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1/2/16, 1/3/16 David Greendeer: Save The Mounds - hosted by Tony Castaneda15:1612/31/15a
1/9/16, 1/10/16   Toriana Pettaway: City Hires First Racial Equity Coordinator - hosted by Carousel Bayrd53:451/5/16b
1/16/16, 1/17/16 Sierra Powers, Thistle Pettersen: MAMA Fundraises For Jackson County Opposition To Frac-Sand Mines
- hosted by Jan Miyasaki
1/23/16, 1/24/16 Brian J.: Trans Justice In Our Schools And In Our Legislatures - hosted by Brian Standing14:121/19/16a
1/30/16, 1/31/16   Alexia Kulwiec, Gary Mitchell: The Impact Of The New Civil Service Laws In Wisconsin
- hosted by Carousel Bayrd
2/6/16, 2/7/16   Joe Donald, JoAnne Kloppenburgl: A Public Affair Sits Down With Wisconsin Supreme Court Candidates
- hosted by Carousel Bayrd
2/13/16, 2/14/16 Scott McDonell: Split show: Justice Rebecca Bradley and Voter ID - hosted by Carousel Bayrd52:352/9/16b
2/20/16, 2/21/16 Kerry Schumann: More Environmental Assaults By Legislature Than Ever Before
- hosted by Jan Miyasaki
2/27/16, 2/28/16 Dems Call 'Bait-And-Switch' Over Special Needs Voucher Amendment;
Mic Isham: Highlights From The State Of The Tribes Address
4:09; 5:442/22/16; 2/16/16c
3/5/16, 3/6/16 Rep. Chris Taylor, Rep. Robb Kahll, Dean Loumos: Wisconsin State Assembly In Review
- hosted by Carousel Bayrd
3/12/16, 3/13/16 Christina Neumann-Ortiz, Gloria Reyes: Wisconsin State Senate To Vote On Anti-Immigration AB 450 Bill Next Week - hosted by Carousel Bayrd52:533/8/16b
3/19/16, 3/20/16 Kristen Hansen: The ACLU Of Wisconsin Supports YOUR Rights - hosted by Jan Miyasaki21:453/16/16a
3/26/16, 3/27/16 Jenni Dye, Sharon Corrigan: APA Double Feature - hosted by Carousel Bayrd52:423/22/16b
4/2/16, 4/3/16 Bernie Sanders: A Future to Believe In Rally in Madison1:03:243/26/16d
4/9/16, 4/10/16 Wisconsin Primary Wrap-Up With Mike Wagner - hosted by Karma Chavez52:024/6/16b
4/16/16, 4/17/16 Post-primary politics and the future of the Bernie Sanders movement - hosted by Allen Ruff54:054/7/16b
4/23/16, 4/24/16 State And Local Taxes: Fair Tax Systems That Fund Our Communities - hosted by Bert Zipperer54:014/19/16b
4/30/16, 5/1/16 Ellen Lindgren, Peter Opitz, Mark Clear: Students Protest Jesus Lunch; Alder Mark Clear
- hosted by Carousel Bayrd
5/7/16, 5/8/16 David Cannon: Presidential Primaries 101 - hosted by Carousel Bayrd53:255/3/16b
5/14/16, 5/15/16 Dean Loumos: Discipline Policies That Keep Kids In Madison Schools - hosted by Tony Castaneda14:125/5/16a
5/21/16, 5/22/16 Christa Westerberg: Schimel's High-Capacity Well Opinion And Wisconsin's Waters - hosted by Tony Castaneda18:085/19/16a
5/28/16, 5/29/16 Maurice Cheeks, Barbara McKinney: Violence in the City of Madison - hosted by Carousel Bayrd51:565/24/16b
6/4/16, 6/5/16 Candidate Filing Deadline Special (repreated from 6/3/16)33:506/3/16e
6/11/16, 6/12/16Chris Taylor, Melissa Sargent, Mike Koval, Paul Soglin: National Gun Violence Awareness Day Madison rally (repreated from 6/10/16) 20:386/2/16f
6/18/16, 6/19/16Mark Borchardt, Spencer Black: The Enbridge Tar Sands Invasion pt 1 30:494/13/16g
6/25/16, 6/26/16Jane Kleeb, Mark Borchardt, Spencer Black: The Enbridge Tar Sands Invasion pt 2 56:584/13/16g
7/2/16, 7/3/16 Cory Mason: Waukesha's new toilet40:476/24/16e
7/9/16, 7/10/16 Jessie Opoien Breaks Down Wisconsin Politics - hosted by Mike Wagner53:057/6/16b
