Music Off the Beaten Track
The color coding in our weekly schedule chart shows the variety in the music we air. Largely staying away from the pop/rock, country and classical offerings regularly found on other area stations, we offer an alternative mix, a daily 9 to 10 pm genre hour, including a night devoted to music performed by Madison musicians, and weekend times for music rarely heard in the Madison area including zydeco, Hawaiian, doo wop and uncommon instruments. Listener appreciation shows up in email to the station. One listener pulled off the road on his way to Janesville for 20 min. so that he could hear the rest of our Saturday a cappella hour before getting out of range. Others have emailed us to ask us to identify the group or artist performing at a certain time. Here are some past examples:
"What songs were played between 8:30 and 8:50am this morning? They were awesome and I want to research the artists."
"Just wondering what the song was that was playing at approx. 7:06-7-8 a.m. this morning?!? Thanks for being a great community radio station!! :)."
"What was the name of the song playing around 10:54 pm Saturday, March 4? It was Asian instrumental." "What an awesome reply! Thank you Robert. Yes, the link you gave is the song. I listened at home, on a Bose. The song was crisp and vivid, like a live event. I'm guessing your version was HD. It showed. I had never listened to, or heard of, your station before. I was surfing, because on Saturday nights and Sundays, most or all of the area stations change their playlists so much, it's as if everyone has a new format. Most are awful. I found you, and stayed."