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1/5/19, 1/6/19Dee Hall: 2018: The Year In Investigative Reporting With WisWatch - hosted by Patty Peltekos 49:3012/31/18a
1/12/19, 1/13/19Satya Rhodes-Conway, Raj Shukla: Meet Madison's Mayoral Candidates, Part 1 - hosted by Carousel Bayrd 53:301/8/19a
1/19/19, 1/20/19Hayley Sperling: Wisconsin Legislature Still Lags In Gender Equity - interview by Nina Kravinsky; Wisconsin Democrats Lay Out Priorities For 2019 11:17; 3:171/9/19; 1/15/19b
1/26/19, 1/27/19 Analiese Eicher, Rep. Jimmy Anderson: Legal Action Against The Lame-Duck Legislative Session - hosted by Carousel Bayrd 44:291/22/19a
2/2/19, 2/3/19Mo Cheeks, Toriana Pettaway: Meet Madison's Mayoral Candidates, Part 2 - hosted by Carousel Bayrd 53:161/15/19a
2/9/19, 2/10/19Cris Carusi, Kaleem Caire: Meet the Candidates: MMSD School Board Seat 3 - hosted by Carousel Bayrd 53:282/5/19a
2/16/19, 2/17/19TJ Mertz, Ananda Mirilli, Amos Roe: Meet the Candidates: MMSD School Board Seat 5 - hosted by Molly Stentz 53:252/12/19a
2/23/19, 2/24/19Satya Rhodes-Conway, Paul Soglin: Mayoral Race Recap - hosted by Chali Pittman 33:232/20/19a
3/2/19, 3/3/19Briana Reilly: Evers Proposes Increasing WEDC Transparency, Capping Voucher School Enrollment - interview by Nina Kravinsky 6:332/25/19b
3/9/19, 3/10/19Tamarine Cornelius: Accountability and Funding Middle Class Tax Cuts on Evers' Budget - interview by Nina Kravinsky 7:403/4/19b
3/16/19, 3/17/19Mark Pocan: Pocan says ICE Withholding Information About September Arrests - interview by Nina Kravinsky 2:543/11/19b
3/16/19, 3/17/19Max Prestigiacomo, Mark Pocan, Ella Roach: Madison Climate Strike rally pt 1 18:073/15/19c
3/23/19, 3/24/19Zachary Henak: Candidate forum for District 10 alder 1:20:463/23/19d
3/30/19, 3/31/19Lisa Neubauer: Wisconsin Supreme Court - hosted by Carousel Bayrd 52:573/26/19a
4/6/19, 4/7/19Satya Rhodes-Conway, Dylan Brogan, Negassi Tesfamichael: Election Recap: Madison Mayoral and School Board Victories - hosted by Molly Stentz 53:544/3/19a
4/13/19, 4/14/19Grace Carpenter, Ella Kuntsman: West Students Bring Green New Deal to Madison - hosted by Jan Miyasaki 10:454/3/19e
4/20/19, 4/21/19Lisa Peyton-Caire, Sara Finger: Black Women's Health Equity in the State Budget - hosted by Carousel Bayrd 53:044/16/19a
4/27/19, 4/28/19Diana Perez, David Trowbridge: Split Show: Driver Licenses for All and Bus Rapid Transit - hosted by Carousel Bayrd 53:034/23/19a
5/4/19, 5/5/19In the Studio with Governor Tony Evers - hosted by Carousel Bayrd 50:154/30/19a
5/11/19, 5/12/19 The First Sixteen Days: An Interview with Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway - hosted by Bert Zipperer 52:475/2/19a
5/18/19, 5/19/19Chris Taylor: Wisconsin Joint Finance Guts Governor's Budget - hosted by Brian Standing 18:105/13/19e
5/25/19, 5/26/19Wisconsin Lame-Duck Session Laws Go to Court - hosted by Carousel Bayrd 53:105/21/19a
6/1/19, 6/2/19Lisa Subeck: Wisconsin Assembly Passes "Born Alive" Bill - hosted by Brian Standing 11:385/20/19e
6/8/19, 6/9/19Emilio De Torre: WI ACLU's Work Toward Prison Reform - hosted by Jerome Dillard 26:535/29/19e
6/15/19, 6/16/19Melissa Sargent: Cannabis Legalization's Rough Road in Wisconsin - hosted by Brian Standing 11:126/3/19e
