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Talks at the annual Freethought Festivals in Madison
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1/5/19, 1/6/19 Concert: Voices of Reason 16:58  11/3/18a
1/5/19, 1/6/19 David Steketee: 2018 Freethinker of the Year 10:18  11/3/18a
1/12/19, 1/13/19 Sarah Haider: Freethought Heroine 20:02  11/3/18a
1/19/19, 1/20/19 Mohammed Al Khadra: What We Think, How We Think 14:02  11/3/18a
1/19/19, 1/20/19 Ensaf Haidar: Henry Zumach Freedom From Religious Fundamentalism Award 13:14  11/3/18a
1/26/19, 1/27/19 Cecile Richards: FFRF Forward Award 57:17  11/3/18a
2/2/19, 2/3/19 Dan Barker, Amit Pal: Mere Morality 39:181/16/19b
2/9/19, 2/10/19 Dan Barker, Liz Cavell, Andrew Seidel: Victory in California 32:381/23/19b
2/16/19, 2/17/19 Jesus: Mything in Action - David Fitzgerald 1:33:272/8/18c
2/23/19, 2/24/19 Amit Pal, Liz Cavell, Ryan Jayne: Is Saying the Pledge Mandatory? 36:492/20/19b
3/2/19, 3/3/19 Rebecca Markert, Patrick Elliott, Andrew Seidel: The Bladensburg Cross Goes to the Supreme Court 25:512/27/19b
3/9/19, 3/10/19 Andrew Seidel, Ryan Jayne, David Steketee: Supreme Victory for FFRF 44:093/6/19b
3/16/19, 3/17/19 Andrew Seidel, Amit Pal: Public Schools Under Attack 35:303/13/19b
3/23/19, 3/24/19 Daniel O'Brien: Ex Jehovah's Witness 1:40:382/23/19c
3/30/19, 3/31/19 Liz Cavell: The Masterpiece Cakeshop decision and the future of anti-discrimination laws 46:353/29/19d
4/6/19, 4/7/19 Benjamin Zalisko: Secularism and Science in Institutions 52:353/29/19d
4/13/19, 4/14/19 Ryan Bell: Introduction to Life After God podcast 28:298/21/15e
4/20/19, 4/21/19 Interview with Gretta Vosper 1:03:408/26/15e
4/27/19, 4/28/19 Ryan Jayne, Colin McNamara, Nick Little, Sarah Henry, Debbie Allen: Question Free For All 42:584/17/19b
5/4/19, 5/5/19 Sarah Levin, Kristina Daleiden, Dan Barker: Secular Week of Action 26:465/1/19b
5/11/19, 5/12/19 Dying Out Loud with Dave Warnock 1:03:294/18/19e
5/18/19, 5/19/19 Dan Barker, Andrew Seidel, Chris Line: "God Bless America" In Schools? 41:075/16/19b
5/25/19, 5/26/19 Escaping from Jehovah's Witnesses with Lloyd Evans 1:10:055/20/19e
6/1/19, 6/2/19 Annie Laurie Gaylor, Liz Cavell: Abortion - #StopTheBans 38:315/22/19b
6/8/19, 6/9/19 Liz Cavell, Andrew Seidel, Mark Dann: FFRF Goes to Washington 28:326/5/19b
6/15/19, 6/16/19 Kristina Daleiden, Sam Grover: "Post-Christian" Cities? 30:316/12/19b
6/22/19, 6/23/19 Dan Barker, Ryan Jayne: Preaching at a High School Graduation? 39:576/19/19b
6/29/19, 6/30/19 Rebecca Markert, Andrew Seidel, Patrick Elliott: Cross Examination34:556/24/19b
7/6/19 Andrew Seidel Book Event - Chicago pt 1 44:556/11/19f
7/7/19 Andrew Seidel Book Event - Chicago pt 2 35:526/11/19f
7/13/19, 7/14/19 Annie Laurie Gaylor, Dan Barker, Andrew Seidel: True Patriotism is Fighting Christian Nationalism 40:417/11/19b
7/20/19, 7/21/19 Dan Barker, PJ Slinger: Sharing our Crankmail 41:547/17/19b
