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1/6/18, 1/7/18 FFRF's 2017 Year in Review 49:10  12/27/17a
1/13/18, 1/14/18 Maryam Namazie: Protests in Iran 43:581/3/18a
1/20/18, 1/21/18 Jefferson's Statute for Religious Freedom 40:021/17/18a
1/27/18, 1/28/18   White House Bible Study 31:561/24/18a
2/3/18 Matt Wilbourn: Reject My Donation? GoFund Yourself! 30:413/3/17b
2/4/18 Karen Garst: The Snake: From Goddess to Satan to Doctor 47:013/3/17b
2/10/18, 2/11/18 Andrew Seidel: FFRF Sues over White House bible study! 83:491/18/18c
2/17/18 Miri: Why Kindergartners Need Sex Ed 46:153/4/17b
2/18/18 J.T. Snipes: Ain't I Black Too? Counterstories of Black Atheists in College 42:233/4/17b
2/24/18 Rebecca Hensler: Grief Beyond Belief: Founding and Growing a Community for Secular Support 41:273/4/17b
2/25/18 Kater Murch: The Arrow of Time in Quantum Mechanics 42:153/4/17b
3/3/18 Amit Pal, Sam Grover, Colin McNamara: Freethought Behind Bars 34:352/28/18a
3/4/18 Greta Christina: Why Are You Atheists So Angry? 37:303/4/17b
3/10/18 Elizabeth Cavell, Amit Pal, Andrew L Seidel: Does in God We Trust belong in public buildings? 35:203/7/18a
3/11/18 Marie Schaub: A Monumental Struggle 40:423/4/17b
3/17/18, 3/18/18 Sikivu Hutchinson: Black Feminism and Freethought 46:133/16/18d
3/24/18, 3/25/18 Amit Pal, Liz Cavell, James Phetteplace: Raising Hell? Secular Parenting Round II 53:443/22/18a
3/31/18, 4/1/18 Natalie Newell: From Skepticism 101 to Science Moms 37:103/16/18d
4/7/18, 4/8/18 Dan Barker and Annie Laurie Gaylor: FFRF's 40th Anniversary 51:234/4/18a
4/14/18, 4/15/18 Dan Barker, Annie Laurie Gaylor, Andrew Seidel: The Museum of the Bible 51:124/11/18a
4/21/18, 4/22/18 Dan Barker, Annie Laurie Gaylor, Andrew Seidel: Top 5 Contradictions in the Bible1:00:074/18/18a
4/28/18, 4/29/18 Dan Barker's Oxford Debate 19:014/25/18a
5/5/18, 5/6/18 Rebecca Markert, Elizabeth Cavell, Ryan Jayne: Is Prayer at Graduation Constitutional? 40:305/2/18a
5/12/18, 5/13/18 Dan Barker, Annie Laurie Gaylor: Did Jesus Exist? 48:165/10/18a
5/19/18, 5/20/18 Former Christian Apologist Dustin Lawson 72:364/14/18c
5/26/18, 5/27/18 Amit Pal, Sam Grover, Steven Hewett: Are there atheists in foxholes? 34:475/24/18a
6/2/18, 6/3/18 Women v Religion, Karen Garst 70:064/24/18c
6/9/18, 6/10/18 Andrew Seidel, Elizabeth Cavell, Sam Grover: Breaking Down the Masterpiece Cakeshop Case 56:006/6/18a
6/16/18, 6/17/18 Dan Barker, Amit Pal: Freethought in Latin America 45:506/15/18a
6/23/18, 6/24/18 Dan Barker, John Compere, Lon Ostrander: Why Are So Many Preachers Leaving the Ministry? 50:246/20/18a
7/14/18, 7/15/18 Chris Matheson: The Trouble With God 49:236/28/18e
7/21/18, 7/22/18 Dan Barker, Andrew Seidel, Ryan Jayne: #Save SCOTUS 45:137/12/18a
7/28/18, 7/29/18 Can Police Departments Proselytize on the Job? 29:107/18/18a
