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interviews, talks by candidates for political office

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Length Creation
1/4/14Mike Konopacki, Paul Buhle: Cartooning and Comix as a Form of Organizing 1:17:188/9/13a
1/11/14Ellen LaLuzerne, Frank Emspak, Norm Stockwell: Labor Media - Building a Voice for Workers 1:22:018/9/13a
1/18/14Emily Mills, Kayla Blado, Kent Watson: Social Media as a Tool for Change 1:22:438/9/13a
1/25/14Amitabh Pal, Bob McChesney, John Nichols, Sandy Reid: Media Democracy, Media Access: Net Neutrality, Censorship, Access/Digital Divide 1:25:538/9/13a
2/1/14 Mark Pocan Q&A hosted by SCWMTA29:5411/26/13b
2/8/14 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Special55:421/20/14c
2/15/14Jacqui Dunne: Rethinking Money: The Quiet Evolution to a Diverse, Resilient and Sustainable Monetary System 1:35:268/10/13d
2/22/14 Melissa Sargent, Mark Miller: Third Anniversary of the Capitol Uprising - hosted by John Quinlan51:362/17/14c
3/1/14 Prof. Ed Fallone: Sing-Along Wins Big in Circuit Court - hosted by Brian Standing15:262/10/14f
3/1/14 Ruth Conniff: Top 10 Scott Walker E-Mail Revelations - hosted by Brian Standing13:332/24/14f
3/8/14Debra White Plume: CONVENTION CLOSING PLENARY: Call to Action keynote address 44:058/11/13e
3/15/14Jim Sauber: Saving the People's Post Office 1:00:428/10/13d
3/22/14John Conowall: Nuts and Bolts of Co-operative Businesses: How to Empower Workers and Keep Wealth in the Community 1:31:228/10/13d
3/29/14Raging Grannies of Madison: Messaging for Democracy - opening 7:433/22/14g
4/5/14Larry Littlegeorge: Messaging for Democracy - opening 5:453/22/14g
4/5/14Mary Bottari: Messaging for Democracy - opening 16:043/22/14g
4/12/14Mike McCabe: Messaging for Democracy - opening 14:133/22/14g
4/19/14John Nichols: Messaging for Democracy - opening 26:003/22/14g
5/3/14George Lakoff: Messaging for Democracy - opening 49:513/22/14g
5/10/14Mark Halvorson, Lee Ketelsen, Kaja Rebane: Engaging State Legislators in Move To Amend 1:29:138/10/13e
5/17/14Head-Roc, Ruth Caplan, Debra White Plume, Margaret Flowers, Cheri Honkala, Richard Monje: Rally to Derail Fast Track and Stop the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP): No More Secret Trade Deals for the 1% 32:288/10/13e
5/24/14Margaret Koster: The Role of Elders within Move To Amend 1:24:248/10/13e
5/31/14David Cobb, Ben Manski: Why Corporations (Including Non-Profits) Don't Possess or Need Constitutional Rights 1:38:398/10/13e
6/7/14Kurt von Mettenheim: Public Banking Around the World, Building Economic Democracy 1:35:398/11/13e
6/14/14Ellen Brown, Marc Armstrong, Ruth Caplan: Essential Information for Starting a Public Bank 1:26:598/11/13e
6/21/149 panelists: CONVENTION CLOSING PLENARY: Call to Action 49:448/11/13e
6/28/14Norm Stockwell, Norm Aulabaugh, John Kerry, David Giffey, Steve Books: Educating the Community on Peace 1:07:278/10/13h
7/5/14 Lisa Subeck, Mark Clear: Assembly Race Candidates - hosted by Carousel Bayrd54:026/24/14c
7/12/14 Mike McCabe on Campaign Finance - hosted by Carousel Bayrd52:407/1/14c
7/19/14 Lew Friedland: Political Polarization in the U.S. - hosted by Michael Wagner50:557/15/14c
