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1/1/17 Matt Rothschild: Show Me The Money! - hosted by Jan Miyasaki 15:5912/21/16a
1/7/17, 1/8/17Charley Preusser: Western Wisconsin's Move From Blue To Red 19:131/5/17a
1/14/17, 1/15/17Jeanne Massey: FairVote Minnesota: Ranked-Choice Voting Is Better - hosted by Brian Standing 19:051/2/17a
1/21/17, 1/22/17MMSD Board Candidates State Their Case - hosted by Carousel Bayrd 53:001/17/17b
1/28/17, 1/29/17An Alternative State Budget (repeated from 1/20/17) 35:391/19/17c
2/4/17, 2/5/17Maurice Cheeks, Jennifer Cheatham: Trump's America At The Local Level - hosted by Carousel Bayrd 52:591/24/17b
2/11/17, 2/12/17Annabelle Harless: Yes, Mother, It Is Gerrymandering! - hosted by Jan Miyasaki 14:382/1/17a
2/18/17Tim Slekar: Education Update: New State Budget, Superintendent Race, And Private Schools
- hosted by Tony Castaneda
2/19/17Mark Pocan: Town Hall 1:43:442/18/17d
2/25/17, 2/26/17Austin Plier, John Hendrick, Matt Rothschild: Ranked Choice Voting - hosted by Bert Zipperer 53:032/23/17b
3/4/17, 3/5/17Marilyn Townsend, Jill Karofsky: Know Your Candidates: Dane County District Judge
- hosted by Carousel Bayrd
3/11/17, 3/12/17Maurice Cheeks, Steve Fitzsimmons: District 10 Alder Election Forum 1:01:193/8/17e
3/18/17, 3/19/17Maurice Cheeks, Steve Fitzsimmons, Dorothy Krause, Rich Tate, Anne Scott, Wanda Smith:
Aldermanic Candidate Forum, Madison District 10 and Fitchburg District 1 seats 1 & 2
pt 1
3/25/17Maurice Cheeks, Steve Fitzsimmons, Dorothy Krause, Rich Tate, Anne Scott, Wanda Smith:
Aldermanic Candidate Forum, Madison District 10 and Fitchburg District 1 seats 1 & 2
pt 2
3/26/17Marilyn Townsend, Jill Karofsky: Candidates Forum for Dane County Circuit Court Judge
- hosted by East Side Progressives
4/1/17Nicki Vander Meulen, Kate Toews, Ali Muldrow: Candidates Forum for Madison Board of Education
- hosted by East Side Progressives
4/8/17Bill Whitford: GOP Gerrymander Lawsuit May Be Decided By The Supremes - hosted by Brian Standing 18:274/3/17a
4/9/17Rep. Chris Taylor On ALEC's Convention Push, Future For Democrats - hosted by Tony Castaneda 26:353/30/17a
4/15/17, 4/16/17Drug testing Conservatives (repeated from 4/7/17) 49:084/7/17c
4/22/17, 4/23/17Sean Duffy hates Medicare and Public Education (repeated from 4/21/17) 46:134/21/17c
4/29/17, 4/30/17Kathleen Vinehout: Learning From the Rural Perspective (repeated from 4/15/17) 21:103/25/17h
5/6/17, 5/7/17Bruce Wallbaumt, Gene Cox: Tiny Homes Provide Safe, Secure Shelter In Madison - hosted by Jan Miyasaki 22:085/3/17a
5/13/17, 5/14/17Frederick Clarkson: Eroding The Separation Of Church And State; Alicia Bannon: Bannon: Legislatures Trying To Limit The Power Of The Court; Mark Borchardt: "80 Feet Is Enough" Attempts To Halt Land Grab - hosted by Jan Miyasaki 48:595/10/17a
5/20/17, 5/21/17Rep. Chris Taylor, Marilyn Townsend: Split Show: Rep. Chris Taylor And Judge Marilyn Townsend
- hosted by Carousel Bayrd
5/27/17, 5/28/17Bryan Kennedy, Eric Finch: The Struggle For The Soul Of The WI Democratic Party
- hosted by Brian Standing
6/10/17, 6/11/17Capitol Update: State Representatives Sargent, Subeck, And Goyke - hosted by Carousel Bayrd 53:105/30/17b
6/17/17, 6/18/17WI League Of Conservation Voters Celebrates 15 Years! - hosted by Jan Miyasaki 12:565/31/17a
6/24/17, 6/25/17The Anticipated Mike McCabe Run For Wisconsin Governor? - hosted by Brian Standing 17:306/17/17a
7/1/17, 7/2/17Thomas J Mertz, Anna Mueller Moffit, Michele Hatchell: Madison School Board Approves Next Year's Budget - hosted by Carousel Bayrd 52:566/27/17b
7/8/17, 7/9/17Mayor Paul Soglin, The Democratic Party, And Running For Governor - hosted by Alejandro Alonso Galva 10:257/5/17i
7/15/17, 7/16/17The State Of The Democratic Party, With Martha Laning - hosted by Denise Demarb 52:477/11/17b
7/22/17, 7/23/17State Senator Kathleen Vinehout - hosted by Dave Devereaux-Weber 52:327/21/17b
7/29/17, 7/30/17Susan Schmitz, Jerry Deschane: The Complexities Of Wisconsin Transportation
- hosted by Denise Demarb
8/5/17, 8/6/17Elise Dihlman-Malzer, Sam Grover: Wisconsin Women's Abortion Services Under Siege
- hosted by Brian Standing
8/12/17, 8/13/17Rep. Chris Taylor: Corruption of Our Democracy (repeated from 5/25/17) 44:595/21/17j
8/19/17Leah Bolger, Norman Solomon: Do People Want Peace? The State of Public Opinion, the Peace Movement, and Governance 1:13:178/2/17k
