20b
11/19/20 Bob Boisture, Jeff Sharlet, Rev. Rick Rouse, Dr. Paul Ingram: November 14, 2020 - Turning the Page1:04:1411/14/20c
11/26/20 Robin Proud: Class in America30:1011/22/20d
12/3/20 Ex-Files: A Conversation with Pat Green - hosted by Ryan Bell1:01:521/13/20e
12/10/20 Greg Palast, Rev. Dr. Althea Spencer-Miller, Rabbi Jack Moline: All Eyes on Georgia 56:5112/5/20c
12/17/20 Peter Montgomery, Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum, Joel Goza: Eroding American Democracy53:0012/12/20c
12/24/20 Jack Jenkins, Dr. Josh Packard, Greg Lebel: A Year in Review, A Year Ahead55:1012/19/20c
12/31/20 John Baugh: Linguistic Profiling 26:5110/11/20a

a Platform address at The Ethical Society of St. Louis.
b Talk for Prairie Unitarian Universalist Society.
c Podcast from State of Belief.
d Talk at the Free Congregation of Sauk County recorded by WIDE-LP.
e Ryan Bell's Life After God podcast.

Friday 10 am
Freethought Radio
Length 49 min. 23 sec.
(unless otherwise noted, each program airs again the same day at 5 pm)
Rebroadcast of radio programs from the Freedom From Religion Foundation
Click below to listen online.
1/3/20 Isaac Kramnick: Godless Citizens1/2/20714
1/10/20Anthony B. Pinn: No God On Our Side1/9/20715
1/17/20Susan Sackett: Inside Star Trek1/16/20716
1/24/20Patton Oswalt, Ben Hart: "I'M GOD"1/23/20717
1/31/20Mandisa Thomas: Freethought Heroine1/30/20718
2/7/20Jeremiah Camara: Holy Hierarchy2/6/20719
2/14/20Mark Dann: God and Government2/13/20720
2/21/20Martin Hägglund: This Life2/20/20721
2/28/20Erin Louis: Expose Yourself2/27/20722
3/6/20Nandini Archer: Pregnancy Center Crisis3/5/20723
3/13/20Katherine Stewart: Power Worshippers3/12/20724
3/20/20Jeff Sharlet: Secret Fundamentalism3/19/20725
3/27/20Susan Jacoby: The Virus of Faith3/26/20726
4/3/20Julia Sweeney: Comic Relief4/2/20727
4/10/20A.C. Grayling: The History of Philosophy4/9/20728
4/17/20Ryan Burge: Stay at Home!4/16/20729
4/24/20Katha Pollitt: Promise of Dawn4/23/20730
5/1/20Avinash Patil: Eradicate Superstition4/30/20731
5/8/20Baba Brinkman: Neighborhood Atheism5/7/20732
5/15/20Bonya Ahmed, Imtiaz Shams: Think!5/14/20733
5/22/20 amOmar Makram: Ex-Muslim Amnesty (repeated from 9/20/19 pm)9/5/19697
5/22/20 pmMichael Shermer: Coronavirus Conspiracies5/21/20734
5/29/20Katha Pollitt: Pandemic Pandering5/28/20735
6/5/20Jeremiah Camara: Religion and Racism6/4/20736
6/12/20Geoffrey R. Stone: Supreme Court in the Balance6/11/20737
6/19/20Jon Steingard: Freedom To Be Yourself6/18/20738
6/26/20John de Lancie, Leighann Lord: The Best Medicine6/25/20739
7/3/20Barbara Alvarez: SCOTUS Right and Wrong7/2/20740
7/10/20Khyati Y. Joshi: White Christian Privilege7/9/20741
7/17/20 pmNelson Tebbe, Micah Schwartzman: The Quiet Demise7/16/20742
7/24/20Jared Huffman: Unalienable Rights7/23/20743
8/7/20 amSkyler Hutto, Juan Cole: Fundamentalist Pandemics7/30/20744
8/7/20 pmMark Dann: Fighting Religious Nationalism8/6/20745
8/14/20Andrew Whitehead: COVID and Christian Nationalism8/13/20746
8/21/20Patrick Elliott: Friend of the Court8/20/20747
8/28/20Coline Jenkins, Chris Matheson: Excellent Adventures8/27/20748
9/4/20Eva Quiñones, Leo Igwe, Robert P. Jones: White Too Long9/3/20749
9/11/20John Davidson: Act Like an Atheist9/9/20750
9/18/20Philip Appleman: Freethought Poet Laureate9/17/20751
9/25/20Rogiérs, Margaret Downey: Fighting Ruthlessly9/24/20752
10/2/20 pmSusan Jacoby: Dogmatic Justice10/1/20753
10/9/20David Nash: Acts Against God10/8/20754
10/16/20Christopher Cameron: Black Freethinkers10/15/20755
10/30/20Randall Cragun: Disenfranchised10/22/20756
11/6/20Kimberly A. Hamlin: Power to the People11/5/20758
11/13/20Nandini Archer: Reality Denial11/12/20759
11/20/20 pmSikivu Hutchinson: Humanists in the Hood10/29/20757
11/27/20Ed Asner, Ben Hart: A Year of Challenge11/24/20761
12/4/20Katherine Stewart: They are here to stay11/19/20760
12/11/20Steven Phelps: Public Places12/3/20762
12/18/20Linda Greenhouse: Grievance Conservatives12/10/20763
12/25/20 amDoug Marshall: Winter Solstice 202012/17/20764
12/25/20 pmSolstice Cheer12/23/20765
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