7/26/14George Lakoff: Value Based Messaging - Creating the Message 45:463/22/14g
8/2/14 Tamara Packard, Susan Crawford, Joe Catron: Wisconsin Supreme Court Rules on Voter ID & Domestic Partnership Registry - hosted by Esty Dinur52:238/1/14c
8/9/14 Neil Rainford: There is Life After Act 10 - hosted by Brian Standing21:408/4/14f
8/16/14 Carousel Bayrd, Leland Pan, Michael Willett: Proposed New Dane County Jail - hosted by Karma Chavez53:048/6/14c
8/23/14 Barb Munson, Joshua Cooper, Joe Elder: Indigenous People's Rights and the UN - hosted by John Quinlan52:498/18/14c
9/6/14 Will Williams, Jonathan Rosenblum: Moral Week of Action: Equal Protection under the Law: Call for Respect in the Law and in the Community regardless of race, creed, class, gender, sexual orientation and immigration status54:018/24/14i
9/13/14 Lititia Minor, Greg Jones, Patrick Barrett: Moral Week of Action: Voting Rights47:528/28/14i
9/20/14 Analiese Eicher, Maribeth Witzel-Behl, Tom Gieroke: WI Voter ID Law54:479/17/14c
9/27/14 Ron Chance, Ron Johnson, Nino Amato, Sarah Hinkley: Madison's Racial Equity Gap53:039/23/14c
10/4/14 Brenda Konkel: Fines for Allowing Homeless to Sleep on Porch - hosted by Karma Chavez52:359/24/14c
10/11/14 Kate Golden, Patrick Marley: Kewaunee County Takes on Big Dairy; Burke v. Walker: Too Close to Call - hosted by Brian Standing30:029/15/14f
10/18/14 Kevin Kane, John McAdams: Marquette University Debate on BadgerCare Funding and Advisory Referendums on BadgerCare1:08:0010/14/14j
11/1/14 Tanya Atkinson: Walker Defends Forced Vaginal Ultrasounds (repeated from 10/10/14)43:1410/9/14k
11/8/14 Mike Wagner: 2014 Election Results - hosted by Karma Chavez53:0210/5/14c
11/15/14 Ruth Conniff: Wisconsin Politics - hosted by Allen Ruff54:3511/13/14c
11/22/14 Chris Schmidt, Denise DeMarb, Jeff Pertl: City & County Budgets - hosted by Carousel Bayrd52:0511/11/14c
11/29/14 Seeing Through The Red (repeated from 11/7/14)34:1011/7/14k
12/6/14 David Couper: Police Response to Ferguson - hosted by Yuri Rashkin31:5712/1/14c
12/13/14 Scott Wittkopf: Public Education - hosted by Tim Slekar and Jed Hopkins55:0612/5 /14c
12/20/14 Deceitful Attack on Worker Freedom (repeated from 12/12/14)28:2712/12/14k
12/27/14 Alan Borsuk: 25th Anniversary of the School Voucher Program - hosted by Tony Castaneda17:5512/18/14f

a Recorded at the 2013 Democracy Convention in Madison by WORT-FM.
b Audio from YouTube video of Grant W. Petty for South Central Wisconsin Move To Amend at Madison Central Library.
c From A Public Affair, WORT-FM.
d Audio from YouTube videos of Margaret Flowers from the 2013 Democracy Convention in Madison.
e Recorded at the 2013 Democracy Convention in Madison by WIDE-LP.
f From the 8 O'Clock Buzz, WORT-FM.
g Recorded at the Sixth Annual Wisconsin Progressive Grassroots Festival of the Wisconsin Grassroots Network in Mazomanie by WIDE-LP.
h Recorded at the 2013 Veterans for Peace National Convention in Madison by WORT-FM.
i Recorded at the Capitol by WIDE-LP.
j Marquette University debate from Citizen Action of Wisconsin.
k Battleground Wisconsin podcast from Citizen Action of Wisconsin.
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