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1/2/21, 1/3/21Exit Interview: Alder Marsha Rummel - hosted by Jonathan Zarov23:5312/26/20a
1/9/21, 1/10/21Journalist Dan Shafer on why conspiracy-driven Wisconsin republicans should resign
- hosted by Jonathan Zarov
1/16/21, 1/17/21Gov. Evers Focuses on Broadband, Unemployment, and Redistricting in State of the State
- Paul Hermann reporting
1/23/21Tony Evers, Amy Pechacek: State Republicans End Special Session on Unemployment Without Drafting New Legislation - Sam Kodzik reporting2:111/20/21b
1/24/21David Steffen, Evan Goyke, Kelda Roys: Expungement Bill Proposed by Bipartisan Group of Wisconsin Lawmakers - Paul Hermann reporting4:201/20/21b
1/30/21, 1/31/21Meet the Candidates: Nikki Conklin for District 9 and Nasra Wehelie for District 7
- hosted by Carousel Bayrd
2/6/21, 2/7/21Meet the Candidates: Nino Amato and Doug Hyant for District 9 - hosted by Carousel Bayrd53:251/26/21c
2/13/21Cat Capellaro: What you need to know about the candidates in the 7-way school superintendent primary
- hosted by Jonathan Zarov
2/14/21Rebecca Kemble, Veronica Figueroa Velez, Charles Myadze: Meet the Candidates: Madison Common Council District 18 - hosted by Carousel Bayrd50:492/9/21c
2/20/21, 2/21/21Henry Redman: How the Republican Party Lost Control - hosted by Allen Ruff52:132/18/21c
2/27/21, 2/28/21Douglas M. Poland: Partisan Gerrymandering & Voter Suppression in Wisconsin
- moderated by Jennifer Hannon
3/6/21, 3/7/21Politics and Policy with Arvina Martin - hosted by Damita Brown25:473/2/21a
3/13/21, 3/14/21Matthew Mitnick, Luke Schieve, Greg Gelembiuk, Shon Barnes: Madison Committee Recommends Rejecting Body Cameras for Police - Jonah Chester reporting3:553/11/21b
3/20/21, 3/21/21Tony Evers, Jenni Dye: Reviewing the State Budget with Governor Tony Evers - hosted by Carousel Bayrd52:483/16/21c
3/27/21, 3/28/21Meet the Candidates: Deborah Kerr and Jill Underly for Wisconsin State Superintendent
- hosted by Carousel Bayrd
4/3/21, 4/4/21John Strange, Eileen Harrington:Digging Into Madison's Advisory Referenda On Alders
- hosted by Carousel Bayrd
4/10/21, 4/11/21Lisa Subeck:Voting Rights are Under Attack (Wisconsin section) - hosted by Carousel Bayrd52:534/6/21c
4/17/21, 4/18/21Tim Carpenter, Denise Jess: Wisconsin Senate Passes Election Legislation - Jonah Chester reporting4:304/15/21b
4/25/21Charles Myadze, Tom Lynch: Common Council Votes to Move Parking Enforcement Away from Madison Police Department - Sam Kodzik reporting2:094/21/21b
5/1/21, 5/2/21Alder Arvina Martin:Mental Health First Responders - An Alternative to Policing (1st half)
- hosted by Carousel Bayrd
5/8/21, 5/9/21Gary Halverson, Linda Ketcham: Madison Common Council Prepares to Vote on New Men's Homeless Shelter - hosted by Carousel Bayrd53:195/4/21c
5/15/21, 5/16/21John Johnson Sr.: Wisconsin's Tribal Nations Call on the State to Address Systemic Racism and Environmental Degradation - Sam Kodzik reporting3:315/12/21b
5/22/21, 5/23/21Benjamin Farwell, Julie Bandit, Tyrone and April Martin: Reindahl in limbo - Jonah Chester reporting6:075/19/21b
5/29/21, 5/30/21Rebecca Burrell, Patrick Mitchell, Kamila Ahmed: Assembly Committee Holds Hearing on Police Reform Bills - Martin Rakacolli reporting4:105/27/21b
6/5/21, 6/6/21Gae Magnafici, Kevin Lawrence Henry, Monica Wickers: Wisconsin Republicans Introduce Bills to Ban Critical Race Theory in Schools - Martin Rakacolli reporting4:406/3/21b
6/12/21, 6/13/21Melissa Agard, Alberta Darling: Faith Leaders Oppose Voter Suppression Bills, Senate Passes Them Anyway - Jade Iseri-Ramos reporting3:526/9/21b
6/19/21, 6/20/21Jason Stein, Matt Rothschild: Wisconsin's Budget Windfall and Voter Suppression Legislation
- hosted by Carousel Bayrd
