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1/4/20, 1/5/20Jessie Opoien, Abby Becker, Patrick Marley: What happened in 2019?
A year-in-review with political journalists
- hosted by Carousel Bayrd
1/11/20, 1/12/20 The Fight for Fair Maps in Wisconsin with Rep. Dianne Hesselbein - hosted by Carousel Bayrd52:491/7/20a
1/18/20, 1/19/20 David Canon, Aneesa McMillan: Wisconsin's Voter Roll Purge and the Fight for Voting Rights
- hosted by Yuri Rashkin
1/25/20, 1/26/20 Mike McCabe: Responding to Gov. Tony Evers' 2020 State of the State Address
- hosted by Allen Ruff
2/1/20Meet Wisconsin Supreme Court Candidates Ed Fallone and Jill Karofsky - hosted by Carousel Bayrd52:351/21/20a
2/2/20Split Show: Meet Justice Daniel Kelly and Election Analysis with Mike Browne - hosted by Carousel Bayrd52:201/28/20a
2/8/20, 2/9/20Karen Ball, Maia Pearson, Christina Gomez Schmidt: Meet the Candidates: Madison School Board Seat 6 - hosted by Carousel Bayrd57:371/14/20a
2/15/20, 2/16/20Republicans Pass "Tougher On Crime" Package; Republicans Advance "Personhood" Amendment - Shaun Soman reporting 4:03; 3:522/12/20; 2/13/20b
2/22/20, 2/23/20Wis GOP votes for mass incarceration 46:412/14/20c
2/29/20, 3/1/20State Senate Passes Police Body Cam Law - Martin Rakacolli reporting; Community Leaders Oppose F-35s - Shaun Soman reporting 2:34; 4:392/20/20; 2/27/20b
3/7/20, 3/8/20Elections Commission Seeks Greater Security Measures - Jade Iseri-Ramos reporting;
Wisconsin Treasurer Launches Task Force on Homeownership - Martin Rakacolli reporting
2:05; 3:233/4/20; 3/5/20b
3/14/20, 3/15/20Eken Park Resistance Hosts Virtual Gathering Opposing F-35s - hosted by Esty Dinur;
Fabiola Hamdan on ICE Activities in Wisconsin - Shaun Soman reporting
9:57; 8:183/13/20; 3/11/20a; b
3/21/20, 3/22/20Sheila Stubbs: Make Yourself Count Madison - hosted by Brian Standing15:423/16/20d
3/28/20, 3/29/20James Morgan, Latoya Greer: Law Enforcement, Prison Concerns, COVID-19
- hosted by Jan Miyasaki
4/4/20, 4/5/20Fred Risser Reflects on 64-Year Political Career - hosted by Brian Standing18:353/30/20d
4/11/20, 4/12/20Jesse Wegman: Journalist on Wisconsin Election: Republicans Are Letting People Die in Order to Hang On to Power
4/18/20, 4/19/20Erin Forrest, Sachin Chheda: Wisconsin Election Results Recap - hosted by Carousel Bayrd53:594/14/20a
4/25/20, 4/26/20Steve Horn: Right-Wing Groups Behind "Liberate" Movement - hosted by Esty Dinur 32:214/24/20a
5/2/20, 5/3/20Lester Pines: Wisconsin Legislature Sues to Reopen the State - What Now?
- hosted by Carousel Bayrd
5/9/20, 5/10/20Elizabeth Howard: Ensuring Safe (and Fair) Elections - hosted by Jan Miyasaki11:145/6/20d
5/16/20, 5/17/20Steven Mulroy: Vote By Mail Gains Ground - hosted by Brian Standing14:175/4/20d
5/23/20, 5/24/20Wisconsin Elections Commission Delays Vote On New Absentee Ballot Measure - Jonah Chester reporting 2:245/21/20b
5/30/20, 5/31/20Wisconsin Elections Commission Votes to Mail Absentee Ballot Applications - Martin Rakacolli reporting 4:385/28/20b
6/6/20, 6/7/20Meet Wisconsin State Senate Candidates Nada Elmikashfi and Kelda Roys
- hosted by Carousel Bayrd
29:18; 24:216/2/20a
6/13/20, 6/14/20Marsha Rummel: Madison Seeks To Rein In the Police - hosted by Brian Standing12:106/8/20d
6/20/20, 6/21/20Meet Wisconsin State Senate Candidates John Imes and Aisha Moe
- hosted by Carousel Bayrd
27:06; 25:036/16/20a
6/27/20, 6/28/20Meet Wisconsin State Senate Candidates William Davis III and Brian Benford
- hosted by Carousel Bayrd
27:35; 25:516/23/20a
7/4/20, 7/5/20Meet Amani Latimer Burris for Wisconsin State Senate District 26 - hosted by Carousel Bayrd31:366/30/20a
7/11/20, 7/12/20Court Upholds Early Voting Restrictions in Wisconsin - hosted by Carousel Bayrd24:006/30/20a
7/18/20, 7/19/20Meet Assembly District 76 Candidates Heather Driscoll and Marsha Rummel
- hosted by Carousel Bayrd
7/25/20, 7/26/20Meet Assembly District 76 Candidates Francesca Hong and Tyrone Cratic Williams
- hosted by Carousel Bayrd
8/1/20, 8/2/20Meet Assembly District 76 Candidates Ali Maresh and Nicki Vander Meulen
- hosted by Carousel Bayrd
8/8/20, 8/9/20Meet Assembly District 76 Candidates Dewey Bredeson and Patrick Hull - hosted by Carousel Bayrd 54:088/4/20a
8/15/20, 8/16/20Gloria Reyes, Dave Branson, Mo Cheeks: Back-to-School 2020: A Virtual Start and Two Referenda - hosted by Carousel Bayrd 53:038/11/20a
8/22/20, 8/23/20 Tehmina Islam, Steve Klafka: What's going on with F-35 Fighter Jet Resistance?
