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and statements by candidates for political office

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1/5/13 Tammy Baldwin & Norm Stockwell: Acceptance speech and election results (repeated from 11/7/12) 54:0511/7/12a
1/12/13Mike Wagner: Elections, Democracy and the Media (repeated from 11/9/12) 53:5711/8/12a
1/19/13Laura Dresser: Policy and Political Initiatives - Economics, Politics, and Movements: Why Inequality isn't Inevitable - pt. 1 56:3110/12/12b
1/26/13Laura Dresser: Policy and Political Initiatives - Economics, Politics, and Movements: Why Inequality isn't Inevitable - pt. 2 Q&A 22:3610/12/12b
2/2/13Ron Dolen: Response to the State of the State Address - hosted by Norm Stockwell 29:401/16/13a
2/9/13Transforming Institutions - Rebuilding Local News 1:02:1010/13/12b
2/16/13ICWJ: Wisconsin Uprising Anniversary - hosted by Jonathan Rosenblum 53:112/11/13a
2/23/13Rebecca Kemble, Mike McCabe, Jon Peacock, Robert Kraig: Governor Walker's State Budget - hosted by Norman Stockwell 54:242/19/13a
3/2/13Bob McChesney: Digital Disconnect: How Capitalism is Turning the Internet Against Democracy - hosted by Allen Ruff 39:182/21/13a
3/9/13David Kast, Jack Laun: A Whole Which is Greater: Why the Wisconsin Uprising Failed 1:00:352/14/13c
3/23/13Ruth Conniff: Trouble at the State Capitol - hosted by Allen Ruff 44:462/28/13a
3/30/13Bruce Murphy, Steve Horn: Split Show: WI Supreme Court Race and New UW Chancellor - hosted by Rebecca Kemble 52:223/21/13a
4/6/13Dean A. Strang: Worse than the Devil: Anarchists, Clarence Darrow, and Justice in a Time of Terror - hosted by Tim Hansel 38:173/6/13a
4/13/13Mike Wiggins, Kelly Westlund, Barbara With: Passage of the Mining Bill - hosted by Esty Dinur 53:463/15/13a
4/20/13Jason Stein, Patrick Marley: More than They Bargained For - hosted by Tim Hansel 55:074/15/13a
4/27/13Rep. Sondy Pope, Marj Passman, Ellen Lindgren: Public Schools Under Attack: Voucher, Charter and Virtual (repeated from 4/5/13) 59:312/16/13d
5/4/13Rebecca Kemble: Can The Police Limit Speech In The Wisconsin State Capitol? 21:454/29/13e
5/11/13Kelly Albrecht, Theodore Lipscomb: Assembly 110 Food Stamps Bill limiting Options For The Poor; Why Is Milwaukee Such A Disconnect From The State Of Wisconsin? 43:435/9/13e
5/18/13Trevor Timm: The Freedom Of The Press Foundation And The War On Whistle Blowers 24:535/15/13e
5/25/13Ruth Conniff: School Privatization - hosted by Allen Ruff 54:235/16/13a
6/1/13Andy Miller, Jacque Pokorney & Patrick Barrett: Affordable Housing; "Fighting Forward" Labor Summit - hosted by John Quinlan 52:115/20/13a
6/8/13Mitch: AB Assembly Bill 183 Bad For Landlords And Really Bad For Tenants; A Shakespearian Rant At The Forbidden Dome Of Government - hosted by Brian Standing 34:175/20/13e
6/15/13Solidarity Sing-along at the Capitol 23:358/25/11f
6/29/13Beau Hodai: Domestic Spying and Homeland Security - hosted by Allen Ruff 52:505/30/13a
7/6/13Bob McChesney: Dollarocracy - hosted by Allen Ruff 54:067/4/13a
7/13/13Parker Palmer: Healing The Heart Of Democracy - Lake Mills 38:552/6/13g
7/20/13Reps. Terese Berceau and Melissa Sargent: WI Budget: Local Effects - hosted by Carousel Bayrd 52:017/9/13a
