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Wisconsin Democracy Report
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Commentary at public events by activists for social change
and statements by candidates for political office

Wisconsin Democracy Report
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3/12/11 Media & the Wisconsin Labor Struggle: Countering Myths & Distortions - pt 11:00:143/3/11a
3/19/11 Media & the Wisconsin Labor Struggle: Countering Myths & Distortions - pt 2  44:293/3/11a
3/26/11, 4/2/11 People's Candidate Forum - pt 1  58:113/22/11b
4/9/11 People's Candidate Forum - pt 2   (repeated from 4/4/11)53:353/22/11b
4/16/11 John Nichols at National Conference for Media Reform 201110:244/10/11c
4/23/11Lisa Graves, Ed Garvey: Speak Out for Workers Rights - pt 1 (repeated from 4/8/11) 52:303/12/11b
4/30/11Tammy Baldwin, Dennis Kucinich: Speak Out for Workers Rights - pt 2 (repeated from 4/22/11) 1:00:543/12/11b
5/7/11Ed Garvey, Peg Lautenschlager, Laura Flanders, John Nichols, Mike McCabe, Paul Soglin: People's Legislature in Madison February 27, 2011 22:192/27/11d
5/14/11John Nichols, Rep. Mike Capuano, Eve Weinbaum, Michael Lighty: From Madison to Massachusetts: How the Fight to Defend Worker Rigts is Ushering in a New Political Era 56:174/10/11e
5/21/11Rabbi Renee Bauer: Labor Day: Honoring Workers, Pursuing Justice (repeated from 10/6/10) 31:389/5/10f
5/28/11Mike McCabe Interview (repeated from 3/13/10) 30:003/13/10g
6/4/11Thom Hartmann speaks to thousands in Baraboo, WI at Fighting Bob Fest on 9/11/10 24:319/14/10e
6/11/11David R. Obey (D - WI) at Fighting Bob Fest on 9/11/10 25:259/14/10e
6/18/11Linking immigration rights and labor 29:244/28/11h
6/25/11Rev. Jesse Jackson at Fighting Bob Fest on 9/11/10 34:379/16/10e
7/2/11Howard Bellman: Collective Bargaining for Government Workers in Wisconsin: The Challenge of Democracy in the Workplace (repeated from 6/29/11) 37:216/19/11f
7/9/11Jane L. Collins: Both Hands Tied: Welfare Reform and the Race to the Bottom of the Low-Wage Labor Market (repeated from 3/4/11) 41:563/2/11i
7/16/11Democracy Now! from the WI state Capitol (repeated from 2/25/11) 59:162/25/11j
7/23/11Bob McChesney on A Public Affair (repeated from 3/11/11) 30:393/7/11i
7/30/11Excerpts from Democracy Now! for 3/3/11 (repeated from 3/4/11) 16:463/3/11j
8/6/11Democracy Now! for 8/5/11 59:168/5/11j
8/13/11Ruth Coniff and Molly Stentz on recall results 55:458/10/11i
8/20/11Timothy Messer-Kruse: The Trial of the Haymarket Anarchists: Terrorism and Justice in the Gilded Age 53:298/18/11i
8/27/11Tammy Baldwin, Paul Soglin, Mark Pocan, Mark Miller & Kelda Helen Roys at the Wisconisin Capitol Pride 2011 rally 27:188/21/11k
9/3/11Don Taylor, Mike Konopacki, Jerry Tucker, Adrian Paggic: The Struggle to Defend the Rights and Living Standards of Wisconsin Workers 55:208/16/11i
9/10/11Democracy Convention welcome by Mayor Paul Soglin 19:338/24/11l
9/10/11KEYNOTE by Tom Hayden (introduced by Ben Manski) 36:388/24/11l
9/17/11KEYNOTE by Cheri Honkala (introduced by David Cobb) 39:328/24/11l
9/24/11Charity Schmidt, Jolie Lizotte, Seth Hoffmeister: Wisconsin Uprising: The Story of Students in the Capitol 1:30:058/25/11l
10/1/11Jim Tarbell, Patrick Waring: Skill Building: Riding the Airwaves: Radio for Revolution 1:34:078/25/11l
10/8/11Dennis Kucinich at kickoff for Fighting Bob Fest 2011 at the Barrymore Theatre23:229/16/11m
10/15/11Lisa Graves, John Nichols: The Military-Industrial-Media Complex - pt I 1:06:358/26/11l
10/22/11Leah Bolger, Ray McGovern: The Military-Industrial-Media Complex - pt II 35:058/26/11l
10/29/11Norm Stockwell, Danielle Chynoweth, David Klann, John Anderson, Tamara Dean: Using Radio as a Medium 1:31:358/26/11l
11/5/11Rick Kissell: Ranked Choice Voting 51:018/26/11l
11/12/11John Anderson, Patrick Waring, Frank Emspak, Sara Schulz: Building a Community-Driven Media Organization - pt I 1:02:568/27/11l
11/19/11John Anderson, Patrick Waring, Frank Emspak, Sara Schulz: Building a Community-Driven Media Organization - pt II 1:13:328/27/11l
11/26/11Annabel Park: Skill Building: Using Social Media 1:22:468/28/11l
12/3/11Phil Neuenfeldt and other Recall Rally speakers at the Capitol Square23:1611/19/11k
12/10/11Wisconsin People's Assembly - pt I 1:11:228/28/11l
12/17/11Wisconsin People's Assembly - pt II 58:378/28/11l
12/24/11Occupy Madison 5:30 General Assembly at Reynolds Field 39:3010/9/11n
12/31/11Occupy Madison 5:30 General Assembly at Reynolds Field pt I48:2010/10/11n

a Recorded at the Orpheum Theatre on State Street in Madison by WORT-FM.
b Recorded at the Barrymore Theatre by WORT-FM.
c Excerpt from CounterSpin from Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting.
d Audio from the People's Legislature videos recorded at the Crowne Plaza Hotel Madison.
e Audio from YouTube video of ontheearthproduction.
f Recorded at Prairie Unitarian Universalist Society Meeting House in Madison.
g Recorded by Aldous Tyler for WIDE-LP.
h From Health Writers on the Air, WORT-FM.
i From A Public Affair, WORT-FM.
j From Democracy Now!
k Recorded on the Capitol Square in Madison by WIDE-LP.
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m Audio from YouTube videos of CESAWCER, Paul Baker.
n Recorded at Reynolds Field Park in Madison by WIDE-LP.