- hosted by Allen Ruff
8/29/20, 8/30/20Rep. David Bowen, Rep. Shelia Stubbs: Wisconsin Black Caucus Members on Police Reform Bills
- hosted by Carousel Bayrd
9/5/20, 9/6/20Max Prestigiacomo: Madison's New Generation of Politics - hosted by Nada Elmikashfi 50:299/4/20a
9/12/20, 9/13/20Taking Stock of 2020 with Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway - hosted by Ali Muldrow53:039/9/20a
9/19/20, 9/20/20Elliot Schochet, Johanna Hussein: Recruiting student voters in a virtual world
- hosted by Jan Miyasaki
9/26/20, 9/27/20Finance Committee Recommends Body Camera Pilot Program to Madison Council
- Martin Rakacolli reporting
10/3/20, 10/4/20Michael Haas, Doug Poland: Madison Voters Ask Court to Declare Democracy in the Park Legal 2:0010/1/20b
10/3/20, 10/4/20Scott McDonell: Federal Appeals Court Upholds Wisconsin's Absentee Ballot Extension
- Jonah Chester reporting
10/10/20, 10/11/20Cris Carusi, Kelly Ruppel, Chad Wiese: Know Your Ballot: Investing in Madison Public Schools
- hosted by Carousel Bayrd
10/17/20, 10/18/20Liana Perez, Keith Findley, Bill Leuders, Ayomi Obuseh: Long-Awaited Community Control Board Limited In Authority
- Jonah Chester reporting
10/24/20, 10/25/20Eileen Newcomer: League of Women Voters Celebrates 100 Years - And Faces Challenges Head-On - hosted by Jan Miyasaki 20:5410/21/20d
10/31/20, 11/1/20Meagan Wolfe, Josh Kaul, Maribeth Witzel-Behl: Local and State Elections Officials Warn Against Voter Intimidation
- Jonah Chester reporting
11/7/20, 1/8/20Tanya McLean, Ruth Conniff: Election Aftermath: Voting in Kenosha and What's Next for America - hosted by Esty Dinur 53:2811/6/20a
11/14/20, 11/15/20Analiese Eicher, Sheri Carter: Exploring the 2021 Dane County and Madison City Budgets
- hosted by Carousel Bayrd
11/21/20, 11/22/20Meagan Wolfe, Ann Jacobs, Dean Knudson: Elections Commission Clashes During Recount Meeting 2:3311/19/20b
11/28/20, 11/29/20Timothy Hawks: Evers administration challenges portions of 2018 lame-duck laws
- Jonah Chester reporting
12/5/20, 12/6/20Scott McDonell, Ann Jacobs: Dane, Milwaukee recounts draw to a close - Jonah Chester reporting 5:4611/30/20b
12/12/20, 12/13/20Jason Stein, Dianne Hesselbein: Reviewing Wisconsin's 2021 State Budget + Legislature Updates - hosted by Carousel Bayrd 53:1712/8/20a
12/19/20, 12/20/20Lawyer Joe Creitz on Wisconsin Supreme Court 4-3 rejection of Trump's Election Lawsuit
- hosted by Jonathan Zarov
12/26/20, 12/27/20Tom Tiffany, Glenn Grothman, Mike Gallagher, Tammy Baldwin: Wisconsin Reps Split Vote On COVID-19 Relief Bill On Partisan Line - Paul Hermann reporting 5:3911/30/20b

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