8/4/18, 8/5/18Taner Edis: Cranks, Conspiracists, and Creationists30:5410/28/17f
8/11/18, 8/12/18 Elizabeth Cavell, Patrick Elliott, Chris Line: Are prayers at city council meetings constitutional? 38:528/2/18a
8/18/18, 8/19/18 Elizabeth Cavell, Ryan Jayne, Andrew Seidel: Religious Liberty Task Force 47:408/9/18a
8/25/18 Annie Laurie Gaylor, Andrew Seidel: Why It's Time to Quit the Catholic Church 36:378/22/18a
8/26/18 Dan Barker, Elizabeth Cavell, Andrew Seidel: Top 5 State/Church Public School Violations 55:468/15/18a
9/1/18, 9/2/18 Nick Little, Kevin Bolling: CFI V. CVS - Homeopathy, Secular Student Alliance fundraiser! 1:20:047/11/18c
9/8/18, 9/9/18Richard Dawkins and Richard Wiseman In Conversation on Atheism, Evolution, and his books49:4410/27/17f
9/15/18, 9/16/18Dan Barker, Amit Pal: When Barker met D'Souza38:179/5/18a
9/22/18, 9/23/18 Dan Barker, Annie Laurie Gaylor, Andrew Seidel: Why Mike Huckabee fears FFRF 35:399/19/18a
10/6/18, 10/7/18 Dan Barker, Patrick Elliott, Chris Line: It's Football Season Again 56:0910/3/18a
10/13/18, 10/14/18 Dan Barker, Amit Pal: Most Unpleasant Character in All of Fiction 50:4610/10/18a
10/20/18, 10/21/18 Elizabeth Cavell, Colin McNamara: Ireland Votes on Blasphemy 27:5710/18/18a
10/27/18, 10/28/18 Andrew Seidel, Patrick Elliott, Dan Barker: Parsonage Exemption Goes to Court 16:3610/24/18a
11/3/18, 11/4/18 Andrew Seidel: Alabama "Legalizes" Ten Commandments 22:3010/31/18a
11/10/18, 11/11/18 Highlights of the 2018 National Convention 36:5711/7/18a
11/17/18, 11/18/18 Your questions answered! 45:1811/14/18a
11/24/18, 11/25/18 Ann Reid - Executive Director of NCSE (National Center for Science Education) 1:38:2811/9/18c
12/1/18, 12/2/18 David J. Kaloyanides: The Christian Taliban in Public Schools 18:4911/3/18g
12/8/18, 12/9/18 Dan Barker, Annie Laurie Gaylor: Year in Review 13:5911/2/18g
12/8/18, 12/9/18 Special Recognition of Dick Hewetson 4:3611/3/18g
12/15/18, 12/16/18 Jocelyn Williamson: Nothing Fails Like Prayer award 5:1211/3/18g
12/15/18, 12/16/18 Victor Harris: Poetry for Seculars 18:5211/3/18g
12/22/18, 12/23/18 Andrew Seidel, Sam Grover, Ryan Jayne: 'Tis the Season For State Church Violations 33:1212/12/18a
12/29/18 Larry Decker: Secular Coalition for America 22:2411/3/18g
12/30/18 Patrick Elliott, Rebecca Markert, Andrew Seidel: FFRF Legal Report "On a Roll" 1:03:24  11/3/18g

a Facebook Live Ask an Atheist show from FFRF.
b Audio from videos recorded at Freethought Festival 6 on the UW-Madison campus by AHA.
c Interview part of The Phil Ferguson Show. (Length shown is for full online podcast.)
d Recorded at Freethought Festival 7 on the UW-Madison campus by WIDE-LP.
e Freethought Radio.
f A Reasonable Talk from the Center for Inquiry.
g FFRF 2018 National Convention in San Francisco.
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