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1/4/20, 1/5/20 Rebecca S. Markert, Patrick Elliott, Andrew Seidel, Maddy Ziegler, Ryan Jayne, Mark Dann:
FFRF 2019 Legal Report
pt 1
1/11/20, 1/12/20 Rebecca S. Markert, Patrick Elliott, Andrew Seidel, Maddy Ziegler, Ryan Jayne, Mark Dann:
FFRF 2019 Legal Report
pt 2 Q&A
1/18/20, 1/19/20Annie Laurie Gaylor, Dan Barker, Andrew Seidel: Mega-Violation in a Megachurch?35:481/8/20b
1/25/20, 1/26/20 Elizabeth Cavell, Patrick Elliott, Andrew Seidel: Trump's School Prayer Push39:451/15/20b
2/1/20, 2/2/20 Dan Barker, Andrew Seidel, Justin Scott: Religion and the Iowa Caucuses43:011/30/20b
2/8/20, 2/9/20 Joe Elder: World Religions and LGBTQ Issues45:023/16/18c
2/15/20 Daniel Whiteson: What does Science Know?51:233/16/18c
2/16/20 Debbie Goddard: Citizen Skeptic54:403/17/18c
2/22/20 Candace Gorham: Guilt, Shame, and Psychological Pain40:373/17/18c
2/23/20 Anthony B. Pinn: Humanism and the Challenge of Race44:343/17/18c
2/29/20 Steven Landsburg: Truth, Provability and the Fabric of the Universe51:443/17/18c
3/1/20 Rebecca Markert, Patrick Elliott, David Williamson: Victories in Kentucky and Florida28:592/12/20b
3/7/20 Elizabeth Cavell, Andrew Seidel: Congress Tackles Religious Freedom38:083/4/20b
3/8/20 Abby Hafer: Everything You Know About Sex is Wrong39:563/17/18c
3/14/20 Lucien Greaves: Ending Pseudoscience & Theocracy: Grey Faction and The Satanic Temple45:473/17/18c
3/15/20 Jennifer Willis-Rivera: Kindness as a Revolutionary Act48:313/29/19d
3/21/20, 3/22/20 Ryan Jayne, Hemant Mehta: Going Viral: Religion and the Coronavirus 41:083/18/20b
3/28/20 Lucien Greaves: The Satanic Plot to Dismantle Evangelical Theocratic Agenda - pt 153:543/7/20e
3/29/20 Lucien Greaves: The Satanic Plot to Dismantle Evangelical Theocratic Agenda - pt 227:023/7/20e
4/4/20 Hemant Mehta: Is Atheism Still a Political Taboo?49:263/30/19d
4/5/20 August Berkshire: 25 Reasons God-Belief is Dying49:063/30/19d
4/11/20 Sophia Thimmes: Play, Poetry, and Processing38:563/30/19d
4/12/20 Ryan Bell: Learning to Live Without Promises50:103/30/19d
4/18/20 Rajani Gudlavalleti, Megan Kenny: Secular Social Justice is Not Up for Debate49:013/30/19d
4/19/20 Bart Campolo: Why Love (Verb) May Be The Most Rational Life Strategy48:413/30/19d
4/25/20 Andrew Seidel, Hemant Mehta: The Friendly Atheist On "Jeopardy!" 45:214/8/20b
4/26/20 Dan Barker, Andrew Seidel: Working From Home with Leighann Lord 42:534/2/20b
5/2/20, 5/3/20 Mandisa Thomas on Black Nonbelievers and the Atheist Community37:474/23/20f
5/9/20 Patrick Elliot: The Christian Nationist Playbook52:553/7/20e
5/10/20 Chris Johnson: A Better Life with Chris Johnson43:423/30/19d
5/16/20 Marissa A. McCool: The Purple Amazon's Incomplete Guide to Surviving the Worst Possible Timeline45:033/7/20e
5/17/20 Mandisa Thomas: Women of Color Beyond Belief: Where Do We Go From Here?46:433/7/20e
5/23/20 Dan Barker, Rebecca Markert, Ovais Khalil: Atheists On the Front Line 46:385/6/20b
5/24/20 Rebecca Markert, Patrick Elliott, Brendan Johnson: Equal Justice Under the Law?46:465/13/20b
5/30/20 Matthew Facciani: How to Discuss Controversial Scientific Topics1:01:573/8/20e
5/31/20 Harry Brighouse: Why I Am Not (exactly) A Christian50:163/8/20e
