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1/2/21 Jen Beahan, Julia Henshaw: Secular Guide to Surviving the Holidays1:28:2411/24/20a
1/9/21, 1/10/21 Wafa Bahri: Get To Know The CFI Translations Project1:04:5412/22/20a
1/16/21, 1/17/21 Katherine Stewart, Rebecca S. Markert, Andrew Seidel: The Attack on The Capitol55:031/14/21b
1/23/21, 1/24/21 Chrissy Stroop, Andrew Seidel: Christian Nationalism at the Capitol56:291/20/21b
1/30/21 Judith Wellman, Susan Goodier, Tom Flynn: Women's Suffrage Centennial
- The Intersection Of Suffrage And Freethought
1/31/21 Judith Wellman, Susan Goodier, Tom Flynn: Women's Suffrage Centennial
- The Intersection Of Suffrage And Freethought
2/6/21, 2/7/21 Kendrick Frazier: The Skeptic Inquisition1:02:501/19/21a
2/13/21An Evening with Richard Dawkins - Featuring Sam Harris - Night 1 pt146:0312/18/16c
2/14/21An Evening with Richard Dawkins - Featuring Sam Harris - Night 1 pt251:3612/18/16c
2/20/21An Evening with Richard Dawkins - Featuring Sam Harris - Night 2 pt146:041/10/17c
2/21/21An Evening with Richard Dawkins - Featuring Sam Harris - Night 2 pt243:121/10/17c
2/27/21 An Evening with Richard Dawkins - Featuring Annabelle Gurwitch pt144:155/22/17c
2/28/21 An Evening with Richard Dawkins - Featuring Annabelle Gurwitch pt240:375/22/17c
3/6/21 Richard Dawkins, Ann Druyan, and Ken Frazier in Conversation pt142:1210/20/19c
3/7/21 Richard Dawkins, Ann Druyan, and Ken Frazier in Conversation pt232:4310/20/19c
3/13/21 Richard Dawkins and Amber Heard in Conversation pt135:2910/16/19c
3/14/21 Richard Dawkins and Amber Heard in Conversation pt233:0710/16/19c
3/20/21, 3/21/21 Paul Fitzgerald, Zenos Frudakis, Margaret Downey: Thomas Paine: The Forgotten Founding Father52:263/17/21b
3/27/21, 3/28/21 Jen Bendery, Liz Cavell, Mark Dann: Undoing Christian Nationalism In The Courts51:333/24/21b
4/3/21, 4/4/21 American Freethought, Part 1 54:291/12/21d
4/10/21, 4/11/21 American Freethought, Part 2 54:231/12/21d
4/17/21, 4/18/21 Dan Barker, Andrew Seidel, James Phetteplace: A Christian Nationalism Discussion with Andrew L. Seidel58:454/7/21b
4/24/21, 4/25/21 Dan Barker, Randall Cragan, Liz Cavell, Patrick Elliot: FFRF Victory in Alabama46:054/21/21b
5/1/21, 5/2/21 American Freethought, Part 3 54:481/12/21d
5/8/21, 5/9/21 American Freethought, Part 4 59:271/12/21d
5/15/21, 5/16/21 Jim Underdown: Meet the ESP Buster No Psychic Sees Coming!1:01:524/20/21a
5/22/21, 5/23/21 Elizabeth Cavell, Andrew Seidel, Sarah Ray, David Williamson: Prayer at Government Meetings52:085/19/21b
5/29/21, 5/30/21 Kristina Daleiden, Joseph McDonald: The Increasing Power of Catholic Hospitals59:075/26/21b
6/5/21, 6/6/21 What's in the Basement? with Tim Binga1:00:172/24/21a
6/12/21, 6/13/21 Mick West: Escaping the Rabbit Hole: How to Help Your Conspiracy Theorist Friend1:02:214/29/21e
6/19/21, 6/20/21 Stephanie Kemmerer: QAnon: Blood Libel for the Digital Age1:07:352/4/21e