7/16/16, 7/17/16 Adam Gallagher, Richard V. Brown, Patrick Miles: Meet The Candidates For Dane County Treasurer
- hosted by Carousel Bayrd
7/23/16, 7/24/16Heather Colburn, Erin Forrest, Annie Weatherby-Flowers: Celebrating Women In Politics
- hosted by Carousel Bayrd
7/30/16, 7/31/16Maribeth Witzel-Behl, Mike Haas: Changes To Wisconsin Voting Laws Will Affect November Election
- hosted by Molly Stentz
8/6/16, 8/7/17Andrea Kaminski, Erin Grunze: Voting Update With The League Of Women Voters - hosted by Patty Peltekos 53:208/1/16b
8/13/16, 8/14/17Jenni Dye, Matt Rothschild: Election Day: What You Need To Know - hosted by Carousel Bayrd 52:538/9/16b
8/20/16, 8/21/17"Deciding What's True" With Lucas Graves - hosted by Mike Wagner 52:508/10/16b
8/27/16, 8/28/17Russ Feingold, Dr. Felicia Kornbluh, David Lee: Split Show: Russ Feingold/Welfare In Wisconsin
- hosted by Esty Dinur
9/3/16, 9/4/16 Andrew Hahn: Wisconsin Election Issue: Can We Make and Keep Our Water Safe?
- hosted by Brian Standing
9/10/16, 9/11/16 Rep. Chris Taylor: ALEC - hosted by Tony Castaneda 22:549/8/16a
9/17/16, 9/18/16 Greg Palast: Voter Fraud...Or Voter Theft? - hosted by Jan Miyasaki 17:529/14/16a
9/24/16, 9/25/16Mary Bottari On Recent John Doe Revelations - hosted by Matt Rothschild 53:069/16/16b
10/1/16, 10/2/16Thomas Frank: Whatever Happened To The Party Of The People? - hosted by Matt Rothschild 55:079/30/16b
10/8/16, 10/9/16 Mary Bottari: U.S. Supreme Court Fails To Take Up Wisconsin Supreme Court Case - hosted by Jan Miyasaki 12:2610/5/16a
10/15/16, 10/16/16 Dana Schultz, Erin Grunze, Lamonte Moore: Getting out the Vote (breakout session)45:369/17/16h
10/22/16, 10/23/16 Anna Dvorak: Trumped43:3710/14/16e
10/29/16, 10/30/16Sen. Jennifer Shilling, Ed Hughes: Wisconsin Election Spotlight - hosted by Carousel Bayrd 52:4510/18/16b
11/5/16 Ald. Maurice Cheeks, Ald. Denise Demarb: City Budget Round-Table - hosted by Carousel Bayrd53:0010/25/16b
11/6/16 Jenni Dye, Analiese Eicher: Countdown To The Election - hosted by Carousel Bayrd53:0011/1/16b
11/12/16, 11/13/16 State Representative Chris Taylor Shares Post-Election Thoughts - hosted by Tony Castaneda 35:4611/10/16a
11/19/16, 11/20/16 Erin Forest, Michael Basford: What Comes Next? - hosted by Carousel Bayrd53:0311/15/16b
12/3/16, 12/4/16 Michael White, Molly Stentz: Breaking Down the Recount - hosted by Carousel Bayrd52:2411/29/16b
12/10/16, 12/11/16 Maurice Cheeks, Jenni Dye: Post-Election Popup Summit58:0211/19/16i
12/17/16, 12/18/16 Douglas M. Poland, Sachin Chheda, Wendy Sue Johnson: Unconstitutional Gerrymandering In Wisconsin - hosted by Carousel Bayrd53:0412/13/16b
12/24/16, 12/25/16 Dianne Conway Hesselbein, Corinda Rainey-Moore, Brian Juchems, Maurice Cheeks, Kimberlee Wright: Reasons To Celebrate In 2016 - hosted by Carousel Bayrd53:3112/20/16b
12/31/16 Tod Ohnstad, Matt Rothschild: A Look Back At The Politics Of 2016 - hosted by Tony Castaneda 26:4712/29/16a

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b From A Public Affair, WORT-FM.
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d Recorded at Alliant Energy Center by WORT.
e Battleground Wisconsin podcast from Citizen Action of Wisconsin.
f Recorded by WIDE-LP at Madison's Central Park.
g Recorded by WIDE-LP at the UW Lowell Center, 610 Langdon St.
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