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Contributions of any amount are welcome. Checks should be made out to Madison Mainstream Radio and mailed to the address at the bottom. Donations to Madison Mainstream Radio are tax deductible. Sponsors listed below are those who have contributed $9.91 (since we broadcast at 99.1) or more in support of the category shown. Star Sponsors are those who have contributed $99.10 or more. A donation now entitles you to be listed until May 1, 2018.

  Progressive Crossroads  
WIDE-LP appreciates the support of these local progressive organizations.
They share our goal of a more just society with citizen engagement in a functioning democracy.

Name Sample entry. We'd like to see every progressive group in the Madison area listed here, including yours. We will post your group's logo or a photo at left and a brief description, with links to your website, Facebook page, Meetup site, etc. as you wish. We can also include a link to an audio or video clip in which a member of your group describes what you do.

We also wish to thank these organizations outside the greater Madison area for their support.

WIDE-LP also wishes to thank these individuals and families for their support of our progressive talk shows.
Anonymous         Mischa Park-Doob         Evan Wilson         Tom Kozlovsky        
Star Sponsors:
Andrew Garst            

        Music Off the Beaten Track        
WIDE-LP wishes to thank these individuals and families for their support of our unique blend of music.
Anonymous       Tom Kozlovsky       Ian Park       Mischa Park-Doob      
Star Sponsors:
Andrew Garst            
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