6/26/21, 6/27/21 Combating Fortunetelling Fraud (Psychic Fraud) with Bob Nygaard1:04:5911/20/20e
7/3/21, 7/4/21 A Series of Fortunate Events: Chance and the Making of the Planet, Life, and You with Sean B Carroll1:02:3412/4/20e
7/10/21, 7/11/21 Conspiracy Theories and COVID-19 - Joseph Uscinski1:12:44:7/30/20e
7/17/21, 7/18/21 Barbara Alvarez, Geoffrey R. Stone: Abortion Rights Under Siege54:467/14/21b
7/24/21, 7/25/21 The Role of Cognitive Dissonance in the Pandemic - Carol Tavris1:27:09:8/27/20e
7/31/21, 8/1/21 Viral BS: Medical Myths and Why We Fall For Them - Seema Yasmin1:02:129/11/20e
8/7/21, 8/8/21 Mike Rothschild: The Storm Is Upon Us: How QAnon Became a Movement, Cult, and Conspiracy Theory of Everything52:228/5/20e
8/14/21, 8/15/21 Barbara Alvarez, Annie Laurie Gaylor: Reproductive Rights in the Age of Disinformation43:368/13/21b
8/21/21, 8/22/21 Prof. Ryan T. Cragun, Ryan Jayne, Annie Laurie Gaylor: #TaxtheChurches45:208/18/21b
8/28/21, 8/29/21 The Captivating Power of Reality with Guy P. Harrison1:08:528/19/20e
9/4/21, 9/5/21 There Is No Planet B featuring Carolyn Porco1:03:169/3/21e
9/11/21, 9/12/21 How Your Brain Understands the World and Why It Sometimes Gets It Wrong with Jeff Hawkins1:00:044/15/21e
9/19/21 Nathan H. Lents: Evolution Only Breaks Things: The Science Denial at the Heart of Intelligent Design1:16:019/24/20e
9/25/21, 9/26/21 Science and Pseudoscience in Sport and Exercise with Nick Tiller1:08:489/16/21e
10/2/21, 10/3/21 A journey through Vaccine education during a global pandemic with Krishana Sankar1:07:256/11/21e
10/9/21, 10/10/21 Nina Burleigh: Virus: Vaccinations, the CDC and the Hijacking of America's Response to the Pandemic1:06:235/14/21e
10/16/21, 10/17/21 Rituals for Non-believers with Sasha Sagan1:08:2410/8/20e
10/23/21, 10/24/21 Margaret Downey, Victoria De la Torre, Annie Laurie Gaylor, Dan Barker: Secular Day Of The Dead 202136:4510/20/21b
10/30/21, 10/31/21  Disparities in the Midst of COVID-19: Education, Health, and Race by Odaelys Walwyn-Pollard1:05:011/8/21e
11/6/21, 11/7/21 Lena Zwarensteyn, Liz Cavell, Mark Dann: Building a Better Judiciary50:3310/27/21b
11/13/21, 11/14/21 David G. McAfee - Hi, I'm an Atheist! - hosted by Julia Sweeney51:1211/8/21f
11/20/21, 11/21/21 The Infodemic: Debunking Works (Let's Get To It!) with Tim Caulfield1:05:36 12/17/20e
11/27/21, 11/28/21 Superstition: The Full Story with Stuart Vyse1:03:547/22/21e
12/4/21, 12/5/21 Duke Mertz: The Case That Jesus Never Existed - hosted by Jim Underdown53:2012/2/21f
12/11/21, 12/12/21 Andrew Seidel: Christian Nationalism on January 637:1111/19/21g
12/18/21, 12/19/21 Dan Barker, Annie Laurie Gaylor: FFRF 2021 Year in Review Highlights32:1111/19/21g
12/25/21, 12/26/21 Rebecca Markert, Sam Grover, Chris Line, Andrew Seidel: FFRF's 2021 National Convention Legal Report60:2911/19/21g

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