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Commentary at public events by activists for social change,
interviews, talks by candidates for political office

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1/3/15 Young Gifted and Black Coalition: Seeking Justice at East Towne Mall - hosted by Brian Standing14:3512/29/14a
1/10/15 State Sen. Kathleen Vinehout: WI State Legislature's School Accountability Bill - hosted by Tim Slekar53:341/9/15b
1/17/15 M Adams, Amelia Maurer: Can Body Cams Help to Prevent Police Violence? - hosted by Jonathan Zarov20:281/16/15a
1/31/15 Patrick Miles and Chuck Erickson: County Board Environmental Issues - hosted by Carousel Bayrd52:491/20/15b
2/7/15 Bridget Maniaci: Madison Mayoral Race - Part I - hosted by Carousel Bayrd (at 6:30 pm)27:541/27/15b
2/7/15 Paul Soglin, Scott Resnick: Madison Mayoral Race - Part II - hosted by Carousel Bayrd52:482/3/15b
2/14/15 Richard Brown, Christopher Daly: Madison Mayoral Race - Part III - hosted by Carousel Bayrd**52:442/10/15b
2/21/15 Rep. Chris Taylor: WI State Budget - hosted by Carousel Bayrd52:472/17/15b
2/28/15 #WrongForWI (repeated from 2/27/15)29:322/27/15c
3/7/15 Sen. Mark Miller, TJ Mertz: Local Affairs - Right-to-Work & Madison School Board - hosted by Carousel Bayrd52:473/3/15b
3/14/15 Iris Christenson, Jennifer Fischer, Fran Gentner: Senior, Disabled Services on the Chopping Block; Brandi Grayson: Speaking Out for Tony Robinson - hosted by Brian Standing23:023/9/15a
3/21/15 Zach Madden, Sara Eskrich: Common council Elections - Alder, District 13 - hosted by Carousel Bayrd53:133/17/15b
3/28/15 Rep. Gordon Hintz: Walker Budget Meets the People (repeated from 3/20/15)52:123/20/15c
4/4/15 Lora Schmid-Dolan, Dr. Mary Thompson-Shriver, Cindy Schlichte: Dane County Opt Out;
Ronni Monroe: Enbridge Pipeline Expansion In Wisconsin - hosted by Tony Castaneda
4/11/15 Brenda Konkel, Judy Davidoff, Jonathan Grambling: Post-Election Wrap Up - hosted by Karma Chavez52:164/8/15b
4/18/15 Mary Bottari, Kate Gallagher Robins, Rep. Christine Sinicki: Abrahamson's Injunction & Equal Pay Act - hosted by Carousel Bayrd52:014/14/15b
4/25/15 Matt Rothschild: The State of the State - hosted by Allen Ruff51:474/23/15b
5/2/15 Carlin Becker: Madison Police Mental Health Program - hosted by Brian Standing20:324/27/15a
5/9/15 Jacqueline Jugenheimer, Yvon Roustan, Scott Schroeder: Funding to County Courts and Workers' Comp - hosted by Yuri Rashkin49:485/4/15b
5/16/15 Jay Heck: Report Finds Only 10 Percent of Wisconsin Legislative Elections Competitive In 2014;
Tamarine Cornelius: Advocacy Group Offers Up Alternate State Budget Proposal - hosted by Brian Standing
5/30/15 Mary Bottari: Scott Walker's Regime - hosted by Allen Ruff54:265/21/15b
6/6/15 Nicole Safar: Politics with Women's Health & Closing WEDC (repeated from 5/15/15)41:195/15/15c
6/13/15 Gretchen Borchelt, Nicole Safar, Jenni Dye: 20 Week Abortion Ban - hosted by Carousel Bayrd52:516/9/15b
6/20/15 Raging Grannies of Madison, Benjamin Ratliffe, Eliza Cussen, Dayna Long: Stop the Dangerous 20-week Abortion Ban rally at Capitol20:186/17/15d
6/27/15 Dylan Brogan: Wisconsin State Budget Update - hosted by Molly Stentz53:026/16/15b
7/4/15 Morgan Young: Gun control changes in Wisconsin - hosted by Yuri Rashkin52:496/29/15b
7/11/15 Barry Burden & the Election Research Center - hosted by Mike Wagner55:067/3/15b
7/18/15 Matthew Defour: State Budget Wrap-up - hosted by Brian Standing10:577/13/15a
7/25/15 Karen McKim, Scott McDonell: Election integrity and voter ID - hosted by Yuri Rashkin52:357/20/15b
Broadcasting from Midvale Heights
10/10/15, 10/11/15 Russ Feingold: Feingold Blazes New Path for 2016 (Interview)28:527/23/15e
10/17/15, 10/18/15 Shelia Stubbs, Leland Pan: Madison Working Towards Comprehensive Jail Reform - hosted by Carousel Bayrd51:399/29/15b
10/24/15, 10/25/15 Sachin Chheda, Bob Connally: Bucks Arena Proposal - hosted by Carousel Bayrd51:517/28/15b
10/31/15, 11/1/15 Rep. Chris Taylor: WI State Budget - hosted by Carousel Bayrd (repeated from 2/21/15)52:472/17/15b
11/7/15, 11/8/15 Sen. Mark Miller, TJ Mertz: Local Affairs - Right-to-Work & Madison School Board - hosted by Carousel Bayrd (repeated from 3/7/15)52:473/3/15b
11/14/15, 11/15/15 Mike McCabe on Campaign Finance - hosted by Carousel Bayrd (repeated from 7/12/14)52:407/1/14b
11/21/15, 11/22/15Denise DeMarb: Breaking Down The 2016 City Budget - hosted by Carousel Bayrd 53:0811/10/15b
12/5/15, 12/6/15 Rep. Chris Taylor, Rep. JoCasta Zamarripa: Bad Week for Good Jobs37:3111/6/15c
12/12/15, 12/13/15 Matt Rothschild: Supreme Court Stops John Doe, Fires Prosecutor - hosted by Tony Castaneda19:2612/3/15a
12/19/15, 12/20/15Rep. Chris Taylor, Kristen Roman, Larry Dupuis, Scot Ross: 2015 Happy Show - hosted by Carousel Bayrd 52:3912/15/15b
12/26/15, 12/27/15 Kevin Kennedy: The Wisconsin Government Accountability Board Packs Up - hosted by Brian Standing 18:4412/21/15a

* Starting in October 2015.
** Due to technical difficulties, this program did not air until 8:08 pm.
a From the 8 O'Clock Buzz, WORT-FM.
b From A Public Affair, WORT-FM.
c Battleground Wisconsin podcast from Citizen Action of Wisconsin.
d Recorded in State Capitol rotunda by WIDE-LP.
e From In Our Backyard, WORT-FM.
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