8/20/17Robert Koehler: Peace Media 59:368/2/17k
8/26/17Dianne Hesselbein, Jennifer Shilling, Lena Taylor: Wisconsin State Assembly Passes Foxconn Bill
- hosted by Carousel Bayrd
8/27/17Medea Benjamin, Cameron Gordon, Million Artist Movement: CONVENTION PLENARY: Opening Ceremonies and Keynotes pt 1 33:108/2/17k
9/2/17Emma's Revolution, Gar Alperovitz: CONVENTION PLENARY: Opening Ceremonies and Keynotes pt 2 33:438/2/17k
9/3/17Medea Benjamin, Chris Mato Nunpa: CONVENTION PLENARY: Opening Ceremonies and Keynotes pt 3 38:438/2/17k
9/9/17Larry Johnson, Steve McKeown, Suzanne Al-Kayali: Peace Culture and Peace Celebrations: Outgrowing Nationalism, Materialism, Machismo, and Exceptionalism 1:12:058/3/17k
9/10/17David Swanson, Medea Benjamin: The Case for War Abolition. Why We Can and Must End Our Greatest Crime 1:15:378/3/17k
9/16/17Alex Halderman, Dr. Jill Stein: The 2016 Recounts 1:12:238/3/17l
9/17/17Marc Armstrong: Public Banking Essentials 1:19:288/3/17k
9/23/17Tamarine Cornelius: What Can Families Expect From The State Budget? - hosted by Bert Zipperer 53:219/15/17b
9/24/17Anna Callahan, Cameron Gordon, Kevin Chavis, Mackenzie Taylor: How To Get Progressives Elected 1:13:258/3/17l
9/30/17Kent Shifferd, Marna Anderson, Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer: Replacing War Systems with Peace Systems 1:03:238/3/17k
10/1/17Anna Callahan, Elizabeth Glidden, Matt Kozlowski: Taking Over Local Government 1:06:108/3/17l
10/7/17Ken Pentel: How the Genuine Progress Indicator Improves the Prospects for Democracy 1:15:598/3/17k
10/8/17George Martin, Kent Shifferd: Peacenvironmentalism. One movement, Indivisible 1:08:528/3/17k
10/14/17Andrew Beeman, Elizabeth Glidden, Grace Ramsey, Ra Shad Gaines: Why We Need Ranked Choice Voting 1:00:208/3/17l
10/15/17Joseph E. Schwartzberg, Ronald Glossop: Transforming the United Nations 1:20:548/3/17k
10/21/17Monique Salhab, Nekima Levy-Pounds: Overcoming Racism, Militarism, and the Militarized Police 1:09:558/3/17l
10/22/17Chelle Stoner, John Hayden: Breaking the Gridlock in Washington, DC 1:05:508/3/17k
10/28/17Tim Schwartz: Empower Yourself By Inspiring Bank Exits 47:598/3/17k
10/29/17David Cobb, Meleiza Figueroa: Media Vision and Practice for Winning A New Society 1:12:368/4/17k
11/4/17George Friday, Richard Monje, Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap, Cheri Honkala: Opening Plenary: Why We Need to Democratize the U.S. Constitution 1:07:318/4/17k
11/5/17Meleiza Figueroa, Michael O'Neil: Green News Network 1:12:138/4/17k
11/11/17Rep. Ilhan Omar: Move to Amend Outreach Action 16:448/4/17k
11/12/17Greg Coleridge, Sandy Bolzenius: Lessons from Past Movements that Inform our Current Movement: Abolitionists, Seneca Falls, Populists, ERA struggle 1:19:278/4/17k
11/18/17Michael Salamone, Anoa Changa: Media Revolt 1:14:108/4/17k
11/19/17Laura Bonham, Jerome Scott: Looking at Current Events Through the Lens of Corporate Rule 1:20:408/4/17k
11/25/17Deanna Murphy, Ginger Jentzen, Jill Stein, Paula Overby: Left Elect 1:08:508/4/17l
11/26/17Bo-Young Lim, Howard Switzer, Steven Walsh: Climate Change and Money: Hacking at the Root 1:17:588/4/17k
12/2/17Mike Crute, Matt Rothschild, Mary Bottari: Follow the Money Democracy Forum 43:1910/25/17m
12/3/17Jillian Thomas: Social Media Best Practices 1:10:348/4/17k
12/9/17Kip Hedges, Celeste Robinson: How Minneapolis Won $15/hr 1:16:508/4/17k
12/10/17John Peck, Nancy Price, Dorotea Manuela: Caring for Mother Earth: Profiteers vs. Protectors: Land, Trees, Water and Seeds. Next Steps 1:15:388/4/17k
12/16/17Ari Berman: How The Presidential Election Was Rigged - hosted by Jan Miyasaki 24:0312/6/17a
12/17/17Keith Ellison: CONVENTION PLENARY: Overcoming Oppression, Building an Inclusive Democracy Movement pt 1 30:018/4/17k
12/23/17Jennifer Epps-Addison: CONVENTION PLENARY: Overcoming Oppression, Building an Inclusive Democracy Movement pt 2 22:048/4/17k
12/24/17Jacqui Patterson: CONVENTION PLENARY: Overcoming Oppression, Building an Inclusive Democracy Movement pt 3 15:358/4/17k
12/30/17Jill Stein: CONVENTION PLENARY: Overcoming Oppression, Building an Inclusive Democracy Movement pt 4 26:298/4/17k
12/31/17Mark Pocan: CONVENTION PLENARY: Democracy's Struggle with Rep. Pocan 1:08:578/5/17k

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