6/22/19, 6/23/19Haley Archer, Kristin Rice, Gideon Elliott, Aaron Lopez, Elyse Clouthier: LGBTQ+ Protesters Defend Flag - interview by Shaun Soman 4:306/20/19b
6/29/19, 6/30/19Matthew Rothschild: WI Democracy Campaign Tracks Political Donations - hosted by Jan Miyasaki 22:506/26/19e
7/6/19, 7/7/19Wisconsin Sues Drug Company Over Opioid Epidemic - Molly Stentz reporting 2:495/16/19b
7/13/19, 7/14/19Evers' Budget Endgame 48:447/4/19f
7/20/19, 7/21/19Tamarine Cornelius: Evers Makes A Bad Budget A Little Better - hosted by Brian Standing19:097/15/19e
8/24/19, 8/25/19Tom Boswell, Vicki Berenson: Opposition To F-35 Fighter Jets in Madison - hosted by Gil Halsted 52:328/22/19a
9/21/19, 9/22/19Bill Lueders, Jonathan Anderson: For Your Information: Police Body Cam Bill and Access to Public Records - hosted by Gil Halsted 52:469/17/19a
9/28/19, 9/29/19Eric Stevens, Doug La Follette, Nick Utphall, Chris Taylor: Global Climate Strike rally pt 1 25:179/20/19c
10/5/19, 10/6/19Global Climate Strike march and rally pt 2 15:049/20/19g
10/12/19, 10/13/19State Senate Passes Bills, Confirms Secretary Nominations - Shaun Soman reporting 3:4810/8/19b
10/12/19, 10/13/19Wisconsin Assembly Adopts Rules Changes - Martin Rakacolli reporting 3:1410/10/19b
10/19/19, 10/20/19Wisconsin Elections Commission Faces Complaint - Shaun Soman reporting 3:4010/16/19b
10/19/19, 10/20/19Patricia Hammel: Pipeline Trespass Bill - hosted by Esty Dinur 16:0410/18/19a
10/26/19, 10/27/19Joe Parisi: Looking to the 2020 County Budget - hosted by Carousel Bayrd 53:0810/22/19a
11/2/19, 11/3/19Exploring the City Budget with Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway - hosted by Carousel Bayrd55:0410/29/19a
11/9/19, 11/10/19Protesters Call for Gun Regulation - Martin Rakacolli reporting3:3211/7/19b
11/9/19, 11/10/19Second Secretary-Designee Rejection Looms - Shaun Soman reporting2:3711/7/19b
11/16/19, 11/17/19An Inside Look at Wisconsin Politics with Senator Jon Erpenbach - hosted by Carousel Bayrd52:5811/12/19a
11/30/19, 12/1/19James Morgan, Rachel Kincade: MOSES on Rebuilding Community and Restoring Human Rights - hosted by Jerome Dillard52:2511/27/19e
12/7/19, 12/8/19Maxim Thorne: Lawsuit Claims Wisconsin Voter ID Unconstitutional - hosted by Brian Standing 18:0812/2/19e
12/14/19, 12/15/19Scott McDonell: Looking To 2020: All Things Voting - hosted by Ali Muldrow52:2412/11/19a
12/21/19, 12/22/19Wisconsin Elections Commission to Remove Over 230,000 People from Voter Rolls - Shaun Soman reporting 4:5612/16/19b
12/21/19, 12/22/19Wisconsin Senate Hears Arguments on Immigration Bill - Martin Rakacolli reporting 3:5012/17/19b
12/28/19, 12/29/19Becca Schwartz, Sharon Corrigan, Gretchen Treu, Todd Ambs, Johnnie Milton Jr.: The Happy Show - Good News from 2019 - hosted by Carousel Bayrd52:5912/17/19a

a From A Public Affair on WORT-FM.
b From WORT News Department.
c Recorded by WIDE-LP at State Street side of Capitol.
d Recorded by WIDE-LP at Meadowridge Library Community Room.
e From the 8 O'Clock Buzz on WORT-FM.
f Battleground Wisconsin podcast from Citizen Action of Wisconsin.
g Recorded by WIDE-LP in the streets near the Capitol and at MG&E.
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