Progressive Talk Heard on WIDE-LP
A good indication of air time provided for progressive voices over the last 8 years can be obtained by a search of our tweets. For example, here are the number of our tweets associated with the following names:
40 Mike McCabe (incl. 17 for his brief Democracy Checkups)
34 Matt Rothschild
16 John Nichols
16 Jim Hightower
14 Chris Taylor
13 Norm(an) Stockwell
11 Mark Pocan
10 Bob (Robert) McChesney
  9 Tammy Baldwin
  9 Lisa Graves
  8 Ed Garvey
  5 Russ Feingold

If you are looking for links to progressive ideas presented in past talks and interviews, a good place to start is our Progressive Voices page. That's where you will find all the talks given at Fighting Bob Fest and more. You should also look on the Wisconsin Democracy Report page. Progressive ideas are also regularly heard on Friday Forum, Books and Writers and Battleground Wisconsin (from Citizen Action of Wisconsin) and, from a national perspective, Alternative Radio, Democracy Now, CounterSpin and Talk Nation Radio.

Of course progressives believe in sound science, such as that heard when we broadcast the Perpetual Notion Machine, Science for the People, eLife Science and other programs which sometimes feature science topics.

For progressive ideas in the realm of religion and philosophy the programs we offer include Humanism Today, Spirit In Action/Song Of The Soul, Voices for Religious Pluralism, Freethought Radio and the Freethinkers Hour.