6/26/21, 6/27/21Eileen Newcomer: Jailed Wisconsinites Face Numerous Hurdles When Voting - Jonah Chester reporting9:056/24/21b
7/3/21, 7/4/21Sen. Jon Erpenbach, John Nichols: State Budget + Wisconsin GOP Convention Debrief*
- hosted by Carousel Bayrd
7/17/21, 7/18/21Tony Wilkin Gibart: Proposed Bill Seeks to Address PFAS Contamination, While Protecting Polluters
- Jonah Chester reporting
7/24/21, 7/25/21Juliana Bennett, Patrick Heck, Ron Scherubel: City leaders shoot down proposal to preserve view from historic building - Jonah Chester reporting4:077/21/21b
7/31/21, 8/1/21Robin Vos, Gordon Hintz: You Can't Always Get What You Want: Special Legislative Session Ends in Stalemate - Jonah Chester reporting3:597/27/21b
8/7/21, 8/8/21Paul DeMain: How Can You Be Arrested for Trespassing on Your Land? - hosted by Damita Brown21:028/3/21a
8/14/21, 8/15/21Renee Callaway, Jeremy Nash, Alder Tag Evers, George Reistad: Vision Zero for Safer Streets + Food Access on Madison's South Side - hosted by Carousel Bayrd53:008/10/21c
8/21/21, 8/22/21Yogesh Chawla: District 6 County Board Supervisor, Yogesh Chawla, Proposes Resolution Regarding PFAS - hosted by Ankur Malhotra16:368/20/21a
8/28/21, 8/29/21Peter Cameron: Across Wisconsin, nearly 200 ousted police officers have been rehired at new departments - Jonah Chester reporting9:548/26/21b
9/4/21, 9/5/21Wanda Bertram, Emily Widra: Wisconsin gets an 'F' for its handling of COVID-19 in prisons
- Jonah Chester reporting
9/11/21, 9/12/21Shadayra Kilfoy-Flores: Independent Police Monitor Expected to Come Mid-October
- Nate Wegehaupt reporting
9/18/21, 9/19/21Donna Rozar, Sondy Pope, Gary Hebl, Heather Chun, Jill Underly: Legislative Republicans Float Bill to Limit Gender Identity Education - Jonah Chester reporting4:259/16/21b
9/25/21, 9/26/21Dane County Executive Joe Parisi on new affordable housing projects - Jonah Chester reporting8:339/23/21b
10/2/21, 10/3/21Anthony Gray: Dane County Supervisor floats proposal calling for end to qualified immunity for police
- Jonah Chester reporting
10/9/21, 10/10/21Damon Terrell, Benji Ramirez Gomez: The Violence Leaks out into the Community
- hosted by Damita Brown
10/16/21, 10/17/21Christina Brey: Democrats Push To Restore Collective Bargaining Rights For Teachers
- hosted by Jonathan Zarov
10/23/21, 10/24/21Austin Evers, Matt Rothschild: Wisconsin's Election Investigation is a Sham - hosted by Carousel Bayrd53:1610/20/21c
10/30/21, 10/31/21Kelda Roys, Ken Opin: Redistricting in Wisconsin and Dane County - hosted by Carousel Bayrd54:1710/27/21c
11/6/21, 11/7/21Sheri Carter, Tag Evers, Charles Myadze, Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway: City council approves new aldermanic map - Jonah Chester reporting3:3111/3/21b
11/13/21, 11/14/21Syed Abbas, Analiese Eicher: 2022 Madison City and Dane County Budgets, Explained
- hosted by Carousel Bayrd
11/27/21, 11/28/21Kelli Thompson, Lena Taylor, Dwayne: Proposed assembly bill could terminate parental rights of incarcerated people - hosted by Jerome Dillard48:0811/24/21a
12/4/21, 12/5/21Ann Berman, Kevin Kamps: PSR Opposes Extending Point Beach Nuclear Certification
- hosted by Jan Miyasaki
12/11/21, 12/12/21Matt Rothschild: How to Save Democracy in Wisconsin - hosted by Allen Ruff53:4112/9/21c
12/18/21, 12/19/21Tom Kamenick, Jonah Chester: Transparency Talk: Election Investigations and Redistricting10:3512/9/21b
12/25/21, 12/26/21Dominique Christian, Iisha Murphy, Kristi Goldade, Michael Moody: "It's All Bad Out Here"
- hosted by Ali Muldrow

* Repeated 7/11/21 due to technical difficulties.
a From the 8 O'Clock Buzz on WORT-FM.
b From WORT News Department.
c From A Public Affair on WORT-FM.
d Madison Public Library Foundation
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