7/27/13, 8/3/13Steven Porter: The Right to Peacefully Assemble - hosted by Carousel Bayrd 50:197/16/13a
8/10/13Kaja Rebane: Framing the Move To Amend Message: Speaking to People's Hearts and Minds 1:19:358/8/13h
8/17/13Daniel Lee, Egberto Willies: The Rights Race: An Interactive Exercise Exposing What Happens When a Corporation is a Person with Constitutional Rights 1:19:248/8/13h
8/24/13Ben Manski, George Friday, Jill Stein, Leah Bolger, Leland Pan, Margaret Flowers, Norm Stockwell, Richard Monje, Roshan Bliss, Victoria Collier: CONVENTION ROUNDTABLE PLENARY 1:34:498/8/13h
8/31/13, 9/7/13Joan Stallard, Steve Spitz, Lee Ketelsen: Engaging Congress with Integrity & Authenticity: Learning to Coalesce and Exercise "People Power" to Hold Elected Officials Accountable to the Movement 1:38:318/9/13h
9/14/13Medea Benjamin: Convention Opening Plenary 22:278/7/13i
9/14/13Bryan Kennedy: Convention Opening Plenary 11:388/7/13i
9/21/13Convention Opening Plenary with Gar Alperovitz: The Next American Revolution 39:578/7/13i
9/28/13Convention Opening Plenary with Gar Alperovitz: Q&A 29:568/7/13h
10/5/13David Cobb, George Friday: Engaging and Relating to the next United States Social Forum (USSF): Developing a Strategy to Move from Convergence to Coherence 1:29:058/9/13h
10/12/13David Cobb, Dan Marks: Article V Constitutional Convention: A Blessing, a Curse, or Both? 1:29:298/9/13h
10/19/13Ben Ptashnik, Lori Compas, Mike McCabe: Money Out, Voters In: Campaign Finance Reform Post-Citizens United 1:41:578/9/13h
10/26/13Gar Alperovitz: The Emerging Shape of the Next System 1:41:108/8/13j
11/2/13Herb Edwards and Lillia Frantin: Re-Imagining NOW: Taking The Next Steps Toward A New Society 1:39:368/8/13j
11/9/13Jim Armstrong: B Corporations: Bringing Public Benefit into the Corporate Structure 46:588/8/13j
11/16/13Thomas Gokey: Why Are We in Debt? What Are Our True Debts to One Another? 1:30:208/8/13j
11/23/13Greg Rosenberg, Michael Carlson: Models for Permanently Affordable Housing: Community Land Trusts and Co-ops 40:228/9/13j
11/30/13Nancie Koerber: Ending Foreclosure and Creating a Sustainable Local Economy 1:37:318/9/13j
12/7/13Rebecca Ryan: Investing Locally: Moving Your Money From Wall Street to Main Street 1:20:338/9/13j
12/14/13David Newby, Josh Wise, Kevin Zeese, Margaret Flowers: How to Stop the World's Largest 'Trade Agreement' 1:26:058/9/13j
12/21/13Jacqui Dunne, Ellen Brown, Justin Wedes, Kevin Zeese, Rebecca Ryan: PLENARY: The End of Big Finance, Creating the New Economy 58:558/9/13j
12/28/13Jacqui Dunne, Ellen Brown, Justin Wedes, Kevin Zeese, Rebecca Ryan: PLENARY: The End of Big Finance, Creating the New Economy - Q&A 19:408/9/13j

a From A Public Affair, WORT-FM.
b Recorded at the 2012 Economic Democracy Conference in Madison by WIDE-LP.
c From Fighting Bob Radio.
d Talk sponsored by The Madison Institute.
e From the 8 O'Clock Buzz, WORT-FM.
f Recorded at the Capitol during the 2011 Democracy Convention in Madison by WIDE-LP.
g Audio from YouTube video of ontheearthproduction.
h Recorded at the 2013 Democracy Convention in Madison by WIDE-LP.
i Recorded at the 2013 Democracy Convention in Madison by Byran Bliss.
j Audio from YouTube videos of Margaret Flowers from the 2013 Democracy Convention in Madison.
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