7/27/19, 7/28/19 Annie Laurie Gaylor, Andrew Seidel, Amit Pal: Is Religious Freedom Only For the Religious? 43:537/24/19b
8/3/19, 8/4/19 Tony Crump: Conversations with God 58:286/11/19c
8/10/19, 8/11/19 Point of Inquiry In Studio: Chris Mooney Talks to Michael De Dora, Ed Brayton, and Jessica Ahlquist 1:03:247/2/12g
8/17/19, 8/18/19 Julia Sweeney On Atheism, Saturday Night Live, And Me Too48:177/25/19g
8/24/19, 8/25/19 Elizabeth Cavell, Andrew Seidel, Chrissy Stroop: #EmptyThePews 46:458/7/19b
9/21/19 Dan Barker, Liz Cavell, Patrick Elliott: Crosses Aren't Religious?52:088/14/19b
9/22/19 Dan Barker, Liz Cavell, Colin McNamara, Chris Line: So Long, and Thanks for All The Fish39:238/28/19b
9/28/19 Liz Cavell, Andrew Seidel, Ryan Jayne: The Religious Motto That's Not Religious?35:419/4/19b
9/29/19 Annie Laurie Gaylor, Amit Pal: FFRF Advertising Through The Years37:329/11/19b
10/5/19, 10/6/19 Dan Barker, Andrew Seidel: Are Debates Important? 45:439/25/19b
10/12/19 Annie Laurie Gaylor, Andrew Seidel: Top Five Questions on the Guyger Judge Giving Away A Bible 35:4510/9/19b
10/13/19  Liz Cavell, Amit Pal: The Rise of Hindu Nationalism 28:1210/2/19b
10/19/19, 10/20/19 Jared Huffman: Freethought Matters 27:3910/16/19b
10/26/19 Annie Laurie Gaylor, Andrew Seidel: 2019 FFRF Convention Recap27:2610/23/19b
10/27/19 Rachel Laser - 2019 National Convention31:5110/18/19h
11/2/19 Liz Cavell, Andrew Seidel: Battling Book Burning 31:1510/30/19b
11/3/19 Isaac Kramnick and Laurence Moore - 2019 National Convention45:4510/18/19h
11/9/19, 11/10/19 Andrew Seidel: The Founding Myth: Why Christian Nationalism Is Un-American27:1710/18/19h
11/16/19, 11/17/19 Liz Cavell, Andrew Seidel, Patrick Elliott: Religious Liberty for Whom? 39:1111/13/19b
11/23/19 Hemant Mehta: Atheists in Politics 41:1611/20/19b
11/24/19 Hemant Mehta: Is Atheism Still Taboo in Politics? 26:2210/18/19h
11/30/19 Rep. Jamie Raskin of the Congressional Freethought Caucus 9:4310/18/19h
12/1/19 Nancy Northup: Center for Reproductive Rights CEO 40:4110/18/19h
12/7/19, 12/8/19 Aline Pham and Jacob McGee: Award-winning High School Essayists 14:47, 10:3510/19/19h
12/14/19, 12/15/19 Dan Barker, Andrew Seidel, Mark Dann: FFRF's Work in Washington35:3012/11/19b
12/21/19, 12/22/19 Gayle Jordan, Ryan Jayne, Andrew Seidel: The Most Dangerous Woman in Tennessee41:3212/18/19b
12/28/19, 12/29/19 Jeremiah Camara: Religious Roots of Racism13:4810/19/19h

a FFRF 2018 National Convention in San Francisco.
b Facebook Live Ask an Atheist show from FFRF.
c Interview part of The Phil Ferguson Show. (Length shown is for full online podcast.)
d Recorded at Freethought Festival 8 on the UW-Madison campus by WIDE-LP.
e Ryan Bell's Life After God podcast.
f FFRF YouTube video.
g Point of Inquiry from the Center for Inquiry.
h FFRF 2019 National Convention in Madison.
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