6/6/20, 6/7/20 Robert Schneiker: The Mystery of Göbekli Tepe51:263/8/20e
6/13/20, 6/14/20 Mandisa Thomas, Rebecca Markert, Andrew Seidel: #BlackLivesMatter51:256/3/20b
6/20/20 Andrew Seidel, Rebecca Markert, Patrick Elliott: Sex and the Supreme Court35:456/17/20b
6/27/20, 6/28/20 Tory Christman: Scientology In Hollywood | A Guided Tour 49:136/26/20f
7/4/20, 7/5/20 Andrew Seidel, Kevin Bolling, John de Lancie: Graduation 202038:406/24/20b
7/11/20, 7/12/20 Annie Laurie Gaylor, Barbara Alvarez: The Threatened Status Of Abortion Rights43:457/8/20b
7/18/20, 7/19/20 Rebecca Markert, Andrew Seidel, Patrick Elliott: Legal Roundup on 2020 Supreme Court Rulings 36:157/15/20b
7/25/20, 7/26/20 Dan Barker, Dave Warnock: God And The Coronavirus 46:235/20/20b
8/1/20, 8/2/20 Steven Hassan On Breaking Down The Cult Of Trump 58:227/23/20f
8/8/20, 8/9/20 Annie Laurie Gaylor, Andrew Seidel: Legacy of Hope? Critiquing the Art of Jon McNaughton 30:338/5/20b
8/15/20, 8/16/20 Samuel Perry, Andrew Seidel: Christian Nationalism and COVID 59:538/12/20b
8/22/20, 8/23/20 Dan Barker, Annie Laurie Gaylor, Rebecca Markert: Brazen Politicking by Pastor Jeffress 56:488/19/20b
8/29/20, 8/30/20 Matt Dillahunty: Do They Really Believe That? 44:435/13/16g
9/5/20, 9/6/20 Leo Igwe, Dan Barker, Ryan Jayne: Blasphemy is a Victimless Crime (even in Nigeria) 53:309/2/20b
9/12/20, 9/13/20 Ricky Gervais and Richard Dawkins in Conversation1:21:525/11/20h
9/19/20, 9/20/20 Elizabeth Cavell, Ryan Bell: Ask an Atheist Day! 44:319/16/20b
9/26/20 Nick Little, Alison Gill, Rebecca Markert: We Are Ruthless Now 49:129/23/20b
10/3/20, 10/4/20 Andrew Torrez, Andrew Seidel, Rebecca Markert: Who Is Judge Amy Coney Barrett? 58:079/30/20b
10/10/20, 10/11/20 Phil Zuckerman, Annie Laurie Gaylor, Dan Barker: Nonreligious Voters are the Real Value Voters 49:3710/7/20b
10/17/20, 10/18/20 Coral Theill, Annie Laurie Gaylor, Andrew L. Seidel: What is Judge Barrett's "People of Praise?" 51:2810/14/20b
10/24/20, 10/25/20 Margaret Downey, Victoria de la Torre, Annie Laurie Gaylor, Dan Barker: Secular Day of the Dead 51:2810/21/20b
10/31/20, 11/1/20 Janelle Cronk, Elizabeth Cavell, Kristina Daleiden: Vote Like Your Rights Depend on It! 30:3510/28/20b
11/7/20, 11/8/20 Eddie Tabash: SCOTUS V. Separation of Church and State 1:26:5110/29/20i
11/14/20, 11/15/20 Evolution is for Everyone with Bertha Vazquez 1:01:249/30/20i
11/21/20, 11/22/20  Seth Andrews, Rebecca Markert, Andrew Seidel: Do Americans Have a Shared Reality Anymore? 55:3911/18/20b
11/28/20, 11/29/20 Elizabeth Cavell, Andrew Seidel, Dan Barker, Annie Laurie Gaylor, Sam Grover: Happy Thanksgiving 202029:4711/25/20b
12/5/20, 12/6/20 Andrew Seidel, Sam Grover: Justices 'Play a Deadly Game' in COVID/Church Ruling44:3312/2/20b
12/12/20, 12/13/20 Carlos Guillermo Smith, Annie Laurie Gaylor, Mark Dann: Groundbreaking Agnostic Latinx LGBTQ Legislator55:4212/9/20b
12/19/20, 12/20/20 Rebecca Markert, Liz Cavell, Joseph McDonald: Religious Liberty Under Threat?1:08:3212/16/20b
12/26/20, 12/27/20 Dan Barker, Mark Dann: Formidable Atheist and LGBTQ Nebraska State Senator Megan Hunt36:2312/23/20b

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